A husband gets to the bottom of his wife’s spending

By Paul S

Andrew and April were an upper class couple in their mid-thirties, living in a modern flat in Battersea, London. Andrew was a financier in the city, and April a human relations consultant for a large PLC company, also in the city.

Andrew was of medium build and quite handsome, whilst April was attractive with ash blonde hair, and a trim 36-28-38 figure. April spoke with an upper class accent as she had been to finishing school in her early twenties, and also rode regularly at a local stables, a little out of town in urban Surrey.

April originally had a previous problem with serial overspending, so they had agreed to sign a Spencer Plan agreement to control her spending using disciplinary measures by agreement between the two of them. Her spending had calmed down since the agreement was started, although she still had her moments which required regular discipline, albeit on a more limited basis.

This had allowed Andrew to budget more sensibly with fewer unexpected financial crises caused by his wife’s irresponsible financial management.

One day, however, Andrew was going through the mail and his bank statement when he noticed something was wrong. He took a double take of his shared joint account bank statement which showed they were £500 overdrawn, when he expected to be about £3,000 in credit.

Andrew said: “April darling, can you come here a minute?”

April was in the kitchen area making tea and some breakfast, but returned to the bedroom where Andrew was sitting on one side of the bed.

He said to April: “I have just received this bank statement showing our joint account as being £500 overdrawn. Do you know anything about this?”

April said: “Let’s have a closer look.”

She leaned across from the other side of the bed and looked through the bank statements.

As she bent over the edge of the bed, her short nightie rose up exposing her long legs and sheer black hold ups and her bare bottom, which Andrew could see in the wardrobe mirror.

April went through the statement and said: “Ah yes, darling, I meant to tell you about these. I bought some new outfits for the forthcoming wedding, with matching shoes; 4 bargains in a sale; plus 2 other pairs of shoes, and a Gucci bag.”

“That is over £3,000s worth, surely?” Said Andrew.

April said: “Yes.”

Andrew said: “Well let’s go through these, then. The wedding outfit at £750 and matching shoes at £250 is fair enough. The four bargains at nearly £500, though, did you really need those?”

April said: “No, but I thought they were nice to have.”

“Well that is 50 hand-spanks,” said Andrew.

April said: “OK.”

“And 2 pairs of shoes at nearly £500?” Andrew said.

April said: “A girl can’t have enough shoes.”

Andrew said: “You already have loads of shoes. That’s another 50 hand-spanks.”

April said: “That’s 100 in total. OK, agreed.”

“Then there is a Gucci handbag at a staggering £975.”

April said: “But I liked it though.”

Andrew said: “But there is another identical one at £475 you could have bought. That’s 25 with my new strap, then.”

April said: “What new strap?”

Andrew reached to the drawer and produced a brand new red leather strap still in its original wrapper.

April took hold of the new strap, touched it and breathed in to smell it.

She said: “Mmmm, I love the smell of brand new leather.”

Andrew said: “I have also been doing some spending and had this made especially for your bottom by ‘Ouch straps’ of Brighton. I gave them your details and they have made this exquisite, bespoke, single 2 ply red leather strap with special surface treatment designed exclusively for your naughty bottom, darling.”

April said: “Yes? How thoughtful. I love anything exclusive. I love the hand stitching and the bright red finish. OK, 25 strokes it is, I suppose.”

Andrew said: “Let’s try it for size, shall we?”

He got up and walked around the other side of the bed where April was still leaning across. He then pushed her head down on the counterpane to bring her bottom up, and rubbed the leather strap up across her seat.

April said: “I like the feel of that. Makes me feel very naughty.”

Andrew said: “It suits your bottom perfectly, but you may not like the feel of it shortly.”

He then put the strap aside to start hand-spanking her. April leaned forwards and took her hand-spanking without complaint.

She got up and looked at her gently reddened and tingling seat in the mirror, and thought that wasn’t so bad. At least she still felt in control.

Andrew said: “Now for the strap. I’ll give you a test stroke first so you can get used to it.”

He pushed April back down over the edge of the bed and placed the strap across her seat, then brought it down firmly, producing a firm ‘smack’.

April reared up clutching her behind, and said: “Wow! That’s hot!”

Andrew then pushed her down again for the other 24 strokes, which were firmly applied in quick succession.

April brought her head up after each stroke, with her eyes and mouth wide open and gasping, but couldn’t emit any sound as she was in shock with the heat and sting being delivered by the new strap.

She pushed her knees together to try and ease the heat and the sting, and gyrated her bottom across the edge of the bed, all to no avail. After ten strokes, she had to push her head down into the counterpane and bring her bottom up to submit to the strap, which had won.

After 15 strokes Andrew paused and asked if she was OK.

April got up and rubbed her sore bottom, and said: “Yes, I suppose so.”

Andrew asked if she wanted to stop, but April said: “I agreed to 25, and I need to be taught a lesson.”

Andrew said: “Bend over, you naughty girl.”

April complied, and found herself having to squeeze her bottom cheeks together, then push her head down into the counterpane, then push her bottom out to try and accommodate the sting.

April had been disciplined many times before, but this time her husband was giving her a thrashing which had caught her off-guard. She found this exhilarating and thrilling.

When he was finished, April got up rubbing her red hot and sore bottom, and said: “Andrew, just feel that.”

Andrew ran his hands across her shapely bottom, and it was red hot.

Andrew said: “It should be stinging nicely, to make you think twice before wasting money on unnecessary luxuries and your own selfish behaviour.”

April reluctantly agreed, and then kissed the strap.

Andrew said: “Why did you do that?”

April said: “This strap was bought for me by you personally, and is for your exclusive use to chastise my bottom. It is a piece of quality craftsmanship, and I am very flattered at this personal gesture. However, ten to fifteen strokes certainly gets the message across loud and clear.

“I can honestly say, it’s given me the hottest thrashing I can remember. I think I should write to the strap company saying that I am a very satisfied client. I will also say that it will be put to good use. So I can’t really complain now if I deserve it, can I?”

The End

© Paul S. 2016