A girl chooses corporal punishment over detention

By Paul S

The year is 2020 and Britain had now left the European Union, and made its own laws. The cosy and protected existence Amanda had previously known was now gone, replaced by one requiring tougher discipline.

Amanda was now 18, 5 foot 6 inches high with medium length ash blonde hair, and was a shapely 36-26-38. If a little plump around the hips and bottom, she was moderately attractive in appearance.

Amanda was enrolled at a specialist finishing school. After leaving the European Union, Britain had legislated to reinstate corporal punishment to private schools and colleges that chose to implement it. This included her finishing school.

Miss Smith was the specialist 6th form school year head, and Amanda’s New Year mistress responsible for training girls aged over 18. All girls now had to sign a waiver as to whether they were prepared to receive corporal punishment in future, or they could risk taking expulsion and/or potential loss of premium job placements.

She was quite strict as she wanted the girls to do well in their eventual careers, often at high levels in business where they had to be prepared and have their wits about them, in order to be successful in a fast changing world. Sloppiness, failure and bad behaviour would simply not be tolerated on her watch.

Miss Smith asked for all the summer vacation projects to be handed in. Amanda froze in horror, remembering that she had put it off intending to do it later, but completely forgotten to do it.

She went to Miss Smith and tried to explain. Amanda’s friend, Lorraine, was also in trouble and was told to wait outside Miss Smith’s office until she had dealt with Amanda.

Miss Smith said: “You know the rules as well as I do, young lady. You can either choose to spend the next 4 Saturday mornings in detention, writing up your project in full, plus lines every week as punishment in this case.

Alternatively, if you have signed a waiver, which I gather you have, then you can choose to bend over and receive 12 of the best with my new swishy cane over your panties, or 2 dozen with a leather strap across your bare bottom. It’s your choice, Amanda.

Amanda said: “Yes, I have signed a waiver. Can I have 24 hours to decide, please?

Miss Smith said: “OK Amanda, but I want you back here tomorrow morning at 9am sharp, ready to receive your choice of punishment, young lady.”

Amanda said: “Thank you, Miss,” and left.

She exchanged a few words with her friend Lorraine who went in straight after her, and then heard a brief but muffled conversation. There was a pause and then the distinct sound of a cane swishing through the air six times and 6 subsequent yelps.

Lorraine emerged from Miss Smith’s study, and Amanda asked if she was OK.

Lorraine said: “Come to the disabled WC where we can be alone and I’ll show you.”

They checked the coast was clear and both went into the disabled WC. Lorraine locked the door and then lowered her panties. Amanda could clearly see 6 straight red lines across her behind.

Amanda said: “Does it hurt?”

Lorraine said: “The cane stings, whereas the strap is hot. Trust me, I have now had both.”

Amanda said: “I have to decide whether I want 4 Saturday detentions, the strap or the cane.”

Lorraine said: “4 Saturday morning detentions is really tedious. You might be better off just taking one of the other punishments, Amanda, and getting it over with.”

Amanda went home to change and work on her new assignments, but could only think about her forthcoming punishment.

Whilst she was changing, she noticed her bare bottom in the mirror and wondered what a first ever caning or strapping would feel like.

She noticed a ruler on the table, so picked it up and gave herself a few lazy smacks across her bottom, and it tingled. She then wondered what a strap would feel like, and bent over the edge of the bed and gave herself several firm smacks with her belt. It stung a bit and started to feel hot, but also very stimulating.

Amanda thought: ‘I have been a right lazy bitch up to now, but it’s getting tougher out there. Perhaps it’s about time I was disciplined properly. My mum says I need it if I am to get anywhere, so that why she sent me to finishing school to buck my ideas up. Not sure about the cane, but if I am being really honest with myself, my backside could probably use the strap to really motivate me.’

Amanda had made her decision, so the following day she entered Miss Smith’s study at 9am promptly.

Miss Smith said: “Have you made your decision, young lady?”

Amanda said: “Yes, Miss. I want the strap please, Miss.”

Miss Smith said: “Good, let’s get on with it then,” and told Amanda to lift her skirt and bend over her desk to receive the first 8 strokes of the strap.

At first it didn’t seem that bad and Amanda’s plump bottom readily absorbed the heat, although she could see her panties in the mirror and reddened upper thighs.

Miss Smith then stopped and walked round to feel Amanda’s bottom. Miss Smith said it was warming up nicely, and she now had Amanda exactly where she wanted her.

Miss Smith then explained that she was going to bend Amanda over the desk and give her 8 quick fire strokes to tan her bottom properly. Miss Smith said it had been long overdue, but she was now getting what she deserved.

With that, she told Amanda to lower her panties and bend over, pinning her neck down and bringing Amanda’s bottom up for the strap.

The strap was then brought down much more firmly, thrashing her shapely bottom, producing a burning sensation and throbbing sting.

Amanda reared up clutching her bottom and said: “Wow, that’s hot!”

Miss Smith bent Amanda over again and brought the strap down firmly 7 times in quick succession. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack!

Amanda’s bottom was gyrating and squirming as Miss Smith’s strap now had complete control of her backside. This was much hotter than she had imagined.

Miss Smith paused and Amanda was panting and gasping for breath over the desk. She rose up and glanced at her freshly tanned bottom in the mirror, which had now turned a deep shade of red.

Miss Smith said: “You are doing well so far.”

Amanda said: “I didn’t think it would be this hot.”

“This is this your first punishment?”

“Yes, miss,” replied Amanda.

“It is always more painful and humiliating the first time round. A number of girls will be getting their first punishments soon, like you. It’s going to come as a bit of a shock. They won’t make the same mistakes again.”

Miss Smith said: “Just 8 more to go.”

Amanda said: “Miss Smith, can I have a time out, please?”

“Certainly, I will get a coffee before we administer the last 8.”

Miss Smith went out to the coffee machine to get a cappuccino, whilst Amanda could feel her rear end on fire. Miss Smith, though, had quickly returned and picked up the strap.

“Are we ready to complete your punishment, young lady?”

Amanda reluctantly said: “Do I have to?”

“If you would like to bend over the desk again, please, Amanda?”

Amanda complied, raising her bottom level with Miss Smith’s strap. Miss Smith brought it down firmly across her backside, and Amanda reared up with her hair in the air, gasping and panting.

Miss Smith applied 7 further strokes across Amanda’s backside, and each time she reared up with her hair in the air, gasping and panting. Miss Smith then released Amanda and said she would take care of the paperwork. Amanda stood up clutching her scorched bottom which was now crimson.

Miss Smith said: “I hope you learned your lesson today?”

Amanda said: “Yes, Miss. I have been lazy and needed some motivation to work and succeed.”

Miss Smith said: “Yes, I think you made the right choice. A thorough strapping has certainly done you the world of good, young lady.”

The End

© Paul S 2016