The story continues

By Lesley Carole

Although Alicia slept fitfully, she had been sore in so many places from last night’s punishments she still awoke before Jason entered her room again. She realised the worst of the pain was gone now, just the cane marks were still sore. She lay there pondering how things might have been different if she had confided in Jason, or even her Father, about the problems with Anna and Karen. She recalled how she had determined to deal with it her own way, but look how that had turned out! She recognised that it had affected her behaviour with every other staff member. Well, it was too late to change that now, but could she move forward? Or did she need to leave the Company and work elsewhere? Her Father expected her to apologise to the man she had offended on Monday, could she do that?

Jason was not quite his usual confident self; he sat on the bed and studied her face. “Are you ok?”

He was unsure of her response.

She thought about punishing him by whining about how much pain she was suffering and how distraught she felt. But she acknowledged that wouldn’t be honest or fair to him.

“I’m still sore, but I’ll cope; I’m tougher than you think.” She smiled at the expressions crossing his face, concern, warring with satisfaction.

He laughed softly. “You really are a little minx, Alicia! Come on then, we’ve got another busy day of lessons for you to learn.”

With that, he left.

Exercise and breakfast were over and they sat together at the table. It was obvious that sitting was quite uncomfortable for Alicia, but Jason accepted that was how it should be, although Alicia was less than happy about it. She was waiting with baited breath to find out her tasks for the day, both eager to get on with it and dreading it in equal measures.

He looked her in the eye and stated: “You still have to complete your final punishment from last night.”

Her heart jumped and it showed in her face.

“Don’t panic, it‘s just your essay on the dangers of deliberately setting off a fire alarm. You have nothing to fear providing it is satisfactory.” He warned her.

She visibly relaxed, although the task was not exactly welcome.

“Then I think you should be ready to re take your exam, do you agree?” He was asking her, not telling her.

She was nervous enough to worry about a second failure, but she had in fact completed the syllabus this time.

“Yes, I think so.” She watched him carefully. “Will you spank me again if I fail this time?” She was obviously worried.

“No Alicia, this time you will be well prepared. Even if you fail, it will not be a punishable offence; you would just take it again until you pass.”

She heaved a sigh of relief and returned the smile of encouragement he gave her.

“Why don’t you do your essay first, then the test and after that, we’ll decide what’s next.”

The essay was not as difficult as she thought and Jason was satisfied. She did a little revision for the course, and then took the test. To her great relief, she passed with a high percentage. Jason was pleased with her effort, and swung her around the lounge in a little celebration dance. They were still whirling around in each other’s arms when Jason’s phone rang. He answered, stepping away from Alicia to listen to whoever it was.

“Okay, I obviously need to come in and deal with that right away. I’ll be there in 15 minutes, see you Tom.”

Alicia had guessed it was her dad and her heart sank to think that Jason had to leave her and go into the office.

“Sorry, Alicia but I need to go. I’ll be as quick as I can. Chill out while I’m gone, do whatever you like.” He was already on his way to change into his suit for work and she felt like she had been dismissed. She silently fumed until he came back downstairs.

“What am I supposed to do?” She asked, feeling more than a little irritated.

“Take a bath, watch a film, bake, internet, I don’t mind, but stay out of trouble ok?”

He kissed her briefly, and then he was gone.

She stared after him, seething. He expected her to amuse herself? Just then she heard the faint but familiar ring tone from her phone, where had he hidden it? She searched the drawers and found it beneath a file, just as it transferred to voicemail. When she listened to the message, she smiled.

It was from her absolute favourite client, 85 year old Mrs Beattie, thanking Alicia for referring Mrs Beattie’s current problem to Alicia’s Father, who had dealt with it promptly.

She scrolled the previous voice messages to find that Jason must have replied to Mrs Beattie’s first call on her behalf on Tuesday and referred her to her dad, saying she was not available.

She was irritated to think she hadn’t been consulted about this. She seethed with anger; she should have been allowed to deal with that herself. She had the foresight to delete the latest message, knowing she had been banned from using the phone, and then replaced it in the drawer. She couldn’t even argue about it without admitting she had broken the ‘no phone’ rule.

She paced up and down; annoyed that she had to stay inside, after five days of staying inside. Why had he told her she was not allowed out? Surely that was unreasonable? She looked outside, the weather was bright and sunny, she made an instant decision, she would go for a walk, just a short one, he would never know.

Minutes later she was walking through the local park, enjoying the fresh air, the sun on her face, wondering what Mrs Beattie’s latest crisis had been. Of course, she trusted her dad to take care of her client, but she was angry not to be given the choice.

She was careful to avoid the main street outside Jason’s house. She thought she was safe in the park, but as she wasn’t familiar with it, she must be careful. Time passed rather more quickly than she imagined and she realised she had been out for an hour. She had better head back home, she decided.

Jason had arrived home much sooner than expected, having solved the problem in the office quickly and easily, only to find Alicia gone. His heart constricted as he thought she might have walked out on their relationship. He checked her room, but everything was still there. He remembered her phone, he had left it on this morning, and if she had walked out she would have found it and taken it. He ran downstairs and went to the drawer; there it was on top of the file. However, he had left it underneath the file; the minx had found it, despite being told not to use it, he checked the history and recognised Mrs Beattie’s number. At least he no longer believed she had left him. Anyway, things had been better between them, she wouldn’t leave now. He bet she was miffed that he had left her and decided on a little outing.

Just wait till she gets back! He sat, impatiently, on the sofa, planning the punishment she had just earned.

Alicia crept silently back into the house, he wouldn’t be back yet anyway, but she was still cautious, feeling rather like a naughty teenager out past her curfew.

Her shoes were back on the rack; she made herself a coffee and then sauntered into the lounge. What a shock to see him sitting there waiting for her.

Her face was a picture of both shock and horror.

“Where have you been Alicia?” He asked, far too calmly. “And don’t even think about lying to me. I have been waiting 10 minutes. I know you used your phone as well as leaving the house against my orders.” He gave her a condemning look, as he waited for her to answer.

Her temper flared instantly. “You had no right to keep Mrs Beattie’s message from me; I always deal with her personally!”

Her accusation was thrown at him, with no thought of restraint.

“I just went for a walk in the park to cool off. This week has been like a prison sentence but I am not a prisoner. You have no right to order me not to use my phone or not to leave the house.” She stamped her foot in anger. Her heart contracted painfully as she saw his eyes narrow and his mouth form a thin, disapproving line.

“Alicia, I really thought we were getting somewhere with your attitude and obedience, but as soon as I leave you alone, you beak not one, but two rules.”

He sighed, shaking his head in disappointment.

“But Jason, It wasn’t fair expecting me to just sit around and wait. I was upset that you didn’t tell me about Mrs Beattie. I always make her a priority.”

Her whine and pout were in evidence again. He regarded her with a determination that made her cringe.

“This was to be the last day of lessons and punishments, but maybe you need an extension to include the weekend as well.”

Her eyes widened and she tried to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat, her anger draining away, to be replaced with dread at what she had aroused in him now.

“You know the drill, strip from the waist down!”

He obviously expected her compliance and she acknowledged to herself that she had to comply. Why did she always have to make errors of judgement and dig her heels in?

As Alicia started to unbutton her skirt, she watched Jason go to the drawer and take out both paddles, and the strap. She paused, her fingers frozen on a button, and she stared wide eyed at him as he placed all his implements on the sofa.

He stared back expectantly. “I’m waiting.”

She broke eye contact and resumed unfastening the buttons, then she removed her skirt, followed by her cream lacy knickers, folding them neatly.

She watched as he placed the chair in the middle of the room and beckoned her with his finger. She really wanted to refuse; he recognised the dispute her mind was having with itself. His raised eyebrows challenged her, defiance flashed briefly in her eyes, but then she heaved a deep sigh, lowered her eyes and stepped towards him.

“Good girl,” was all he said as he guided her across his knee, in the familiar position, bracing her hands on the carpet, toes balanced on the other side.

He rested his hand on her bottom and began to lecture about how important it was to obey him whether he was with her or not and whether it was a small thing or a more important issue. He needed to be able to trust her when she was not with him. How could he do that when the very first time she was tested, she failed?

She gasped at that. “Is that it, you were testing me?” She cried, even more agitated, trying to turn around on his lap to look at him.

“No, of course not! But it was the first chance you had and you disobeyed me. You proved to me that you have not truly learned how to behave and be obedient yet. Well, I’m going to make sure there is no doubt at all about this lesson!”

With that statement, he began spanking with his hand, light slaps, but covering every inch of flesh.

“I’m warming you up well with my hand because you are going to feel the sting of this spanking for a while.”

She whimpered at the confirmation of that piece of news, but lay as still as she could. Even the hand spanking was re igniting the soreness of last night’s cane marks and the overall soreness.

“My intention is not to mark you any more than necessary, so you will need a significant warm up to prevent bruising.”

He continued with the steady slaps, and she was very soon feeling the warmth spreading, uncomfortable but bearable. Should I be grateful, she asked herself testily?

At last, she felt him pause, but he simply reached for the light paddle and began spanking all over the same area again.

She was really feeling the sting now, her entire bottom was burning and she was wriggling to try and ease the sensation.

Once again, he paused. Her breathing steadied as she waited for the next onslaught.

“Stand up,” he ordered and she struggled to comply without delay.

He studied her tear-stained face, noticed her biting her lip again and feeling definitely sorry for herself. She tried to rub the sting away with her hands but he barked: “No rubbing.”

Her pout re appeared and he shook his head.

“Bend over the chair.”

This was becoming far too repetitive, she groaned to herself, not daring to voice her opinion.

While she was bent, humiliatingly over the chair, he leaned over her back to whisper in her ear, as he had done before. “You will now receive 3 strokes each of the strap and the heavier paddle.”

She whimpered involuntarily, her buttocks clenching against the mere mention of the coming punishment.

“Count yourself lucky that I am not so cruel as to cane you as well, on top of yesterday’s caning. You will not stand until I give permission, do you understand?” He asked grimly.

“Yes.” Such a husky whisper, it was barely audible, but he was satisfied.

He stepped away from her and she heard him pick up the strap. She felt the strap touch her bottom, and then he brought back his arm and lashed it down hard. She cried out, the blow landing on already burning flesh was like fire and she wriggled her hips to try and alleviate the pain.

Another stroke followed and another, barely enough time for her to draw breath. Oh, he was determined to teach her a lesson this time. She was relieved that he was keeping his temper in check, he had promised never to punish her in anger. But it hurt so badly, her tears flowed freely now, sobs and sniffles, but she remained in position.

He reached for the fearsome paddle with holes drilled in it next, he let it rest on her bottom for effect, and then let rip with a stroke that took her breath. He was careful not to use too much force on her already sore bottom, but still, it would be incredibly painful. Another followed in the exact same spot, and another, he was delivering each stroke quickly this time. She tried to breathe through the pain, but the cumulative effect of the many facets of the spanking was taking its toll. She was hurting worse than ever before.

He surveyed her red, swollen and welted bottom, satisfied he had given sufficient punishment to deliver the lesson she needed to learn, without permanently damaging her skin. She would be very conscious of this punishment for a while though.

He let her stay bent over for a short while, and then lifted her upright, turning her into his embrace to hold her while she continued to sob. He lifted her into his arms and carried her up to her room, laying her face down on her bed.

Her tear-streaked face was hot and flushed, but still she clung to him, whispering over and over: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” How strange, she thought, that even after he punished her, she felt so close to him, so dependant, she needed him desperately.

He almost didn’t allow her the concession of a cold cloth to ease the burning flesh of her bottom, but he relented. Once the coolness of the cloth was beginning to sink in, she visibly relaxed, and let out a relieved sigh. Next, he massaged the cream all over, she fell to sleep and he left her to rest.

Jason was troubled as he sat downstairs waiting for Alicia to wake up. Had he gone too far? He didn’t think so, but would she?

He had just told her Father he felt he had broken through her barriers and was making excellent progress. Only time would tell.

Alicia awoke with a terrible throbbing in her backside. She stood up, careful not to put any weight on her bottom and surveyed the damage in the mirror. She was actually quite surprised to find very little damage. Her entire bottom was still a raging shade of red, but there were only slight bruises from the heavy paddle, three welts refreshed by the paddling and the strap. Jason was obviously too good at delivering punishment. She smiled ruefully; trust her to choose a man with such accomplishments.

She took a deep breath, she must accept that he definitely had the upper hand and she must trust that he knew what was best for her. Now to go downstairs and face him.

Jason heard Alicia coming down the stairs, and he stood up to meet her as she entered the room. She paused and they gazed at each other for a moment. He waited for her, she waited for him.

“I had to be hard on you Alicia, do you understand?”

He was pleading for acceptance, could she give it?

She didn’t have to consider for long.

“I know, I can’t seem to get used to not being spoiled, not being able to do what I want, when I want.” She smiled, self-consciously. “Dad never refuses me anything, lets me do everything, go anywhere. I’m not used to having to follow orders.”

Jason stepped up close to her, took hold of her hands in his.

“Are you willing to marry me, to obey me and continue to accept me spanking you when you deserve it?”

He was hesitant, but hopeful.

“Are you willing to marry me and let me drive you out of your mind?” She asked him.

“I am if you are.”

He offered, and she agreed.

“I am if you are.” She repeated his words back at him.

They both smiled then and the tension was broken, they fell into each others arms and kissed passionately. They had lunch then spent the rest of the day discussing their future together.

After he sent Alicia to bed at 10 o’clock, Jason sat alone downstairs, pondering. He was looking forward to lifting the ‘no intimacy’ rule tomorrow and having Alicia back in his bed, where she belonged. That was, provided she was willing to make all the appropriate apologies at work next week. He hoped to get her promise to do that tomorrow.

That night as Alicia lay in bed, just before she fell asleep, she realised how much she trusted Jason. She never would have allowed him to punish her if she didn’t trust him. She smiled, even as she winced when the duvet brushed her tender bottom. Married life was never going to be dull.

The only concern she still had was whether she could make all the apologies at the office for a brand new start. Could she do it?

To be continued

© Lesley Carole 2014