Two girls are expelled, but their mothers have other ideas.

by Kenny Walters

Sue Clarendon was not amused. Sunday mornings, especially lovely sunny late June Sunday mornings, were for lie-ins and lazing around, walking along the canal tow-path and enjoying a peaceful pub lunch with Martin, Sue’s new admirer. When she turned her Mercedes sports car into the driveway and passed the sign that said ‘Mountview School for Girls’ the retractable hardtop had still not been lowered as it might normally have been on this exceptionally fine day.

“My office! All of you!” Sue snarled as she left her car and swept past the small group of staff standing outside the rather grand main entrance and staring up at some crude slogans freshly painted along the front façade.

“Who did this?”

“Well, it was the girls’ end of exams little shindig, Headmistress.” The affable Mr Armstrong replied.

“That means we allow the girls a bit of a party and allow the most senior girls a small glass of wine, Mr Armstrong. We do not allow them to cause this sort of damage.”

“Not to mention poor Mrs Hardcastle.” Mr Armstrong was beginning to feel he’d kept quiet and hidden behind the other members of staff.

“What about Mrs Hardcastle?” Sue Clarendon demanded. “Wasn’t she in charge of the school last night?”

“Locked in the lavatory all night, I’m afraid. Not a happy bunny this morning when Mr Kibbett here found her.”

“This is intolerable! How much damage exactly has been caused, Mr Kibbett?” Sue turned her attention to the school’s resident caretaker.

“Ah well, marm. We’ve got slates off the roof, lots of writings on the walls inside and out, and in gloss paint too. That’ll take a bit of shifting I can tell you. And we’ll need scaffolding to get at it. Then there’s quite a mess in the dining hall. That’ll take a bit of clearing up and that ain’t my responsibility, marm. And I had to call an ambulance for poor Mrs Hardcastle. She was looking quite pale, I can tell you.”

“An ambulance? Oh God. We must send her some flowers.” Sue took a deep breath and regained just a little of her normally calm composed manner. “So, what do you reckon will be the final cost, Mr Kibbett?”

“I should say we’re looking at ten thousand pounds marm. Oh yes. It’s the scaffolding you see, that’s expensive that is.”

Sue took another deep breath. “Okay. So do we have any idea who exactly is responsible?”

Two names were immediately put forward. “Those two certainly had pretty guilty looks on their faces this morning, Headmistress.” Mr Armstrong informed her.

Two days later, Richard and Sheila Ford were having breakfast.

“Oh, for goodness sakes!”

“Problem, darling?” Richard asked, still crunching his way through a mouthful of toast.

“Clare’s been expelled!”

“Expelled? What did she do? Pinch the old dragon’s sherry?”

“Richard! If you’re referring to Sue Clarendon, firstly she’s barely thirty-five years old, very attractive as well as being a fine headmistress, and I’d imagine she’s much more into fine wines and cocktails than sherry.”

“Gone a bit overboard with our Clare, though. Hasn’t she?”

“Not by the sound of it, Richard. It looks like Clare and her friend Amanda Tomkins were responsible for half wrecking the school during their end of exams party. Oh, and you might like to know Miss Clarendon will be looking to us to pay half the repair bill – estimated at around ten thousand pounds.”

“What! Damn the girl!”

“I thought that might concentrate your mind, darling.” Sheila Ford continued to study the letter ruefully. “And you might like to give some thought as to how Clare is going to get into any sort of decent university with ‘expelled’ written on her final school report!”

“Fair point, darling.” Richard Ford stood up and kissed his wife. “Look, can’t you phone Sue Clarendon up and sort something out? Phone Jane Tomkins too. Perhaps she’s got some idea what to do. Must dash.”

Early that afternoon, Sheila Ford and Jane Tomkins were ushered into Sue Clarendon’s office.

“Good afternoon, ladies. Please sit down.” Sue greeted them with some reticence. “You want to discuss my decision to expel Clare and Amanda, I presume.”

“That and the bill you’re proposing to dump on our doorsteps, yes Miss Clarendon.” Sheila Ford sat in one of the two chairs placed in front of the headmistress’s desk.

“Call me Sue. Please. It’s Sheila, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Look, I appreciate what Clare did was frightfully bad and she deserves to be expelled. It’s just the long-term effects your decision is likely to cause her, like for example being able to get the university place she wants.”

“Yes, I can see that could be a problem. However, I’m sure you saw some of the damage caused to the school building on your way in. That paint is going to be very hard to get off.”

“I spoke to Amanda last night, Sue.” Jane Tomkins spoke. “She’s very sorry for her actions, as I’m sure Clare is. Is there not some other way of dealing with the matter. It will be a struggle, but we will pay for our share of the damage the two girls caused.”

“Yes, I was going to mention that.” Sue responded. “It does seem our insurance company will pay for most of the work. Everything except the first five hundred pounds, according to the terms of the policy. So, your contribution will be much less than we first anticipated.”

“Well, that’s certainly a relief.” Sheila Ford confirmed. “But then we still have the problem of your intended course of action causing both girls a great deal of difficulty with their university careers.”

“I appreciate that. But these two girls were incredibly naughty. They abused all the trust we placed in them. They, or some of their friends, brought alcohol into the school without permission and then proceeded to get drunk. The member of staff on duty was abused and treated absolutely disgracefully. The school was vandalised. What else can I do other than expel the two main culprits, which I’m afraid are your two daughters.”

“I know what I’d like you to do with them, Sue!” Sheila Ford said with feeling.

Sue chuckled. “We don’t do that sort of thing any more, Sheila.”

“More’s the pity.” Jane Tomkins commented.

Silence descended on the small group for several moments before Sheila Ford asked: “But you could, though, couldn’t you?”

“We could.” Sue Clarendon answered solemnly. “It’s been made legal again. But we held a discussion amongst the staff and the prevailing opinion was that we should continue to use other methods.”

“Even if it ruins the girls’ careers?”

“I think that’s putting it a bit strongly, Sheila.”

“I don’t.”

“Are you seriously asking me to cane your Clare, Sheila?”

Sheila Ford glanced quickly at Jane Tomkins, then turned back to the headmistress. “Yes, Sue. I think that’s exactly what I’m asking.”

Sue Clarendon also looked briefly at Jane who simply nodded in return. “Look, I’m sorry, ladies. It’s just not possible. For a start, we don’t even have such a thing as a cane.”

“I’m sure one could be obtained, Sue.” Sheila answered. “In fact, you could add the cost of it to our bill.”

“Let me get you ladies some coffee.” Sue responded.

With the mothers’ approval, Sue Clarendon requested their two daughters be summoned to her office. They arrived as the ladies finished their coffee and stood by the side of their respective mothers.

“Clare. Amanda. I’ve asked you to join us because your mothers have requested I reconsider my decision to expel you both because of the problems it may cause you getting places at your chosen universities.”

Both girls looked sombrely down at the carpet, stealing occasional fleeting looks as their headmistress spoke. Clare Ford, blonde haired like her mother, kept her hands clasped behind her back. Amanda, dark haired compared to her mother’s medium brown, nervously fingered the middle button on her red school blazer.

“Your mothers have suggested a possible alternative.” Sue Clarendon continued. “An alternative which I am not sure you are going to like. Hence I felt it only fair you join us in these discussions. Is that okay?”

“Yes miss.” Both girls murmured, more or less in unison.

“I’d be quite keen to take the alternative option, miss.” Clare spoke up. “You see, I’ve set my heart on a course at Kings,Oxfordand I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get in if I’m expelled from here.”

“Yes, that’s possibly true, Clare.” Sue answered.

“And I’m after a place atDurham, miss.” Amanda added. “I think the same will go for me too.”

“I think you’d better hear the alternative before you get too enthusiastic, girls.”

Clare Ford immediately suspected something, and showed it by her expression. Amanda seemed curious, and perhaps a little worried.

“There’s no easy way to tell you this, girls.” Sue bit her lip as she looked at the two. “Your mothers have asked me to cane you.”

Taking a deep breath, Clare Ford discovered a sudden interest in the ceiling and continued to stare upwards. Amanda’s expression changed to one of shock and horror. Neither girl spoke.

“This is not something I would normally consider.” Sue Clarendon continued after giving the girls some moments in which to respond, which neither took. “However, I haven’t been able to come up with any other alternative. A period of suspension is clearly not on the cards with only three weeks until the end of term and the school year. So, the choice is yours.”

It was Amanda’s turn to breath deeply. “If we were to take the caning, miss. Would this appear on our school record?”

Sue Clarendon considered the question carefully. “There would have to be a record kept for the Local Authority, but it would not appear on your end of school report or any submission we made to any university.”

“And we could continue here until the end of term?”

“Absolutely, Amanda.”

Amanda nodded thoughtfully and was on the point of speaking again when Clare Ford cut in.

“How many strokes would we get, miss?”

Again, Sue Clarendon considered the question carefully. “I haven’t actually thought that far ahead, Clare. I have very little experience in this. Would eight strokes be reasonable?” The headmistress directed the question at the two mothers.

“Quite reasonable, Sue.” Mrs Ford spoke first, deliberately ignoring an angry look from Clare.

“Yes, I think that would be fair in all the circumstances, Sue.” Mrs Tomkins confirmed.

“Very well. It will be eight strokes each, girls.”

“Mum!” Amanda Tomkins spoke in a half whisper that was no less audible to the others in the room than if she had spoken normally. “Eight? Are you crazy?”

Her mother ignored the remark.

Sue Clarendon coughed. “Before we all get too worked up, let us remember that the school does not as yet possess such a thing as a cane. So, we will have to wait at least until tomorrow before we can proceed with the punishments. In fact, I have no idea where to purchase such a thing, so it may take even longer.”

“What? Miss! That’s intolerable, making us have to wait like that.” Clare Ford protested.

After a short silence, Sue Clarendon spoke. “I think Clare does have a point, actually. Presumably no-one knows where we can get hold of a cane at this short notice?”

“Could another implement be used, Sue? Perhaps with more strokes to compensate.” Amanda’s mother suggested.

“What did you have in mind, Jane?” Sue asked.

“I was just thinking back to my own school days. Our gym mistress kept a large size 12 plimsoll for certain disciplinary purposes.”

“I’m certain that doesn’t happen here!” Sue Clarendon was quick to point out. “But we must have plenty of plimsolls on the premises. Most of the girls wear them for gym and some of the outside games.”

“Is there a male member of staff who has a pair?” Jane Tomkins asked.

“Possibly.” Sue answered. “Why?”

“They’ll be a larger size, Sue.” Jane smiled. “A little more effective, as I can assure you from personal experience.”

“I’ll get my secretary to make some enquiries.” Sue stood up and left the room.

“Mum! This is simply awful!” Amanda Tomkins complained to her mother.

“After what you got up to, young lady, a good hiding is exactly what you deserve.”

“Oh, mum!”

Clare Ford kept her feelings to herself, and barely a glance was exchanged between mother and daughter. Then Sue Clarendon returned.

“She’s on the case.”

In the ensuing interlude, no-one spoke and it was something of a relief when the headmistress’s secretary appeared at the door.

“Mr Allen has a pair of size ten plimsolls, apparently. Shall I go and fetch them?”

“Yes please, Helen.” Sue answered. “Oh Helen! Just one will do actually.”

The secretary’s expression demonstrated her bewilderment at the strange request, but she dutifully closed the door and set off to fetch the required article.

“How many strokes will you be giving them, Sue?” Jane Tomkins asked.

“Do you not think the original eight strokes will suffice, Jane?”

“No, I think you should double the number, Sue. The slipper is a lot less painful than the cane.”

“Mum!” Amanda Tomkins exclaimed.

Her friend, Clare Ford, showed her dismay by letting her jaw sag in an exaggerated expression of horror.

“Sixteen strokes does seem an awful lot, Jane.” Sue Clarendon countered. “Especially considering that, I presume, neither Clare nor Amanda has any experience of corporal punishment prior to this.”

“No, Amanda hasn’t been punished that way before.” Jane admitted.

“Clare neither.” Sheila Ford added.

“But the slipper is less painful than the cane.” Jane repeated her earlier observation.

“Of course, we are all girls together.” Sheila Ford commented meaningfully.

“Mum!” Clare Ford was clearly worried by what her mother might be intimating.

“Meaning, what exactly?” Sue Clarendon frowned in ignorance.

“A little less protection?” Jane Tomkins knew exactly what Sheila had in mind.

“Am I missing something here?” Sue Clarendon wasn’t as quick to catch on.

“How long do you think your secretary will be fetching the slipper, Sue?”

“She shouldn’t be long.” The headmistress shrugged. “Only a few more minutes, I’d guess.”

“Okay girls.” Sheila Ford stood up. “You two can start undressing. Let’s have you down to your knickers and blouses. Quick as you can.”

“Mum! This is simply awful!” Clare wailed.

“Would you prefer to wait a couple of days while we get hold of a cane?”


“Then start undressing. You can hang your clothes over these chairs.”

To Sue Clarendon’s amazement, the two mothers pulled their chairs back away from her desk and gave the girls room to undress as instructed and deposit their discarded clothes over the backs of the chairs. The red blazers were soon removed and the girls began unpicking the knots of their ties.

“Where will you want them Sue?” Jane Tomkins asked.

“I’m sorry, Jane?”

“Where will you want them to bend over?”

“Oh! I hadn’t given that any thought. Over my desk?”

“Sounds good to me, Sue.”

“I’d better clear these things off my desk.” The headmistress began to sweep her papers into two of the top drawers. “I’m sorry, I’m not very up with the etiquette in such matters.”

“Don’t worry Sue, Jane and I will give you all the assistance you need.” Sheila Ford said as she watched her daughter unzip the front of her grey trousers.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you mum?” Clare spoke softly to her mother.

“You’re still costing us two hindred and fifty pounds each, half the claim that isn’t covered by the insurance policy. So, yes, I’ll be making sure I get my money’s worth, darling. Have you finished undressing?”

“Mum!” Clare exclaimed as her mother lifted her white blouse to make sure she only had her knickers on underneath.

“I could just pull my skirt up, mum.” Amanda Tomkins suggested as her fingers lingered on the zip to her pleated grey skirt.

“No, I think we’ll have your skirt off, darling. We wouldn’t want it falling back down and getting in the way, would we?”

“Oh no. Of course we wouldn’t!” Amanda responded sarcastically.

Jane Tomkins allowed her daughter to remove the grey skirt and place it over the chair with her other clothes, then went to sit on the edge of the desk Sue Clarendon had just cleared.

“Would you come here a moment, please darling.”

“What?” Amanda demanded as she waddled across in her bare feet and stood in front of her mother.

“Round here a bit, please.” Jane Tomkins guided her daughter so that she was standing close to her right hip. “Now lean forwards.”


“Like this.”

Jane took her daughter’s left wrist in her left hand and placed her right hand behind Amanda’s head. In a moment, the girl found herself lying across her mother’s lap with the tail of her white blouse flipped up and the flimsy pink material of her brief knickers stretched tightly across her bottom.

“Ow! Ouch! Mum! Stop this right now! Ouch!”

Although Amanda struggled, she soon found both her wrists pinned behind her back so that she was securely held across her mother’s lap and unable to defend herself from the spanking Jane Tomkins was raining down onto her daughter’s barely protected bottom.

“Now, don’t you ever speak to me like that again. Especially after all the trouble you’ve caused. Do you hear?”

“Yes mum!!” Amanda shouted, her face contorted by pain as the spanks rained down on her bottom.

“Good. Remember that!” Jane finished spanking her daughter and allowed the girl to stagger to her feet.

Everyone else in the room, who had stopped what they were doing in order to stare open-mouthed at the punishment being meted out, suddenly went about their business and looked away.

“Okay, let’s have both of you standing facing the wall here.” Sheila Ford indicated some vacant wall behind and to one side of the headmistress’s desk.

Amanda immediately did as she was told, treating the command as a welcome opportunity to avoid the eyes of the others. Clare was quite quick to follow suit, not wanting Jane Tomkins’ actions to give her own mother any ideas.

“Would anyone like to volunteer to go first?”

Amanda, now ruefully rubbing her bottom over her pink panties, looked towards Clare. Thankfully, Clare took the hint.

“I will.”

“Over here, then.”

Clare turned and found her mother beckoning her towards the nearest end of the headmistress’s desk.

“What do I have to do?” Clare looked down at the hard oak surface of the desk as she stood next to her mother.

“Bend over. Get right down.”

Although Clare immediately began to comply, she asked: “Why? The slipper isn’t even here yet.”

“Because you’re in disgrace!” Sheila Ford slapped her daughter sharply across the bottom, over the tail of her white blouse and concealed underwear, even as she was still in the process of bending across the desk. “And we don’t wish to look at your face for a while – just your bottom!”

“That hurt!” Clare commented as she rested herself across the top of the desk.

“Good!” As she spoke, Sheila Ford folded the tail of her daughter’s blouse up, well up the girl’s back, so that her pale blue brief panties were fully exposed together with much of the girl’s back and her matching pale blue bra.

“Here we are. Sorry for the delay…” Sue Clarendon’s secretary burst into the room after briefly tapping on the door. “Oh.”

“Thank you, Helen. I’ll take that.”

Sue Clarendon held out her hand and the secretary managed to contain her astonishment sufficiently to continue into the room and hand the plimsoll over. Her eyes remained focussed on the bending figure lying across the headmistress’s desk, and particularly the girl’s bottom sparsely clothed in just pale blue underwear.

“That will be all, thank you Helen.” Sue added in an encouragement to the secretary to leave the room.

The headmistress waited until the door was safely closed, then examined the slightly grubby white size 10 plimsoll she’d been handed. “Well, it certainly seems big enough.” She tapped the sole against the palm of her hand to test it. “The sole seems very flexible though.”

“I think you’ll find it stings their bottoms quite efficiently, Sue.” Jane replied. “I speak from experience.”

“Me too.” Sheila Ford added. “Try smacking it against your palm a bit harder, Sue.”

Sue Clarendon took Sheila’s advice and gave the palm of her left hand a sharp slap with the plimsoll.

“Ouch! Yes, I see what you mean!”

This small demonstration had not been lost on Clare and Amanda, Clare watching from her less than comfortable position bent across the headmistress’s desk and Amanda standing against the wall. As Clare twisted her head round the other way so she could see Amanda, the two girls’ eyes met. Amanda’s look of gross distaste contrasted with Clare’s wry grin.

“Okay, I suppose I have to do the dreaded deed now.” Sue looked to the two mothers for support.

“Enjoy!” Sheila Ford, whose daughter it was bent across the desk, smiled. “I know I would.”

Sue Clarendon, though, was too concerned she would perform her task properly to be enjoying the moment. She took a deep breath and said: “Right, let’s do it.”

The headmistress turned and approached the girl bending across her desk, while the two mothers gathered round to get a better view.

“Alright Clare?” Sue asked, as she stood behind the bending girl.

“Yes miss.” Clare answered, resigned.

With some trepidation, Sue Clarendon grasped the white plimsoll firmly in her right hand, swung it back just above her right shoulder and sent the first stroke down. It met Clare’s pale blue knickers with a loud bang.

“Ouch!” Clare snatched visibly as the slipper stung her backside.

“A bit harder, Sue.” Sheila Ford suggested. “She can take it.”

Clare turned her head back and glared at her mother, but Sheila Ford didn’t notice as she was far more intent on watching her daughter’s bottom.

“Oooh!” Clare cried as Sue Clarendon suddenly swung a second stroke down onto her bottom with another loud bang.

Clare’s cries plus a noticeable reddening of the lower parts of her bottom not covered by the brief blue panties caused Sue Clarendon to glance towards Sheila Ford for confirmation all was okay.

“You’re doing fine, Sue.” Clare’s mother confirmed. “Keep going.”

The headmistress acknowledged the reassurance by delivering another stinging smack to Clare’s right buttock, right on the pantyline.


Another stroke quickly followed, this time on the left buttock.


Sue paused, then gave Clare a further whack right in the middle of her bottom.


“Keep it going, Sue.” Sheila Ford encouraged, and the headmistress responded by sending another swinging stroke down onto the girl’s right buttock, quite low down where the bottom was bare.

“Eeesh! That stings!” Clare confirmed the slippering was proving effective.

Another stroke followed to the left buttock, also low down and thus landing on bare unprotected bottom.


“Last one, Clare.” Sue Clarendon informed the girl.

The headmistress drew the slipper way back, took careful aim, and swept it firmly down until it whacked across the girl’s bottom with another resounding bang.


Immediately, Sue Clarendon turned away. She clutched her right bicep and commented: “I’ll have to spend some time in the gym if I have to do many much more of this.”

Sheila Ford chuckled. Then she gave her daughter a sharp slap across the bottom just as the girl was on the point of getting up from the desk.

“I hope that’s taught you a good lesson, young lady!”

“It has.” Clare replied grudgingly, then started to head for the chair where her clothes were piled over the back.

“Where are you going?” Sheila called.

“To get dressed?” Clare answered with some sarcasm.

“No you’re not! Stand facing the wall, young lady, while your accomplice gets hers. We may not have finished with you yet.”

Clare sighed in irritation, then hastily went to stand facing the wall next to Amanda as her mother raised her hand threateningly.

“Do you want to take a short break, Sue?” Jane Tomkins asked.

Sue Clarendon hesitated and then saw Amanda anxiously looking round, almost pleading with her to get the ordeal over with.

“No. Thanks, Jane. Let’s get on.”

Jane gestured for her daughter to move to the desk.

As Amanda stood by the end of the desk she hesitated, unsure whether she should bend straight over. Sue Clarendon was right behind her.

“Okay, Amanda.” Sue put a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “When you’re ready, bend over.”

Amanda took a deep breath, much like an athlete preparing for a determined attempt at the long jump, then dived quickly down across the desk. Sue Clarendon carefully folded back the girl’s white blouse until her brief pink underwear was well exposed together with a good portion of her back.


“Yes, miss.” Amanda answered miserably.

Sue Clarendon wasted no time. The large white plimsoll was swiftly drawn back and sent swinging down to land across Amanda’s bottom with a resounding bang. She flinched noticeably but didn’t utter a sound.

A second swing aimed again at the centre of Amanda’s pink panties quickly followed. Again, the bending girl jerked visibly as the effects of the stroke were felt, but she remained silent.

Sue Clarendon swung the large slipper a third time, aiming deliberately at the girl’s left buttock, low down where the pink underwear failed completely to protect the bare flesh. When it struck, Amanda grunted audibly which at least confirmed to the headmistress that she was actually inflicting some punishment.

A similar stroke to the girl’s right buttock also caused a grunt, and Sue noticed the lower portions of the girl’s bottom were now reddening quite visibly, although there had been a little colouring to begin with, presumably caused by the girl’s earlier spanking at the hands of her mother.

The headmistress swung the slipper again and this time concentrated back on the centre of the girl’s bottom. A gasp told her it had been truly felt.

A few moments pause ensued while Sue Clarendon considered where to aim next. She opted for the left buttock again, and in exactly the same spot, low down, where the previous stroke to this side had delivered its punishment.

“Ouch!” Amanda cried as the slipper struck home with a bang.

Sue Clarendon was aware Amanda had glanced back to look the headmistress in the eye, as though enquiring why that stroke had been made to hurt more than the others. It was soon countered by a similarly low stroke to the right buttock.

“Eeech!” Amanda called, shifting up a little as she experienced the discomfort. She didn’t look round a second time.

Aware this was the final stroke, Sue Clarendon drew the slipper well back and quickly sent it hurtling into the very centre of the girl’s briefly covered bottom where it landed with a resounding bang.

“Yeeouch!” Amanda cried, arching her back.

“And that I think is it.” Sue Clarendon declared, and turned away.

Amanda quickly pulled herself off the desk before her mother could be tempted to take a quick smack at her bottom. Mrs Tomkins, though, simply put her hand on her daughter’s shoulder and steered her in the direction of Clare Ford who was still standing with her nose to the wall.

“Wait there for a few moments, darling. Then we’ll get this wrapped up.”

“Well done, Sue.” Sheila Ford said to the headmistress. “Thanks for all your efforts.”

“Yes, thanks Sue.” Jane Tomkins added.

The headmistress smiled weakly. “Yes, I think it has been an experience for all of us.” Then, turning to the two girls, she spoke more firmly. “Okay, girls, please turn round.”

Both girls slowly swivelled round and faced their headmistress.

“I’m sure you didn’t enjoy that any more than I did.”

“No miss.” Both girls murmured.

“I hope it has taught you a lesson you won’t forget.”

“Yes miss.”

“You may like to know I intend raising the question again as to whether we should have some form of corporal punishment available to us in the future. You’ll be leaving this school soon and going on to other things, so spare a thought for the other girls who will follow you. They will have you to thank for getting them sore bottoms.”

“Yes miss.”

“Off you go, then.”

The End