The current story concludes

By Lesley Carole

Alicia had slept soundly and when she awoke she was surprised to find it was 7.30 and Jason had not been to wake her for their regular exercise session. She felt the soreness in her punished hind quarters, but realised it wasn’t as bad as she had feared. She sat on the edge of the bed and winced; it was definitely uncomfortable to sit though. She decided to dress casually, thinking maybe he would let her off the gym this morning, and went downstairs to find him.

He was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and he stood as she entered, offering a hug, which she gladly accepted.

“No gym today?” She asked carefully.

He laughed. “I think you have done your fair share of exercise torture.”

She smiled back. ”Thank goodness for that!”

He poured coffee for her and she joined him at the table, sitting cautiously and scowling at his smirk.

“It’s not funny, Jason, I’m really sore!” She huffed as his smile widened.

“You must admit, it was all very well deserved.” He challenged her.

“I refuse to comment.” She ignored his cheesy grin and sipped her coffee.

“We need to discuss next week at the office, Alicia.” He paused as he studied her reaction. She didn’t give much away. “Are you coming back to work?” He asked gently.

She sighed. “Do I really have to apologise to the geriatric driver?”

Jason looked sharply at her, his expression hardening.

“That is non-negotiable. Mr Harding already has an appointment with your Father at 2pm Monday and is expecting an apology. If you won’t give it, you will be looking for another job.” He sat back and waited for her reaction.

She bit her lip and looked suitably ashamed. “Yes, of course I’ll apologise, grovel, whatever it takes.”

Jason’s stern gaze pierced her soul. “It must be sincere or he won’t accept it.” He leaned back in the chair, crossing his arms, appearing extremely forbidding. She actually shivered.

“Don’t worry, he will believe me. I promise.” She assured him.

“I have also summoned Anna and Karen via email to be at my office at 9 o’clock sharp. I intend giving them both a severe verbal warning and a disciplinary on their record.”

He noted Alicia’s satisfied expression.

“However, I will be asking you to join us at 9.30 to apologise for what you did to them.”

Her mouth dropped open and she gasped. “No, Jason, don’t make me do that, please.” She pleaded with her eyes as well as her words.

“That is only fair, Alicia. You don’t want to fuel their accusations with favouritism, do you? And I expect you to reimburse Anna for her tyres. They need to know that you have been punished for your part in this fiasco.”

He was adamant and she knew better than to argue, especially now that there were consequences.

“You won’t tell them you spanked me, will you?” She asked in a small, hesitant voice.

He laughed, the swine!

“No of course not, but they will know you have suffered some consequences.”

He assured her.

She sighed in misery.

“I will warn them both that if anything ever happens again they will be dismissed. As it is, I think a re-shuffle of secretaries is in order. I have asked Peterson if he will take Anna and he agreed. I can have Grace.” He was taking the situation very seriously now.

“Thank you, Jason. I will try not to provoke anything in future.”

“You had better not, because I will be very strict with you from now on. Any little sign of disrespect for anyone, or the slightest unacceptable behaviour, will result in a spanking. And don’t think I won’t carry it out at work either. My office is apart from the rest and therefore private enough for delivering punishment.”

His expression was so serious, she had no doubt whatsoever that he meant every word. A shiver crept all the way down her spine.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing normal weekend activities. The ‘no intimacy’ ban was lifted and they spent the next two nights in Jason’s bed, making up for lost time.

Monday morning came far too quickly.

Alicia was not allowed to go home. Jason wanted her to go to work with him so that his influence remained with her. He woke her with kisses, and then urged her to sit up in bed. He sat with his back against the headboard and gently but firmly pulled her over his lap, lifting her nightdress to bare her bottom. She cried out in protest, trying to wriggle away.

“What are you doing? I’ve been good!”

“This is just a reminder of what will happen if you don’t deliver what you promised today; think of it as maintenance.”

And he proceeded to spank her bottom all over, sharp slaps, ignoring her cries that it wasn’t fair.

It wasn’t a long or particularly harsh spanking, but it certainly re enforced his authority over her. She had to admit, it made her more determined to make him proud of her rehabilitation.

They arrived at the Office at 8am and went straight to see Thomas Alder. He was waiting anxiously for their arrival and was greatly relieved when Alicia threw herself into his arms with apologies and begged his forgiveness.

“I think Jason was right about the way to deal with you, young lady! I think you had better arrange your wedding sooner rather than later so he can deal with you permanently!”

He smiled broadly and shook Jason’s hand vigorously. He knew all of the arrangements that had been made and supported them all. Alicia couldn’t help but be happy with his reaction, even though part of her resented her Father giving Jason permission to punish her. She had a lot of time this week to review her life and she had accepted that she had become someone she was definitely not proud of.

“I will make you both proud of me today, I promise.” She smiled her most re-assuring smile, but kept her anxiety well hidden.

By the time Jason called Alicia into his office for her to confess her crimes against Anna and Karen, they had both already been given a severe reprimand. Also, a disciplinary note had been added to their records and warnings issued that any further transgressions would result in dismissal. Neither had denied the accusations and both looked incredibly guilty.

They both sat wide-eyed as Alicia confessed her own crimes. Neither had much to say, as if they were feeling they had in fact deserved it all. She made a suitable apology, and offered the money for the tyres. Jason was proud of her; she could feel his approval. He gave Alicia a warning look, then spoke to the other girls.

“I can assure you both that Alicia has also been suitably punished for her part in this very unprofessional fiasco. You do not need to know the details, except that it was a significant punishment.”

Alicia’s toes curled in mortification; she had to look away, but made no comment. The girls looked at each other, wondering just what he meant but with no way to find out exactly what.

Anna was most upset to hear she was not to be Jason’s secretary any more, and seemed about to protest, but must have realised the futility and closed her mouth. Anna and Karen were dismissed, all exchanging tentative smiles, then Alicia was alone with Jason.

“Well done, love, you were very professional.” Jason gave her a hug, and then sent her off to catch up with her work.

She heaved a great sigh of relief; one down, one to go.

Nerves were crawling around inside Alicia’s stomach as her Father’s 2 o’clock appointment with Mr Harding approached. She hid within her own office until she got the call to join them. She knocked on her Father’s office door and entered, attempting to look cool and confidant, but feeling neither.

“Alicia, Mr Harding is keen to meet you.”

The introduction her Father made was casual and he remained seated behind his desk.

She made a brief assessment of Mr Harding, a stern looking man of about 60 years old, and she suppressed a shiver.

“Mr Harding.”

She offered her hand in greeting and smiled what she hoped looked like a genuine smile. The firmness of his handshake confirmed her guess that he was not as frail as she had previously expected. She took a deep breath and began her apology.

“I know your first impression of me was not complementary, and I admit that I behaved irresponsibly behind the wheel of my car and was rude to you as well. I would like to offer you my sincere apologies for way I treated you, in both respects.”

She paused and studied his reaction.

He looked her directly in the eye with such a searching look, and then he answered.

“I hope you realise that if you were my daughter I would have turned you over my knee and given you a sound spanking for your behaviour!”

She was certainly not expecting that.

Shock registered briefly on her face and she licked her lips nervously. Her mind actually recalled the first spanking Jason had delivered and it must have been obvious on her face, because he gave a satisfied little smile.

“Perhaps that is the retribution you received?” He asked, rather too hopefully for her liking.

Thomas made a nervous kind of laugh, and then spoke.

“As I mentioned before, Alicia is engaged to one of my partners, Jason, and I assure you he has taken very great care to punish her appropriately.”

Alicia was so embarrassed; she felt the blush flood her entire face and was forced to lower her eyes, the floor suddenly the most interesting thing in the room.

“Mm, I’m impressed!” Mr Harding obviously approved. “Well then, Thomas, I am prepared to offer you the management of my business. However, I must insist that your daughter be the one I deal with, if she is agreeable.”

Shock was her instant reaction. She lifted her gaze to study his face, calling upon all her courage and pride, to be able to look him directly in the eye.

She raised her eyebrows and asked: “Seriously?”

She couldn’t quite believe his request, wasn’t sure she wanted the responsibility either. She then looked to her dad for his reaction. She saw a satisfied smirk, well hidden. She seemed to have no way out.

“Ok, if you’re sure that’s what you want, if dad agrees?”

She forced him to answer now.

“Yes, that’s fine with me. Do you want to discuss it with Alicia now?” He addressed Mr Harding.

“No, I think we had better set up another appointment, say the same time next week?” He suggested, but in a tone that Alicia suspected was an order rather than a request. “Fine, I’ll put it in my diary. Well, it was good to clear the air, Mr Harding. I will look forward to our meeting next week; I have a full schedule so I need to go now.” He nodded to both of them and made a hasty exit.

She was mortified to hear two sets of soft laughter, barely held back till she had closed the door. They were laughing at her expense.

She was absolutely livid. Her face flamed and her temper flared as she headed straight for Jason’s office, barging through his door without knocking, causing it to slam against the wall with a loud crash. He was on the phone and his head snapped up at the intrusion. She bit her lip and forced herself to remain quiet, pacing agitatedly until he finished his conversation.

“I trust there is a very good reason for your rudeness!” He bit out, disapproval emanating from him.

“The insufferable man has manipulated me, and dad let him! Tell me truly; was it Mr Harding who put the idea into your head to spank me?” She demanded, hands on hips and scowling ferociously.

His face never changed as he considered his answer.

“It’s true he told your Father that if you were his daughter, he would certainly spank you. But, it has been on my mind for the past few of months as I noticed your behaviour deteriorate. I’ve been considering domestic discipline and whether you would consent to that type of arrangement; this merely brought the decision forward.”

He studied her carefully; she seemed in danger of losing her temper.

“What happened in the meeting?” He asked gently.

“I gave my humble apology and he basically inferred that he hoped I had been spanked as a punishment. Of course my face confirmed it.”

Her voice was rising in volume and panic and he needed to calm the situation down.

“Does it matter, Alicia?”

He came around his desk and took hold of her hands in his. She tried to snatch them away, but he held fast.

“You are getting close to earning a punishment, so I suggest you calm down.” So quietly said, but the threat was there.

“He says I have to manage his business, not dad. If he thinks he is going to get me spanked every time I upset him, then he can go to hell!” She was getting more agitated.

“Don’t be foolish, Alicia. I’m sure he is simply pleased you were prepared to apologise.” He tried to soothe her but it wasn’t a success. “Alicia, you are the only one who will influence whether you are spanked or not, depending on your behaviour. I will punish you if you deserve it, and you are very close right now.” He warned.

As she tended to do, far too often, Alicia lost her temper and swore. Jason said nothing, but released her hands, walked to the door and locked it. Her heart did a summersault.

“Bend over my desk, Alicia.” He ordered, but she was dumfounded and simply stared at him as he opened his briefcase and brought out the light, round paddle.

“I can’t believe you brought THAT to the office.“ She cried.

“I seem to recall giving you an instruction, Alicia.” He replied.

Her lip trembled. “Jason…”

As before, he would not allow interruption.

“Just do as you’re told or your punishment will be longer and harder!”

Jason was a bit of a neat freak and his desk was tidy and ordered, so she could bend over it and lay her hands on the wide open expanse of his desk.

“Bend further over, and rest your head on your hands.”

His instructions were abrupt and he expected them to be followed.

She sighed, regretting her outburst, but resigned herself to the inevitable. Her pencil skirt tightened as it stretched across her bottom when she leaned further over the desk. He stood to one side, lifted the paddle and made his first strike.

Her indrawn breath indicated the sting as it registered on her left cheek, even on top of her skirt, closely followed by the second on her right cheek. She whimpered and wiggled as the smarting sensation built with each additional stroke.

“I really hoped we might get through your first day without having to resort to this, Alicia, but obviously you still have a lot to learn.”

He kept up a steady pace while he spoke, and then paused.

“Have you anything to say?” He asked.

She was sniffling by this time, tears falling onto his desk.

“I did everything you asked.” She made small sobbing sounds.

He waited for more, but she gave nothing.

“I was hoping for an apology.” He prompted after four more strokes.

She sighed heavily.

“Sorry.” She replied, quite abruptly, then realising how it sounded, she continued. “I’m really sorry I barged in and was rude but, Jason, I tried so hard.”

She sobbed now; he delivered four more swats and then he dropped the paddle to lift her from the desk and turn her into his arms.

“I know you did. I was so proud of you with Anna and Karen. You must have done well with Harding too, or he wouldn’t have asked for you. You just blew it with me, but that’s ok. I spanked you and it’s over now, I forgive you.” He stroked her hair and rocked her as she cried softly.

Alicia finally let her anger go and relaxed into Jason’s arms, resting her head on his chest. She felt safe, secure and protected.

“Will you ever get tired of having to punish me?” She whispered, lifting her face to look into his eyes.

He laughed, softly. “Never, my love, I’ll keep finding new ways to punish you so we don’t get bored.”

He bent his head to kiss her tenderly; he always knew he would never cure her in only a week. Maybe he could not cure her at all, but her continuing training would reduce her outbursts and keep her manageable.

Alicia acknowledged that her attitude was already significantly adjusted and improved, but it still needed more work. She wallowed in Jason’s embrace, enjoying the safety she felt, the security in knowing he wouldn’t let her get away with any bad behaviour anymore. He would help her to achieve the best she could, even if it did result in a sore bottom every time.

The End

© Lesley Carole 2014