A senior stewardess is disciplined, but later has to discipline her colleague


Anna was a sprightly flight manager working for a major airline on long haul routes, mainly to the Far East. She had been with the airline on Far East routes for 5 years and was promoted rapidly to Flight Manager as she had a way with people and was organised and usually highly disciplined in her approach.

She worked as part of a team of 12 regular cabin staff including Captain Marshall, Flight lieutenant Ross and Navigator Ellie. The team would change from time to time due to holidays, sickness, maternity leave, and new staff and retirements, etc.

Anna’s work seemed to flow effortlessly until one day she was on an overnight flight where several demanding passengers really pushed her buttons. She realised she had to be polite always, but a mother with a screaming baby was disrupting other passengers sleep and causing complaints.

There were also several elderly passengers being extremely selfish and demanding drinks and snacks and constant attention throughout the entire flight.

Anna spoke to her cabin crew and asked what she could do as she said she was close to losing it completely. Julia, an air stewardess and trusted colleague, said: “Just remember the training manual for dealing with difficult passengers,” and offered to take over for an hour or so in order that Anna could rest.

However, the flight was approaching Kuala Lumpur over the China Sea and it was time for breakfast. The cabin crew had to prepare for landing, serve breakfast and clear away before then.

The child was still screaming, with adjacent passengers being very demanding, and other passengers were now getting visibly irritated.

Some of them said they wanted to complain to the flight manager.

Anna told them she was the flight manager and would try to assist, but then eventually she just completely lost it and said: “I can’t cope with this,” and told them to stop bothering the cabin crew and wasting the crew’s time.

The flight landed, and the passengers disembarked, but there was a bad atmosphere amongst the crew, who knew it had been a bad night. Several passengers complained at the airline desk, and this was conveyed back to the captain, as the senior person in charge.

The captain left the flight deck and said: “Anna, can we have a word in private?”

Anna said: “yes,” and they walked to a quiet area of the plane in the first-class bar.

The Captain said: “We have had a number of complaints about poor staff attitude from you and one other stewardess, Julia. Look I know we are under pressure, but we work in a very competitive market place against other airlines providing a top-class service and we must be professional always.”

Anna said: “I know.”

The captain said: “I have been onto our head office in London, but they said it is up to me to discipline the cabin-crew and resolve complaints locally. You, as the senior cabin crew member not on the flight deck, must take full responsibility. So, you will report to me when we get to the hotel and you will be disciplined.

Anna asked what he meant by that, but all he would say was: “You’ll find out soon enough.”

They walked through customs control and, much to Anna’s acute embarrassment and watched by smirking officers, some of the passengers voiced their complaints about Anna, in particular, quite audibly.

The captain and Anna got in a taxi and proceeded to their hotel whilst they awaited the return flight the following day.

They arrived at the hotel, checked in and the captain said: “Freshen up and meet me in my suite at 9 am sharp. Anna went and freshened up but she went to see Julia at 8.40 am, local time.

Anna said: “I really don’t know what form this disciplinary meeting will take. What do you think is going to happen?”

Julia said: “I really have no idea. A demotion or 2-week suspension is normal back in London, but out here? I don’t want to worry you, but I did hear rumours about a stewardess being spanked for poor performance.”

“Spanked? You’re joking!”

Anna had no choice but to report to the captain’s suite, which was spacious with good views across the city from the high rise.

The captain said: “Head Office has asked me to discipline two staff members locally for failing to adhere to company rules about not being rude to passengers. I have had complaints about both Julia and you from passengers, and that needs to be resolved.”

Anna explained in her defence that they were pushed to their limits.

The captain said: “Then you should referred it to me or let other staff deal with it. If passengers are being unreasonable, drunk or threatening then we get the ground staff and police involved. Do you agree you were rude and abusive to passengers whilst on duty?”

Anna started to reply, but then realised she had no real defence.

The captain said: “One of the advantages of being out here so far from Head Office is that we can use unofficial penalties that don’t get recorded and so don’t affect your promotion prospects.”

“What does that mean?”

“You will need to be punished, Anna. I propose giving you 10 strokes using a leather strap from my luggage. Julia will have to undergo further training, as she is just a junior staff member. If you accept, and that will be the end of the matter. Understood?”

“I understand, yes.”

“Do you accept?”

Anna reluctantly said: “Yes.”

The captain said to Anna who was wearing her full uniform: “Remove your skirt and tights, then kneel on the settee and lean forward.”

Anna did as she was instructed.

The captain pulled out a wide leather strap from his luggage and laid it across Anna’s seat. She could feel the cool leather against her thin panties.

He said: “Are you ready?”

Anna said: “Yes,” and then had 10 firm strokes applied across her tight, fairly brief panties, causing her to gasp and throw her head and long dark hair back repeatedly. When he had finished, he told Anna to get up. She rubbed her bottom whilst the captain admonished her.

Eventually it was over, and Anna was told to with the rest of the air crew at 6am the following day for breakfast and for the return flight briefing.

Anna politely thanked the captain before returning to her room. It was only later she found out that Julia had also been physically disciplined similarly, with 10 strokes applied across her knickers. However, both girls had no complaints about their punishment.

*          *          *

Six months then passed with no further serious incidents, and nothing further was said, until one day Captain Marshall announced that he was due to retire from Far East service at the age of 60, which was a company regulation. He held a small celebratory party in the crew’s hotel before captaining his last flight and returning to London for the last time.

Anna and Julia had several drinks with the rest of the crew, wearing casual T-shirts and tight sports shorts and trainers only as it was very hot that day. Everyone wished Captain Marshall well in his retirement. He was wearing just trousers and a shirt with epaulettes, due to the heat.

Before leaving, Captain Marshall spoke to Anna. “As the most senior cabin crew member here now, perhaps you should take these as a souvenir.” He handed her a bag containing old photos and mementoes of the crew over their years of flying together. “It’s now up to you to maintain cabin crew discipline. Good luck!”

The captain gave Anna a firm smack on her bottom and said: “Oh, and get yourself a real man.”

Anna was a bit taken aback but thanked the Captain and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

When she and Julia returned to their shared room after the party, they got ready for bed prior to their return flight early next morning. Anna looked more closely through the bag the captain gave her and was surprised to find the Captain’s strap in the bag with a note attached saying, ‘for stewardesses who need further training’.

They returned to London and bade the captain farewell and were introduced to a younger man who was taking over as captain, along with their existing flight lieutenant. There were also 2 new very young stewardesses, one from Sri Lanka and one from Malaysia where they regularly flew to for onward connections across Asia.

Julia immediately took a fancy to the new captain and said: “He can fly with me anytime.”

Anna said: “Hey, I’m the senior cabin crew member now and you know the strict rules about fraternising on duty.”

Julia laughed and said cheekily: “Rules are there to be broken!”

Anna introduced the new stewardesses to the crew and explained the procedures on their overnight flights, emphasizing the need for good discipline and working as a team in an emergency.

The first few flights went well with few problems, apart from noisy young children, and a few complaining passengers who Anna sorted out quickly.

However, as the weeks went by, news slowly leaked out about Julia having a secret affair with the new captain, which was hot gossip amongst the stewardesses.

Anna eventually confronted Julia on a flight out to Malaysia and said: “Julia, are you having an affair with the captain, as you know what that means?”

Julia tried to play dumb and play the whole thing down, but Anna said sternly: “Julia, are you sleeping with him?”

Julia reluctantly said: “Yes.”

Anna had a think and said: “How could you do this behind my back? You do realise you will have to be transferred, but not before I punish you for your deceit.”

Julia said: “What do you mean?”

Anna said: “When we get to Singapore, you will report to my suite. I’m furious with you for putting yourself into this position. Because you will have to be transferred to another crew, I’ll be losing a tried and trusted colleague and a hard to replace key team member.”

Anna remembered the strap and how the previous captain had thrashed her own bottom, and thought perhaps it was time for Julia to be taught a strict lesson.

When they arrived in Singapore, the girls went to Anna’s suite.

Anna said: “If you can get your panties down for the captain, then you can get them down for me.”

Julia was shocked by that comment and exclaimed: “What? What the hell do you mean?”

Anna reached into the bag for the strap, which she showed to Julia.

“Julia, remove your skirt and your tights and panties, then lean over the back of the settee.”

Julia thought she was joking at first.

Anna said: “I mean it, Julia. Either you take a hiding from me or you’ll face a disciplinary hearing back in London. You could lose your job.”

Realising she was going to be disciplined one way or another, Julia thought quickly and decided Anna’s unofficial way would be best in the long run. She slipped off her skirt, tights and panties, and bent herself over the back of the settee.

Anna lined up the strap across Julia’s shapely rear and said: ‘I’m going to give you 10 strokes to express my disappointment and dismay with you, young lady.”

Anna brought the strap down across Julia’s perfect bottom, producing a loud yelp. Julia was Czech originally, so knew all about corporal punishment which she had previously received at school and college.

A further 9 strokes followed in quick succession with Julia gasping and throwing her head back after each stroke. Anna was quietly pleased with the way she had Julia rubbing her sore and newly reddened bottom.

Anna said: “Get dressed and get back to your room. Be ready for the pre-flight briefing tomorrow.”

Julia thanked Anna and said she was sorry she had broken strict rules and betrayed her as a friend.

Anna said: “The rules are there for our and our passengers’ safety. On my team, they are going to be strictly enforced.”

The End

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