Punishment in a small village

by David Baldwin

In North Africa, in the seventies, there was a new flourishing oil industry in a small town which, a few years before, was a small village. There was an influx of oil workers and plenty of new industries to keep them supplied and happy. These industries had to pay ‘commission’ to the chief magistrate, Walter Olayinka, and the chief of police, Peter Bachur. Jennifer Hogan, who was forty and originally from Ireland, ran a brothel and had always paid her dues, but then refused to increase her payments as competitors had moved in and reduced her profits.

Walter and Peter had a meeting to discuss matters and decided to make an example of Jennifer to ensure that others knew what happened if they did not pay their dues. They decided to raid her brothel that night.

Walter said: “We should arrest Jennifer, but we can let the local working girls off with just a warning. We don’t want to upset their relatives who have a vote, but we can still arrest Aanya and Jala.”

They were local but their parents came from India.

He added: “I also want that young upstart, Judy Roberts, to be appointed as their lawyer. She is beginning to be a pain in the arse, and I have an idea of a way to deal with her.”

Judy was studying law and did work locally to pay for her tuition fees. Quite often she was the only person in town with any sort of legal knowledge. She was white but was born in the country. Everyone thought she was stunningly beautiful.  She was just over five feet tall and had long black hair which was normally worn up in court.

Although she was not yet fully qualified, she dressed formally in a long black skirt and white blouse in court.

The following morning, the three were in court and were represented by Judy.  All of the women were found guilty, but agreed to local punishment rather than the matter going further. This could have involved a distant prison with terrible conditions. This gave Walter a perfect opportunity to make his point. They were sentenced to 6 strokes of the cane on their bare bottoms, to be carried out in the main hall in front of the tribal elders.

Jennifer was horrified, and Judy asked if Jennifer could be spared the punishment in public in view of her age and foreign nationality and, much to Judy’s surprise, the chief magistrate agreed, instantly increasing the punishment to 12 strokes in private.

However, Judy (who Walter hated and thought needed to be brought down a peg or two) had to give her personal assurance that Jennifer would behave properly. She and Jennifer also had to accept that the elders must be satisfied with the punishment. She could not understand why Walter had insisted on this, but it all became clear later.

Jennifer received her punishment in a small room next to the main hall. She arrived in handcuffs. She was properly dressed above the waist but had to be helped to take off her skirt so she was just wearing pink knickers below the waist. She had to bend over a bench and her handcuffs were attached to a ring on the floor. Her knickers were pulled down to her ankles and she then endured the worst 12 minutes of her life. At one minute intervals, the officer in charge smashed the cane against her bottom. The first was an awful shock. She first felt the cane hit her and a sensation of incredible pain over that part of her naked bottom. She cried out in agony and had just about recovered when the next stroke hit her.

“No, no, please stop!”

It got worse and worse and she started to swear at the officer carrying out the punishment.

“You bastards!” and her screams and shouts could be heard in the main hall next door.

At the same time as she was pulling at her restraints, her bottom was gyrating from side to side and up and down. Modesty was her last concern. The first eight strokes were so expertly placed that they formed parallel lines. The officer certainly knew his job. The following strokes touched some of the first eight and Jennifer started to wail and cry even more for mercy. It made no difference to the officer carrying out the punishment. He had seen it all before. Then it was over. She was released from the floor and struggled to get up.

Jennifer was allowed to replace her knickers and her skirt and was led on to the main stage. She noticed the elders had been joined by other female business women in the audience. These included her fellow madams who were competing for business. This, she realised, was not for their enjoyment but to be a lesson to all.

Aanya and Jala were side by side over a similar bench with their legs together and their handcuffs attached to the floor on the other side of the bench. They were wearing T shirts and knickers. A female warder pulled down Aanya’s yellow and Jala’s white knickers and picked up their legs so the knickers could be placed in a basket holding the rest of their clothes. Their punishment started.

Although it was carried out by female officers, taking turns to administer the punishment with the left-handed officer caning Aanya and the right-handed one caning Jala, the strokes were much harder than Jennifer received. The officers were very religious and regarded sex outside marriage as a sin. They certainly made their feelings clear to their victims.

Jennifer could not understand why there was another bench on the stage until one of the elders spoke to the magistrate in the local dialect. Walter explained to her that the elders needed to be satisfied her punishment was sufficient, so she had to turn her back on the audience, remove her skirt and knickers and bend over the unoccupied bench. There was a gasp in the audience as her bright red bottom covered in stripes was revealed. Her handcuffs were attached to the floor as well.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Judy being escorted unwillingly on stage in handcuffs by two officers. She was dressed properly in her legal garb. She was told that Jennifer did not behave herself despite the assurances given by Judy, and that Walter, Peter and the elders would decide on her punishment.   She was told that she could address the ‘court’ and ask for mercy if she so wished.

This was not her usual composed statement. She said that she did not mean or understand that her personal assurance would be taken so seriously and that they had no right to take any action against her. She had no need to ask for mercy.

Walter and Peter consulted with the chief elder and Walter announced: “This is a flagrant disregard of our rules and our traditions. You will receive six strokes of the cane.”

Judy protested. “But you cannot do that. I am an officer of the court!”

“Eight,” replied Walter. “Prepare her and put her in position.”

The two officers who caned Aanya and Jala approached Judy and one undid the zip on Judy’s skirt, making it fall to the ground. She was wearing black knickers, a black suspender belt and dark stockings. The other officer picked Judy up and carried her to the bench beside Jennifer. Her handcuffs were attached to a ring on the other side of the bench and she was bent over so she could not move.

Walter continued: “I am now going to ask the elders whether your underwear should be UP or DOWN.” The words ‘up’ and ‘down’ were shouted at the top of his voice.

Judy heard Walter addressing the elders with the two words shouted and could hear them shout out a reply in unison. She did not understand what was said but could guess what was going to happen. This was confirmed when one of the warders approached and grabbed the waistband of her knickers.

Her knickers were pulled off and placed in a basket with the rest of her clothes. Her bottom was astonishingly beautiful and drew appreciative gasps from the audience. She received 8 heavy strokes and was in floods of tears at the end, after cries of pain and many swear words. The audience cheered.

At the end of the punishment, all the women stood, but were not allowed to get dressed. Their remaining clothes were in small bags and these, together with their knickers, were allowed to be held in front of them to provide some privacy to their pubic areas. They were escorted outside with their punished bottoms on display and were helped up on to an open-topped Land Rover. They were seated on benches with their handcuffs attached to chains on the floor. The benches were arranged so that they touched the women’s thighs and their bottoms were hanging over the benches. Aanya’s and Jala’s bottoms could be seen from the left hand side of the vehicle and Jennifer and Judy provided the view on the right hand side. This exhibition was another lesson not to upset the powers that be.

The women were then driven back to the prison through the market square (with much catcalling and cheering) where they could recover and get some treatment.

Jennifer always paid her ‘local taxes’ in future, and Judy left the area to carry on her studies elsewhere. Aanya and Jala continued their profession. They seemed to be more popular, especially with the elders.

The End

© David Baldwin 2019