Angela’s life at her strict new school continues

By Gillian Howard

After mum had inspected the results of my caning from Thursday, she told me to get ready as the twins  Juliet and Sandra, two of my best friends before we moved, were due to arrive by lunch time with their parents and we were all going to spend a week’s holiday camping in Wales. I had known nothing of this and was now really exited at the prospect of seeing the twins and catching up on all the news. We started to pack all our camping equipment in the car and I went upstairs to pack a bag. I put in all my underwear and  bikinis, mini skirts and hot pants in and a couple of mini dresses for going out in the evenings.

The twins arrived with their parents and after hugs and kisses we all went in for some lunch that mum had prepared. We went up to my room, the twins brought me up to date about all the gossip and also that Juliet had a boyfriend who she thought she would lose her virginity with him soon. I was telling the twins about my new friends and the school and how different it was with having to wear school uniform at all times and of course the discipline code.

The twins wanted to know if both boys and girls were caned and I told her that, yes, they were and with equal force and that I had witnessed a lot in my first year. Of course they wanted to know if I had been in trouble and I said I had one detention and had got three with the slipper at the end of detention. They asked if I had been caned and I said: “Yes, just once last Thursday for talking in PE changing room.”

Sandra said: “Wow! Did it hurt, and did it leave any marks?”

“Yes, it bloody hurt and I have three raised welts across my bottom.”

I stood up, turned round and pulled my knickers down and lifted my skirt to show three vivid red stripes across my bottom. Sandra reached out and run her finger along the ridges.

Mum shouted upstairs: “Right girls, in the cars; we are going.”

As we got downstairs mum said: “The twins can travel in our car and I will travel in theirs, and have you told them yet that you got your first caning last Thursday?”

I went bright red as their mum and dad looked at me. “Yes and I have showed them the resulting marks as well.”

We set off and after a couple of hours arrived at the site and the parents started to put up the tents. The twins’ parents had brought an extra smaller tent for the three of us to sleep in. Julie said: “Come on, let’s go to the pool while the adults get the tents up and start the barbeque.”

So off we went with our towels and bikinis. As we were getting changed Sandra kept asking about my caning and other girls kept turning round and looking at me. This caused me to start blushing and I asked the twins not to mention it in public but that I would answer questions in bed tonight. We went to the pool and as we passed through the shower room I looked in a mirror and there was no mistaking the fact I had been caned. I saw a few pointing at me as we walked to put our towels on a chair but most ignored it as it wasn’t really unusual.

After about an hour and half the twins parents came to collect us. The barbeque was going and it was time to go. As we picked up our towels and walked to the changing rooms, I could hear the twins’ parents talking but not what they were saying. We got back to the tents and while we were eating the twins’ mum asked me if it really hurt when I was caned. I said that it had and I didn’t want it again but it was a regular thing at school and I had been lucky to just get caned once.

She said: “I think the twins could do with a good caning to remind them to behave better than they have been.”

After we had all eaten, we cleaned and went for a walk, stopping at the pub in the local village where we had a drink. Us girls were only allowed lemonade.

We returned to the tents and turned in. As we snuggled into our sleeping bags Juliet said: “Ok Angela, tell us all about the canings at school.”

So I told them about Robert getting caned in my first week in front of the class and also of when I got the slipper in detention and others had been caned, both boys and girls.

They asked if I expected to be caned again and I said: “I hope not, but I think it is almost certain that I will as I can’t see me not getting detentions or something. At least now I know what to expect, so it won’t be as terrifying. The worst thing has been having to wear the extra large school knickers as part of the uniform but the other girls have told me it is normally accepted that upper 6th girls don’t wear them. It is only if you are sent to the Head for the cane that you are in trouble for nor not wearing them. In most cases you get some warning so you always keep a pair of school knickers in you school bag and get changed on the way to his study.”

I had to promise to write to them if I got caned or anything and tell them all about it. The rest of the holiday went very well and we really enjoyed it and did quite a bit of sunbathing and got a decent tan.

Back home, I met up with Jenny and Fiona and spent the rest of the holidays with them. The last weekend, mum took me shopping for some new school skirts and shirts and said that I needed some new knickers as they were wearing out, but I told her that I don’t think anyone wears them in the upper sixth so I will wear the ones I have till we have PE and see what others are wearing.

I went to school on Monday and we had a meeting in our form room. We were given our timetable and I notice that PE was the last period on Monday afternoon. After break, we went to our first lesson, Maths, my favourite, and our teacher was Mr Gregory who I had not had before but had heard he was very strict and used his cane as much  as anybody.

As we entered his classroom he told us to find a desk quickly and sit down. Jenny and Fiona sat next to each other so I went to the desk behind where Robert was sat and asked: “Is this seat taken?”

He shook his head so I sat down. Once everybody was seated, Mr Gregory started to walk around and tapped his hand on Jack’s shoulder and told him to go to the front. Then he tapped Ken on the shoulder and sent him to the front as well. As he walked past me, he tapped me on the shoulder and told me to go to the front.

He stood at the side of my desk looking at the three of us, then said: “You are all supposed to be upper 6th but behave like 1st years so you can all put your hands on your head.”

“He spoke to me and said: “What was the last thing you did before you sat down?”

As I was thinking, he said: “You asked Robert if that seat was taken and he shook his head because he knows better, as you shortly will after I give you four strokes of the cane. Have you anything to say?”

“Sorry Sir,” I replied.

He said: “You are only getting four as this is the first time in my class. The others are getting six as you will next time.”

He walked past me and went to his cupboard and removed his cane. Then he told me to move to the gap in the desks and to bed over holding my ankles and not to move. I could not believe this I was going to have my first caning in front of the boys in my very first lesson of the new year.

I felt my skirt rise up to mid thigh and the cane rest on my bottom for a second before a loud SWOOSH THWACK sounded as it landed and I screamed out in pain. Then SWOOSH THWACK, SWOOSH THWACK, SWOOSH THWACK, straight after each other, giving me no chance to recover.

“Get up and get back to your seat. Don’t make a noise or you will be back here for six more.”

I sat down somehow without making a noise but in terrible pain while he administered six of the best to the two boys. At least I was not the only one to shed tears. He then started the lesson with a warning to everybody.

“I will stand no talking or disobedience in any way and anybody who fails to hand in their homework on time will receive six without exception. I will not listen to any excuse. Angela, stand up and tell  me what you like about Maths.”

I went into detail as to why I enjoyed maths and how I hoped to use it in my future career. He then told me to sit and, as I did, I nearly screamed with pain but somehow managed to not utter a sound. As I was seated I looked up to see him looking at me and smiling.

During the lesson, Mr Gregory caned another girl called Rose. As we made our way to lunch when the lesson finished I was telling Fiona how much that caning had hurt and she was saying that Mr Gregory was one of the hardest caners. We were still  chatting when we entered the dining hall but stopped as soon as we realised we were inside. It was too late as Mrs Davies  had seen us and told us to come and see her after lunch to collect a detention slip for this Thursday.

We went to see her after and were given the detention slip to get it signed by our parents that evening. At PE that afternoon, as everybody changed, I could see that I was the only girl wearing school knickers so I thought would tell mum when she signed my note that I would not need new school knickers but will need some new briefs instead.

As I arrived home, I Told Mum about the school knickers and as she was making a note I gave her my detention slip. She called me over to the dining table and told me to sit. I managed this without showing any pain and Mum said: “Do you think it wise not to wear school knickers, as if you are sent to the Head you will be in more trouble and remember there is a very good chance you will be caned in detention on Thursday evening? Keep still when I am trying to have a serious conversation, or have you been caned today as well?”

“Yes mum, I got four off Mr Gregory for asking Robert if the seat next to him was free and I should have just sat there.”

“Let’s have a look then.”

I stood up and let mum see the damage.

“I suppose this is going to happen more then, is it?” Mum said.

“I hope not, but you never know as I was told by all the girls that I had escaped lightly last year. It was a little embarrassing having to bend over in front of the boys even though they could see nothing. But very few are sent to the Head and, if you are, you normally have time to change your knickers first.”

All went well for the rest of the week and we  attended detention on Thursday to find Mrs Davies supervising us. We were given our tasks to do and I set about copying out ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

There were six of us in Detention and, as we approached three quarters of an hour, four had already received six strokes each, including Fiona, but I was determined to last out without doing anything wrong. With about five minutes to go, my pen ran out of ink so I put my hand up to ask if I could get my bottle out of my bag and refill my pen. I was allowed to do this and, as I put my ink bottle back into my bag, Mrs Davies asked me why I had not filled up my pen before detention. I apologised, but she told me to come to the front and bend over her table where I duly received my first six of the best.

As I returned to my seat with a very sore bottom, Mrs Davies started to call us out. I passed my task but was not given my slip back as she said as it was her who gave it me she would keep it herself. The same happened to Fiona.

As soon as I walked into the house, Mum was in the kitchen getting tea ready and she asked straight away if I had been caned. I just nodded and said: “Six.”

She lifted my skirt and pulled my blue spotted briefs down to examine six tramlines.

“Your school knickers would have given more protection,” she said, but I ignored her and went to get changed for tea.

The next few weeks passed by without much incident apart from when nine of us got the slipper after games for making too much noise. It was just after we came out of the shower so it was on the bare.

I had started to date Robert and we were getting on great. I had set him boundaries, namely he could fondle my breasts over my blouse but no more, and definitely nothing below the waist over or under clothing, and this was agreeable to us both.

By the school half term holiday, I had not had any more punishments but there had been the normal amount of canings. Robert had been caned twice and had been sent to the headmaster for six of the best with his trousers down and he took some consoling that evening.

Just after half term, Jenny was was caught running in the corridor on her way to the canteen and it was the Headmaster who caught her. He took hold of her ear and pulled her upstairs to his office. He told her to wait in his secretaries’ office to contemplate what the outcome of her running could have been.

After five minutes he called his secretary to bring her in and told her that she could quite easily have knocked into him or, worse still, knocked a junior student over and injured them. He then said: “Name and form, young lady. You will receive six of the very best over only your knickers so remove your skirt and hand it to my secretary.”

Jenny did this and was left standing in a pair of white cotton briefs with a black polka dot pattern. “What are those?” The Head screamed. “I know we relax that part of your uniform apart from punishment so, as well as six of the best across those briefs you will also receive one across each hand.

I was sat in the dining room with Fiona, Alex her boyfriend, and Robert. We were wondering were Jenny was and, as we got up to leave, we saw her standing outside the toilets, so we rushed up to her and took her inside where she told us what had happened. She showed us the results and both hands and bottom looked very painful indeed. She had been told she could find a friend and go to see the matron for some cream to her bottom.

Fiona and I waited while the matron applied the cream and then walked her back to our classroom for maths. On entering, we explained to Mr Gregory that the Headmaster had told her to get somebody to escort her to matron, which we had done, and waited to bring her back to the lesson. Mr Gregory said he knew what had gone on as he had been informed by the Headmaster’s secretary that Jenny would be late back. He told us all to sit down and listen for the rest of the lesson and he will give us the work to catch up with at the end of the lesson.

As the term continued, all my friends and I managed to avoid any further punishments, but several boys and girls visited the Headmaster and all came back with tear-stained faces and one unlucky girl came back with sore hands as well.

Christmas was fast approaching and we were all making arrangements for the school dance. I was in charge of arranging the music and luckily a work colleague of my dad also did a bit of DJ work in his spare time. He agreed to provide the music for the night at a very special rate. This made me very popular as all profits were going to the local hospital.

As the dance progressed, Robert and I were sat with Fiona and Alex, and Jenny and Roger. The boys were talking about the upcoming World Cup in the Summer when the DJ announced a special request for me; The Beatles and ‘Yesterday’. I got up and had the dance with Robert, and we smooched and then he kissed me.

Then there was a tap on the shoulder.

“No more of that, please,” Said Mr Gregory.

I blushed and said I was sorry as he walked away. After the dance we returned to our table but there was no sign of anybody. They returned about five minutes later and I told them about Mr Gregory catching us kissing on the dance floor. They just laughed and said: “Sore bottoms for you two on Monday!”

All I could think about all weekend was a caning off Mr Gregory.

On Monday morning, as I was coming out of the bathroom, mum noticed that I had my school knickers on and asked if I was due a caning off the Headmaster.

I said: “No, but I am expecting one off Mr Gregory as he caught Robert and me kissing whilst dancing and said he would see us today.”

At assembly that morning The Headmaster said: “ I wish to congratulate Angel Shaw and the rest of the dance committee for a very well organised dance. However this was in some way spoiled by the actions of a few who decided that they would take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and break several school rules. Well, there are consequences to breaking rules, so could the following people please come to the front of assembly now.”

He then read out six names including Jenny, Fiona, Alex and Roger. He looked at them and they all looked at each other aghast as they made their way to the front of the stage.

The Head said: “You six are a disgrace to the organisers of this dance, as you all appeared to disregard school rules on alcohol and smoking and will now suffer the consequences. You will all stand facing the school with your hands on your heads as I dismiss the assembly. Then you will accompany me to my office were you will all receive six of the very best over one item of clothing only.”

As we were dismissed, Robert and I were asking each other how they could have been caught. Then Robert said: “When we were dancing to ‘Yesterday’, they disappeared for ten minutes, so it must have been then.”

We arrived at our first Lesson, Maths with Mr Gregory, and he called us both to the front of the class where gave us a lecture on promiscuity. Then he said that as we had not tried to hide what we were doing he was letting us off the caning he would normally have given if we were caught kissing in school time and told us to sit down.

After about fifteen minutes of the lesson, the six students who had been to the Headmaster returned. The three girls were all sobbing uncontrollably and squeezing their hands under their armpits. Mr Gregory said: “Take your seats quietly as you have disturbed this class enough already. Any more noise off any of you and you get six off my cane as well.”

At break time, I went to the wash room with Fiona and Jenny who told me it was terrible and the pain was unbelievable. They showed me the marks on their bottoms. Fiona was wearing a pair of yellow bikini briefs and Jenny a pair of bright green bikini briefs and you could see the six angry welts either side of them. They had also received one across each hand for not wearing school knickers. They added that as all three girls had received one across each hand he had also given the same punishment to the boys.

It appeared the caretaker had spotted them creeping outside and followed, where he saw them smoking and drinking at the back of the boiler house. He had reported them to Mr Gregory who had taken him into the school hall where he pointed out those involved.

As soon as I got home, mum asked if I had been caned.

I said: “No, I just got a lecture and also was congratulated by the Headmaster for my organisation. I explained about the others and she said it served them right as they could have spoiled things for future years, which I had to agree with.

Anyway, Christmas came and went, and when we returned to school it was more intense lessons as our mock exams were due in late February. I really got stuck into my studies and, apart from six with the slipper after games, avoided any punishment at all during Easter term even though the punishments did not ease off.

When my report arrived, both mum and dad were really pleased, both at my results and the news that if I continued with the same results in my A levels I would gain my University place to study Dentistry.

We continued to study hard and it was not long before the day for the start of our exams had arrived. Over the two weeks it appeared to be all work and exams.

When we finally finished our exams, we all arrived for school on the Monday morning with four weeks left before the end of term and of our school careers. We were assigned duties to help out in the junior years while teachers supervised other exams and things became more relaxed.

During the second and last week of doing this, I had met up with Robert on the school playing field at Lunch time. As it was a really hot day, we were lying back relaxing when Robert leaned over and gave me a loving kiss which I responded to.

Suddenly: “ANGELA AND ROBERT! Stand up immediately!”

There was Mr Gregory who had been on his way back from checking behind the cricket pavilion for smokers, where he had found none.

“This is the second time I have found you like this on school property. I just lectured you last time but not this time. Follow me.”

We tried to answer but were told to be quiet. He marched us through the playground and all the pupils were watching and pointing. He took us straight into school just as Jenny was coming out, and she pulled a face to say: ‘you are for it’.

Instead of going into his classroom, he took us straight to the Headmaster’s office, knocked, and ushered us both inside. He then went on to tell the headmaster that he had brought us to him as this was the second occasion he had caught us and perhaps he was too lenient the last time. He thought that a headmaster’s caning was what was needed.

The Headmaster agreed and asked Mr Gregory to send in his secretary on his way out. He then stood up and said: “Have either of you anything to say for yourselves before I give you both six of the very best over one layer of clothing?”

We both shook our heads and Robert was asked to wait outside.

As the secretary came in carrying our punishment files, he looked at them and then said: “This will be the first time I have had to cane you, Angela, even though you are no stranger to the cane, I see. Remove you skirt and hand it to the Secretary, please.”

As I fumbled with the fastening, I saw him go to a cupboard and withdraw a cane much thicker and longer than those used by the other teachers. I removed my skirt and handed it to the secretary. My blouse had pretty long tails and covered my bottom. He noticed this and said to his secretary: “Tuck the tails into her bra at the back, please.”

This she did, then the headmaster said as he looked at my bright red French knickers with lace edgings: “What are those supposed to be?”

“Sorry sir, but we have finished our schooling.”

“That is no excuse for wearing indecent underwear. For that, you will receive an extra two strokes of the cane across each hand. Now bend over my desk and grab the other side, and don’t move till told to do so.”

As I bent over, I could feel my knickers rise up and disappear into my bottom. I then felt the cold cane gently tapping on my bottom before it disappeared, to be followed by SWOOSH THWACK and an unbelievable pain across my bottom. I screamed out in agony. Four more followed, each one increasing the pain. I then felt the cane touch the crease between bottom and thighs, then it moved. SWOOSH THWACK. The pain was horrendous and all the school must have heard my scream.

“Get up and get dressed,” he bellowed, and the secretary handed me my skirt.

I was sobbing uncontrollably by now as I struggled to fasten my skirt. I was given some tissues to wipe my eyes, then I noticed the Headmaster had a smaller cane in his hand as he said: “Hold your hand out.”

As I struggled to lift my hand up, he placed the cane across the palm and then lifted it over his head, bringing it down hard across the palm. As it struck, it felt as though my hand was cut in two. He then grabbed hold of my wrist and lifted my hand back into position before delivering a second blow. He then did the same to the other hand, and the pain was at a level I never knew existed.

He then slammed the cane onto the desk, filled in my punishment file and told his secretary to escort me to the matron and then to the upper sixth common room where I could spend the rest of the afternoon. As I left his room in floods of tears, I could just see through the tears as Robert mouthed the word: ‘Sorry’.

After I had seen the Matron, who put cream onto my hands and bottom, I was taken back to the upper sixth common room and I couldn’t bear to sit so was kneeling on one of the chairs with my head resting on my arms on the back of the chair. As the bell went for the end of the day, Jenny and Fiona found me and said they would walk home with me.

As soon as I got home, mum was just coming in from shopping. When she saw me she said: “A visit to the Headmaster, I presume.”

She took me inside where she examined my hands before lifting my skirt and seeing the damage to my bottom. She said: “That will be painful for some time, dear; it would have been nowhere near as bad if you had worn school knickers.”

I had to sleep on my front that night and at school the following day had great difficulty sitting, so spent most of the day on my feet while supervising lessons. As today was Friday, I thought at least I had the weekend to recover and only two more weeks at school.

Robert came round on Friday evening and dad asked him how he was. He said he was still very sore and his hands were really bad as he had moved and the cane had caught his fingertips. He had got an extra stroke for doing so.

He came into the front room where I was and we fell into each others arms. I kissed his hands where the marks were still clearly visible and, as he was wearing his shorts as the weather was really hot, I could feel the marks across his bottom. I let him look at my hands and he put his hand up my skirt and traced the outline of the welts over my knickers. I told him that was enough and we went into the kitchen as mum and dad were preparing a barbeque.

The next two weeks passed and without any other punishments for me or any of my friends. As we prepared for university, we all went to Majorca on holiday together. The marks on my bottom were just about visible if you looked carefully but we all had a great time and by the end of the holidays all the girls finished up sleeping in their boyfriend’s beds or vice versa.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2014