A young female aid worker breaks local rules

By Paul S

Amanda was 19 and a young aid worker, and her job as a consulate worker working on behalf of relief charities took her all over the world to some very dangerous places where a woman could be very much at risk. She kept herself very fit and had a trim figure, except for an annoyingly well rounded rear end due to her penchant for chocolate. Her figure was a shapely 34-26-40.

Her latest posting was to a Caribbean island recently struck by Hurricane Amelia, which did much damage and wiped out many timber homes there. She was briefed by her boss at the Foreign Office and told she would be working with Martin, their man on St Martins coordinating the relief effort regionally.

Her boss said the aim is to get as many of the UN ‘flat pack’ shelter homes erected as soon as possible and get the locals back on their feet. The power supplies were patchy and the main tourist centre had been damaged and needed to be restored for the upcoming tourist season in January.

He said: “You will get a bonus if you can get 100 homes up a month, which is do-able, but hard work. You get weekends off, but many work Saturday mornings there. Just a word of warning though; the islanders are lovely people but they are also very religious and god fearing and their laws are still quite strict out there. The temperature is around 25 degrees year round, day and night, so you may find it hot to work for long periods.

“For instance, there is a curfew to stop looting, and any disrespectful behaviour is frowned upon. You will be treated like a local so respect their laws and customs. Young boys, girls and young women under 25 particularly who ignore the local laws do so at their peril, and could find themselves being deported, fined or caned.”

Amanda went to pack excitedly and was dropped off at the airport for the weekly long flight that took all day and arrived at the small island airport about 3pm local time. She was rushed through passport control and customs due to her consulate status, and met Martin at the entrance.

Martin said: “Hi, how was your flight?”

Amanda said: “Oh quite good, thanks, although I could only see the Atlantic mostly.”

Martin said: “I’ll take your bag and get you settled in at your chalet. It’s one of these new ones we erected recently.”

They drove through the countryside and Amanda could see the devastation, with palm trees and power lines down, huts blown to pieces and debris everywhere. The roads had been cleared, though, and the larger main buildings were back in use.

Amanda said: “How’s the relief effort going so far?”

Martin said: “Pretty well, but there is still about a year’s work here for you and the others who have volunteered to come out here.”

They arrived at the chalet, and Amanda remarked: “That’s neat,” as it had a balcony for the view across the bay, although it was not very large.

They went in and Amanda unpacked her bag and took out some essentials.

Martin said: “Let’s go to the centre down the road and I can debrief you.”

They arrived at the centre and Amanda was introduced to the other two main relief aid workers, Kristina and Honey.

Martin then briefed them, showed them the map of the areas they would cover and explained how the ‘flat pack’ shelter homes would be delivered and erected by crane by an operative, on bases they would prepare after clearing debris strewn areas.

He then said: “Let’s all go for a drink and get to know Amanda better,” and she could already feel Martins’ arm around her waist.

They went to a bar restaurant and had traditional rum cocktails which were quite strong and got chatting about their previous experiences. Unfortunately, they weren’t watching the time and it was starting to get dark. Martin asked Amanda if she needed a lift back due to the curfew, but she said: “No, it’s only 500 metres and it’s not quite dark yet.”

Amanda said farewell and walked back to her chalet. It was dark by this time at 6.15pm and she was nearly home when a patrol car stopped and asked her what she was doing out after dark.

Amanda said: “I’m just going home and I’m almost there.”

The officer said: “Girls and women should not be out after dark without prior written permission. Do you have that?”

Amanda said: “No.”

Then the officer said: “I will have to report you,” and gave her a ticket to appear at the police station the following day.

Amanda said: “You have got to be joking!”

She had a good night’s sleep, and breakfast, and reported for work bright and early. She decided to wear a light summer dress as it was quite warm. They started on the job of clearing an area ready for new homes.

At noon, they had a break and Amanda said she had been asked to report to the police station.

Martin asked: “Is it serious?”

She said: “No, not really.”

Amanda walked to the police station and reported with the charge sheet.

The duty officer said: “You will have to see the Magistrate, and showed her the way in.

Amanda walked into the court room and sat down in front of the Magistrate, who was a strict looking local woman, and the clerk.

The magistrate looked at the charge sheet, and sighed. “I see you are an aid worker and have just arrived. I would expect you to have a bit more respect for our local laws and customs, young lady, as they are for your own safety.”

The Magistrate went on to say: “Having considered the facts, I could deport you or order you pay a $200 fine, but I think you need to be taught a lesson. You will receive six strokes of the cane, young lady. You will report to Rita at the correction centre tomorrow at 12 noon.”

Amanda protested and said: “There must be some mistake, surely?”

But the Magistrate wasn’t interested.

Amanda made her way reluctantly to the correction centre the following day, and walked in.

The receptionist said: “Walk through to the end room and wait there, please,” very formally.

Amanda walked in and there was a young Asian girl sitting down who had been charged with looting and had been awarded 8 strokes. She looked around the windowless room with cabinets and table and chairs, and an open cabinet containing some canes, straps and paddles and books.

Just then, Rita walked in, a larger than life lady of Caribbean origin.

She said: “Who’s first today then?” She look at the Asian teenager’s charge sheet.

The girl, Miss G Shah, said: “Me.”

Rita said: ‘OK, pants and briefs down and kneel on the chair please, young lady.”

The girl did as she said and Amanda watched on almost in disbelief.

Rita went to the cabinet, fetched a short rattan cane and said: “Bend over, girl. Looting needs to be punished.”

The girl leaned forward as Rita took aim and brought the senior cane down swiftly across her rear eight times in quick succession, bringing cries of ‘Ouch!’ and ‘Argh!’

Rita then said: “Stand up and get dressed, and don’t get caught looting again or you will be in serious trouble, young lady.”

The girl rubbed her sore rear end with both hands and bent her knees to absorb the pain, before getting dressed and walking out.

Rita then turned to Amanda, who looked terrified, and said: “Let’s have a look at your charge sheet, please.”

Amanda handed her the sheet, and Rita said: “Only been here a few days then?”

Amanda said: “Yes, I am an aid relief worker. Surely there has been a mistake?”

Rita said: “No, there is no mistake. It’s here in black and white. I’ll go easy on you, though, as it’s your first time. If you would kneel on the chair and lift your dress up and lower your underwear, please?”

Amanda said: “Can’t I keep my underwear on?”

Rita said: “I’m afraid not, young lady. Otherwise you won’t learn your lesson fully.”

Rita went to the cabinet and took out a medium length thinner cane, swished it a few times and said: “If you would like to bend right over, please?”

Amanda said: “Do I have to?” Without waiting for a reply, she leant forward and revealed her bottom, bared for the cane.

Rita said: “I have to give you six strokes. That is your sentence from the magistrate.” With that she lined the cane across Amanda’s bottom and said: “Are you ready, young lady?”

Amanda sighed and said: “Yes, I suppose so.”

Then Rita swished the cane down, which felt like a red hot poker across Amanda’s pristine bottom. She reared up and cried: “Yeowch!”

Rita said: “Bend over, please,” before swishing the cane again, causing Amanda to say ‘Ouch’ again.

Then another swish by Rita and another hot red hot streak appeared across Amanda’s pristine bottom.

Amanda turned round and said: “It’s much hotter and stingier than I’d imagined.”

Rita said: “Your bottom will sting for a while so that you learn a valuable lesson. Now bend over again please.”

Amanda did as she said for the final three strokes, pushing her bottom right out to meet the cane, which Rita lined up then whistled across her pristine bottom to the sounds of ‘Ouch!’  ‘Ouch!’  and ‘Ouch!’

Rita said: “Get up and get dressed, Amanda. I don’t want to see you here again.”

Amanda said: “Don’t worry, you won’t!” She was still taking in the six red and stinging streaks across her bottom.

Amanda returned home and put the whole experience behind her. She tried to cover it up, but the island was a small place and news travelled fast, much to her embarrassment.

Amanda returned to work, which went quickly over the following weeks and she managed to avoid any further brushes with the law. They hit their target of 100 homes, so gaining a bonus the following month.

Martin announced he would take the team out to the best restaurant on the island, ‘Lobster Creole’, which had reopened and did traditional seafood and sauce recipes.

The team all dressed up and went out Saturday night, where they had great views across the Ocean and had rum cocktails and starters on the balcony.

Amanda loved chocolate and the rum and chocolate cocktail was moorish, so she had a number of these, getting somewhat inebriated. They all then danced after the meal and had further drinks, by which time Amanda was almost legless. Amanda danced with Martin who had his hands all over her most of the night, but she was completely oblivious to his advances by this time.

It was late and they all took a taxi home, with Amanda being dropped off outside her chalet. The others bid her goodbye and left, whilst Amanda fumbled in her bag for her door key, but dropped it on the road and couldn’t find it as she couldn’t focus properly and the street lights weren’t working. She spent ages trying to find them with no success.

After twenty minutes a patrol car came by and an officer said: “What you doing out this late, honey? You been drinking too?”

Amanda said she had dropped her key in the dark, but had to admit she had been drinking.

So they shone a torch and found her door key so she could eventually open the door to her chalet, but not before they had written out another charge sheet for being drunk in a public place and out after the curfew for a 2nd time.

Amanda closed the door and looked at the charge sheet, requiring her to attend the police station in the morning. She said to herself: “I don’t believe it!” Nevertheless, she knew her goose, or rather her bottom, was going to be well and truly roasted this time.

The following day, she went to the police station and said to the duty officer: “I am here to see the Magistrate.”

The officer showed her into the charge room, where the clerk and Magistrate were sitting at a hearing.

The Magistrate looked at the charge sheet and said: “You have broken the curfew once before, haven’t you? Clearly you didn’t learn your lesson the first time. In view of that, you will receive six strokes of the cane for being drunk, and a further six for breaking the curfew again.”

Amanda replied: “I don’t believe this! Can I appeal?”

The Magistrate said: “There is an appeals process, but it only applies to residents. I’m afraid it doesn’t apply to consulate workers, but you may consult your embassy.”

There was a brief recess whilst Amanda rang her embassy frantically, but they said there was little they could do in practice.

When the court reconvened, the Magistrate said to Amanda: “Report to the correction centre tomorrow at 5pm after work for the punishment to be carried out.”

Amanda returned to work dismayed.

The following day, the clock seemed to tick round all too quickly until 4.30pm when Amanda finished work and said: “Martin, can you take over? I feel exhausted and I’m going home to rest.”

Instead of going home, though, she went back to the correction centre and checked in with the receptionist.

The receptionist said: “Rita will be back at 5pm. If you want to just wait in the room, as we normally lock up at 5.30pm.”

Amanda went in and waited on the couch, feeling like she was waiting to be executed. Her eyes wandered around the room, zooming in on the canes in the cabinet, wondering which one would shortly be swishing across her backside.

Just then Rita walked in.

Amanda told her the full story, and Rita said: “You’re not having much luck, are you? Sounds like you had a great evening though. Anyway, you are back in trouble again. So, if you would care to kneel on the chair and raise your sundress and lower your underwear please.”

Amanda did as she was told, revealing her pristine bare bottom. Rita fetched a long thin whippy cane out of the cabinet and flexed it, swishing it through the air several times to check for suppleness.

Rita said: “Now Amanda, I need you to bend right over and raise your bottom, please.”

Amanda reluctantly said: “Ok,” and bent right over. Rita swished the cane a few times making a deliciously swishing sound, then whipped it firmly across Amanda’s bottom.

She reared up saying: “Whoah!” She rubbed her cheeks frantically with both hands.

Rita said: “Bend over, please young lady,” and whipped the cane again.

Amanda cried: “Argh!”

A third stroke followed, and Amanda said: “Ouch!”

The cane then swished down a 4th time and Amanda reared up saying: “Argh!”

A 5th stroke followed and Amanda’s hands had to rub her now hot, sore bottom.

Rita said: “Amanda, one more and then you can have a break.”

A 6th stroke swished across Amanda’s upturned bottom with another cry of ‘Argh!’

Rita said: “OK, you can have a brief break before I administer the last six.”

Amanda got up, rubbing her now scorching bottom, and asked if she could be let off the last six as it was already getting sore.

Rita said: “I’m afraid we have to carry out the court’s full sentence. So if you would care to bend over again, young lady?”

Amanda remounted the chair and reluctantly bent over, raising her bottom right up as Rita lined up the cane across her now red-lined rear end and swished it six times in quick succession, whilst Amanda gasped and cried out.

On the final stroke, Amanda let out a loud moan of submission.

Rita said: “OK, you can get up now and get dressed.”

Amanda got up feeling drained, and got dressed after rubbing her now scorching and tingling bottom, before leaving.

However, her team had re-homed 1200 people and largely restored the island in that time, with Amanda nominated for an award for the consulate’s ‘Aid Worker of the Year’ award, which she won.

However, she never dreamed that it would involve receiving several very sore bottoms in the process.

The End

© Paul S 2017