A sixth form girl finds it hard to keep out of trouble.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Andrea Green and I attended a mixed grammar school in the late sixties when corporal punishments were used liberally. Most pupils were punished at school in some form or other and, while I had detentions and lines on several occasions, the only physical punishments I received were the slipper when all the girls in our class were given two slaps with the slipper across our knickers in PE in year 2 for playing around in the showers, and when I received two with the ruler across my hand in year three for whispering in class.

Apart from that, I was generally a well-behaved girl who would never knowingly break the school rules, and I had seen enough girls and even boys in tears after bending over the front desk and receiving six with the slipper, especially off the male teachers.

I also enjoyed both Gymnastics and Ballet outside of school and was quite good at both these so I needed as much training as possible. Any detentions would curtail my training, and I was hoping to to combine these talents with Drama after leaving school.

In early October when I was in the upper sixth I, along with one of the boys and three other girls, had been allowed to got to the local theatre for auditions for the Xmas pantomime one Friday morning and we were told to return to school immediately afterwards. This meant we would be back for our Maths lesson after lunch break and PE, which was our last lesson of the week.

Our maths teacher, Miss Phillips, was very good but was also very strict and she would not hesitate to slipper any girl misbehaving. Girls who had suffered at her hands said she certainly knew how to wield the slipper, reducing even the regulars to tears. However, for some unknown reason she never used the slipper on the boys in class, instead sending them to see the headmaster where they would either receive the slipper but mostly the cane, both administered over one layer of clothing only.

We had the auditions and three of us got the parts; John, Judith and myself.

  Just before leaving the theatre, John and I both went to the toilet, and although we missed the bus the others had caught, we got another five minutes later which would still get us back to school on time. However we were held up when a wagon, which was making a delivery to a local pub, had blocked the road. By the time we arrived back at school, we were about six minutes late.

I asked John: “Do you think Miss Phillips will punish us, because I have never had the slipper in front of the full class before.”

He said: “I hope not, because if she did she will probably send me to the headmaster, which would be my first ever visit, and I don’t want to drop my trousers for the slipper and definitely not for the cane. I have seen the marks left on other boys and they said that it is really painful.”

“I have also seen marks of a caning on the bottoms of girls and they looked very sore even four days later,” I replied.

We arrived back at school and entered our classroom. Miss Phillips motioned us to stand against the wall at the front of the class and I knew then that I was more than likely going to receive the slipper. I was only wearing a very short skirt and might even show my knickers if I had to bend over the front desk.

I could feel myself blushing and could see the smirks on some of the boys and also some of the girls not in my close group of friends. After about five minutes she turned to us while still sat in her chair and asked why we were late back. We explained the situation and what had happened.

She turned back to face the class and gave them a problem to write down and complete. At the same time she appeared to be writing it down as well. Then she turned to face us both.

She stood up and said: “I see no acceptable reason for either of you to be back at school late after others had managed to return on time. John, you will take this note to the headmaster and I hope the sore bottom you will receive will be a reminder not to take your time returning to school.

“As for you, Andrea, I considered giving you six with the slipper in front of the class. However, you both broke the same rule so you can take this note for the Headmaster and I hope your sore bottom will remind you to obey rules in future.

“Now go and come straight back after you have both been punished.”

On the way to the Headmaster’s study we were both deep in thought and I said: “I have only got a pair of skimpy nylon knickers on. I hope he gives me the slipper over my skirt.”

John replied: “No chance! You will have to take your skirt off, and what makes you think you will get the slipper? You will probably receive the cane like me.”

I just froze. I had never even thought of that. All too soon, we arrived at the headmaster’s office and knocked.

We heard: “Enter.”

As we went in, he was sat behind his desk. We gave him our notes and he asked if we had anything to say.

I said: ”I have never been in real trouble before and would never have been late back on purpose. It was all just an accident.”

He replied: “The punishment you are to receive will be no accident and just because you have never been sent to me before does not mean you shouldn’t have been. There is no reason your bottom should not be punished like any other naughty boy or girl.”

He pressed his intercom and asked his secretary to bring in the punishment book. A minute later and his secretary entered and gave him a red leather bound book with the word ‘punishment’ in gold lettering on the cover.

As she was leaving, he told her he may need her services again shortly.

He asked me for my name and form and I said: “Andrea Green, upper 6th science, Sir.”

“Right, Andrea Green, go and wait outside, hands on head, facing the wall, and wait while I deal with this boy. Then, when he comes out to take your place, you will come in to be punished. Then you will both sign the punishment book, return to your class and apologise to your teacher and classmates for interrupting their lesson. You can both catch up with what you have missed in detention on Monday evening. Now, go outside and wait while I deal with John.”

I waited outside and was trying to hear what was being said when I heard a loud swish and a bang and a funny sound. Another followed, and another, this time followed by a shriek of pain from John. Three more followed at regular intervals, each followed by a shriek from John, then silence which lasted for several minutes.

Then the door opened and John staggered out to stand beside me with his hands on his head. I could see the pain in his face.

After a few minutes, the secretary came out of her office and said: “The Headmaster is ready for us.”

I turned, wondering why she was coming in as well. On entering the office, I could see a chair had been placed in front of his desk and facing away, but there was no sign of a slipper or the cane he had just used on John. He then said: “Right, Miss Green, if you wish you may have my secretary here to witness your punishment as it will be administered over your knickers only, with your skirt removed. Do you wish her to stay?”

I nodded.

“Right, Miss Green, remove your skirt and place it on my desk.”

I felt my face redden as I was now only wearing a pair of lemon nylon knickers which were somewhat see-through.

I was told to bend over the chair and he asked his secretary to hold my hands to stop me rising as this would be my first punishment. As he walked in front of me to the cupboard behind the door, he told me that I was to receive six of the best with the senior cane. He opened the cupboard and I could see four canes hanging by their handles. He extracted the longest which was a little over three feet long.

He swished it through the air before disappearing from my view. I felt it rest in the middle of my bottom, then it moved and I heard a loud swish before a line of fire spread across the centre of my bottom and I let out a loud scream.

Three more followed, each increasing the pain before the fifth landed in the crease of my bottom and thighs, causing me to scream louder than ever. The last was just above the fifth stroke and the pain intensified even more.

I heard him replace the cane and as I finally managed to stand up with the help of his secretary, he handed me a box of tissues and told me to get my skirt back on, which caused even more pain.

His secretary left the room to fetch John and we were then told to sign the punishment book and to collect a letter from his secretary on our way out which our parents had to sign and return to him on Monday morning.

Then he gave us both a detention slip for Monday and told us to return to class and to apologise.

As we left his office, the secretary was waiting with an envelope for each of us addressed to our parents. We moved away and the pain as I walked was really sore.

I had just about stopped crying as we arrived back at class. As we entered, Miss Phillips stopped talking and we both apologised to her and the class for disrupting the lesson.

She asked John if he had a sore bottom and he replied that, yes, he had received six of the best with the cane. She turned to me and I said the same here. She asked me to tell the class what had happened. I turned to the class and told them that I had received six of the best over my knickers.

We were then told to sit down, which again was very painful.

Twenty minutes later, the bell sounded for the end of the lesson and as we headed for the gym the questions started. While we were changing for gym all the girls saw the six welts across my bottom.

John was getting similar treatment but more so, and I heard that he and six others each received six with the slipper during gym.

As gym finished, it was one of the few times I enjoyed the cold shower as it cascaded over my sore bottom. After drying myself, I reached inside my bag for my clean underwear, only to discover my competition leotard. Then I remembered I had a ballet test straight after school and that my aunt was picking me up.

As I put my leotard on, the pain came back as the tight elastic in the legs cut into the welts. Once I had it on, I looked in the mirror and saw the bottom two welts were completely visible and the ends of the other four could also be seen.

As I arrived, my aunt was waiting with my younger cousins, Ben and Julie, to watch the test. I went into the changing room and could hear the whispers from some of the other girls.

I went out and did my test and went through the pain barrier without showing the pain I was in. As we waited for our results, my aunt and cousins came and congratulated me and my aunt couldn’t resist commenting on the fact that I had been given six strokes of the cane.

I said: “‘I feel so embarrassed that the first time I have ever been caned I have to do a ballet exam and everyone can see the marks. Also, I know that when dad gets home from work tonight I will have to bend over the couch in front of the family and get another six with his belt.”

I have always enjoyed watching my brothers get the belt after being caned at school.

My aunt said: “I won’t say anything if you don’t.”

I explained I had a letter to be signed by one of my parents.

  She took it from me, signed it and gave it me back so I would not have to show mum.

I got home and nothing was said, so no belt and the letter was given in on Monday. I told mum I was in detention for being late, which was true, and was grounded for the following weekend.

I went to school on the Monday in a skirt a little longer, but not much. As I was in detention, I wore a pair of French knickers type underwear to avoid any elastic catching onto the welts. It was very still painful to sit down and just over half way through detention I was called out for fidgeting.

When asked why, I had to explain that I had been caned on Friday and it was still painful to sit. I was told that was my own fault and was then told to bend over the front desk and was given four with the slipper in front of everybody. I returned to my seat with a very red bottom and face to match.

I went home and did my homework and was still in pain. Mum asked what had happened and I had to tell her I had got four with the slipper in detention for fidgeting. She asked If I had brought a note home and said that was only if you were sent to the headmaster for the slipper or cane. She agreed saying that is right as they were recorded on your school report. I then froze; mum saw my reaction and wanted to know what was up.

I told her that I had been caned on Friday and that aunty knew and had suggested signing my letter home. She was furious and made me turn round. Then she lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down exposing the welts. That evening, when dad came home, I was told to go upstairs and change into my nightie and then come back down.

As I got to my room, I found mum had put out a new baby doll nightie which left a gap at my midriff. As I returned down stairs the family were all in the living room and I had to remove the bottoms and stand there while dad lectured me before I was made to bend over the back of the couch. I was given six strokes of his belt, each one being as painful as the cane had been.

I got the results of my ballet test on the Wednesday and had got a distinction. I was overjoyed at school the following morning. I was telling all my friends and Julie was giving me a hug when Mr Morris came into our class and ordered us both out to the front.

We had to bend over the front desk and we both received six with his slipper. Later on in his class, I was fidgeting a little with the sore bottom and was again called out and was given two with the ruler across both hands.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2014