Following the publication of Julie Baker’s account of being caned while in the employ of a Scottish lord, Julie and Kenny Walters enjoyed a regular exchange of emails. Readers may find some of the questions and answers of interest.

KW: You stated that by the time you were 16 you had not experienced any kind of corporal punishment, either at home or at school. Was that simply because you hadn’t been in that degree of trouble or was it that CP was not used in your home or school?

JB: It was because I was a well behaved girl! I don’t think my parents would have physically punished me under any circumstances and I was broadly a child who didn’t like being in trouble. Getting the slipper was a common punishment for the girls who deserved it during my school years. I can remember at one time feeling a bit left out, having not experienced it, but it did seem to be quite painful judging by the tears afterwards from the other girls. Of course, the cane is worse than the slipper and I did get some experience with that implement later after I left school, as you know!

KW: Years later, do you still feel you made the right choices that day?

JB: Yes, I have not thought since then that I made the wrong choices. It was dealt with swiftly and four strokes were more than enough! It also felt like I had squared my account with my employer in some way although I can’t say it improved my work performance. It was a simple mistake after all. Perhaps the punishment was more severe because of the attempt to conceal my mistake.

KW: You said it had been good to share your experience. How do you feel about it now?

JB: I have enjoyed sharing this experience with you as, over the years, it has been on my mind but I haven’t felt able to tell anyone about what happened. At the time my experiences were probably reasonably common, but less so now and with the passing years I have wondered about the motivation of Lord Clathy using the cane on me in this way.

However, if I’m honest, it’s probably more the attention that I have enjoyed in sharing my experiences with you. I’ve been used to being the centre of attention for most of my life and I have got pleasure from thinking that you, and now others, are focusing on my account of being caned as a young girl.

KW: I’ve generally found that once the subject has been breached, people are quite happy to talk about their experiences of CP, so I didn’t find your action especially out of the ordinary. Again, there are many and various reasons for people to allow their stories to appear on websites like ours.

JB: I think it’s a subject that isn’t as taboo as it once was.

KW: There were certainly similar examples to your experience around the Sussex area where staff were punished by these unconventional means. I can instantly think of bar girls at a particular pub north of Brighton, but there were other examples too. Did your employer use corporal punishment on other employees in your time there? I’m guessing that in that sort of environment if it happened it would have become known amongst pretty well everyone.

JB: The staff at the castle were mainly female, so I can’t answer whether he might have used corporal punishment on male employees. Yes, I’m sure it would be impossible for anyone to have been discreetly punished and the rest of the staff not to be aware. I certainly didn’t know this type of punishment was a possibility before that particular day, although Mrs Brown had obviously seen this happen before, so mine wasn’t the first time ever.

Also about 4 months after my caning one of the kitchen girls was caught taking a small amount of money out of the Housekeeper’s petty cash which was kept in her office. I know pretty accurately the timing as I remember that we had just switched over to our thin summer uniforms. She, like me, was late teens and pretty and had to face the dreaded interview with Lord Clathy.

She had the option of leaving her employment, taking 6 strokes of the cane on her bottom with her skirt up but underwear in place or, like me, 4 strokes of the light cane over her unprotected bottom. I can only think the variation in his offer was due to the lesser protection that the cotton dress would provide to her bottom. She was given overnight to decide and I tried to persuade her to go for the same outcome as me.

She didn’t like the thought of baring her bottom in front of Lord Clathy, though, so opted for the 6 strokes with her underwear in place. I played the ‘Mrs Brown’ role and applied the soothing cream in the days afterwards. The thin cotton panties she wore were no help in reducing the impact of the cane on her bottom.

KW: By keeping not one but three canes, do you feel this suggests your employer had a thing about corporal punishment? He certainly kept three very distinctive canes.

JB: Nothing happens for my first two and a half years at the castle then two canings in quick succession. Probably not the behaviour of a man with much of a caning compulsion, I suppose.

KW: I was surprised at the variation in the numbers of strokes offered which suggested he gave a lot of importance to the clothing worn. I’ve found that does make a difference, but not as much as his Lordship clearly believes. Did that raise any suspicion in your mind that maybe he was keen to punish you on your bare bottom as opposed to over clothing?

JB: At the time it didn’t feel like a sexually charged atmosphere during my punishment – in fact that aspect never crossed my mind until later. I was just 18 and still more of a child than an adult. It was normal for me to defer to what people of my parents’ age wanted to happen. Also corporal punishment was quite normal and main stream in the ’70s. Although I wasn’t slippered at school, most of my friends were. These punishments were administered with a black gym shoe by the headmistress over one layer of clothing and it was quite common to see other girls in the showers with red bottoms.

KW: You say in your account this was the only experience of corporal punishment you experienced and that raises the question of whether, if at some stage during that employment or some other situation, you would again have opted to take a caning as opposed to some other sanction?

JB: I would certainly have taken another caning if needed during my time at the castle. The actual caning wasn’t pleasant but as I stated in my account I have never been shy about revealing my body so this aspect wasn’t an issue. It was a quick fix. My bottom was certainly sore to sit on (and even generally) for about 3 days but the red marks faded fairly quickly. Interestingly I was then left with dark bruising marks which lasted about 10 days. This was a surprise to me given that I had only taken four strokes of the lighter cane. I think as I got a bit older though I wouldn’t have found it so easy to allow someone else to punish me in this way.

KW: That’s interesting. I’ve noticed quite wide age variations in this amongst people, so it’s very hard to establish any kind of pattern. Perhaps there simply isn’t one.

JB: Maybe not.

KW: How did you feel about being given the option of less strokes the more you undressed? Did you feel pressured into taking it across your bare bottom?

JB: I don’t know, you may be right on Lord Clathy steering me towards the bare bottom option. He was male, after all, and I was a pretty girl. The only other thought that I have had subsequently is that the choices offered ensured that I couldn’t at any time claim that I was forced to accept the physical punishment. I chose to be caned in preference to the other two quite reasonable options offered. Even then I chose the type of cane to be used. At no time since could I accuse him of forcing me to be caned.

KW: I suspect, in view of the time all your marks took to fade, his Lordship’s technique was designed to give a good hiding rather than four short, sharp shocks. Perhaps, too, his lighter cane isn’t as light as my lighter cane, if you see what I mean. The kitchen girl taking six with an even heavier cane must certainly have received a good thrashing.

JB: She certainly did.

KW: In your account you mentioned there was a time when you were caught not wearing any underwear beneath your dress during a working day. Can you share that story now?

JB: Yes, there was a summer time incident when I was caught not wearing underwear at the Castle which lead to a subsequent chain of events. It didn’t involve me getting a sore bottom but you might be interested in what happened anyway.

Summers at Clathy Castle were very relaxed with guests coming and going most of the time. The grouse shooting in August was certainly a highlight with a mixture of paying clients and Lord Clathy’s guests coming to stay. Also Lord Clathy’s son, who was the same age as me, would be home from boarding school or university and would also invariably have some of his friends staying. His name was James and we got on very well in a sort of ‘brother and sister’ kind of way. I didn’t find him particularly physically attractive but we flirted a bit and he would use me as a source of advice on any girlfriends that he brought to the castle. However in the shooting season his guests were mainly male.

The summer of 1975 was particularly hot and dry, and this turned out to be my last summer at the castle. I did enjoy not wearing any underwear under my summer dress when the temperatures were high. This was partly to keep cool but if I’m honest it also gave me a bit of a sexual thrill. By 1975 I was 19 and liked the feeling of taking a bit of a risk, having a secret and doing something slightly naughty.

One of my monthly duties at the Castle was to clean the outside of the lower windows. A man with a ladder came to do the upstairs windows twice a year but Mrs Briggs would select a good fine day each month and tell me at breakfast that this was to be the windows day for that month. This took all day and involved me going up and down a short set of steps, standing on the top platform with a bucket of water and cleaning the windows with a cloth and then drying them with a squeegee.

The day in August 1975 that Mrs Briggs designated as my windows day was warm, sunny and with a freshening breeze. I was in my customary no undies condition for this type of day and as usual started at the back of the house at shortly after 9.00am. I had my lunch from 12.00 to 1.00pm and by early afternoon I had almost got to the end of the front windows with nothing of any note occurring.

At this point James and three of his friends came out of the front of the house and walked past me on the way to the stable block, presumably to go back out onto the moors. One of his friends, whose name subsequently I learned was David, had forgotten something and dashed back to the house. He then re-emerged and walked past me to get to the stables on his own. At this moment I was at the top of the step ladder with all hands full and stretching to reach the top of one of the windows. This had the effect of raising the hem line of my skirt by about 3 inches so that more of my slim shapely legs were on display. Understandably this ensured that David was looking at nothing other than me on the step ladder as he passed. At that moment, there was a gust of wind that I could feel was lifting my dress. I was powerless to do anything about it at this moment in time due to my hands being full and the light material, acting like a parachute, continued to fill with air and rise upwards. It was all over in an instant but I knew that David would have caught a glimpse of my naked bottom. Great for him but a bit embarrassing for me!

He could have walked on and simply enjoyed the moment. However the background and education that boys like David have enjoyed gives them confidence and a certain boldness. With mock seriousness he asked me if I had forgotten to put on a vital part of my uniform that morning and that he thought that it might be his duty to report what he had seen to Mrs Briggs. By this time I was bright red and giggling, not knowing what to say. He then said that he was prepared to not inform Mrs Briggs but I would need to present my self to him in his room at 5.30 so that he could do a kit inspection to ensure that I was properly attired. I was slightly on the back foot, so I agreed to this knowing that he was really only playing with me and the situation. David’s room was two doors down the corridor from mine, so it was easy to slip in without being seen at 5.30. He was a very good looking boy who I had not had much to do with before that day but I did find him attractive. He was lying on the bed when I went in and he was wearing a tee shirt and shorts. Normally I would have changed out of my uniform by then as I wasn’t on duty that evening. However in line with his instructions I had left my work dress on and had also selected a nice white pair of brief panties to wear under the dress.

David continued to playfully act the role of the outraged guest and again threatened to report me to Mrs Briggs. He requested that I take my dress off so that he could see that I had a full set of bra and knickers in place. I could see where this might be going but I was happy to play along with his game meantime. I reached round and unzipped the back of the dress and slipped it off my shoulders. As soon as I let go it effortlessly slipped to the floor and collected around my ankles. I was now stood in front of him in nothing other than by skimpy underwear and a pair of short white socks.

I’ll spare you the details of what happened next but it wasn’t long before I was totally naked and lying on the bed with David. I was 19 and this was my first full sexual experience. He was fantastic and then the two of us were left exhausted in each other’s arms. We stayed like this for ages and then I got up, got dressed and shaped to leave the room. He attempted to apologise for any advantage taken of me but I told him that I was a willing partner and I had enjoyed every part of what had happened.

KW: Your account of your meeting with David was intriguing and David’s invitation for you to attend his room for a uniform inspection could have had several connotations. How did you take it? Did you infer it simply meant having to undress in his presence, perhaps as far as your underwear, perhaps further? Did you think there might be a punitive side to this, and that perhaps you were in for a spanking? It was a time when boys at least threatened girls with spankings (girlfriends, sisters, wives, etc) and sometimes even carried it out. Even the James Bond books had their fair share of references.

I can certainly say that had I been in David’s shoes that day you would almost certainly have ended up across my knee with your dress turned up, ready for a good spanking!

JB: I’m pleased it wasn’t you walking past me on that windy August day at the castle! Sounds like I would have been marched inside, dress lifted to reveal a bare bottom and then something painful applied to it. What I actually got was much more pleasurable for me!

I actually don’t think it had crossed David’s mind to cane or slipper my bottom that day although only he would know that. I think he saw an opportunity in a playful way of seeing me with little or no clothing, and then one thing led to another! We were both 19 and not limited in the way you become when you get older. The chance presented itself and we both grabbed it. I really enjoyed my first experience of having full sex and there are not many people who I know who can say that. I’m pretty sure he had a good time also!

KW: Was there anything else of note during your time at the castle?

JB: No not really. I worked there without further incident until December of 1975 and then left to do modelling work in London.

KW: Yes, we both worked in London at roughly the same time; you as a model and me as a photographer. I’m pretty sure we didn’t actually work together but you did have a brief sortie into the CP world which at the time was going great guns.

JB: That’s right. Unlike you, though, I decided after my one punishment themed assignment I didn’t want to continue.

KW: Any regrets?

JB: About the photo shoot with the caning? I’m OK with it now but I didn’t feel comfortable at the time with getting involved in something like that. Having my bottom caned by Lord Clathy seemed somehow honourable but what happened at the photo shoot was not something that I was proud of. In this instance I exchanged a public caning of my bare bottom for money. I had promised myself that I would not get involved in this type of work and then, almost by accident, I ended up bent over that chair with a naked bottom receiving a second severe caning. What made it worse was that this time there was a photographic record of my marked bottom for anyone to view.

KW: How about now? Would you be interested in writing CP fiction or perhaps getting involved in some other way?

JB: Our email exchanges have revived a certain interest in what happened to me all those years ago. A part of me is curious to know what it would be like to feel the cane on my naked bottom again. However I am not sure that I have the courage to see it through and realistically I’m not in the same shape as I was when I was a teenager. Probably best to leave the memories as they are. I’m also afraid that I’ll have to disappoint you on whether I can produce any further accounts with a spanking theme.

I suspect that you have enjoyed our correspondence because these things actually happened to me and if I tried to invent more of the same it would simply lead to disappointment. I’m an ordinary girl who by chance happened to get her bottom caned twice in quick succession. It also happened that my bottom was bare both times which no doubt added interest even though it made the experiences more painful for me at the time. Sorry, but nothing has happened before or since these accounts that would warrant attention from you or your readers. So, thanks for listening but unfortunately that now concludes all that I can tell you about that short period of my life when I became acquainted with the extreme pain that can be inflicted by a firmly applied cane on a cold and unprotected bottom.

The End

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