Standing around waiting gets a girl into trouble.

By Gillian Howard

My name is Alexandria Waterworth and I am 18, long blonde curly hair, very slim, and I am in the Upper sixth at our local girls Grammar school. I have a provisional place at Manchester University to study French. My boyfriend of 2 years is Glen and he has a place also at Manchester to study applied Mathematics. We are really looking forward to being at uni together as we already have a full relationship.

Our schools still use corporal punishments and at our school that consists of class punishments; which can be the slipper across your skirt, the cane across your hand or you could have your skirt raised and 1 or both legs smacked very hard. If you are often naughty in class you could be made to lift your skirt above your knees and receive 2 or 3 strokes across your calfs or you could be sent to the headmaster when the punishment would carried out by the headmaster in the presence of his secretary. That could be either the slipper across the knickers or the cane across the knickers with your skirt removed.

You could also get lines for minor infringements of discipline or a 1 hour after school detention. I have never received any form of discipline. Most of my friends had received the cane in class; 3 of them across their calf, and 4 had been smacked by the Headmaster. Shirley and Janet had received 3 for not wearing school knickers in 5th form. Mary had received 3 in the third year for smoking and also 6 before Christmas for not wearing school knickers. She was told that in the upper sixth a caning meant an automatic six strokes.

Glen had told me that it was normal to get the cane across the bottom in class, and trousers down if sent to their headmaster. He had been caned approx 8 times through the various years and had six of the best off the Headmaster on 4 occasions, the last being just before half term in February when I had applied some cream on the welts that evening.

When Mary had been caned before Christmas, she returned to class with very red eyes and had been crying but was holding the tears back and she was in obvious discomfort. She told us it was very painful walking as her knickers rubbed against the welts and she vowed never to wear a short skirt again. I had no problem there as I always wore a long skirt that was just above my ankles.

As we were breaking up at half term in February, we were told that our mock exams would commence on Monday 3rd of March and our last exam would be on Friday morning 15th March. We were informed that we could come to school in casual wear for the exams apart from the final day as we would have lessons as normal on that afternoon.

The exams went very well, and I thought I had done very well, but we wouldn’t start getting results till the following week. As we were all going out celebrating on the Friday after school and meeting our boyfriends, we took our change of clothes with us.

Our last exam finished at 11.00 am, so we walked along to go to our common room but their was a exam either side so we waited around the corner, just down the corridor from the headmaster’s office. We were in a boisterous mood as our exams had finished.

Then the Headmaster’s office opened and Lucy, from the lower sixth, came out with tears in her eyes. She walked the opposite way from where we were, and her hands were up her skirt rubbing a sore bottom.

Mary  said:  “Hey girls, just imagine if that was Alex,” and they all giggled.

I said: “No way, I don’t intend being caned.”

The Headmaster’s door opened again and the secretary came out. She stared at us as she returned the cane, punishment book and file to her office.

Mary again quipped: “Look Alex, that is the cane she is carrying.”

“I don’t care, It is not for me,” I answered and there were a few more giggles.

The Headmaster appeared at his door, saw us and walked towards us.

“What is all this noise? Don’t you know that exams are still going on for another ten minutes?”

Shirley said: “Yes sir, sorry sir, we are waiting to go to the common room after the exams are over, sir.”

“So while you waited, you thought you would poke fun at a girl who had just been caned. Do you think I should cane all of you? Then we can all have a laugh.”

“No sir!” We all replied in unison.”

“No indeed, I don’t suppose any of you would like that.”

As I was nearest to him, he walked over, lifted my skirt right up and gave me my very first punishment; 6 very hard smacks to the top of my right thigh. I dropped my skirt as the pain was really hurting and all I wanted was to rub my leg, but knew I couldn’t.

“Alexandria Waterworth, go and wait outside my study.”

I looked in shock as he lifted Shirley’s skirt and gave her the same, by which time I was stood watching as he smacked the other 2 and then walked past me into his secretary’s office.

He came out carrying a pink file and, as he entered his office, turned and said: “Waterworth, in here now.”

As I entered I noticed a lab stool in front of his desk. I stood next to it.

“I see from your file that you have never been to see me before, have you?”

“No Sir, and I don’t know why I am here now.”

“Don’t you? Well, let me explain. I could and should have caned all four of you for making fun of the girl who had just left my office after being caned but I thought that I would excuse you as your exams had just finished.”

He pressed his intercom and said: “Ok, Miss Seymour.”

He then continued: “So I thought I would just smack you all instead. Thus, I lifted your skirt and smacked your leg. Would you mind telling me why you are wearing white knickers with blue and yellow polka dots, and not maroon school knickers, as you were all told to come to school today in full uniform?”

“Sorry sir, I didn’t think, sir.”

The secretary came in and placed a green leather book and a 3’6” cane with curved handle on his desk.

“Miss Waterworth, as a member pf the upper sixth any punishment is always 6 of the best so I will now administer 6 of the very best with the senior cane over those very skimpy knickers. While I fill in the punishment book and your file, remove your skirt and bend right over that stool holding onto the bottom rail.”

As I bent over the stool I felt my knickers ride up and couldn’t believe that I was about to be caned.

I heard him pick up his cane and come to my left side.

“I think it would be better, Miss Seymour, if you placed your hands on her back to prevent her from rising.”

“Of course, Headmaster.”

I felt the cane rest across the middle of my bottom, then move.


3 lines of fire erupted across my bottom as I bit my lip to try to avoid screaming. The fourth and fifth landed much lower and brought loud gasps of pain. Then, after a delay: SWISH THWACK, as the final one landed and this time the scream came.

I heard him say: “Get dressed and get out!”

I pulled my skirt up and made my way to the door in agony. My knickers slipped down slightly over the welts, rubbing against them. As I made my way to the others, they looked on in horror at me.

Shirley eventually said: “Well Alex, it looks like he really laid them on. We take it you are not wearing your school knickers?”

I nodded as my hands gently felt the raised welts across my bottom. Just then, the classroom emptied so we could go to the common room. As we were the only ones there, Mary lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down slightly and the others all looked and commented that I had 5 blisters. They told me it was going to be painful all weekend.

Before lunch was over, it was all around the Upper sixth that Alexandria Waterworth had been smacked and received 6 of the best with the cane.

As school finished, we all got changed and headed off to meet the boys in town. As soon as I arrived, Glen came over and whispered: “I believe my little girl has got 6 stripes across her bottom. Well so have I, as I got caught smoking, so we will have to soothe each other. We laughed.

As I arrived home, mum was still up and asked how the exams had gone, then noticed a love bite.

She said: “You should tell that Glen to eat food, not you. Mind I bet his neck is the same, isn’t it?”

I replied: “It is, and so is his bottom, as I turned and lifted my short skirt and lowered my knickers.”

“Alex, have you been caned then? What for?”

“We were having a laugh as we waited for the common room to be free, and the Headmaster heard us giggling as a girl left his office after being caned, so he came over and lifted our skirts and smacked us all. He saw my white knickers so I got 6 of the best, and Glen had been caught smoking so he also got 6 of the best.”

Over the next months, as I studied for and passed all my exams, I  visited the headmaster once more in our last week for smoking and received another 6 of the best. Also I received the slipper twice and in gym received 3 of the cane across each calf along with 8 others.

After university, Glen and I married and are still together. We have developed a liking for cp.

The End

© Gill Howard 2016