A lack of self-discipline lands a WRAF girl in trouble.

by Pat Greenham

Jackie knew when she woke that today was not going to be a good day. Unfortunately for Jackie the previous day she had incurred the wrath of Flight Officer Bennett who was in charge of her unit for yet another completely avoidable episode, which had ended up with Jackie telling the head of her unit exactly what she thought of her.

Jackie had joined the WRAF directly from school and was in her second year as a cadet. This was the year when she was supposed to graduate to the next rank and be a Student Officer. However, right from the word go, Jackie and Officer Bennett had not got on. Jackie felt she was always being ‘picked upon’, Bennett felt that Jackie was insolent and lacked the discipline to be a fully-fledged member of the military. She was also quite often late on parade and frequently had to be ‘picked up’ on her appearance.

She also stood out because she was by far the most glamorous of the cadets, being five eight tall, slim with a fabulous figure. In contrast the Flight Officer was small and stubby, and did not take too kindly to having this extremely attractive woman in her unit. To make matters worse, all the men on the base were more than aware of Jackie, and when off-duty she was very popular in the bars in the town.

In the two years, Jackie had been disciplined a number of times. She had been fined and had lost a couple of leave days for being late back after curfew. She had also suffered unofficial corporal punishment twice – both times given by the female PE instructor on the instructions of the Flight Officer.

The first time she had been given six whacks with a gym plimsoll over her sports shorts, the second time six strokes of the cane across the seat of her tight skirt bent over the desk in Officer Bennett’s office. The first punishment was given for insolence, the second for questioning an order. Jackie thought she was tough and had taken both punishments without a flinch, having been determined to show Flight Officer Bennett that whatever they did, they would not break her spirit. After her caning she had even said to the female PE instructor: “Is that the best you can do?”

In the opinion of the Flight Officer none of these punishments had made the slightest difference, which was confirmed by the expletives Jackie had used when she refused to carry out an order. That was yesterday, and as Jackie awoke at 6.30 the events of the previous day flooded back to her – as well as the instruction to report to the Wing Commander, the most senior officer on the base, at 4pm.

This meeting was not going to be pleasant, and Jackie wondered what lay ahead. First however, there were the morning’s activities, including some drill work that she hated. The day dragged on until it was half an hour to go before her meeting with the Wing Commander. Jackie returned to her dormitory and did her best to smarten herself up before making her way to the Officers Block. On arrival she told the reception staff that she had a meeting at 4pm with Wing Commander Knight and was told to wait.

At 4 on the dot, a junior officer fetched Jackie and told her to follow him. She had never even been to this block before let alone the Wing Commander’s office and was impressed with the grandeur and size of his suite with his secretary in a separate room outside. Jackie was shown straight into Commander Knight’s office. He was a very imposing man in his late forties and, to Jackie, attractive in a forcible way.

She was told to stand in front of his desk. The Wing Commander was immediately taken by this very glamorous cadet, who looked stunning in her uniform, with her tight fitting shirt, slim waist and womanly hips showed off by a snug pencil skirt.

Jackie, however, was feeling like a silly schoolgirl when she was asked if she had an explanation for her refusal to carry out an order. She replied by saying she was sorry, but felt that the order had been silly and that she felt she was being picked upon.

The Wing Commander told her she was missing the point – nobody in the military ever disobeyed an order from a senior officer. He also asked her about her record, which he had in front of him in a file marked by her name, and why she had been in such constant trouble and such a nuisance. Jackie was trying to give a sensible reply, but in truth was ‘spluttering’ and making no sense.

Wing Commander Knight became quite firm when he asked if she wanted to stay in the WRAF, because the way she was going, she was heading for a dishonourable discharge. For the first time Jackie panicked and realized she was in danger of screwing up her career in the WRAF.

She told the Wing Commander that she wanted a career in the WRAF and would do anything to mend her ways.

Commander Knight told her that although it was not on her record, he was aware that she had twice been given corporal punishment unofficially. He asked why these punishments had not impressed on her the need to conform to the requirements of the military way of life.

Again Jackie had no sensible answer.

The Wing Commander replied that it was probable that the punishments had not been administered effectively. The Commander then told her she had two choices: Either he would recommend her for a dishonourable discharge or she could take the alternative, which would be a severe caning which would be given very much as a last resort. He told her to be under no illusions about taking a severe caning and that it would not compare to anything she had experienced so far. He added that he was aware of the comment she had made after being caned previously and said he doubted that she would say something similar if she accepted this alternative.

Jackie told him she had no choice but to accept the caning.

Wing Commander Knight told her she had made the right decision and that she should report to the gym at six am in her full uniform the following morning to receive her punishment. He added that only he and a Flight Lieutenant officer would be present – adding that the officer that would carry out the punishment had only recently joined the Unit from Flight Training College having previously been at Eton, where as a prefect he had learnt exactly how to administer a proper caning. He added that he would consider the number of strokes she would be given overnight, but told her to be under no illusions about getting away with just six strokes.

Jackie was dismissed and went back to her unit. She told her friends about her meeting and what was in store for her at six am in the morning. That night she tossed and turned fearing that she was in for an ordeal but also because she was frightened of missing her alarm call and being late. Jackie rose at 5.15 and had a quick shower before putting her full uniform on including her best stockings and suspender belt. Satisfied she could not improve her dress, she left her unit and made her way to the base gym. The lights were already on and the flight officer was waiting. He introduced himself as Flight Lieutenant Barnes and told Jackie they should wait until Commander Knight arrived. During the next few minutes they made polite but awkward conversation. Barnes, like most men was immediately taken by Jackie, and was looking forward to the prospect of caning her bottom.

The Commander eventually arrived and told the Flight Lieutenant and Jackie to go into the gym itself. A medium sized vaulting horse was already in position in the middle of the gym and Jackie suspected she knew how it was going to be put to use. The Commander turned to Jackie and told her that she was here to be punished in a way that would really give her something to think about in future when she considered disobeying an order. He added that the caning she had received from the PE instructor could not have been given with enough ‘purpose’ and he said that our job this morning is to show you how a proper caning should be administered.

He produced a cane that was over three foot long and very whippy and scared the life out of Jackie as he cut the air a couple of times. He said that he had considered how many strokes she should receive and was confident that twelve strokes from Flight Lieutenant Barnes would be sufficient. He then added that as he had reduced the number of strokes from the maximum of twenty-four, the caning would be administered to her bare bottom and that in a moment she would be ordered to remove the appropriate clothes. He said that he imagined she would not consider disobeying another order.

Jackie went into a state of shock, having never thought in a million years that she would be caned on the bare by a man. Apart from an RAF doctor and two boyfriends, no other man had seen her naked.

Moments later the Commander told her to remove her uniform jacket and everything below the waist. The jacket was the easy bit, but off came her shoes before she reached round to undo the skirt, which she pushed down her legs. She asked about her suspender belt to be told ‘everything’ below the waist. Off came her stockings and belt before the last small token of modesty, her knickers, which she pushed down and stepped out of.

Now completely nude below the waist, Jackie presented an amazing view for the Flight Lieutenant and the Wing Commander with her tight shirt stretched across her firm breasts and her long legs, flaring nicely to her hips and slim waist. At the junction of her legs was a wispy light coloured triangle of hair.

Jackie did not know where to look as she was told to turn and walk to the horse and bend right over in such a way that she could hold onto the front legs and have her own legs stretched out behind her and touching the gym floor.

As Jackie complied with the instruction, she gave the two men an amazing view of an absolutely magnificent bottom, slim but superbly round. She did not know what to think: the appalling position she found herself in, half naked bent over the horse with her bare bottom presented for the Flight Lieutenant and Wing Commander to see, and the prospect of a caning that was clearly going to be very painful.

The Commander told her that she must stay in position throughout her caning, and at no stage should she release her grip on the front legs of the horse. He added that when her caning was completed and she was told to stand, she must thank the Officer. If there were any evidence of insolence she would be straight back over the horse for six extra strokes.

The Wing Commander handed the Flight Lieutenant the cane and asked him to proceed at his own pace as he took one pace back and to the side to ensure he had a good view. Being right-handed, the Lieutenant moved to Jackie’s left side and touched her bottom a few times with the cane over a twenty second period before taking it back and delivered a full arm stroke right across the centre of her bottom.

A split second later Jackie gasped at the intensity of the pain, a level completely different to the previous caning which had been given with her skirt and pants in place. Thirty seconds later the Flight Lieutenant lined up the second stroke, which was given lower and with exactly the same intensity and Jackie wondered how she could possibly survive ten more strokes.

The Flight Lieutenant continued with the caning, with a stroke about every thirty seconds until Jackie had received her sixth stroke and was half way through. At this stage Jackie had six perfectly symmetrical stripes across her wonderful bottom and the Flight Lieutenant told her he was going to give her a two-minute break.

Jackie just did not know what to think – her bottom was on fire and by any measure she had already taken a very hard caning with six full arm strokes given by a master of his art. Eton had clearly taught the Flight Lieutenant well. She had been prepared for a caning that was going to be more severe than before, but had never imagined it was going to be this dreadful.

In far too short a time it was time for the second six and, as the Lieutenant once more touched Jackie’s bottom, she knew what was coming. She wasn’t surprised when another searing stroke whacked into her bare bottom. For Jackie it couldn’t get any worse, but she knew it was going to as the eighth hit home thirty seconds later. These strokes were starting to be on top of previous whacks, which were taking the pain to even more intense levels. The ninth and tenth followed in a similar manner and Jackie knew she only had two more to go and tried to think about just holding on. She had stopped worrying about her nudity long ago, and her legs were now well apart, as she tried to balance whilst being caned. Both the Wing Commander and Flight Lieutenant appreciated the view with Jackie’s secret charms between her long legs clear for both to see.

The eleventh was given right across the centre of Jackie’s bottom and was more pure pain as Jackie cried out as the cane hit home, but she knew there was only one more. The Flight Lieutenant had administered a severe caning with all the stripes perfectly horizontal and he took a step back to admire his handiwork. As tradition, there is always a longer pause before the last stroke is given, which also by tradition should be the hardest of all. After a full minute the Flight Lieutenant touched her bottom one last time before taking the cane right back high over his shoulder and bringing is down with incredible speed to strike Jackie’s bottom one final time. Jackie again cried out but knew it was over.

She was told to remain in position as the Wing Commander complimented the Flight Lieutenant on a very well administered caning. Eventually Jackie was told to stand and face the Wing Commander and she remembered to thank the Lieutenant for her caning. This time there was no insolence, and the Commander told her she had taken a very severe caning well, but she was lucky to still be in the WRAF and if there were a repeat he would double the number of strokes and thrash her publicly in front of her unit.

Jackie was in a great deal of pain and wanted to rub her bottom but was told to keep her hands by her side as she received a further lecture facing the two men, still naked below the waist with everything on show. The Wing Commander asked her if this caning was comparable with her previous caning, to which Jackie replied there was no comparison.

Eventually she was told to put her clothes back on before being dismissed. Back in the unit her colleagues wanted to see the damage and moments later she was face down on her bed with her skirt pulled up and pants pulled down so that everyone could see the results of the caning. This was the ultimate embarrassment.

It took almost two weeks for the stripes to disappear and for three or four days there was a sharp reminder every time she sat down.

Over the next few months every time Jackie passed the Wing Commander or Flight Lieutenant the memory of being caned on the bare bottom flooded back to her and she instinctively blushed. Jackie mended her ways and became an excellent member of the WRAF. The caning had worked, but it was something Jackie never forgot.

Neither for that matter, did the Wing Commander and the Flight Lieutenant – and whilst he did not admit it, the opportunity to cane the attractive cadet on the bare bottom had been the highlight of his career so far.

The End