Two sisters reminisce about their previous family discipline

By Paul S

Ellen and Mary were sisters, now 21 and 20, but lived together in Ireland during their upbringing on a farm in Wexford, Ireland. Mary was smaller at 5 foot 6 inches and 34-24-36 whilst Ellen was the big sister at 21, 5 foot 8 inches tall and measured 36-26-40.

Their dad was a racehorse trainer and was involved in breeding quality racehorses for clients the world over, particularly in the lucrative Middle East. This meant he did not have time to deal with domestic matters which was left to their Mam, Judy, who was very strict with the girls.

Both sisters now had boyfriends and were living with them in London, having both left home a year and 6 months ago, respectively.

Both sisters now had jobs and a new lifestyle, but it wasn’t always like that. For many years when quite young they would help out on dad’s stables with the horses.

One of the perks of the job was that the girls learned to ride quite young and were excellent horsewomen. Sometimes they would be asked to put a young filly through its paces on a time trial first thing in the morning.

In Ireland that could mean getting up at 6am before school or college, and getting dressed in jodhpurs and racing top, saddling the horse and taking him or her out and racing around the mile long course against the clock, often in the winter mist with soft Irish drizzle on their faces. The girls would then report the times back to the stable boss.

Most of the time the girls were quite well behaved and knew that, as their dad was busy, he was often too distracted to be involved in petty misbehaviour. He would leave that to their Mam, who was very strict with them, instead.

The girls would brush off the attention of the boys in the stable, playing hard to get. However, occasionally sibling rivalry between the girls would boil over into a fight. When that happened, their Dad would intervene and find the offender. She would be marched into one of the stables and put over a bale of hay and given 6 of the best with her riding crop across her Jodhpurs.

Each sister had her own crop, made to order by the stable’s own saddler. It was of the finest leather, and designed to be light and easy to handle for the girls to lightly whip their horses in training.

What the girls didn’t know was that the saddler had also recommended the crops should be made to measure for each girls’ bottom, as he had seen how they misbehaved on occasion. So Ellen’s crop was slightly longer, and with a leather flap for extra sting, as she had a larger bottom than her sister. Mary’s was shorter but more flexible for her smaller but perfectly formed bottom.

However that said, their dad was very lenient with them compared to their Mam. If they misbehaved in the house, their Mam would at first give them a verbal warning. If that failed they would get 6 of the best over the kitchen table with their own riding crop.

If they were caught fighting, however, the punishment was more severe. The girls would be asked who caused the fight and often neither would own up. Mam would select one if she thought one was to blame, but sometimes both girls would be marched into the kitchen and bent over with Jodhpurs and panties taken down for 12 with the crop and 18 if they had been really bad. And they certainly k new about it afterwards.

Often after a thrashing of both girls, they would be sent upstairs early to bed. However the girls would sneak into one bedroom, and examine the damage to each other’s reddened and stinging bottoms. They would then each rub cream into each other’s bottom to try and cool the heat.

On one particular occasion when the girls were 18 and 19 respectively, they started rubbing the cream into each other’s skin and found the warm glow very stimulating.

Unfortunately Ellen started laughing out loud and their Mam said: “Get to bed now, you two!”

Foolishly, they continued and were shocked to find their Mam at the door watching them rubbing cream into each other, half naked, giggling and laughing.

Their Mam said: “What’s the meaning of this? Right, downstairs now, both of you!”

Ellen and Mary said: “No Mam, please,” but they were marched unceremoniously downstairs to the kitchen and put over the table, and given a further 6 strokes each with their own riding crops, before being sent to their own rooms this time.

Then dad came in and had an argument with their mam, Judy, and the girls could hear a heated debate about the 18 strokes the girls had received. They could overhear their dad saying: “Do you know what even 12 strokes with a crop across a bare bottom feels like? They are designed for use on a thick skinned racehorse not a sensitive teenage girl’s, or for that matter a wife’s, mature bottom.”

Judy hesitated and said: “Well actually, no, I don’t.”

Their dad said: “Perhaps you need a lesson then?” And marched into Ellen’s room and asked if he could borrow her crop, as her bottom was the same size as her Mam’s.

Ellen was lying on the bed reading a book, but her upturned bottom was on display and still crimson from her earlier thrashing.

Her dad said: “Did Mam really hurt you girls?”

Ellen said: “Well, it still stings, but we both deserved it, to be fair,” trying to defend their Mam.

Their dad took the crop and marched back to the kitchen. He told Judy to take her skirt and panties down and bend over the table. He then gave her 12 with Ellen’s crop to howls of anguish as she was given a taste of her own medicine.

When it finished the girls peered around the corner of their doors, surprised to see their Mam with her panties down next to the table rubbing a well reddened mature bare bottom, and bending her knees to try and absorb the sting.

Their dad said: “Let that be a lesson to you. Punish the girls when they need it, but don’t hurt them.”

Fast forward to the present day, 2 years later, and Ellen received a call to say her Mum and Dad were calling by for tea on Sunday, and also her sister, to drop off their remaining personal belongings.

Matt, her boyfriend, had leased a new small 4 x 4, and he and Ellen went for a test drive. They excitedly tried out all the gizmo’s including the sun roof, mobile Bluetooth and radio and entertainment system. Matt said the car also had heated seats, and put them on level 1, as it was a chilly morning.

Ellen though turned hers up to level 3 and said: “Ooh that is hot. There’s nothing quite like a hot bottom is there?”

Matt was quite surprised at Ellen’s comment.

Ellen and her boyfriend later welcomed her parents to their flat, and sat down for tea. Her Mam said that her dad was going to be semi-retired soon, and they were going to use the girl’s bedrooms for a bed and breakfast business in future.

She also said she had brought a box of her remaining personal effects, including her riding gear, school awards, make up, sweets and other personal effects, including her riding crop. Ellen placed these in the bedroom to sort out later.

She then joked that: “Hopefully, your new boyfriend has a firm hand to deal with you young tearaways.” They then got up kissed and wished them well before departing.

That evening, Matt and Ellen retired to the bedroom, with Matt watching TV and Ellen sorting through her effects and memories. Matt was wearing a T-shirt with shorts and Ellen just a ‘baby doll’ nightie. Her nightie had shrunk a bit in the wash, so she was struggling to cover her modesty.

Ellen pulled the crop out of the box and playfully held it firmly across her buxom bottom with both hands, and said, surprised: “That makes me feel naughty,” as she leant over in front of the mirror as the crop pressed into her bottom flesh.

She went over to the bed where Matt was sitting, put the crop down on the bed and gave him a passionate kiss, before putting her hand down his shorts. Matt responded by holding her bottom very firmly.

Matt said: “Ellen, really! You really are such a naughty girl.”

Ellen said: “I know. It’s been 2 years since I had a good spanking,” and leaned over the bed, causing her nightie to rise up and expose her buxom bottom, which she provocatively arched upwards right next to the riding crop.

Matt didn’t need to be asked. He picked up the crop and ran it across her bottom. Ellen purred with pleasure as she squirmed wantonly across the bed in anticipation.

He said: “Right, 6 for old times’ sake,” and brought the crop down firmly but not too hard across her upturned bottom.

Ellen reacted by tossing her long hair back and saying: “Ugh!”

A further 5 strokes followed which she took in her stride, before standing up and rubbing her lightly reddened seat with one hand.

Matt said: “How was that?”

Ellen said: “Yeah, that was OK, but it’s only warm and tingling. It really needs another 6 and harder.”

Matt said: “OK, over the bed please.”

Ellen did as he said, and he brought the crop down hard, which caught Ellen unawares.

“Yeowch!” She said, throwing her head back.

The second and third followed with a similar response.

The fourth resulted in Ellen saying: “That really hit the spot!” And was gasping and throwing her head back for each of the remaining strokes.

She got up when he finished, and said: “Now that’s more like it,” rubbing her now hot bottom.

Matt asked how it felt, and Ellen said: “Like a naughty girl’s bottom should be; hot and tingling all over.”

Afterwards, Ellen rang her sister and asked if her Mam and Dad had visited her.

Mary said: “Yes, and they brought my things over, including my crop. We had soooo many hot bottoms with those, didn’t we? My boyfriend wanted to use it and I said no, but he persisted so I let him give me 6 which had my bum tingling all over just like old times. How about you?”

Ellen said: “Yes, I ran it across my bottom and the memories came flooding back. Matt and I then got amorous and he gave me 12.”

Mary said: “That must have hurt.”

Ellen said: “No, actually the first 6 weren’t bad, but the last 6 were hot, like one of Mam’s old thrashings!”

Mary said: “Do you remember Mam’s thrashings? Both of us over the kitchen table or a bale of hay and given a good hiding. Seems like years ago now!”

The sisters kept in touch and met up occasionally with their boyfriends.

They chatted about their lives and how things were going, and occasionally would still go riding together for old times’ sake to see who was the fastest.

One night they had a secret bet between them and decided to take their boyfriends to see the latest ‘50 shades’ film.

They now both agree on one thing. Their riding crops are certainly no longer gathering dust in the bedroom anymore, and are being put to good use where it matters.

The End

© Paul S 2017