Alicia’s ordeal continues in this third instalment

By Lesley Carole

After a fretful night, Alicia was again woken by Jason at 6 am for her exercise; she moaned and groaned as her muscles were aching and stiff from the previous session. One look at his face and she decided against asking for a reprieve; it seemed as if he was waiting for an excuse to spank her again!

Over breakfast, Jason smiled at the tentative way she sat down on the chair, wondering at the condition of her bottom. He looked sternly at her and began to outline her schedule for the day.

“Bess will be here in half an hour, I hope you have an appropriate apology ready for her?” He obviously expected her to agree.

“Yes, don’t worry, I feel bad enough already, don’t nag.” She saw the raising of his eyebrows at the bored tone she had used and braced herself for whatever was coming.

“Do you know anything about respect Alicia? Do you think that was a respectful thing to say to me?” He waited for her answer.

“I suppose not.” She was sulking already.

“Maybe you need to start every day with a spanking prior to your exercise, that might remind you to behave before you even think about disrespect!”

She sighed and bit her lip. “I’m sorry, ok? You know this is not easy for me.”

“Do you think it’s easy for me, that I’m happy to have to spank some sense into my fiancee?”

His voice had risen a little, but he held his temper in check.

She could not meet his eye, but mumbled: “I think you enjoy punishing me, actually.”

His lips pursed, but he let her continue.

”Does Dad know what you’re doing to me?” She dared to glance at him now.

“Yes.” Was his brief answer.

“Specifically that you are spanking me?”

She hoped he would deny it.

“Of course. We discussed it at length before you were summoned to his office. Alicia, he is at a loss as to how to deal with you. He has spoiled you and admitted he could never punish you physically. I offered him a way to let me deal with you. I assured him I was quite capable and determined to spank you whenever you deserve it.” He paused.

“In fact, I have another task for you on the internet. I want you to research Domestic Discipline, because that is the only type of relationship we can have. I want you to allow me to be head of our household and punish you to keep you in line when we are married. We’ll make all major decisions together and I will still allow you to be an independent woman in most other ways, but I will always have the final say and you will submit to my discipline!”

She simply stared at him all through his speech. Did things like this really happen?

“I want to speak with Dad today.” She demanded, her chin lifting in challenge.

“No.” He replied, without even giving her request any consideration.

“Why not? You can’t stop me speaking to my own Father!” She cried.

“Yes I can. I spoke to him last night and the night before to give him a progress report. He’s not pleased with you but he is satisfied I am handling you appropriately.”

She could tell he was not going to budge on this.

Her temper was flaring and she knew Bess would be coming in any minute now. She had wanted to be calm so she could offer her apology, sincerely.

“Have there been any calls or messages for me on my phone?” She asked, testily, changing the subject.

“Yes, but I have dealt with them, nothing urgent.”

He was so matter of fact about the whole thing!

“How do you know nothing is urgent? Jason, you can’t totally control me!” She was close to tears now, so he took her hands in his.

“I don’t intend to control you totally, just for this week until you learn some important lessons. When you can prove to me that you are willing to conform, to consider other people’s feelings, especially your Father’s, I will return your phone and let you make informed choices. As far as anyone else knows, you are on a course this week.”

He squeezed her hands in an attempt to reassure her. It didn’t work; she snatched them away, just as Bess came through the door.

“We will continue this discussion later.” He turned away from Alicia and greeted Bess with a smile, as if nothing had happened.

Bess sensed an atmosphere, but said nothing, although Jason noted her hesitancy.

“Alicia has something to say to you, Bess.” He said this and then left them and went into the lounge.

The ladies studied each other warily, and Bess noticed the tears in Alicia’s eyes. She was a motherly sort of person, couldn’t bear a grudge and she simply held her arms open and Alicia went willingly into them and burst into tears.

“I’m so sorry, Bess, for being rude to you. I was ungrateful and I know you were only trying to help.”

Her apology was accepted gracefully as Bess rocked her like a child. When her sobs subsided, they sat together at the kitchen table, Bess noticed the way Alicia squirmed around in the chair. She was obviously uncomfortable, but she made no comment. Bess then regarded her with a slight smile.

“We must find at least some domestic work you like. How about if I teach you how to bake a cake and make a meat and potato pie this morning?”

“I would like that, thank you.” Alicia gave a grateful smile and they spent the rest of the morning working together.

Bess left before lunch, having given Alicia instructions on how to reheat the pie for their evening meal. Alicia was still feeling angry towards Jason, so she stubbornly refused to admit to him that she had enjoyed working with Bess.

After lunch, Alicia was expected to continue with her online course to help her to learn how to manage difficult and emotional situations with people. Jason was working from his laptop, when the doorbell rang. He smiled as he went to answer the door, expecting delivery of his spanking implements. He returned carrying a long, thin box.

She asked him what it was, but he just told her she would find out later. She wasn’t interested enough to pursue it further.

He opened the box and surveyed the two wooden paddles, one round and light, the other oblong, heavier and with holes drilled in it, a fierce looking leather strap and a light rattan cane. She would certainly be interested later, he smiled to himself in anticipation of using them. He decided he would use the light, round paddle first, whenever she earned herself another spanking!

At the computer, Alicia was bored, resentful and had no intention of reading the whole course. She decided she was ready to take the exam.

“I’m going to take the exam now.” She informed Jason.

He looked up from the Accounts he was working on and frowned.

“You can’t possibly have covered everything yet!” He exclaimed.

“Yes I have, I know enough the pass the exam, and I do possess some intelligence!” She was adamant and spoiling for a fight.

“Alicia, I’m warning you, if you take this exam today and fail, I will spank you!”

She spluttered her objection. “I have never failed anything in my life! You can’t punish me for failing any way!” She retorted, angrily.

“You are right, I wouldn’t be punishing you for failing, but I would be punishing you for taking the exam without due preparation and against my advice. You’re not ready yet!”

The tension was building, but Alicia was oblivious to the danger.

“I am and I will!” She was smug and confident she could pass.

“Very well, Alicia, but believe me, you are going to be really sorry later when I spank you after you fail!”

He returned to his work, inwardly seething.

Alicia completed the online exam; she had bluffed her way through some of it, but mastered most so she wasn’t worried. That was until a “Fail” flashed across the screen.


Jason’s head snapped up at her exclamation. She stared in shock as she realised she had failed for the first time in her life! Jason approached her, looking over her shoulder at the screen.

“Well, well, well, Alicia has her first ‘fail’.” His voice held no hint of sympathy, but he refrained from saying ‘I told you so’.

He turned the swivel chair away from the computer and around to face him. Alicia felt her anger bubbling up out of control, and then she did the unthinkable. She slapped his face. She could see, as if in slow motion, his shocked expression as his head snapped sideways and the red hand print coloured his cheek. Her hands flew to cover her own mouth and she tried to back away in horror.

“You will regret that!” He murmured, menacingly, his temper surprisingly kept under control as he pulled her out of the chair.

She appeared to be shocked at what she had done.


But he would not let her speak.

“I warned you not to take the exam, I warned you about disrespect, now you will pay the penalty for both!”

He stood her in front of him, stared straight into her eyes and told her: “Remove your jeans!”

She swallowed, a hard lump was stuck in her throat and she was frozen, like the proverbial deer in headlights.

“I will not repeat myself!” His expression was so aggressively dominant but she realised she felt no real fear for her safety, just fear for the condition of her bottom, still sore from yesterday.

She felt the blush creeping up from her throat, covering her face, her mouth went dry and she knew she deserved this. Her fingers fumbled with the button of her skinny jeans, she lowered the zip and wriggled her hips to slide the tight jeans down past her thighs.

“Take them off completely!”

He watched every movement, a grim smile on his lips. As she leaned forward to pull them off her legs, he gave his next order.

“Now remove your knickers!” Her stomach did a flip and the butterflies fluttered wildly inside her belly. Her eyes never left his as she pushed the black lacy knickers to her knees then let them fall to the floor where she kicked them off.

“Stay there!” His instructions were clipped and she had no thought to disobey now. He moved away and went to the cupboard where he had stored the paddles. Instead of the light round one, he changed his mind and selected the heavier paddle with the drilled holes. He was determined she would regret her actions this afternoon.

She gasped as he turned and she saw what he carried, a moment of uncertainty making her shiver in anticipation. Surely he was not going to spank her with that? Her eyes questioned him, a little fearful after all.

“Oh yes, Alicia, this is what you are going to get for your little acts of defiance. Bend over the back of the chair.”

He indicated the chair in question and she dare not make him wait now. She turned and bent at the hip, over the back of the chair, hands resting on the cushion, her head low and her buttocks presented appropriately for punishment. Her toes just reached the floor, her legs trembled and she held her breath, anticipating the first strike.

“You will not stand up until I give you permission. The penalty if you do is an extra stroke. You will not beg me to stop, for I will not till I am satisfied you have been punished sufficiently. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered, breathless before the punishment had even begun. Expecting to feel the paddle, she was relieved momentarily to feel his hand instead, delivering stinging slaps all over both cheeks until she was sure she was glowing red.

She then felt the touch of the paddle against her bottom, ah, only a warm up, and then it was gone. Oh but it returned with a resounding whack!

She would swear she could feel each individual hole as the paddle connected with both her buttocks and she shrieked, almost, but not quite standing at the shock of the first stroke. Tears came with that first strike and she worried how many more were to come, squeezing her eyes tightly shut as if to ease the pain.

Jason surveyed the results of his first stroke with satisfaction. This was even better than he thought. It would certainly teach her a lesson she would not forget easily. He took his time delivering the punishment, staying in the same spot, low on her bottom.

He had heard the phrase indicating a punished girl would not sit comfortably for a while, and this was why! The skin turned a deeper shade of red, the pain would penetrate more than skin deep, but he was careful to avoid undue bruising.

Alicia was wriggling and squirming, this was the worst punishment she had received yet, and she was sobbing and sniffling, kicking her legs, anything to try to relieve the sting and burn. She was not paying attention to count how many strokes he had already given; it seemed endless, one after another. Just as she felt she was reaching her limit and would not be able to endure another stroke, he stopped. He had delivered only six punishing strokes.

It took her a moment to gather her wits after it ended. He leaned over her back and whispered in her ear as he gently stroked her punished cheeks.

“You took that very well, Alicia, I’m proud of you.”

She seemed to hold her breath for a while, and then he lifted her to stand, turned her towards him, about to wrap his arms around her. Her legs gave way and she collapsed into his arms, he lifted her and carried her to the sofa. He lowered them both to recline together, holding her close, stroking her lovingly as she cried. She was not used to being punished, so it must be quite shocking to her. She sniffled and made several attempts to speak before she actually managed to form the words.

“I’m sorry Jay, I really am. I‘m a terrible person, why do you even love me?” She sounded so forlorn that his heart leapt in her defence.

“Alicia, you are a beautiful person, you just get lost sometimes, but I have found you and I‘m bringing you home, I love you so much.” She had never felt closer to him than at that moment, despite the fact that he had just punished her.

“I deserved to be punished, Jay, and I will never disrespect you or behave badly again.” She sounded so sincere, using his pet name, but he had to chuckle.

“Oh my love, you will always need punishment, but I will be there to guide you.”

Jason soon realised she had fallen asleep and he carried her upstairs to her room to allow her to recover, tucking her up into bed.

Later, he reheated the pie and fetched her back downstairs, and they spent a quiet evening with Alicia lying on her side or face down to ease pressure on her sore bottom. When ten o’clock came, she offered no argument when he sent her to bed, but they shared an earth moving kind of kiss before she went upstairs.

Jason felt he was at last making progress with her, impressing upon her the importance of respect and obedience. He reached for the phone to report the day’s events to her Father.

Alicia slipped between the sheets, face down, still nursing her sore bottom and fell into a deep sleep. She was worn out with the events of the third day.

To be continued

© Lesley Carole 2014