After a girl leaves school, work offers her an opportunity

By Gillian Howard

My name is Agnes Dewhurst and I lived just outside Liverpool in the 1960s. I attended a local mixed secondary modern school and corporal punishment was used on a regular basis in the classrooms. All teachers would use the cane across the bottom or sometimes in the first year you would get smacked instead.

I myself faced this in my very first term when I was caught cheating and Mr Roberts called me out. He was sat in his chair and he pulled me across his chest and lifted my skirt. Then he really smacked the top of my right thigh till I was screaming in pain and embarrassment. All the class could see my knickers and he warned me next time it would be the cane.

This punishment had the desired effect as, 4 years later, I left school without ever being punished again even though all the boys and well over half the girls had been caned in class.

However, on my very last day at school 12 of us were messing about in a classroom at lunchtime. Brenda and myself nipped out to the toilet and almost bumped into Mr Richards, the headmaster, as he came around the corner. He told us both to get outside now, which we did.

After lunch, we were told that Mr Roberts had stormed into the classroom and had given all 10 girls 6 of the best over their knickers. I saw the results on both Sandra and Jean at afternoon break and the cane marks looked really sore. In bed that night I lay there thinking if I had not gone to the toilet I too would now be feeling 6 welts on my bottom and in a strange way wished I had been caned.

I started work as a 15 year old in a small warehouse just off the dock road in Liverpool. I had to do all the errands for the other staff and make tea for the bosses. I looked so young compared to the others as I was only 5’2” tall and my bra size was 32A; my red hair was cut short.

I really enjoyed work and was soon working in the office as a sales invoice clerk. When it was my 18th birthday, Mr Darwin, my boss, took us all to the pub at lunch and we were joined by Mr Gregg and some of his staff from the photographic studio next door to our factory.

I had by now grown a little and wore a size 32B bra but still did not look my age. I always carried my provisional driving licence with me to prove my age. About 6 weeks after my birthday, Mr Darwin called me into his office and told me that Mr Gregg from next door would like to speak to me. I was a little concerned because, apart from my 18th and when I had collected holiday photos for staff members, I did not really know him. Mr Darwin said that he would accompany me if I wished.

We entered next door and were taken through to Mr Gregg’s office.

He greeted us: “Please sit down, Rob, glad you came as well Miss Dewhurst. Please sit down. Would it be alright if I called you Alice?”

I blushed as I nodded.

His secretary brought in a tray of tea and biscuits.

Then Mr Gregg spoke. “Alice, the reason I have asked to see you is that, apart from being very attractive, you also look very young and could easily pass as a school girl. I have been approached by a company that distributes films for adult viewing abroad. While they are classed as adult films, there is no sexual activity or nudity involved. They are all based around corporal punishment in schools.”

I just sat open mouthed before speaking. “How does this concern me, Mr Gregg?”

“Well, Alice, I take it that corporal punishment was used at your school?”

I nodded.

“And were you punished, Alice?”

“Once, when I was 11. I had the top of my right leg smacked.”

“Well, Alice, I am looking for 3 young-looking ladies who must be 18 plus to take the part of girls in the sixth form. I already have actresses who will take the part of the really naughty girls who will be caned in all the films. But I am looking for girls to make up a small class who would be prepared to at least receive a smacked bottom over their skirt. I will be paying them £25 per film plus extra for any punishment that they receive as well as a smacked bottom. I have spoken to Mr Darwin and he is prepared to let you finish early on the days we film.”

I sat there dumfounded and blushing before speaking slowly. “Could I have time to consider this, please, as I thought I was past worrying about getting a sore bottom.”

I got up and we left. On the way back, Mr Darwin told me he had been approached on my 18th but had dismissed it out of hand. Then, after being approached again, he thought it should be my choice.

That night as I lay in bed, my mind went back to my last day at school when I had regretted not getting the cane.

On my way to work, I decided that for a sore bottom I would get a week’s wage. I arrived at work 30 minutes early and called to see Mr Gregg. I told him I was prepared to be spanked, but that is all. I was asked to sign a contract to say that I agreed to act in 4 films and be spanked over my skirt in all of them. I would be paid £25 per film. It was pointed out that if I was naughty more than once I would have  to accept  getting  the slipper over my knickers.

As I took a tea tray in to Mr Darwin at 10.00, he said he had been informed that I would need to finish early the next 4 Tuesdays. I just blushed and nodded when he asked if I was sure.

I got up Saturday morning and mum had prepared me breakfast. I had breakfast and a shower and got dressed. As I got downstairs, mum asked if I would like to go into Liverpool shopping with her. We caught the train into Liverpool. After having lunch, mum suggested that I should check my bra size as she thought I have grown a little. We found a shop that did measurements and I had indeed developed into a 34C, so she bought me 2 new white bras and 1 new black bra. As I came out of the changing room she had also bought me 3 matching pairs of satin mini briefs.

Tuesday morning arrived and I took a pair of my new satin briefs in my hand bag to wear for the filming. At 3.00pm Mr Darwin came over and told me I could leave now and wished me luck. I arrived next door and was greeted by Mr Gregg who took me into the studio. He introduced me to Kevin, the director, and Roger, the chief camera man. Kevin then took me behind a screen where 5 girls were in various stages of undress and introduced me to Karen, Jodie, Lynne, Sue and Jenny.

Kevin outlined what would happen and said that Karen and Jenny would both be receiving 6 of the best over their knickers. Jodie and Sue would get 6 with the slipper. I would be spanked and Lynne would get her legs smacked. He then added that we could get a lesser punishment as well.

I got changed and was sat in my bra and briefs having some make-up applied when Roger came in to speak to us about how the cameras would at times be very close.

As I got dressed, I was surprised how short the skirt was as it was just below my bottom. I was told my name for the film was Janet Smith.

We all went outside and were told to sit in one of the desks. There were three rows of 2 desks and chairs. We were then told that we were now in school mode. The door opened and a man in mortar board hat and gown entered. All the girls jumped up, so I too got up.

After wishing us all good morning, he said: “Sit down.” He looked towards me and said: “You must be the new girl, Smith?”

I looked at him and then remembered my school name.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Glad to hear you remembered some things about protocol.”

He walked to where I was sat and stopped and just looked at me. The camera man followed him.

He finally spoke. “Karen, what time is it?”

Karen, who was sat next to me, stood up and moved to the side of her desk before turning to him and saying: “It is 09.15, Sir.”

“Thank you, and sit down. SMITH! STAND UP! And face Karen.”

I did as I was told. He moved to my left side and without saying a word leaned across me and lifted my skirt which left my bottom and knickers being filmed. Then he gave my right leg 8 very hard smacks to my left thigh which had me yelping. I was then told to sit as the camera man filmed the hand prints. I was warned not to rub my leg.

It was not long before Sue was called out and had to bend over his knee. Her skirt was lifted onto her back as he spanked her bottom and thighs till they were as red as her knickers. She returned to her seat in front of me. Karen was then bending over her desk getting 6 with the slipper. It wasn’t long before Jenny was called out and he went to the cupboard and took out a cane. He lifted her skirt and gave her 6 vicious looking strokes across the knickers. As she returned to her seat behind me, I heard her yelp as she sat down. I turned to see if she was ok.

“SMITH! Out here now! You do not watch a girl when she is in discomfort. Over my knee now.”

I lowered myself over his knee and felt my skirt raised onto my back before my bottom exploded in pain as the first smack landed. I lost count how many I received but I was crying with the pain as I was allowed to return to my seat.

“If I have to speak to you again, it will be the slipper.”

The tingling in my bottom was now easing as all the other girls were punished. Lynne had finished up being spanked, and I was thinking: ‘Should I do something to get the slipper?’

“Smith, stand up and bend over your desk. You have been told not to rub when you have been punished, and you were told you would get the slipper next time.”

I bent over my desk and I felt my skirt raised onto my back before there was an explosion of pain in my bottom. As the slipper landed 5 more times, each increased the pain. I was finally sitting at my desk again as a bell sounded and we were asked to leave.

Once in the changing area, we all had our knickers down examining our bottoms. Mr Gregg appeared and gave us all an envelope. I put mine in my bag before changing into my own clothing and setting off home.

As I examined my bottom more closely, I could see the bruising coming out. That night in bed, I was again wishing that the 6 raised welts that Karen and Jenny had were actually on my bottom as well. I went to sleep thinking there was always next week. In fact it was only on the 4th and last week that I plucked up the courage to ask to be caned.

The feeling when I walked to the front of the class, was told to bend over and heard a swoosh as the cane whistled through the air before landing like a red hot poker low down on my bottom. That was followed by five more, each one being more painful than the previous one.

I got home and hid my envelope away. In bed, I finally felt 6 raised welts across my bottom. And so began my lifelong fascination with corporal punishment.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2016