Anna discovers Botticelli and eroticism. The next in the series.

By Paul S

Anna and Ben had been going steady for a while now, and seeing each other regularly. Their relationship had progressed to the point where they felt comfortable with each other and trusted each other.

The unsavoury episode with Ben’s previous girlfriend, Julia, had now passed and things settled down to normal. It is true jilted lover Julia had spanked her out of jealousy, but this had just awakened Anna’s curiosity, particularly after Ben had punished ex-girlfriend Julia and told her to stop abusing his new beau, Anna.

Anna’s curiosity eventually got the better of her, and she asked Ben to try out a brief and light swishy caning to see what it felt like. Needless to say, she found it very stimulating.

Anna and Ben were looking through holiday brochures for the forthcoming year, when Anna said: “Why don’t we have a weekend away in Venice?”

Ben said: “Yes, why not? Good idea! Work has quietened down now and there will be a lull before Christmas and New Year. I know the girls are great, but Elaine is going away for a long weekend soon also with her beau.”

Anna said: “Leave it to me,” and booked the arrangements, after agreeing dates that didn’t clash with anything else.

Anna started packing excitedly, and Ben made a few arrangements to hand over some sundry jobs to others whilst he was away for a few days. The days passed and it was a Friday in November. Anna and Ben met at his flat with their overnight cases, and got a taxi to the airport nearby. They checked in and the pre-flight checks were quick and easy, using a new electronic system.

They were ushered to the gate and on the flight taxi-ing for take-off before they knew it. The flight was fairly short at just over 2 hours and Anna and Ben had drinks and read the inflight magazines on the flight. They arrived at Venice airport where it was mild but a misty late afternoon, collected their things and made their way to the hotel by coach.

The hotel was called the Grand Hotel Venus and was very historic. Ben and Anna walked up to the desk to be greeted by the friendly staff. One took Anna’s hand and kissed it.

Anna said: “I don’t get that sort of service at the agency!”

The concierge said: “We have given you the ‘Botticelli’ suite, which is for dating couples and honeymooners. We hope you will love it. The hotel is dedicated to the goddess Venus and Cupid, plus artistic appreciation of the female derriere, and was rumoured to have been blessed by the Pope in medieval times.”

They signed the register and were given details of the hotel and their room and hotel services, including mealtimes, which were fairly standard. Ben and Anna booked for dinner at 7pm and retired to their room to rest and freshen up.

The lobby and lounge was quite dark on the way up to their room, but Anna couldn’t help noticing pictures of Frescos and statuettes depicting buxom naked ladies, and, particularly, bare bottomed ladies all around the hotel.

They entered their room, which was a good size suite with a Juliette balcony overlooking the Grand Canal and a cathedral on the island in the distance, with a view of cruise liners behind.

Ben and Anna took one look at the view over the Grand Canal where it met the sea with a church dome in the distance and went: “Wow!”

Anna and Ben started changing, with Ben going into the bathroom. Anna looked around and noticed yet more renaissance pictures of erotic naked ladies and statuettes in the room.

The hotel had very thoughtfully provided everything that the honeymooning or dating couple could possibly need on a silver tray. Ben and Anna looked in wonder at a selection of 2 champagne flutes, a chilled bottle of Prosecco in a pewter bucket, a small Narcisso Rodriguez perfume, a selection of aromatic oils, creams and aromatic lotions, a small selection of some very sexy and very naughty Florentine lace underwear for her, a selection of flavoured condoms, French chalk, tickling feathers, plus a small antique flogger and an antique wooden hairbrush.

Ben picked up the flogger, ran it playfully across Anna’s bottom whilst she was standing in front of him, and said: “Perhaps we can try this out later with those fancy lace knickers?”

Anna said: “I need a few Prosecco’s first, darling.”

She started reading the blurb provided by the hotel which was fairly standard. However she was intrigued by the description of their historic suite which read as follows;

‘The ‘Botticelli suite’ is particularly dedicated to dating couples and honeymooners in the grand tradition of the Venus hotel, itself dedicated to Cupid, the eternal matchmaker. It is here that Pope Pius V is rumoured to have blessed the hotel and this suite, and it is now Venetian folklore that any woman staying a night in this room will experience total submission to the goddess of love with her partner. It is rumoured that hundreds of women have lost their virginity in this room over the years in search of true love.

The suite is also dedicated to the study of the naked female form by renowned medieval artists and sculptors, with particularly works featuring well-proportioned ladies bare bottoms around the hotel and the suite itself. Testimonies over the years from previous guests confirm that couples have found lasting happiness and ladies have rediscovered their libido after a stay in this suite.’

Anna switched on the TV which was Rai Uno in Italian, watching a quiz programme called ‘Sinstra e Destre’. It had 2 young ladies pointing at a board, wearing just G strings. The Italian fascination with naked ladies, it seems, was everywhere she looked.

Anna then continued changing, putting on a dark top and suspenders. She took off her knickers and shoes, and bent down to change them for the very sexy lacy ones supplied by the hotel. She was standing in front of the entrance to the bathroom, with her bottom briefly bared and bent over to put her stockings and lace knickers on.

Ben came out of the bathroom and gave Anna’s bottom a very firm but playful smack.

Anna reared up and yelled: “Ouch! What was that for?”

She noticed a bright red hand print appear across her bare backside in the mirror.

Ben said: “Those are very naughty lace knickers you are about to put on. Give us a twirl then.”

Anna put them on and said: “These are deliciously sexy and gorgeous to wear,” lifting her dress, leaning forward and slowly wriggling her hips very sexily to give boyfriend Ben a full view.”

Ben said: “Bloody hell. They are hot!”

They were very black skimpy see-through lace knickers closely hugging Anna’s panty line.

They continued changing and went down to dinner in the lift.

Anna looked around at yet more erotic pictures and whispered to Ben: “It’s very erotic here.”

Ben just laughed and said: “Yes, but it’s great fun.”

They went down to dinner, and had a very nice 3 course pasta meal with plenty of wine in a romantic setting.

Anna said: “I can see why ladies find it very romantic here. The atmosphere is so sexy and seductive.”

After the meal they walked around the hotel outskirts and along the canal for a short distance, before retiring for the evening.

Anna said: “Do you mind if we get some sleep tonight as I have had a busy week? We can have some fun tomorrow night, I promise.”

The night passed and Anna had a dream fantasy. She dreamt she was in a warm, exotic location back in Renaissance times with a strange man, and the setting was very enticing. She was kissing the man passionately and had fallen for him completely but didn’t recognise him. She was wearing just a short camisole and was leaning over a balcony looking at a magnificent view of the sea, whilst the man approached her from behind.

She then said: “Do what you will with me,” so the man started spanking her softly at first and she liked it. As it progressed, she started feeling the heat and had to bend over and submit to the man gradually. She got up and kissed the man and they embraced passionately.

He then produced a short medieval birch, and then she bent right over the balcony which lifted her camisole and touched her toes. The man started whipping her lightly at first, which had her panting excitedly, then a little harder until she was throwing her long hair back and gasping and squirming her sexy bottom wantonly over the balcony until she had submitted completely and felt very excited.

She then dreamt she was over the man’s lap and turned to kiss him, whilst he ran his hand and then a small flogger up her legs and over her bottom and back and shoulders, gently bringing it down over her skin and teasing her beyond endurance. When she simply couldn’t take any more, she begged the man to punish her severely for her wanton behaviour.

Just then Ben turned over, accidentally nudged her in the ribs and woke her up.

She said: “Oh Ben!”

Ben said: “What?”

Anna said: “I was having the most wonderfully erotic dream and you interrupted it just at the crucial point. Now I will never know what happened.”

It was getting light so Anna got up and made them a coffee each in the room.

They each showered, got dressed and ready, and went down for breakfast. The hotel was still reasonably busy for late season. They took their time having breakfast, before returning to their room to prepare to go out. They went for a short walk around St. Mark’s Square nearby and looked at the Doges Palace, taking some photos and selfies. The weather was bright and reasonable for the time of year, but a little cool.

They stopped for a brief coffee but were shocked by the relatively high prices. Following that they went for a gondola ride, but had to share with other couples as the price was much higher than they thought.

Ben bought a couple of ‘Cornetto’ ice creams, gave one to Anna and started fooling around singing: “Just one Cornetto.”

Anna said: “Stop it, you’re embarrassing me!”

After the gondola ride, they walked along the Grand Canal looking at all the shops. They went into a jewellers and had a good look around. Most of the items were very expensive and out of their price range.

However, Anna spotted a silver chain and pendant diamond and said: “I have just fallen in love. That is so beautiful.” The price was reasonable but just slightly beyond Anna’s budget.

Anna kissed Mark and said: “Can you buy this for me? Please, please, please! I’ll do anything, honestly.”

Ben said: “Alright, but I may hold you to that.”

Anna said: “OK, whatever.”

So Anna tried on the chain and pendant and it was perfect. She kissed Ben full on the lips and hugged and thanked him profusely. They then went and had another coffee, but this time away from the very expensive St. Mark’s square.

There they came across a museum of Erotic History in Venice. They bought tickets, went in, and had a look around. Anna liked some of the erotic exhibits, which included a picture from Pompeii of a lady standing between a man’s legs, part clothed with her bottom bared. There were also a number of beautiful Titian and Botticelli frescos of naked ladies, mostly lying on couches.

Ben looked at one and said: “That position is not possible.” The picture had a lady apparently double twisted and draped across a naked man’s lap.

However, they both liked a statuette of a naked lady lying across an angel’s lap, kissing him, whilst he had his hand on her upper thighs.

Anna whispered in Ben’s ear: “Would you like me naked like that tonight?”

Ben whispered: “Yes please, with your bottom over my lap like that, it would be so hot!”

Anna said: “OK, I’ll do it as a thank you for the necklace.”

They walked to the gift shop and Ben bought a small copy of the statuette as a souvenir of their trip. They returned to their hotel, and watched some Italian TV in the room, again with adverts and quiz shows and scantily clad ladies in G strings.

So they went for a wander around the hotel to look at all the pictures and statuettes. They all seemed to feature female nudes and well-proportioned Renaissance ladies with large derrieres.

They went back to prepare for dinner as time had marched on and agreed they had had a lovely day, and taken some great pictures. They freshened up and got changed. Ben wore smart dark trousers and a smart cardigan and shirt. Anna went for a classic tight little black dress and black suspenders and high heels, which really accentuated her curves.

They went down for dinner and Ben said: “Love the tight dress. But those lacy knickers; they are so hot!”

Anna said: “Thank you,” and they sat down and ordered their meal, and drank some white refreshing Soave wine.

After the meal they retired back to their room. Ben took off his cardigan, and Anna took off her dress, suspenders and high heels, leaving on just her bra and tiny lace knickers, and went over to lean on the balcony and look at the view of the bay and ships all lit up at night.

Ben came up behind her and cupped her breasts and kissed Anna.

He said: “I’ll need to warm you up,” and pushed her gently forward over the balcony and playfully gave her a few smacks over her lacy knickers.

Anna didn’t react at first, being busy looking at the enchanting view, but got up and went over to the bed, took off her bra and panties and put on her nightie instead.

Just then there was the sound of giggling and several muffled slaps from several doors down, and a girl suddenly appeared leaning over the balcony.

The girl said: “No, please!” Then there were several more slaps and she threw her head back panting and looking straight ahead, but didn’t notice Anna.

Anna said: “Sounds like someone else is getting their desserts!”

Then Anna said: “My head is spinning, darling, as I drank far too much wine, so be gentle with me.”

Ben and Anna kissed passionately whilst Ben ran his hands up her bare legs, over her back and cupped her bare breasts.

Ben then ran his hands slowly down her back, ending up with both hands on her bare bottom.

Ben said: “How is it for you?”

Anna said: “It feels nice and it is turning me on.”

They agreed to take a time out and have a glass of chilled Prosecco, as it was warm in the room even with the balcony doors open.

Ben snuggled up to Anna and said: “Let’s try that naughty pose now, like the statuette.”

So Ben went over to sit on the side of the bed and stripped off his top and boxer shorts. Anna took off her nightie and was now completely naked. She walked over and they kissed passionately, whilst she leant across his lap and twisted her body similar to the statuette pose, so that they could continue kissing. Ben ran his hands down her back and across her bottom, and then kissed both of her bottom cheeks seductively.

Anna said: “Tickle my legs, bottom and back with the feather and flogger, really slowly please.”

Ben ran a large feather and then a flogger slowly up and down Anna’s back, bottom and legs as instructed, and slowly swished the flogger and said: “Your skin is nice and pink and warming up nicely now, darling.”

Anna said: “This is teasing me something rotten.”

Ben continued teasing the feathers and flogger over Anna’s legs, bottom and back for some time. Anna eventually just couldn’t take any more teasing and asked to be swished.

Ben then firmly swished Anna’s bottom about twenty times, but Anna said: “I can’t really feel that.”

So Ben bent Anna over his lap with her head down, picked up the antique hairbrush from the tray and gave her twenty firm smacks with it across her bare bottom.

Anna said: “Ouch, that’s more like it,” and leaned forward squirming and raising her bottom across Ben’s lap, tossing her hair back and panting heavily after each stroke.

When he had finished, she got up and kissed Ben briefly on the lips, and clutched Ben’s hand which was on her bare behind.

Anna said: “Oh, what about the necklace? Shall I pay you back, or do you want to punish me?”

Ben said: “Bend over, you naughty girl, and take your punishment!”

Anna tried to put her arm and hand back to cover her cheeks instinctively, but Ben pinned her arm behind her back whilst she received a further 30 with the stinging antique hairbrush. She tried to look round, but was forced to bow her head and flailing hair and submit to an increasingly red hot bottom, which was now tingling furiously.

They then both got up and retired to bed together, exhausted, for an intimate cuddle as it was late, to get some sleep and prepare for the journey home in the morning.

They woke up at first light to start packing, and Anna kissed Ben and said: “Thanks for a really lovely break. We must try that position again when we get home.”

They had breakfast and settled the hotel bill before the concierge kissed Anna continental style on both cheeks and said: “We hope you enjoyed your stay in the Botticelli suite and Grand Hotel Venus and hope to see you again.”

Anna said: “Can I buy the Florentine lace underwear, please, as it’s so lovely.”

The concierge said: “Don’t worry, it’s a gift from the hotel Venus. We are delighted that they are adorning such a gorgeous female bottom.”

Anna blushed bright red with embarrassment, but thanked the staff for a lovely break.

She then said to Ben: “Does my bottom look big compared to the ladies in the pictures and statues?”

Ben said: “No, it’s just right. Those lacy knickers are so hot, though,” running his hand across her shapely bottom and pinching it.

Anna said: “Ben really! Can’t you wait until we get home?”

The End

© Paul S 2016