The story continues

By Lesley Carole

On the morning of the fourth day, for the first time, Alicia was awake before Jason came into her room. She had been lying in bed pondering the punishments she had received, one minute resentful and the next accepting that she deserved each one.

Unfortunately, though, the cumulative effect of punishment every day meant that her bottom was increasingly sensitive and sore!

She thought of her Father; had she really been such a trial to him, she wondered? He was definitely pleased when she applied to his company as a newly qualified accountant, and passed the recruitment rights to his senior partners, not to himself or Jason. There was no doubt that she earned her place, no special treatment was given. It was just two of the secretaries who caused her trouble!

Jason greeted her by sitting on her bed and gently stroking her cheek; he had never done that before today.

“How are you feeling, still sore?” He asked, genuinely interested, or so it seemed.

She wondered if he was feeling guilty about all the spanking, and if so, might she escape any punishment today?

“I’m ok, but yes, still sore.” She tentatively smiled back at him.

“Bess is not coming today, so I want us to have a chat about work, what worries you, problems and that sort of thing. Do you think you can be totally honest with me and confide your hidden feelings? I know there are things you haven’t told your Father or me, I know there must be something you’re hiding, so I want it all out in the open, can you trust me enough to tell me?”

He held his breath until she answered.

“What if you don’t like what you hear?” She looked a bit sheepish.

He smiled his encouragement and answered: “Whatever it is, no matter how bad, I still want to know, and then we can move on, ok?”

She bit her lip and he frowned, half afraid of what she might be hiding, but he still wanted, no, needed to know.

“Will you punish me if you don’t like it?” She asked hesitantly.

He laughed, and then answered gently: “Most likely! But wouldn’t you rather get it off your chest, clear the air?” It seemed so easy for him; she was less thrilled at the prospect.

“What if you get really angry?” She was fishing and he was beginning to worry.

“Well, if I get angry, I’ll go for a run. I’ll never punish you while I’m angry, that wouldn’t be right, so, no need to worry.”

He decided that was enough for now.

“Come on now, up you get, the gym is waiting for us.”

He breezed out of her room without another word. She sighed heavily, oh dear, this was going to be a trial of fire.

The exercise session was as exhausting as ever, and after showering she dressed in a short skirt and T-shirt, no make up again; he had banned it for the week, and she went to face her doom.

They had breakfast, and he suggested she worked on the computer the rest of the morning and then, after lunch, the dreaded time would come for honesty; a small reprieve at least.

‘After lunch’ came too quickly. They sat opposite each other, Alicia in the armchair and Jason on the sofa. She was wringing her hands, anxiously waiting for the fireworks to begin. He looked at her expectantly.

“When you’re ready, Alicia. I want to know everything, from the beginning.” His smile was re-assuring, but it didn’t quite have the calming effect he hoped for.

Alicia took a deep breath.

“My first week at the office was really good; everyone made me feel welcome. I was making friends, especially with Anna and Karen, but then they found out I was romantically involved with you. That changed things overnight. Do you realise that your secretary is infatuated and thinks herself in love with you?”

She watched his expression turn to shock.

“Anna? Of course she isn’t!” He denied it, emphatically.

Alicia shook her head; she had been expecting this response.

“Men can be so blind sometimes! But it’s true; she was insanely jealous and her attitude changed towards me immediately afterwards. She snubbed me, avoided me, and was only just shy of rude to me when she was forced to speak to me professionally.”

Tears had formed in her eyes as she looked at his shocked expression. He shook his head now.

“I really had no idea, Alicia. I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you tell me?”

He looked uncomfortable.

“I didn’t want to come to you telling tales. I dealt with it myself.”

She looked quite proud of herself, till he prompted her to tell him how.

“Well, a while ago, you were out of the office and she was bragging about a big date with a gorgeous hunk and she sickened me off. I went into the car park and slashed two of her tyres with a knife.” She held her chin up as she faced him.

“You did what?” He couldn’t believe it.

“I knew she wasn’t capable of sorting it herself. I intended her to be late for her date.” There, she had said it! In fact, one of the security guards had arranged new tyres to be fitted for her, but she had to wait an hour for that to happen.

“Why would you do such a thing Alicia? That was way out of order.” He was controlling his anger, but only just.

“What else could I do? No-one guessed it was me, so I just enjoyed the joke myself. It served her right!” She crossed her arms in defiance.

Jason stared at her, and then asked: “It gets worse, doesn’t it?”

“Well, another time, I overheard Anna and Karen discussing me, that I was a spoiled brat who didn’t deserve you. Karen added her own share of insults as well.” She frowned at him as he raised his eyebrows, apparently agreeing with that assessment.

“They said I must have slept with Peterson and/or Watkins to get them to give me the job; that I must be a slut!” Her eyes filled with tears again, and Jason’s lips pressed firmly together.

“They had no right to say such things, of course. Why didn’t you tell me this either?” He coaxed.

“I just couldn’t,” she answered him, lowering her eyes.

“I decided to get even with Karen. I knew she was dealing with an awkward, fussy client, you know Mrs Haslam? I removed some important enclosures from an envelope that was to be hand-delivered. That got her in trouble with both Mrs Haslam and Jean, who was dealing with her accounts. Jean hates inefficiency.”

She seemed proud of her revenge tactics, but Jason’s mouth was still held in a line of obvious disapproval.

“It seems you have indeed been acting like a spoiled brat, a child in fact, as these are infantile pranks, not suited to a professional office!” His voice was raised now, and she was getting nervous all over again.

“Anything else you’d like to confess?” He queried.

She hesitated. “Just one more major incident; you remember the fire alarm recently?”

She paused as he recalled the occasion where they all had to evacuate the building because the fire alarm had gone off.

“I did that.” She hugged herself as he exploded.

“What the hell for?”

He roared and she cowered back into the cushions.

“I couldn’t face the full staff meeting that was scheduled.” Her lips trembled now, but she continued. “Anna and Karen had been winding me up all morning and I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

The meeting had been cancelled because of the delay with the evacuation. Alicia had been on a course the following day, so managed to get out of it.

“Of all the crazy, hair-brained schemes, you little minx! You know you are going to pay dearly for all of this, don’t you?”

He stood up and glowered down at her while she was still sitting on the chair. She didn’t answer, but she felt the depth of his anger.

“I’m going for a run. Continue working on the computer and make sure you are working when I return.”

She sighed with relief when he left the house. Oh, dear, her bottom clenched as she considered what her punishment would be this time.

When he returned, all sweaty and breathing hard, she knew he had run his anger away, and he went off to shower. She had been working hard all the time he was gone; well, as much as she could concentrate with the impending punishment looming.

Jason entered the lounge and told her to leave the computer on and stand before him. He stared down at her, his face devoid of expression.

“You must realise that your behaviour is not acceptable, personally or professionally, right?”

His eyebrows rose as he awaited her agreement. She sighed, bit her lip and nodded.

“Yes, but…”

He interrupted her. “No buts, you were out of order on every count. Yes, Anna and Karen have something to answer for, and believe me, they will when I return to the office!” His voice and threat were ominous.

“Your punishment will be in three parts, one for each offence. Take off your skirt and knickers.”

This was getting all too familiar, but she decided not to ask for more trouble by arguing. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall, then removed her white lacy knickers, neatly folded them both, and stood before him, half naked, awaiting punishment.

“First we will address what you did to Anna.”

He walked to the drawer, opened it and chose something that she couldn’t see, hiding it from her as he returned to face her.

“Hold both hands out in front.”

Her eyes lifted to his face, then, not knowing what to expect, she unwisely pulled both hands behind her back instead.

He sighed.  “I intended four stokes, now it will be six!”

She quickly brought both hands in front, biting her lower lip.

“One hand on top of the other, fingers together, and stretch the palm open.”

He brought the leather strap from behind his back, lifted it high and brought it down sharply on her outstretched palm. She gasped at the pain, biting her lip again.

“Change hands.”

No delay this time and he continued to strap each hand alternately, until all six strokes were delivered.

She thought grimly that at least her bottom was spared this treatment, though her hands were throbbing instead.

“I now want an essay about the stupidity of interfering with someone’s car. When you have finished, you will stand with your nose pressed into the corner, over there, hands on your head. I will read it, and if it is satisfactory, we will move on to the next punishment.”

Her eyes grew wide with indignation. Did he think he could treat her like a child? But then she considered what she had done, and the consequences of argument. She bent to get dressed before sitting at the computer, but he stopped her.

“You won’t need to get dressed!”

She sighed again, sat her bare bottom carefully on the computer chair and began her essay, cringing at the difficulty of typing with throbbing palms.

Minutes later she finished and obediently stood with her nose in the corner, hands on her head as instructed. She was so humiliated, but she guessed, that was a significant part of the punishment.

She had been standing, nose in the corner, hands on her head, as she heard his expletive. She winced as she remembered the foolish final sentence she had written. He roared for her to come to him and he glared at her, fury in his whole demeanour.

“The stupid, jealous bitch deserved to be late for her special date.”

He shook his head in disbelief.

“Is that what you thought I would be satisfied to read to conclude your essay?”

She still looked a little defiant, he noted, and took a deep breath to calm himself before walking over to the drawer again and taking out what appeared to be a bootlace.

“Turn around.” He ordered. “Hands behind your back.”

She complied and he tied her wrists together with the lace. She shivered.

“Bend over the armchair.”

He helped by pushing her firmly over the chair. With her hands tied behind her and toes only just touching the floor, she was in a precarious position, feeling even more vulnerable. Her lip was becoming sore with the frequent biting.

She was shocked to feel the strap strike the back of her thigh and she yelled loudly. It was not such a hard stroke, but the tender thighs were very painful when strapped. She screeched at every one of three strokes on each thigh, fighting the urge to stand, dangling unbalanced as she writhed in agony. She sobbed as he left her bent over for a short while after the onslaught ended.

Eventually, he pulled her upright and made her face him.

“Don’t try anything like that again, or you will be even sorrier than you are now!”

She couldn’t bear to look into his face; the shame was flooding her whole being. Why was she so stupid? He turned her to release her hands, almost unconsciously rubbing her wrists to relieve the ache for her.

“Now we will deal with your treatment of Karen. You are going over my knee and I’m going to paddle your backside for interfering with office mail.”

She winced, remembering the wooden paddle with the fearsome holes. He went to the drawer and took out the light, round paddle instead and she sighed slightly in relief.

He put a dining chair in the middle of the room, sat down and waited for her to bend over his knees. Without further prompting, she bent over, braced her hands on the floor and rested her toes on the other side. Her lip was between her teeth yet again, and she shivered in anticipation of what was to come.

He raised the paddle and methodically spanked all around her cheeks, not heavily, but lighting a fire that simmered and burned increasing in intensity. She whimpered, but managed to control her cries, she knew there was more to come yet.

She was surprised when it ended quite soon. She was feeling the heat and imagined the redness, but it was manageable. He pulled her to stand before him.

“Now you will write me an essay on why it’s important that clients and other staff members are not brought into office personality clashes. When you have finished, you will stand with your nose pressed into the corner again, hands on your head. I will read it, and if it is satisfactory, we will move on to the next punishment. If not, you will be back over my knee for further paddling.”

He was satisfied with her essay, thank goodness. She had not been so foolish this time, so he summoned her to stand before him again.

“Are you ready for the final part of your punishment?” He asked abruptly.

She wanted to cry out, no, no, no, but she couldn’t, she had to accept the entire punishment.

“Yes.” She whispered, between sniffles.

“This is for the irresponsibility of setting a fire alarm off for your own selfish reasons. This has to be severe, Alicia. I don’t know any other way to make the point. Bend back over the chair!”

Before bending over, she watched him fetch the cane from the drawer and she gasped in horror, her eyes flying to his face.

“Jason…” She tried pleading, but he was having none of it.

“Bend over.”

Her hands were clutching the cushion in front of her, and she struggled to steady herself, the dread clutching at her heart. Jason watched her, bent over, helpless and awaiting a painful caning. Her bottom was red from the paddle, her thighs were striped from the strap, her hands must still be throbbing from the strapping too.

His heart was thumping wildly in his chest as he considered what he was about to do. She deserved this, she really did, but still, he hesitated. Would she forgive him for this? A caning was more severe, especially on top of what she had already received.

He swallowed a lump in his throat and straightened his shoulders in resolve, determined to make his point. He lifted the cane and swished it twice in the air to practice his swing. He smiled grimly at her audible gasp as she heard the sound, expecting to feel the lash.

Next time, he lifted it and snapped it sharply, but not too hard on the upper portion of her buttocks. The white line, followed by angry red, fascinated him, but her shriek distressed him. He couldn’t afford to let her distract him though. He waited a few seconds for the stroke to fully register, and then whipped another across the centre of her bottom. Another shriek let loose, whimpers, and sniffles turned to cries as the welt formed. One more stroke, angled upwards to strike the underside of her cheeks and she almost shot up to stand, but returned to position just in time to avoid a penalty.

He was done. He stared at her striped bottom, satisfied that he had delivered a severe but justified punishment.

She sobbed constantly now, cries torn from her throat, but Jason hardened his heart. She had never ever been physically punished before and it must feel like a baptism of fire! She was not prepared for the searing pain and constant throbbing. She was also distraught when she acknowledged just how serious her ‘crimes’ were and how she had disappointed him.

Jason pulled her upright and grasped her hands, turning her into his embrace. She tried to evade him at first, but he was insistent, holding her close and murmuring soothing words in her ear.

“It’s over now, sweetheart. You took your punishment well. I’m proud of you for being brave enough to confess, even though you knew how angry I would be. You’re never going to do anything so foolish again, I know you won’t.”

Her sobs quietened down, and she allowed him to comfort her, needed him to comfort her. He decided to leave the final essay until morning.

He led her upstairs to her bedroom and helped her lay face down on the bed. He fetched a cold wet cloth and laid it over her bottom and thighs to ease the throbbing. After a few minutes he removed the cloth and gently massaged some cream over the welts.

“This will help ease the pain. Alicia, do you hate me for what I’ve done to you?” He asked.

The unease and uncertainty was obvious in the tone of his voice.

“Yes, I hate you right now.” His face fell. “But, no, I don’t hate you really. If you forgive me for the things I did, I forgive you for punishing me for them.” She was crying again now, so he lay beside her, their bodies touching and very soon, she was asleep.

The rest of the day passed quietly. He couldn’t make her work anymore today, so they watched a film on television after their evening meal. She gave no argument when he sent her off to bed with his usual passionate kiss, but she was certainly subdued.

In bed, she traced the welts on her bottom with gentle fingers, flexed her sore hands and felt the tenderness on her thighs from the strapping. She promised herself that she would never do anything to deserve another punishment again. Then she laughed at herself; who did she think she was kidding? Thus ended the fourth day.

To be continued

© Lesley Carole 2014