A College girl meets her master

By Paul S

Amelia was 20 and was currently in her second year at University. The exams had just finished and plans were now well underway for the end of year college ball.

She mainly went around with several friends, mainly Julia and Jane who were sisters, and Anna.

Amelia had straight long black hair and was of medium build, approximately 36-26-38, and had a steady boyfriend, Robert, who unfortunately was into chatting with his friends and was more interested in Rugby than girls and long term relationships.

One day, Amelia was chatting to Julia, who told her friends that Tim, who was currently dating Roberta, had spanked her younger sister, Jane, who was in her first year at University, whilst she was briefly going out with him.

Amelia pretended to be shocked but was intrigued by this and listened intently to all the juicy gossip. She listened in as Julia described how Tim had lured Jane back to his room in college, and plied her with wine to ‘break the ice’ as it were. Jane became more talkative, but had inadvertently let slip that she had been out with one of Tim’s friends one night the previous week.

Tim told her that was unacceptable and that she would have to be punished for her indiscretion, and wasn’t sure that he could continue going out with her if she was two timing him.

Jane asked: “What do you mean, punished? And I don’t really want our relationship to end because of this.”

However, after several glasses of wine Jane could feel her defences slipping, and asked what sort of punishment Tim had in mind for her two timing him.

Tim suggested a bare bottom spanking would be needed to teach her a lesson.

Jane was horrified at this suggestion initially, but could sense her knicker elastic stretching and loosening with her increased wine consumption.

Jane was told to put her glass down and take her skirt off, which she did. This revealed a tight pair of white panties holding in her shapely size 36.

Tim then told her to kneel on the bed.

Jane protested and tried to struggle, but the wine had weakened her resistance, and she found herself having to submit to Tim’s demands.

Jane continued to protest, but found her tight panties being lowered to her knees, before Tim spanked her soundly across her shapely bare bottom.

Tim asked her if it was her first spanking, and she said: “Yes,” in between saying: “Ouch,” after each stroke.

Afterwards, Tim said she deserved it, and asked if she was OK.

Jane admitted she had a sore bottom but also that she had learnt her lesson. They soon split up after this incident though.

Julia had made Tim sound like a serial abuser, but Jane’s spanking wasn’t that hard and was primarily to teach her a lesson, as Tim started going out with Roberta soon afterwards.

Roberta was a big built girl, approximately 36-38-40, and haughty and stubborn with dark hair. However Tim and Roberta were not well suited and their relationship had started going off the rails recently.

Strangely, Tim had never spanked Roberta, but Donald, a close college friend and previous boyfriend, had apparently. This happened after he became so frustrated by her persistent lateness, and decided to spank her over her trousers in the bedroom of his flat one Friday night.

Tim’s reputation for spanking previous girlfriends had become almost folklore on campus, and a subject for hot gossip amongst the college girls.

However, whilst the other girls reacted with feigned shock, Amelia started to fantasise about Tim, as she had never been properly spanked and was getting gradually more and more frustrated with Robert and his rugby friends. She started to fantasise with the idea of being spanked by Tim and slowly started to find the concept of going out with Tim and eventually submitting to him almost irresistible.

Amelia would wear a pair of tatty jeans on campus with holes in the knees, which was the current fashion, and a plain white blouse, but she would surely not attract the right kind of man dressed like that, she thought.

So, as the day of the end of term ball drew near, Amelia went out to buy herself some expensive new designer clothing to try and gain a new and more dynamic boyfriend. She also tried a new hairdo with curly hair, which provided a new, softer look and more confidence. She wanted someone dominant who would not take any nonsense, and not a ‘token’ boyfriend like Robert.

Robert came round to pick her up from her flat, and said she looked great. Amelia wore a black top, a black taffeta short dress, and high heels with stockings. She looked a tasty dish for any man. Robert also looked fairly smart in a suit.

They arrived at the ball, and met up with friends and chatted intently and excitedly, discussing the end of term, summer holidays and where they would be going onto after college.

They sat down for the formal part of the ball, addresses and dinner, before taking part in the live band music and dancing afterwards.

Tim had turned up with Roberta, and sat on the top table. Robert later went off with his friends to the bar to discuss the forthcoming rugby internationals, completely ignoring Amelia.

Amelia felt lonely and frustrated, and it looked set to be another tedious Saturday evening at the end of term. Then Amelia had a stroke of luck out of the blue.

Roberta and Tim had a quarrel about something on the top table, and she stormed off whilst Amelia overheard her saying she felt tired and fed up and was going home early.

Tim asked Roberta if she needed any assistance, but she refused and promptly left.

This left the coast briefly wide open for Amelia, so she hurriedly went over to the top table and asked if the seat next to Tim was free, before it was taken by one of the other girls.

Tim said: “yes,” so she sat down beside him.

Tim complimented her on her dress and Amelia said: “Thank you,” being the first real compliment she had received all night, which left her buzzing.

Tim had a glass of wine and offered Amelia one, which she gladly accepted.

They had several more glasses of wine, but the wine was quite strong and Amelia was soon feeling light headed and giddy.

Tim asked Amelia for a dance, so they went onto the dance floor and had several dances, before a slow dance when they cuddled up to each other.

Tim said: “I thought you were with Robert?”

Amelia said: “I was, but he went off with his friends. What about Roberta?”

Tim said they weren’t really hitting it off and she went home early.

Tim ran his hand down Amelia’s back and down over her shapely bottom.

Tim said: “You have a lovely bottom, Amelia.”

Amelia blushed and said: “Thank you,” but felt a little embarrassed.

They danced some more and shared a surprisingly passionate kiss, then returned to the top table.

“More wine?” Tim asked.

Amelia said: “You’re trying to get me drunk to have your wicked way with me.”

Tim laughed and said: “Only if you really want to.”

Amelia said: “Oh I think I want to. Is it true that you spank your girlfriends?”

Tim said: “Only if they are naughty.”

Amelia said: “I’ll have to think of something naughty then.”

Tim then said: “Do you fancy going back to my flat for a coffee, as the ball is finishing at 11.30pm?”

Amelia said: “I would love to.”

Tim and Amelia hailed a taxi and arrived at his flat around midnight.

They went into the flat and closed the door, took off their coats and embraced and kissed passionately.

They then went into the bedroom and Tim took off his jacket and tie and sat on the bed. Amelia sat on his knee whilst they continued kissing.

Amelia then stood up and continued kissing Tim, whilst he lifted up her short taffeta dress and ran his hands up her stockinged legs.

Tim said: “I love the dress and the outfit.”

Amelia said: “You haven’t seen the matching panties yet!”

Tim lifted her dress fully to reveal a skimpy pair of black lace panties with pink satin ties and garter belt holding up her suspenders.

Tim said: “Very dainty. What happens if I pull the satin ties?”

Amelia said: “The panties fall down.”

Tim, being a gentleman, said: “I wouldn’t do that on a first date, normally.”

Amelia said: “I will have to think of something naughty then,” and plunged her hand down Tim’s trousers, grabbing his manhood.

Tim said: “Amelia! Really! I will have to spank you now.”

Amelia’s heart was pounding as Tim pulled her over his knee and pulled the dainty satin ties so her panties floated down to the floor, exposing her peachy bottom framed by black suspenders.

Tim spanked Amelia soundly, but she just leaned forward and submitted in silence as she was now completely inebriated and couldn’t resist, even if she wanted to. Afterwards, Tim released her and she got up rubbing her now hot, red bottom which she viewed in the mirror.

She gave Tim a passionate kiss, and said: “I would like to do this again real soon, as I got all overexcited and had a rush.”

Tim said: “You naughty girl!”

Soon afterwards, Tim and Amelia got engaged, much to their friends’ surprise and amusement.

At their engagement party in Tim’s flat, all of Amelia’s friends were keen to ask her if he had spanked her.

Amelia was being very coy and continually ducked the question, but had trouble sitting down at the party.

She later admitted to a close friend that it had been a ‘match made in heaven’.

All she would say nowadays is that they have a hot relationship in more ways than one!

The End

© Paul S 2016