Part two of the series. Alicia’s torment continues.

By Lesley Carole

Alicia was woken up rather suddenly early the next morning when Jason strode into her room and told her he wanted her in his basement gym in ten minutes. She screwed her eyes up and frowned.

“I never do exercise this early in the morning,” she complained, shocked that it was only 6 am.

He studied her sleepy face, devoid of make up, and smiled a devious smile.

“From now on, you will exercise for one hour each morning with me. I have devised a suitable program for you, so come on, if you hurry, you can have coffee first, otherwise it’s water!”

He left, not doubting her compliance.

She lay back down in bed and groaned. He was obviously a hard taskmaster; she dreaded to think what kind of torture she would be subject to in his gym. She remembered her promise from last night that she would try harder to behave the way he wanted her to, and so she crawled out of bed, dressed quickly and went in search of the promised coffee.

Jason was waiting for her in the kitchen, a cup of coffee ready for her. She regarded him uncertainly, and was relieved when he smiled and opened his arms to offer a hug, which she accepted. The kiss they shared was as passionate as always, but sadly, too brief. After she drank her coffee, he led her by the hand down the stairs into his well-equipped basement gym.

When he gave her the proposed exercise program, she read it and protested it was far too intense.

“It’s meant to be; this week is all about ‘intense’! Miracles take longer than seven days, but that’s all the time we have to make an impact on your behaviour. You are going to learn discipline, which starts with your daily exercise routine. Now, start with the treadmill,” he ordered. His voice was authoritative, and she surprised herself by doing as she was told, even though she was muttering inside.

That hour in the gym was the longest, most difficult hour of exercise she had ever known. He barked orders, urging her on, pushing her harder than she ever pushed herself. Every muscle she had was screaming for mercy by the time she was allowed to go and take a shower. She felt like crawling back into bed afterwards, but didn’t dare.

He gave her fifteen minutes to shower and dress, then come down for breakfast. Strangely, he had forbidden her to wear any makeup.

Over breakfast, Jason told Alicia his plans for her day.

“Every day will start with an hour in the gym, and this morning you will be tutored by Bess on cleaning and laundry methods you will need to learn for after we are married. After lunch every day, you will spend at least two hours on the computer until you have completed an online course regarding the management of people. Bess will then teach you how to cook our evening meal.”

He studied her reaction and had to stifle a laugh as her face contorted in distaste. She tried several times to say something but seemed to be struggling to find suitable words. Eventually, she decided on her response.

“This is like a prison sentence of hard labour,” she whined.

“You have committed crimes of bad attitude, behaviour, and irresponsible actions, so yes, it is a kind of sentence, but you at least have a chance to make it easier on yourself if you co-operate!”

He tried reasoning with her, but was rapidly losing patience.

“You will do as you’re told or face the consequences, and you know exactly what the consequences are, don’t you?”

He raised his eyebrows as he waited for her response. Nothing!

“Well?” He asked, keeping his temper under strict control.

“Yes, I do.” Her whine was still very much in evidence, but he didn’t push her further.

His final instruction was for her to hand over her mobile phone and she objected strongly.

“Why do you want my phone? Are you monitoring my calls now?” She asked indignantly.

“Of course not, but I don’t want you making or receiving any calls this week. I demand your undivided attention.” His answer was calm, but she wasn’t.

“I may get an urgent call that needs action.” She knew from his face that he wasn’t going to budge on this and it rankled!

“I will check your messages and if any need an immediate response, I will allow it.” He gave her a look that brooked no argument and she let it drop, handing him her phone with a huff.

Bess arrived and was so eager to teach Alicia all things domestic, that she annoyed her from the outset. Anyone would think it was the most interesting work there could be, anyone but Alicia. Her responses became curt and abrupt and when she was expected to clean the toilet, she exploded.

“If you think I’m going to clean the toilet, you must be stark raving mad!”

She threw the cleaning materials to the floor and stormed out into the garden, leaving Bess confused and more than a little hurt.

Jason heard the outburst from the lounge where he was working and rushed into the kitchen to witness Bess dabbing tears from her eyes. He let out a curse and put his arms around the dear lady who had looked after him and his home for five years.

“I’m so sorry, Bess, I shouldn’t have asked you to do this. Rest assured I will deal with Alicia, she will not insult you again.”

He was seething with anger that Alicia could be so cruel.

“Don’t be too hard on her Jason; she’s not used to any of this.”

Bless her; Bess was trying to make excuses for Alicia.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? I will see to everything, you know I can cook. Go home, relax, come back tomorrow and Alicia will apologise. OK?” He studied her face, but he knew he could rely on her, so she left the house.

Now to deal with Alicia.

He strode purposefully out into the garden and finally found her sitting at the foot of a tree, looking miserable. As soon as she heard him approach, she spoke.

“I know, I know, I shouldn’t have done that, save the lecture!”

He couldn’t believe her attitude, even now.

“How dare you speak to Bess like that! Who do you think you are?”

She didn’t answer but just plucked blades of grass and tossed them around her.

“Get up!” He ordered, but she didn’t move.

“Do you know what I’m going to do now?”

No response.

“I’m going to put you over my knee, take down your knickers and spank your bottom till you scream!”

Her eyes shot up to look at him and something dropped within her stomach in dread and anticipation. He pulled her to stand up, and before she knew what he intended, he leaned forward, put his arms around her legs and practically threw her over his shoulder.

She began to kick her legs and pound his back with her fists as he walked towards a stone bench.

“Put me down, right now.” She screamed, continuing the kicking and pounding.

“Stop that.” He said as he slapped her backside just once, with a resounding crack, causing her to squeal.

He lowered her to her feet for just a split second before he sat on the bench and hauled her over his knee, lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers.

She was crying out, pleading: “Noooooooooo!”

When he lifted his hand he felt her stiffen, anticipating the blows. Then he began at a steady pace, controlling his anger, but putting all his displeasure into the force of every spank. She felt keenly just how upset he was with her, because the slaps were relentless. She kicked and cried, tried to wriggle free, but all to no avail. The heat raged as he covered her entire backside with heavy slaps.

His hand was becoming quite sore, let alone her bottom; he had not expected spanking to be so hard on his hand. He decided to invest in some spanking implements and would order some from the internet tonight when Alicia was asleep.

Eventually, her strength drained and she stopped fighting him. He continued for a few more minutes, then paused, keeping her dangling over his knees as he told her: “I have given Bess the day off, so YOU will have to do all the jobs alone today now. You WILL clean the toilet, you WILL do the laundry and you WILL apologise to Bess in the morning. Do you understand?”

He waited for her reply. Sobs and sniffles were all he heard at first, and then she spoke, her words interspersed with hiccups.

“Yes, yes, ok, I will do whatever you ask. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Once again, his heart constricted as he felt her distress, but he must finish what he had started or he could lose everything.

“If I let you stand, will you behave?” He asked, gently.

“Ok,” she whispered.

He helped her to stand and she looked just like a sorry little girl.

He allowed her to pull up her knickers, then wrapped his arms around her and held her close, rubbing her back in comfort. Some people didn’t believe in offering comfort after punishment, but he felt Alicia needed it and it would reinforce the fact that he did this to her because he loved her.

“I’m sorry I had to do that, but I won’t let you hurt people any more, especially not good people like Bess, who are just trying to help you.”

She couldn’t bear to look into his eyes to see the disappointment, so she kept her face buried in his chest.

“But don’t you see? I hate domestic chores! We’ll have domestic help when we marry, won’t we?” Her tone was hopeful.

“More than likely, but Alicia, you need to be able to do anything that needs to be done, and I need you to be humble enough to do menial jobs as well as the pleasant ones. You need to accept that people who you think are beneath you may still be able to teach you something!” He was trying to reason with her again.

“You hate me, don’t you, for upsetting Bess?” She asked miserably.

“Of course I don’t! Once you’ve been punished, and you make things right, you are forgiven.” His answer was adamant. ”But you must apologise to her or I will spank you every morning till you do.”

“Ok.” She sounded like a little girl now.

He sighed. “Let’s go inside and you can get started on your cleaning jobs, but first you can make us some coffee.” He held her hand and they walked back inside.

She completed all the jobs he told her to with no complaint, but it didn’t mean she liked it. She made lunch, and then spent her designated two hours of study in front of the computer.

Cooking their evening meal was a bit of a trial. He coached her on how to prepare vegetables and a casserole. She was quite pleased with herself, though she would never have admitted it.

The oven timer signalled it was ready, she had the table set and all that was left to do was serve the casserole. She used a tea towel to lift the hot dish from the oven, but found out too late that it was no protection from the heat and it slipped from her burning fingers and smashed on the kitchen floor. She let out a startled, pain-filled cry as her burned fingers hurt and she saw the mess of their meal on the floor surrounded by the broken dish.

Tears of pain and frustration flowed down her cheeks as Jason came rushing in to see what had happened. She looked at him in horror.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry it was an accident!” She was convinced she would be in trouble again. He took her hands in his and inspected the burns, pulling her straight to the sink to run cold water over them. She pulled away because it hurt worse.

“You must keep them in running water, it will help.” He encouraged her to let him hold her fingers under the tap. He could tell she thought he would be angry.

“You’re not in trouble for this, Lyssa, it was an accident. All you did wrong was use a tea towel instead of the oven gloves; there they are, look.” He pointed to a rack where the oven gloves were hanging. “Bess would have told you that. We all make mistakes sometimes, you don’t get punished for mistakes made honestly,” he explained gently. She cried more.

“I’m useless, I tell you!” She sobbed her frustration. “I’ve ruined dinner now!”

He laughed, and reassured her they would not starve. Jason prepared omelettes for them instead and they spent a pleasant evening watching a film together.

At 10 o’clock, he told her it was time for bed. She looked at him, wondering if he would allow her to sleep with him tonight, but he would not relent on the ‘no intimacy’ rule he had imposed on them both. She didn’t argue because she dare not incur another punishment like last night, she was still incredibly sore from earlier.

They briefly kissed goodnight and she climbed the stairs feeling rejected.

Jason watched her retreating back with longing. Why had he imposed the ‘no intimacy’ rule? He laughed at himself. Because the minx would wind him around her little finger if he let her into his bed, that’s why! He sat back down on the sofa and reached for his book, then remembered his intention of ordering some spanking implements and connected to the internet instead.

He was intrigued with the variety of implements available, but he carefully chose two different paddles, a wicked looking leather strap and a light cane. With special delivery, they would arrive tomorrow!

He imagined using each of the implements on Alicia. He found that there was a good deal of satisfaction in spanking his errant fiancée. He was in no doubt that she would need many more spankings before the week was over.

He smiled deliciously; his hand was not going to suffer any more, but her bottom certainly was!

Alicia inspected her sore bottom again in the mirror. Good grief, his hand was far too efficient at this spanking punishment! She sighed, her muscles still ached from her morning workout, even more from the unaccustomed housework and her bottom was sore from being spanked.

She crawled into bed and snuggled down, the end of another day of her “sentence”. She had intended to do better today and failed miserably! She must apologise to Bess tomorrow, and heaven knew what other horrendous tasks and punishments Jason would have in store for her.

If only she could learn all the lessons he wanted to teach her, without incurring punishments and having to do laborious work! The ‘no sex’ rule sucked too! No release was on offer, so she settled down and fell into a troubled sleep, dreaming, or having nightmares, about tomorrow.

End of Part Two

To be continued

© Lesley Carole 2014