Two girls start a new business.

by Douglas Ramsey

This story heralds the return of David Boyd, Headmaster of St Bede’s Ladies’ College and his wife Dr Sally Boyd. They came to fame in the story ‘Sally’ but now they are proud parents of a young girl named Piper. David remains Headmaster of St Bede’s which has flourished under his leadership. His wife juggles the responsibilities of raising a youngster, being the perfect wife and advising the World Bank on emerging market economies. This story takes place in David’s study.

“Ah, Sally.” David Boyd’s heart missed a beat as his beautiful wife entered his study. It always did. He adored her, indeed they adored each other.

“So this is where you cane all the girls on their bare bums!?” Sally enjoyed teasing him. “How many have you whacked this week?”

Ignoring her jibe David queried: “Haven’t you been in here before? That’s amazing as you deserve to be caned most days!”

“Chance would be a fine thing sweetheart,” Sally grinned cheekily. “But no, I have never been here. You are the only one to have caned me; once in your old office and then at my home.”

David coughed and went on: “Anyway I do not cane girls! It would be an absolute last resort.” This was a touchy subject for him. “The cane is still available to me but I would feel a sense of failure if I ever came to use it.”

“So you get others to cane the girls for you?”

“No I don’t! And stop it.” David sounded annoyed but his anger melted once he saw the twinkle in Sally’s eyes. “But I would be pleased to make an exception for you so just watch out.” Laughter was in his voice now.

“Well you caned my bare bum twelve times didn’t you?”

“That was different and you know it.” David wanted this topic closed. “While at this school didn’t you do a thesis on the school’s code of ethics and its charter? I really need your advice.”

“Yes I did; what’s the problem?”

“Two girls, Ami Bartlett and Megan Tate, have jointly established a business in Edinburgh. They are 50/50 shareholders using money from their own funds with the help of a loan from a major bank secured by their parents. They monitor the enterprise via the Internet from school.”

“What is the business?”

“Well,” David looked rather coy. “It seems to be a play school for adults.”

“It’s a what!” Sally had a huge grin on here face. “You mean it’s where adults go to relive their childhood, nappies and things.”

“No, no, it is where adults go to be treated as school boys and girls and be punished. Actually it really seems to be all about the punishment.”

“Wow! How exciting, and adventurous of them.”

“So, my question is, have the girls done anything wrong?”

“Hmmm. Sally stalled for time as she reflected on the situation. “Owning shares isn’t a problem; many girls have a share portfolio or even own an interest in the family business. Monitoring the performance of those shares clearly is OK. One or two girls are board directors of daddy’s company so again that’s not an issue. Having shares in a company that has a bank loan – no problem as most will have debt of one type or another.”

“So it’s all OK then?”

“The only thing that bothers me is the type of business and whether it could pose a reputation type risk to the school.”

“That worried me too but before we go on, I commissioned a private investigator to attend the school last weekend. She will be here soon with her report. I would like you to stay and listen in. Is that OK?”

“Sure sweetheart. I’m looking forward to it already.” David had not missed that Sally’s eyes were moist probably with suppressed laughter.

“Stop it, this is serious!” But he too had a grin on his face.

“Come in.” David looked towards his study door. An attractive lady, maybe late twenties, stood at the doorway dressed in a pin-striped suit which hugged her curvaceous figure. She was not tall but oozed sexuality.

“Please come in, Miss Nathan. May I introduce my wife Sally.”

“Headmaster, please call me Emma. Sally, very pleased to meet you. Headmaster, thank you for this assignment. Here is my report, and my invoice.” Emma handed a professionally bound report to David.

“Emma, please sit. Would you be kind enough to summarise your findings for us?”

“Of course, Sir.”

Emma looked nervously at David and Sally but then launched into a review of her weekend at The Academy.

“The Academy for Discerning Enthusiasts is referred to as TADE, pronounced tay-dee.

“The first thing to stress is that TADE is the most professional customer orientated company that I have ever come across. The focus on detail, customer service and, of course, privacy is nothing short of sensational.

“Before we (I took my boyfriend) even got close to TADE we were thoroughly interrogated in London. They made sure that we understood what would happen at TADE and checked that we were ‘suitable’ to attend. We had to commit to absolute secrecy and as a result we risk serious financial penalties if we divulge any information about any fellow attendee. We can talk about numbers but nothing that could possibly identify a participant.

“Having said that we actually don’t know who they were or where they were from. We were all allocated a name and back story before we arrived – a bit like How to Host a Murder.”

Emma paused to collect her thoughts.

“We had to fill out a form indicating our desired level of participation. The questions were simple but confronting. We had to nominate the punishments we would accept. Options for me included; hand spanking, paddle and cane applied across my skirt, knickers or on the bare either in private or in front of the class. Severity options were; mild, medium or firm with upper limits of; a 10 minute spanking, 18 licks of the paddle or 12 strokes of the cane. Headmaster, this was a challenge for us but, given that we were on an assignment, we both elected for firm and chose the maximum spanking and paddle levels but just up to 8 with the cane. And all punishments could be on the bare and in front of the class.”

Emma looked embarrassed but continued.

“The pricing system was interesting in that the more you agreed to participate the less expensive it was. So for an observer only the day cost was 5,000 pounds but, having chosen as we did, it cost us the same, 5,000 pounds for two.

“The school is wonderfully located just a few hundred yards from Edinburgh railway station and really it is nothing short of superb. It is housed in a beautiful Grade A listed building where it takes up 2 floors. Reception is on level 1 as is the headmaster’s study and a classroom which holds up to 20. On level 2 there is a kitchen and a large multi-purpose room used as a gym, assembly room and refectory.

“Everything is in keeping with the 50’s and 60’s – the décor, desks, tables etc. were perfectly chosen. In short you felt that you were in an old style school.

“I forgot to say, when we arrived at TADE we were searched for cameras, smart phones or anything that could tape or picture the goings on. Security and privacy was everything.”

Emma paused again clearly to conjure up courage to continue.

“Well the day was great fun, exciting and at times painful. Three people were in charge; a headmaster, lady teacher and gym master. Throughout the day there were countless tests and quizzes which were entertaining, clever and instructive but impossible to get fully correct. The level of punishment that followed related to the number of mistakes made.

“The three teachers spent most of their day punishing miscreants. My first was a 5 minute spanking in front of the class. It was given with my skirt lifted and my knickers stretched tight. Later I was sent to the headmaster to be given a 10 minute bare bottom spanking across his knee.

“The attention to detail was phenomenal, making what of course was a game seem quite real. All the punishments were very formal. First you would get a telling off then be ordered to bend over, remove your skirt or whatever. When seeing the Headmaster you always had to wait outside and listen to the student before you being caned or spanked. It all added to the intensity.

“For the second lesson punishments changed to paddling. I went to the gym master for ten swats across my skirt but was then given my maximum of eighteen across my knickers in front of everyone. That hurt and was embarrassing.

“In the final session, I was sent to the Head. Two others were waiting and I listened to them both being caned. Then it was my turn. Goodness, I was nervous, scared actually, it was so real. I got 6 of the cane across my knickers but my finale was 8 of the best in the gym in front of the entire school with my skirt off and knickers around my ankles. It really stung but somehow it was extraordinarily exciting. I find this hard to say but I enjoyed it.

“Steven received similar but different punishments.

“By the end of the day our rear ends were sore to say the least!

“The final part of the day was dinner in the refectory. It was traditional school fare and it was superb served with quality wine. It was apparent that everyone had enjoyed every second most saying that they would return.

“The academy is destined to do extremely well.”

David and Sally had listened to Emma in shocked silence. “Emma, we would like to ask some questions.” David appeared flustered by her candid description.

“The caning, what I am trying to ask,” David was at a loss as to how to frame his question.

Sally came to the rescue. “I think the Headmaster wants to know how painful was 8 firm strokes of the cane on the bare?” David nodded. “Was your bottom marked?”

“It certainly hurt and brought tears to my eyes but there were no serious markings. By the next day any sign of the punishment had gone. I think they were careful about that.”

“And what about you partner?”

“He was given 8 strokes too in front of the class also on the bare. He said that he loved it especially as it was the lady teacher who whacked him. Goodness was he turned on! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so big.”

Emma regretted her comment and went very red.

Sally and David smiled.

“What was the most severe punishment you heard of, or saw?”

“A lady aged maybe 45 took 12 strokes of the cane on the bare while strapped to the vaulting horse. This was in front of the school and I must say that they seemed to be applied more heavily than my firm. She didn’t flinch!”

“Please can you describe the participants?”

“We were all called students but I am only permitted to tell you that there were 16 in total. This was made up of 6 couples including Steve and I. I think all were between 30 and 50 years old. Then there were 2 youngish girls maybe 19 or 20, they had a ball, then one chap about 50 and a lady a bit younger say 45.

“One man was just an observer but his partner took full part. He clearly enjoyed watching her and others being punished. I think everyone else took the lot and I’m pretty sure that we watched just about everyone else being punished often on the bare.”

“I need to ask another question.” David hesitated.

Sally again sensed her husband’s embarrassment and interjected: “Were any sexual services on offer?”

“No, indeed sexual activities were strictly forbidden. There could be no lewd remarks, no touching or gestures – immediate expulsion was the penalty. But of course, like with Steve, it was obvious that the men and ladies were often extremely aroused. I expect everyone had a great night back at their hotels. We certainly did.” Emma once again wished she had not said that and turned as red as a tomato.

David coughed, smiled and thanked Emma for her report.

As Emma rose to leave she added cheekily: “Should you need a follow up review done I’d be pleased to help.”

“Wow, I’m so wet, let’s get straight back to the house or we can just make out across your desk.”

“Sally, hold on for a while we have to see the girls.”

Moments later, two pretty young girls were brought into the office by David’s secretary.

“Ami, Megan, thanks for coming by.” David smiled at them both. “I think you know my wife.”

The girls nodded. Ami turned to Sally. “Nice to meet you personally, Dr Boyd, how is Piper?”

“Very well thank you,” came the reply.

“You know that I need to talk about The Academy, but before going on we don’t think any wrongdoing has occurred but we want to be sure.”

“Yes Sir, of course. We were very keen to do everything above board and not expose the school or ourselves to any reputational risk.” Megan spoke confidently, which impressed both Sally and David.

“Customer privacy was our biggest concern and we believe that has been well addressed. Next was risk to us and the school. Again we have taken care of it by holding our shares in blind trusts. It would need a forensic financial wizard to link the Academy back to us. Lastly we really care about the quality of the services offered and we are confident that we are meeting our customers’ needs.’

Ami chipped in: “On that point currently we are seeing a 30 per cent student return rate, customer satisfaction surveys are fantastic and improving. Demand is increasing by 15 per cent per month. Our staff enjoy a profit share arrangement and are highly committed.”

David looked in amazement as the information just rolled off their tongues.

“Our bank loans have already been repaid and within one month our personal investment should have been repaid too.”

Megan took over. “We have an agent looking for suitable premises in the Eton/Windsor/Slough area but our market research suggests that two academies will be enough for the UK. We will look at Berlin after we leave school then we plan to go to Sydney and Melbourne to assess opportunities there.”

Impressed by their business acumen, David asked: “And how do you check the quality of the services?”

‘Why, we go ourselves, Sir. About every 6 weeks, and we participate fully.”

“What? Cane on the bare etc?” Sally asked.

‘Yes of course, the whole thing. It’s great fun. We both love being spanked but the anticipation of a bare bummed caning in front of the whole school is just so, so, so exciting. It hurts, but it has to doesn’t it for it to be real. We also love watching others being punished. It turns us on big time but we catch up with our boyfriends afterwards and get screwed. Sorry Sir.”

David was sure he heard Sally giggle but dared not look at her. He thought it time to change the subject a little. “So do you think I should use the cane more often here? On your bare bottoms?” David asked now with a grin on his face.

“Sir, that is different. That would be punishment; this is for fun. Quite different.”

“OK, well thanks again girls and we wish you well with your future business enterprises.” David smiled warmly as the girls rose to leave.

Megan stopped. “Whoops, nearly forgot, this is for you and Dr Boyd. Thank you Headmaster.” And they left.

“What is it sweetheart?” Sally looked on expectantly as David slit open the envelope.

‘It is a complementary invitation for us both to attend TADE including first class return railway tickets to Edinburgh and two nights all expenses paid at a swish hotel. It suggests we go four weeks from now as they will have left school and will be there on a quality assurance review. ’

Sally’s draw dropped. “Wow, I’m up for it, maximum of everything, on the bare and in public. It would be even more fun with the girls there. And you darling?”

“But the girls would be there. They might see me being caned. See me aroused. Would you be OK with that?”

“Of course, why not? Everyone knows I love you dearly and how we got together. Those girls would see why our sex is so exciting. You can be a prude you know. Anyway they will have left school. They’re adults. Don’t forget you caned me on the bare a few days after I left school, then you screwed me non stop for 24 hours. What’s the problem? It would be fabulous to see the girls caned on the bare and wouldn’t you like to see another man cane my bare bum in front other men and ladies too?”

David’s avoided the question. “I can’t stand this any more, we need to get to the house fast. Hope you’re not busy for the next hour or two.”

“Only busy with you sweetheart but shall we go to TADE?”

David said nothing but the look on his face told all.

The End