Why are two girls always getting the slipper?

By Joanna Jones

Mr Shotton stared across his desk at the two sixth form girls. True to form they were both looking nervously at the floor. Their names were Florence Morgan and Charlotte Whiteside, two seemingly inseparable buddies who were very nearly next door neighbours and who, if rumour was correct, had been best friends pretty much since playgroup.

He had their files open in front of him, not that he really needed them. He knew the content far better than any other files belonging to pupils in the upper sixth; the only thing he was not exactly sure of was the number of times he’d seen them in this position recently.

He looked at the note detailing their latest ‘faux pas’. At least it was not smoking this time. Instead it indicated failure to pay attention and persistent chatting in class. They must have really pushed Mrs Gromley, he reflected. She was a teacher who generally kept excellent order and rarely sent anyone to him, let alone two girls from the upper sixth.

“Well what have you got to say for yourselves?” He demanded.

Flo and Lottie looked briefly up and muttered apologies about getting distracted and that it would not happen again.

“Not happen again.” Mr Shotton repeated Lottie’s last words flatly.

“Not happen again?” He, this time, asked rhetorically. “How can you seriously expect me to believe that? Here we are in January and this is your sixth, no, seventh, visit to my office since September!” Mr Shotton corrected himself as he gazed down at Lottie’s file. He knew Flo’s file would be identical – every time they had been sent as a pair.

“Looking at your record to half way through the lower sixth form you two should have been prefects this year, but instead since March of last year or so your behaviour has deteriorated to a level that I can now only describe as appalling. I have lost count how many times since then I have sent you to Mrs Vance for the slipper. Last time, first day back after Christmas break, it was for a full dozen, and yet here you both are, AGAIN!”

Both girls again briefly muttered apologies as the headmaster continued his lecture.

“Looking at this record anyone would think you both enjoy having your bottom spanked! Is that the case Miss Morgan?”

“No, sir.” Replied Flo quickly. “It’s very sore and humiliating; I really don’t know why we keep getting into trouble.”

Mr Shotton turned his gaze to the other young lady. “And what about you Miss Whiteside? What is your explanation for your total inability to abide by the school rules, no matter how many times you are slippered?”

Lottie replied sombrely: “I am the same as Flo. I hate being punished, and am very sorry we keep causing you trouble. It just sort of seems to happen, sir.”

“Just sort of seems to happen?” Mr Shotton mused. “It seems as if somehow we need to ‘just sort of’ teach you some better self-control.”

The two girls shifted uncomfortably as he paused.

Mr Shotton continued: “The trouble is how to do that. We’ve tried progressively making the slippering more severe but it makes little difference. We’ve gone from two to four to six to eight to ten, and even twelve, but here we are again. So Miss Whiteside, any suggestions?”

This was a new strategy from the Head, and Lottie was not sure what to make of it. Realising after a long pause that she was required to answer, eventually she said: “I am not sure sir, but twelve is a lot and Mrs Vance does make sure we feel them.”

The Head gazed at her for a moment before responding. “Indeed Miss Whiteside, it is a lot, but that was not the question, the question is, is it enough? Miss Morgan what do you think is the best way to stop these regular unpleasant visits to my office?”

Flo glanced nervously at her friend. “I don’t know sir.”

After another uncomfortable pause he stood up and went to the cupboard in the corner. Both girls glanced at each other wondering what he had in store. Up until now they had endured the lecture, then been sent to the Mrs Vance with a note indicating the punishment. She bent them over in turn, got their skirt and slip out of the way and firmly applied the recommended punishment. She could add extra for disobedience, but in reality rarely did so.

Both girls’ jaws dropped and their faces turned a rather pasty shade as the headmaster, with a rattle, pulled out three long bamboo rods and slammed them on his desk.

Sitting down again he adopted a conversational tone, ignoring the now horrified looks opposite them. “So Miss Morgan, do you know what these are?”

Flo knew perfectly well what they were, but could barely bring herself to reply. “Yes.” She whispered. “B… but please, not the cane.”

Mr Shotton continued conversationally. “Well done, Miss Morgan; they are indeed canes. Now this one is rather short and lightweight. It could be used to cane a girl’s hands, but I personally do not like caning there. At the school I first taught in, a boy caned there by the deputy head of the time tried to move and it caught his wrist giving him a nasty longer term injury. It still could be used on the bottom of a normally well behaved younger pupil of course as it can provide quite a nasty sting. However, as you are in the upper sixth that hardly applies to you.”

He put the shorter cane down on the floor at his feet leaving two three foot rods still in the desk. One was perceptibly thicker and darker than the other.

Smiling inwardly at the two horrified faces he picked up the thinner one.

“Now this is the normal cane a naughty pupil might receive on her seat. Here Miss Whiteside, care to examine it?”

Lottie took it fearfully from the headmaster and, after a cursory look and feel, fairly quickly passed it on to Flo. She reluctantly took it in both hands and, mesmerized, flexed it slightly before gently placing it back on the desk. Her eyes lingered on it for quite sometime.

Mr Shotton allowed a few seconds for her to consider the implement before continuing. “Quite whippy isn’t it?” He said conversationally. “It may surprise you that this one is equally flexible.”

This time he passed the thicker cane to Flo first, who registered a bit of surprise as she felt its weight, but sickly flexed it dutifully before passing it to Lottie.

As she briefly examined it the Head continued. “This cane is made of a different kind of bamboo, which gives it the extra weight and, dare I say, bite. It is one very much designed to deal with senior pupils who should know better. In short, senior pupils like you.”

He noticed with some satisfaction the rather panicked looks on the two girls’ faces. He was having an impact. Good!

Lottie was the one who blurted out their desperate hope. “But, but sir, the cane isn’t allowed at this school!”

Mr Shotton chose to ignore the comment, initially at least. “Do you know the last time a girl had her bottom caned at this school?” he continued in that deceptively pleasant conversational tone. A brief pause to watch the fear increase in the two faces before answering his own question. “It was nearly eight years ago, by the previous headmistress, a couple of months before she retired. When I took over I felt that it should be possible for girls to behave without recourse to such serious sanctions. So I have chosen not to use it. However, choosing not to use it does not mean that it is ‘not allowed‘.”

He sat back and admired the reactions in these two rather pretty young ladies’ faces. He wondered what rebellious streak had got into them that their behaviour had dropped so badly. Perhaps they found the school environment too constraining.

There was a long silence as he let them stew in their thoughts, staring at the two crook handled rods in front of them on his desk.

It was Flo who broke. “Please, not the cane.” She whispered.

The head pressed his advantage. “The trouble is, I warned you last time that any further visits to my office would result in more serious sanctions. I can hardly keep upping the slipper to eighteen, twenty four or whatever whacks, and despite your protestations otherwise, that seems to have little impact on your behaviour in any case. After speaking to Mrs Vance we agreed if you appeared again then it would have to be the cane, though as it is your first time we will let you off with the lighter one on this occasion. However, if you prefer to be suspended for a week then that can be arranged, but you should note that in that case the punishment appears on your school record, and I will of course need to notify your parents.”

Was that a tear he saw in Miss Morgan’s eye? Mr Shotton was not feeling sympathetic.

Flo whispered: “H..how many, sir?”

“How many do you think it would take, Miss Morgan, to ensure that you do not wish to return for another dose?” The Head had adopted his, by now rather irritating to the girls, light conversational tone again.

“T..two or t..three, sir?” She stuttered in reply.

Mr Shotton laughed humourlessly. “Indeed? Well normally when a girl is caned for the first time, two or three strokes would be considered enough. However, in your cases I think a bit of a shock is needed. It will be ‘six of the best’ across your knickers.”

Both looked quite sick now. The Head hoped this shock would indeed be enough to keep them out of his office. However, he decided to emphasise his position further.

“Assuming that you don’t want a suspension then I should warn you, if you are ever foolish enough to appear again, it will be this ‘proper’ senior cane for your, at least, ‘six of the best’. I can after all award a maximum of eight. Also you should note there is absolutely nothing in the rules to stop me asking Mrs Vance to have your knickers down too!”

He watched a further level of shock and horror sink in at that last pronouncement.

Another long pause before both girls very reluctantly chose the caning over suspension.

A few minutes later they slowly left his office for the short walk to Mrs Vance’s room, further down the corridor. Lottie had the note for the Assistant Head. Flo was holding the cane that the Head had provided. Both were relieved the corridor was still deserted, though there could only be a few minutes till the bell went for the end of the day.

The walk was short and there was little opportunity to say much more than commiserate with each other at the unexpected surprise that the interview had provided. Neither were looking forward to the next few minutes.

Mrs Vance recognised the familiar tentative knock of a nervous school girl as she called: “Come!”

There was little surprise in seeing the two sixth formers. Seeing the cane though did mildly surprise her. She had not really expected Mr Shotton to go through with her recommendation. Like him, she was sick to the back teeth of seeing them in her office. She reckoned she’d whacked their knickers somewhere in the region of a dozen times in the last twelve months or so. Allowing for holidays, that was ridiculously often. Unlike the Head, she did wonder if the girls were somehow enjoying the slipperings in some way she personally could not fathom, although they certainly did not seem to enjoy the actual whackings themselves judging by their reactions.

Whatever the case she reflected as she took the note and cane from the girls, they were absolutely not going to enjoy anything about this caning!

She took her time to examine the note as the girls stood fidgeting in front of her. Both seemed to be subconsciously holding their bottoms, in anticipation of what was coming. As for the note, as expected it indicated that it was to be six on their knickers. After, the girls were to return the cane with a note confirming punishment, allowing the Head to complete the punishment book. She smiled inwardly. By her reckoning she should finish just after the end of school bell went. Keeping this punishment secret was not going to be an option.

She pondered the merits of giving them a brief lecture, but decided to get to it.

“Well here again? I have had enough of seeing your bottoms in my office! I promise you I will do my best to ensure you do not wish another visit here! Which of you is going first?”

Flo and Lottie looked at each other stricken. However, neither made a move to volunteer.

Mrs Vance eventually said “Right, since you were second last time Morgan, this time we’ll do it alphabetically! Whiteside, face the wall. To save time you might as well get your skirt off now. Morgan, blazer and skirt off, then bend over the desk.”

Lottie and Flo looked shocked at that. Normally they just hitched the skirt up as they bent over. However, neither were inclined to argue. Mrs Vance would almost certainly add extra, and extra with that cane was not going to be the same as with the slipper!

Soon Lottie was standing with only her blazer and blouse tails covering her thin yellow underwear. Her skirt and slip lay in a small heap in front of her shoes. She felt flushed and humiliated to be fully dressed from the waist up, but with only her grey school socks and knickers on her lower half.

Flo meanwhile was miserably considering the bookcase behind Mrs Vance’s desk. Her blazer, slip and skirt lay on the desk next to her. She sniffed as Mrs Vance gently tugged her blouse up and felt her sweater rise slightly on her stomach as the teacher did so.

Normally by this point Mrs Vance’s presence would be very close and her left hand, providing an odd sort of comfort, would be resting gently on the small of her back, while the right would be readying the first slipper stroke.

This time the Assistant Head was a full step further away, and the only touch was the impersonal tap of the cane, now resting gently on the middle of her pastel pink nylon knickers.

Mrs Vance was nearly ready, was determined to give both these girls a most thorough lesson. “Hold still, Morgan. If you move I will not hesitate to give you extra, understood? Dip your hips, get your bottom right out!”

“Yes, Ma’am.” She muttered, and gripped the desk tightly as she complied with the last order. She was quite tall and her rear now stuck out alluringly as she waited for Mrs Vance to begin. The light touch of the cane left. She felt a sick tingle of nerves as she waited for the cane’s return.

Mrs Vance with a face set with determination sent the rod whistling down, landing with an almighty crack on Flo’s rear.

It might have been fairer not to give such a vicious first stroke, but Mrs Vance was in no mood to show any leniency, and had delivered it with every ounce of effort at her disposal.

The effect on Flo was instantaneous and devastating. As the pain registered she let out a banshee wail, and stood facing her chastiser, hands gripped to her rear, shock etched in her face. The first tears were already forming in her eyes. Never had Florence Morgan experienced such a sharp pain, nor thought it possible.

Mrs Vance inwardly smiled, but outwardly was unimpressed. “How dare you stand up!” She shouted. “Bend over and we’ll have that again!”

It took a few threats and persuasion, but the prospect of Mrs Vance asking another teacher in to hold her down, and giving her extra for disobedience finally persuaded Flo back into position. The bell went for the end of the school day during the ‘debate’, not that either girl was going anywhere yet.

For Flo the next couple of minutes were awful as the cane cracked down venomously six further times on her backside. Desperately she gripped the edge as she endured her punishment, screaming with each stroke.

Mrs Vance did not abate her punishment one bit and was well satisfied with the girl sobbing on the desk in front of her.

After a brief pause she told her to stand and swap places with ‘Whiteside’.

Lottie gave Flo a petrified look as she slipped off her blazer and swapped position with her friend. Flo was no coward, she knew, having endured enough slipperings in this room together.

As she took her position over the desk, she pulled her own blouse tails out of the way and remembered Mrs Vance’s usual instruction to dip her hips. She noted the wetness on the desk in front of her and wondered. “Was it really that much worse?”


YES it was she realised! It took all her will to stay still, but that did not prevent the yell of agony.

Mrs Vance delivered the five remaining strokes with absolutely no let up in intensity. Lottie took them better than her friend, with no tears, but still yelling with each crack of the rod. Yells that she would find out later carried through the door and into the corridor, full of girls making their exit at the end of the school day.

It took a few minutes for the two young ladies to get their slips and skirts back on, and Mrs Vance was unsympathetic about giving them time to recover any composure. Thus there were gasps from some girls straggling out as they stumbled from the office with a revised note and the cane to return to Mr Shotton.

However, by the time he’d given the miserable girls a final lecture, and made a point of them witnessing him make the two new entries in the tatty old punishment book that had been unused for so long, the school was mercifully empty.

They both went to the toilets and managed to clean themselves up a bit, still barely able to talk to each other.

On the short walk home Flo was still struggling. “That was so much worse than the slipper.” She said. “Never again!”

Lottie nodded in agreement as they slowly staggered along the pavement.

Lottie knew her mother was at home, whereas Flo’s mum would still be at work. Thus both went to Flo’s as Lottie did not feel confident in disguising the fact she’d been whacked yet, or at least that was the excuse.

In Flo’s room, as they calmed and got a grip of themselves, the question of ‘seeing the damage’ came and the discussion moved to the differences between their caning, and previous slipperings. The truth was the slipper punishments had excited them and while they did not really enjoy the spanking itself, they had found the effect on their emotions later altogether different, in fact it would be fair to say addictive.

It was Flo who grabbed some cream from the bathroom and rubbed it in to Lottie’s well striped bottom, a favour that was of course reciprocated. However, the two girls were soon massaging other areas, this time of their own bodies, and both were soon moaning as a result. Ultimately both gave a small wail as in turn their minds went white and their bodies convulsed intensely.

A few minutes later they had calmed enough to start a quiet conversation.

“That was so intense.” Said Lottie quietly.

“Mmmm,” murmured Flo. “Unbelievably good, and so much better than after the slipper. Do you think we dare do it again?”

“You mean another caning? You heard Mr Shotton. Next time it will be worse. You saw that other cane, and he even threatened to tell Mrs Vance to do it on our bare bums!”

“Mmmm, but I am sure that after the effect will be better still!”

“I think we need to be careful. You heard Mr Shotton ask if we enjoyed it. I am not sure he would understand if he found out we did.”

Lottie looked at her friend, still half dressed, before continuing. “And can you imagine what our parents would say if they see the stripes we now have, to say nothing of seeing us like this? They would kill us!” She too was lying on Flo’s bed, very close to her friend, and was also rather improperly dressed, with her knickers kicked off lying somewhere on Flo’s none too tidy bedroom floor.

Flo smiled. “Don’t worry, we just need to be careful. Parents are inherently naïve; they would never suspect.”

Lottie paused as she considered further. “Maybe if we left it for a month, you know, aim for the Friday just before half term.”

Flo smiled and whispered: “Deal!” As she gave her friend a light kiss on the cheek as their bodies still tingled with the after effects of the ‘intense convulsion’ they had each just experienced.

Outside, Mary Morgan stood staring in incredulity at her daughter’s bedroom door. She’d come home from work and put the kettle on. Going up to offer the girls a cup of tea she’d frozen as she heard the groans and gasps at their ‘activities’. The conversation after had been equally, if not more, shocking to her.

Unsure what to do, she eventually tiptoed down the stairs and slipped out of the house. Perhaps her best friend, Helen Whiteside, would have some good advice.

The End