Sent to the headmistress, a sixth form girl is surprised by her punishment

By Brian Melville

At only 4’ 10”, Amber Hayward is a rather short, skinny, dark haired eighteen year old, sixth form student at St Josephine’s Grammar School for Girls, in the west of London.  St Josephine’s is a tradition rich school where the girls still get the slipper or cane across the seats of their school skirts or trousers. Amber, known to the staff and her fellow sixth formers as the class clown, had found herself on the receiving end of both slipper and cane up until this cold winter’s day in January 1983.

Amber was still sleeping when her mother entered her bedroom and opened the curtains, with her normal cheerful spirit.

“Come on, sweetheart, it is time to get up and ready for school, Amber darling!”

Amber turned on to her back and stretched herself out, while giving a rather loud yawn.

“Morning, mommy!”  Amber replied, and turned back onto her side again, pulling her pink duvet back over her shoulders.

“Time to get up, my girl, as you surely don’t want to be late, again. Unless, you want to feel Mrs Smith’s wrath again!” Rosemary Hayward replied as she headed downstairs from her daughter’s bedroom.

This was enough encouragement to get Amber out of bed, heading for the bathroom just down the passage. After a quick shower, Amber was back in her bedroom getting dressed in her school uniform; grey trousers, light green blouse, dark green tie, dark green with light green pin striped blazer, grey socks and her black school shoes with a little one inch heel, before heading downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. Breakfast was cereal, milk and fruit juice in the Hayward household during week days. Amber’s dad, John Hayward, 48, was sitting at the table already reading the newspaper while enjoying the usual cup of coffee.

As Amber entered the kitchen she said in her usual friendly, smiling way: “Good morning, daddy.”

Mr Hayward replied without looking at his daughter: “Morning, my girl.”

Amber helped herself to some breakfast and gulped down the fresh orange juice. She noticed that it was 7.15 am already, so she ran upstairs to finish up, knowing that her best friend, Mary Anne Jacobs, would be waiting for her outside to accompany her on their short walk to school.

Amber came almost running into the kitchen again, giving her dad a kiss, with: “Bye daddy, see you tonight.”

As she turned, she almost bumped into her mother, who looked at her daughter and said:  “Amber! Stop this running in the house!”

Amber blushed and replied: “Yes mother, sorry mother! I just don’t want to be late again.”

Mrs Hayward smiled, kissed her daughter on the cheek, and, smacked her eighteen year old daughter’s bottom lightly with her right hand as she said: “Bye dear.”

Amber replied with a smile: “Ok mummy dear, bye.”

Once outside, she saw the tall, pretty Mary Anne with her golden brown, long hair, waiting on the corner.

“Morning, Mary Anne, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Mary Anne replied with a slight smile: “Morning, Amber, it’s not a problem but we have to hurry if we want to be on time.”

The girls walked at a fast pace and made it to the school with only a few minutes to spare.

As the twenty girls of 6A got settled into the double period mathematics class of Mrs Leeds, Amber thought it would be funny to poke her best friend Mary Anne’s bottom, with her pencil, just to see her reaction. Unfortunately, Amber got it wrong and poked her poor friend in the left thigh. This caused the poor Mary Anne to jump to her feet and cry out loud: “Ouch! Why did you do that, Amber?”

Amber’s smile turned into a blush, and the teacher turned around and saw Mary Anne Jacobs standing, rubbing the left side of her thigh.

Mrs Leeds snapped: “Mary Anne Jacobs, why the fuss, and why are you standing there rubbing your thigh like that?”

Mary Anne replied without thinking about the consequences to her best friend, who was now looking very nervously at her books in front of her.

“Amber stuck her pencil into my thigh, miss!’

The teacher looked at Mary Anne for a second and then said: “Sit down, Jacobs. Amber Hayward! Come here, right now, girl!”

As Mary Anne sat down, Amber stood and slowly made her way to the front of the class. The teacher looked at the small girl, who was now fidgeting nervously as she stood in front of the teacher. The angered teacher took a piece of paper and wrote something on it, and placed it in a little red envelope, before handing it to the silly girl. Mrs Leeds placed her pen back on her desk before she addressed the naughty teenager, again.

“You can go to Mrs. Smith and explain to her why you behave like a naughty first former.”

Before Amber could even think about pleading with the teacher, Mrs Leeds snapped: “Right now, Amber! To the headmistress with you, NOW, girl!”

Amber Hayward just bowed her head and made her way to the headmistress’s study, knowing there was a possibility she could be caned. She reached the dreaded oak door with the golden plaque displaying
’Headmistress’ on it. Amber knocked and, after a slight pause of awkward silence, she heard the familiar voice of Mrs Smith.


Amber entered the study with its large oak desk, bookcases, a sofa, extra table and six chairs. As she closed the door behind her, Amber could not help but notice the cane hanging from a hook. She then turned and took her place in front of the headmistress who was still busy writing in a book. As she waited patiently, Amber just stood there looking at the dark brown carpet at her feet, trying not to think too hard about what her punishment might be. Mrs Smith put her pen down and looked at the girl standing in front of her, noticing the note in the girl’s hand.

The headmistress asked: “Name and form, girl.”

Amber replied: “Amber Hayward, 6A, miss.”

“Hand me that note and stop fidgeting, girl! Put your hands by your side!”

Amber handed the note to her headmistress and placed her hands firmly by her sides.

Mrs Smith opened the red envelope and read the note.

To Mrs Smith

Please deal appropriately with, Amber Hayward, Form 6 A. She poked a fellow student, Mary Anne Jacobs, with her pencil in the thigh causing a disruption to my class.

Thank you for your assistance. 

Mrs Leeds,  mathematics.

The headmistress then just looked at the girl in front of her for a minute before she addressed the eighteen year old.

“Amber, you have been here a few times in your time at this school, and you should know by now that I don’t take lightly to any disruptive behaviour of any
kind. What you did today in Mrs Leeds’ class, to Mary Anne Jacobs, is something a naughty little five year old will do, not an eighteen year old young lady! Now, why on earth would you do such a silly thing, girl?”

Amber looked at the headmistress and replied: “I don’t know, miss.”

The headmistress just stared at Amber for a while, and decided to simply not answer the girl, knowing that by just looking at her would make the sixth former very nervous. Mrs Smith then opened the top drawer of her desk and took out the punishment book with its red cover, opened it at the last entry, some of which Amber could actually read from where she was standing.

Sharon Appleby, 5B, fighting, 6 strokes over seat of skirt 

Pauline Peters, 6C, fighting, 6 strokes over trousers

Amber actually remembered the fight between Sharon and Pauline in the bathroom, over a boy from the all boys school on the other side of town, as it was only a week ago. Amber forced her mind back to the current situation, just as the headmistress spoke again.

“I have just written your name in the punishment book for now, Amber, as I have not decided on a suitable punishment for you, yet.  I need a few minutes to consider your punishment. I want you to stand next to the door by the wall, with your nose to the wall and with your hands on your head while I make my decision.”

As Amber turned to assume the prescribed position against the wall while awaiting her fate, she noticed the incomplete entry in the punishment book.

Amber Hayward, 6A

As Amber assumed her position the headmistress snapped sternly at the girl.

“Stand still, girl! No fidgeting! I am watching you!”

Amber was feeling quite silly as she stood with her nose to the wall and her hands on her head, too scared to move a muscle. Her stomach was filled with butterflies and her was heart pounding in anticipation of her soon to be decided punishment. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the cane still hanging in its place to her left. Amber could hear the headmistress as she continued with her administrative work, and just prayed silently that no one would come to see the headmistress and see her standing like this.

As the minutes ticked by, the teenager wondered why Mrs Smith was taking so long to decide on a suitable punishment.

After fifteen minutes that felt like two hours to Amber she heard the headmistress move around behind her as though she was moving some furniture around. This made the sixth former even more nervous, but she did not dare to even try and take a sneak peak. Amber waited nervously, as she kept facing the wall, half expecting Mrs Smith to take the dreaded cane from its hook behind the door, but this did not happen.

“Right, Hayward!”

Mrs Smith spoke suddenly, causing Amber to almost yell out in fright. The teenager turned and saw the headmistress now sitting on a high backed chair without arm rests, with her back to her desk. This was rather confusing for Amber. Mrs Smith looked at the girl for a few seconds before addressing her.

“I have decided on a suitable punishment for you, girl! Since you behaved like a naughty little five year old, you will be punished like a five year old!”

Amber blushed as she stood facing the headmistress, while wondering what her punishment would be. It appeared not to be the cane, and she had not seen the slipper either.

The headmistress continued: “Do you have anything to say for yourself, girl?”

Amber Hayward swallowed nervously before answering.  “I am sorry, miss. It was meant as a joke, miss.”

Mrs Smith smiled, before she snapped at the naughty girl. “It is not a joke to poke someone with a pencil, Amber! I am sure that you are sorry, but I will make sure that you are truly sorry once I am done punishing you. Now, you surely want to know what punishment I have decided on, don’t you?”

Amber stood with her head bowed looking at her shoes.

The headmistress continued: “I am going to put you across my knee and spank your bottom with my hand like a naughty child!”

Mrs Smith looked at the girl and she could see that the pronounced punishment was a real shock to the eighteen year old, and totally unexpected.

“So, you can now remove your blazer and hang it on the hook behind the
door, Amber.”

“No, please Mrs Smith, please don’t spank me like that!”

The headmistress quickly got to her feet, grabbed the girl by her elbow and swung her around. Without any prior warning, she smacked Amber three times on the backs of each of her thighs.

“Aahh!” Amber cried.

“Now do as you are told, Hayward!” The headmistress snarled, as she retook her seat.

Amber’s thighs were stinging from the smacks as she hastily removed her blazer and hanged it on the hook, covering most of the cane. She turned and looked at the headmistress as she awaited further instruction. Mrs Smith took a full minute before addressing the girl again.

“Come and stand by my right side and then lower yourself across my lap, with your toes on the floor and your hands on my left side holding on to the bar between the chair legs!”

Amber did as she was told as she didn’t want to give the headmistress any further reason to spank the back of her thighs again. Amber could feel her trousers stretching tightly across her pert, firm, little bottom as she lay across her headmistress’s lap.

Mrs Smith spoke sternly to the teenager, now in the required but very humiliating position across her lap, with her bottom now a perfectly positioned target for an old fashioned hand spanking.

“Amber, I expect you to keep your feet on the floor and your hands well away from your bottom till I have finished spanking you. Are we clear, Amber?”

Amber replied meekly: “Yes Miss!”

Without any warning, the spanking started, the smacks alternating between left and right cheeks, causing Amber to squirm and kick with her left leg.

Mrs Smith paused to warn the girl for a final time.

“Keep those feet on the floor, girl, and stop squirming! I have hardly started your punishment! Now keep still!”

Amber replied: “But it stings miss! Sorry miss!”

Mrs Smith snapped: “It is suppose to sting, girl!”

Then the spanking continued.

Amber just closed her eyes and held on to the chair’s legs as tightly as possible, while making sure to keep her toes on the carpet. The stinging pain intensified across her whole bottom.

The smacks continued to rain down across the seat of the teenager’s tightly stretched grey school trousers.

“Ow! Ow! Ouch! Ow, miss! Ouch, ouch.”

The sting from the smacks now turned into a very uncomfortable burning sensation, causing the girl to squirm around as she lay across the headmistress’s lap.

“Ouch! Ow! Owwee! Ow! Ouch!”

Then Amber pleaded: “Oh, please stop! It hurts, miss!”

Mrs Smith snapped: “Keep still, girl! This is just a spanking and nothing compared to previous punishments I have given you, girl! For goodness sake, girl! Keep still! You are eighteen!”

The spanking continued, causing the young Miss Hayward to start crying softly, which was exactly what Mrs Smith wanted, and it came sooner than the experienced headmistress expected.

“Ow! It really hurts, miss! I’m sorry, miss!” Amber Hayward replied, sniffing back the tears.

Mrs Smith smiled as she kept on spanking the upturned bottom. Only when she was satisfied that Amber had been punished sufficiently did she stop and look at the now very sorry, sobbing girl lying across her lap.

After a minute, the headmistress spoke sternly to the girl still in position over her lap.

“Amber Hayward, let this be a lesson to you! If you behave like a child, you will be spanked like one! You may get up, girl!”

Amber got to her feet and immediately rubbed her very sore, burning
bottom with both hands.

The headmistress gave the naughty girl a minute to soothe her well spanked bottom before addressing her again.

“That’s enough now, girl! Stand up straight!”

Amber complied with difficulty, still feeling the intense burning sensation all over her bottom.

“You will go stand outside my study, with your nose to the wall, hands on head till bell rings for second break. My secretary will keep an eye on you. You better comply with my instructions unless you want to go back over my lap, for the slipper, girl!” Mrs Smith continued.

Amber replied: “Yes, Mrs Smith!”

Mrs Smith handed the well spanked teenager her blazer and motioned for her to put it back on and make herself decent. As soon as Amber had her blazer back on, the headmistress snapped: “Keep your hands by your sides, girl, and follow me!”

The headmistress opened the door and stepped out of the study into the reception area, with the girl following. Mrs Smith then pointed to a spot about three feet to the right of her study door, and said: “Stand over there, Amber! Your nose to the wall and your hands on your head, please!”

Amber complied without any resistance.

The headmistress then turned and spoke to the school secretary, Miss Scott, a young 25 year old, blonde, blue eyed, slender lady, smartly dressed in a black skirt, white blouse and black heels, who was busy typing documents.

“Miss Scott, would you be so kind as to keep an eye on Hayward here, please?”

Miss Scott replied: “Certainly, headmistress!”

The Headmistress continued: “Hayward must maintain this position till 5 minutes after the bell rings for second break. If she moves or utters a word, send for me, miss Scott.”

The young secretary replied: “Noted, Mrs Smith!”

As the headmistress turned to return to her study she snapped Amber: “Stand up straight, girl!”

Mrs Smith noticed that Amber was already trying to look round out of the corner of her eye. Without warning, she smacked the already well spanked teenager’s bottom, again, alternating between left and right bottom cheeks.

This brought more ‘ows’ and ‘ouches’ from the girl.

“I said nose to the wall! Or do you want a dose of my cane, girl?” The headmistress snapped.

Amber replied meekly: “Ouch, miss, that hurts! No miss, please not the cane! My bottom is very sore already, from the spanking.”

The headmistress returned to the study as Amber sniffed back the tears.

Miss Scott got up from her desk, went over to the snivelling girl and whispered in her ear: “Don’t worry, Amber, it is only 25 minutes till second break, so you have 30 minutes of standing like this.”

This made Amber feel a bit better and as she stood there, feeling very sorry for herself and rather self-conscious. She thought about the spanking she got, and how unbelievably sore and warm her bottom was feeling, now. Eventually the bell rang for second break and, five minutes later, Amber was dismissed by the secretary.

She made a bee line for the bathroom where she met up with her friend, Mary Anne Jacobs, again. The girls apologised to each other and then inspected the damage. Both girls were shocked at just how red Amber’s bottom still was, and there was a four fingered hand print clearly visible on Amber’s thighs, just below her bottom. By the end of the school day, the entire school knew about Amber Hayward’s spanking, and there were a few remarks and teasing from some girls from the lower forms.

That evening at dinner, Amber told her parents what happened and both agreed she deserved the spanking. Mr Hayward said he hoped that if she misbehaved again, the headmistress would cane her bottom.

The End

© Brian Melville 2017