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Bangalore, India, School caning role play. I am a male, 23 years old, from Kerala but now living in Bangalore. I am looking for a mature woman teacher/head teacher type for school caning role play who will punish me in the appropriate manner. No males or very young women please. I am ready to pay a reasonable fee but would prefer if you have a personal interest in caning. Interested women should contact me at: maya.anitha330@gmail.com Local TV News programme c. 1979-83?During discussions over the past few years a number of us have recalled this local news magazine programme (Day by Day or something similar?) that was broadcast early evening and showed a number of schoolchildren (mainly aged 10 to 12 approx) receiving corporal punishment on their hands and bottoms. It appears to have varied in content between regions, but most have recalled a girl in a corduroy skirt (beige or light to medium brown) bending over a school desk and being slippered. Another girl in a green and white striped uniform dress and boys in grey trousers and white shirts and other girls are also recalled. Implements included hand, slipper and cane. Someone who has all the STOPP videos of the time is certain these clips were not any of their productions.

If you can throw any light on this program, please contact Kenny Walters via admin@overthedesk.com  or  kennywalters@hotmail.com

Girard, Pennsylvania. Information sought on an incident alleged to have taken place in the late fall of 1983 when quite a large number of students at Girard High School received three licks (whacks with US paddle) each from the principal for sliding down a hillside on the snow. If you have information, please contact Megan at:  megan_e_lowry@yahoo.com Manila, Arkansas. Information sought on an alleged incident where the entire Junior class (ages 16 and 17) all received four licks (whacks with US paddle) for a mass skipping prank the previous day. It is believed the incident was mentioned in newspaper stories at the time. If you can throw more light on this story, please contact Megan at: megan_e_lowry@yahoo.com
Now satisfied – no more emails please. Thank you for your interest.Female seeks female. Attractive 37 year old female seeks an older female schoolmistress type figure to discipline me. Ideally this will include severe tellings-off, doing corner time and similar, over your knee spanking, the slipper, the cane and any other punishment you can think of as long as it is a credible school type punishment. At present I can’t accommodate so will need to be your place which should be within fifty miles or so of Derby. Please only reply if you have the ability to meet my requirements. Sorry, no males please. Please email: mary7774@hotmail.co.uk Adult School Punishment with the cane required or given in traditional style for misdemeanours that deserve six of the best or more. Uniforms of classroom or sport or gym favoured and a strict scenario is essential. Senior masters, prefects of male or female gender welcomed who can deal with bent over chair buttocks and also other adult pupils, male or female, welcomed to share interest.

Placement is South Hertfordshire and always looking for a good Headmaster’s study for enactment by male with experience and discretion.

Come and talk first if you wish.

Please contact me in confidence by email:  Kres@post.com

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