Two sisters miss school, and their little plot is discovered.

By Kenny Walters

“It’s time we held a party,” Susan declared to her younger sister, Patricia. “How about this coming weekend?”

“Could do,” came the rather disinterested response as Patricia continued the essay she was writing for her English homework.

Of the two sisters, Patricia was the more studious even though she was two years younger than Susan. She was also taller and had long, dark, wavy hair, compared to Susan’s shorter, neater, shoulder-length hair, often but not always tied back in a ponytail. Patricia was also more athletically built, although it was her slightly more robust older sister who excelled on the hockey field.

“Oh come on! It’ll be brilliant. We’ve got this big old house to ourselves now our parents accept we’re old enough to look after ourselves while they’re away working abroad. I mean, I’m eighteen now and you’re sixteen.”

“You’re only just eighteen, Susan.”

“But we’re both sensible, otherwise they wouldn’t let me drive us both into school every day. We’re well trusted. Even our headmaster agreed we should be allowed to live at home rather than continue boarding. And Mrs Evans across the road agreed to help us if we ever needed anything.”

“Yes, I don’t think that extends to wild parties with loud music crossing the road and filling her ears.”

“It wouldn’t be that sort of party, stupid! We could organize some girls from school, and we all know a few boys. If we keep the windows closed, and the house being in its own grounds, no one will be able to hear music, even if it does get a bit loud. Hey, we could even pop over to France for the day to stock up. There are four ferry sailings from Newhaven to Dieppe every day, so if we leave early one morning we could take the car over, buy wine and all sorts of goodies from the delicatessens, maybe real French bread. It would be great.”

“It’s six weeks until half term, Susan. We wouldn’t have enough time to go on the ferry on Saturday and get back in time for a party. We’ll have to leave it until then.”

“Not necessarily, Patsy. We could go tomorrow, for instance. Missing lessons for just one day wouldn’t do any harm, would it?”

“Probably not, but I’m really looking forward to you running that idea past Mr Thomson. Has it not occurred to you our dear headmaster might just object to us taking a day off to stock up on booze for a party?”

“We wouldn’t tell him, of course!”

“Oh, bunk off, you mean? Well, they wouldn’t miss us just for one little day, would they?” Patricia replied sarcastically.

Susan thought for a minute. “Food poisoning! We’ll phone in to say we had something for supper that upset our stomachs and we don’t feel well enough for school. They’d believe us, for sure.”

“That’s as maybe, but it’s very deceitful. We’d be betraying the trust they had in us to allow us to live at home.”

“I know, but girls have bunked off school before. It would hardly be something new. It’s what adventurous girls do.”

“And can I remind you what happens to them when they get caught, Susan?”

“They get whacks. Big deal!”

“Oh, so you’re happy to bend over our headmaster’s desk in your knickers while he whacks your bum with that plastic paddle thingy, are you Susan?”

“I’ve had it once before, when I kept disrupting a not-terribly-interesting history class when I was in the fourth form. It wasn’t that bad, really.”

“That’s not what you said at the time. Anyway, I haven’t had whacks and I have no wish to experience it.”

“Oh, come on, Patsy. Think of the lovely wine and other goodies if we manage to pull it off. We’re well overdue for a decent party.”


“Good morning, West Edenworth School. Helen Smith speaking. How may I help?”

“Hello, Mrs Smith,” Susan croaked over the telephone. “This is Susan Miller. I’m afraid Patricia and I have been up all night with upset stomachs. I think it must have been the fish we had for dinner last evening.”

“Oh dear, Susan, I’m sorry to hear that. How are you both feeling now?”

“A little bit better, thank you. The trouble is, we’ve neither of us been able to get much sleep. We’re both quite exhausted.”

“I can imagine. Well, you’d better not come into school today. Take things easy, get as much rest as you can, and see how you’re feeling tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mrs Smith. I’m sure we’ll both be fine by tomorrow.”

“Bye, Susan, and don’t worry. I’ll let Mr Thomson know you’ve phoned.”

Susan replaced the receiver and turned to her sister. “That’s it, Patsy, all done. She swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Now, let’s get going. We should just be able to catch the 9.30 ferry if we don’t hang about.”


“Good morning, Helen. Everything okay?” Edward Thomson greeted the school secretary as he passed through her office on his way to his study.

“Yes, Mr Thomson, all’s well so far. Oh, there’s just one thing. Susan and Patricia Miller won’t be in school today. Susan phoned a few minutes ago and said they’d both had a rough night with a bit of food poisoning. Something to do with the fish they ate last night. I told them to get some rest today and see how they feel tomorrow.”

“Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope they’re okay. I’m sure they’re old enough to look after themselves, but nonetheless they are two girls on their own without their parents here to look after them.”

“True, although they do have a good neighbour just across the road from their house who keeps an eye on them.”

“Yes, I have met her, and she’s a fine lady, but perhaps later in the morning we might arrange for someone to pop over to the girls’ house and check they don’t need anything, like medicine from the chemist, for example.”

“Very well, headmaster, I’ll get that organized. Oh, and don’t forget I have a dental appointment later this morning.”

As Helen Smith returned to her outer office, she saw that her young assistant, Laura Hemsworth, had just arrived and was taking her coat off.

“Good morning, Laura.”

“Morning, Helen. Everything okay?”

“Actually, I might have a little job for you later, if you wouldn’t mind.”

“Of course not. What is it?”

Helen explained about Susan and Patricia’s absence from school, and then arranged for Laura and Myra Williams, the school’s robust games mistress, to leave the school at 10.30 and check on the two girls.

“Obviously, you might have to get some medicine from the local chemist, that sort of thing, but you should be back in time for lunch,” added Helen.

“Of course, no problem,” confirmed the young assistant secretary.


“Do you know where we’re going?” Laura asked as Myra Williams drove her Ford hatchback towards the town where Susan and Patricia lived.

“Pretty much. I live in the same town, although not of course in such a big expensive house as the two girls.”

“Wealthy family?”

“Their father is something in the oil business. He and their mother seem to spend a lot of time in the Middle East. It’s only recently the two girls have been allowed to live at home looking after themselves. They’re both very sensible girls, but they might need a little help with this food poisoning. We might need to call their doctor if they’re that bad.”

“Yes, of course.”

Laura looked out of the car window as Myra turned into a smaller side road and the rural green scenery began to be interspersed with fine large houses, all set in their own grounds.

“I think this is it,” Myra said as she slowed the car right down. “Yes, this is the one.”

They turned into a short driveway and approached a large Victorian house, three stories high, with a large outbuilding built in similar style. Myra Williams stopped the car by the navy-blue painted front door adorned with a brass knob and letter box. They both got out of the car and Myra pressed the doorbell, a large, antiquated affair in keeping with the rest of the house. Several minutes passed, Myra rang the doorbell twice more and also hammered on a brass door knocker for good measure.

“No car,” commented Myra as she looked around the large gardens.

“Perhaps it’s in the garage,” Laura said. “I’ll go and look.”

She went across the driveway to the large outbuilding and peered through a window set in one of the large doors. Despite the poor light inside, she was able to make out two quite dusty vintage Rolls Royces at the back of the building, but not the Nissan Micra that Susan drove.

“No, Susan’s car isn’t in the garage. Perhaps she’s gone to the chemist herself,” Laura suggested as she returned.

“But then Patricia wouldn’t need to go too,” mused Myra. “Let’s go across to the lady who lives across the road. She might know what’s going on.”

The road, a small quiet lane, was clear of traffic and they crossed easily and went up the drive to an expensive-looking large mock-Tudor house set in well-tended gardens.

“Hello, can I help?” A woman in her fifties dressed in a sleeveless red dress answered the door and eyed the two women suspiciously.

“We’re from West Edenworth School,” Myra explained. “Susan and Patricia across the road phoned in to say they’d suffered a bout of food poisoning yesterday evening, so we’ve come to see if they’re okay and get anything they might need, but we can’t get any reply. Do you know how they are? We believe you keep a bit of an eye on them?”

“Yes, I do, but I don’t know anything about any food poisoning. They seemed perfectly well when they drove off this morning.”

“They left for school? But they phoned to say they weren’t coming in today.”

“No, they went off to catch the ferry over to Dieppe. I only had a brief conversation with them, but they seemed perfectly well and happy. They told me they’re having a bit of a party on Saturday and want to stock up on wine and food.”

“Oh really?” Myra exchanged glances with Laura. “The little rascals!”

“Oh dear. Have I let something slip? Will they be in trouble tomorrow?” asked the neighbour.

“I’m sure the headmaster will want a word with them, at least,” confirmed the games mistress.

“That should be an interesting discussion,” smiled the neighbour.

As Myra and Laura headed back to their car, Laura asked, “I imagine Mr Thomson will be quite angry with them, actually.”

“Disappointed, certainly.”

“So, there will be a bit of a reprimand, presumably?”

Myra laughed. “You could say that. If I was you, I’d keep an eye out to see if they’re rubbing their bottoms when they leave his study.”

“Rubbing their bottoms? What do you mean? Oh, you don’t think he’ll…”


The following morning, as Susan drove the two sisters towards school, she remarked, “I enjoyed our visit to France. We were lucky to have such a nice, sunny day. And Dieppe was lovely, wasn’t it? We got some good bargains too.”

“Let’s hope our school day goes just as well,” Patricia replied, feeling more apprehensive.

“Look, all we’ve got to do is stick to our story about being unwell yesterday. What could possibly go wrong?”

“We’ll soon see.”

As they continued their journey, Patricia sat staring out of the window and fiddling with her dark wavy hair while Susan concentrated on her driving. Ten minutes later, they parked in the school grounds and entered the main building.

“Good morning, girls. How are you feeling today?” Helen Smith asked as she met the two sisters in the foyer outside the secretaries’ office.

“Oh, much better, thank you Mrs Smith,” Susan replied with a smile.

“Glad to hear it,” Helen replied, also smiling. “I expect you had a nice quiet day yesterday, did you?”

“Yes, we just stayed indoors and kept warm. Drank lots of fluids, that sort of thing.”

“And you did the same, did you Patricia?”

“Um, yes,” she replied, sensing something wasn’t quite right.

“Oh, by the way, could you pop in and have a word with the headmaster, girls?” Helen pulled her office door wide open for the girls to enter. “I expect he wants to make sure you’re not suffering any after-effects from yesterday.”

“Oh, okay,” Susan answered brightly.

Patricia offered just a brief smile.

The two sisters entered the secretaries’ office and said hello to Laura, who was sitting at her desk typing on her computer keyboard. She didn’t look up. Helen Smith sat at her desk and pressed a button on the intercom.

“Headmaster, Susan and Patricia Miller are here.”

“Okay, send them in,” came a gruff male voice.

“Yes, headmaster.” Turning to the two girls, Helen told them, “Leave your bags and jackets with me, then go straight in.”

Susan and Patricia looked at each other as they deposited their bags by the side of Mrs Smith’s desk and removed their light summer jackets, folding them neatly and leaving them on top of their bags. Patricia’s uneasiness was beginning to rub off onto her sister, demonstrated by a brief grimace as their eyes met.

“Ah, Susan and Patricia! Do come in,” Eric Thomson greeted them in apparently friendly fashion. “Take a seat.” He gestured towards two chairs that had been placed in front of his desk.

Patricia looked around the room, looking for any clue about why they were having to face their headmaster. Susan boldly sat on one of the chairs and met the headmaster’s gaze. Then Patricia sat next to her sister.

“I do hope you’re both feeling fit and well, girls?” Eric Thomson, a man in his early fifties with thinning grey hair, sat back in his chair.

“Yes, thank you, sir,” Susan replied, while Patricia merely nodded.

“Yes, I was sorry to hear about the stomach problems that kept you away from school yesterday.”

“We’re better now, thank you, sir.”

The headmaster looked each girl straight in the eye as he paused thoughtfully.

“In fact, I was so concerned I sent Ms Williams and Laura over to your house to see if there was anything they could do to help. You know, pop round to the chemist, that sort of thing.” The headmaster watched carefully for the girls’ reaction.

Patricia looked hard at her older sister, a look of horror on her face.

Susan blankly looked at the window behind their headmaster as she began to realise this was all heading in a direction they would struggle to explain.

“Nothing to say, girls?” The headmaster prompted.

The two sisters both remained silent, neither able to come up with any response that might help their situation.

“So, how was France? At least you had fine weather for your ferry crossing,” Mr Thomson continued, finding considerable pleasure in watching the girls struggle.

Susan coughed, then replied, “Sorry, sir. We just felt that missing school for one day wouldn’t do any real harm.”

“And Patricia, I expect you’re sorry too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” the younger sister murmured, regretting she’d ever listened to Susan.

“What you don’t yet know is that, on hearing you both had suffered possible food poisoning, which can be quite serious, we contacted your parents in Egypt to inform them of the situation. We then had to update them a few hours later to tell them that in fact you were not unwell at all and had merely used it as an excuse to abscond from school. They were not best pleased.”

The headmaster paused to check the girls’ faces for any sign of a reaction. Susan seemed to be taking it in her stride, while Patricia looked more worried.

“Punishment is inevitable, I’m afraid, girls,” Mr Thomson added.

Susan shrugged. “It was my idea, sir. Patricia just went along with it. I’m the one who should be punished.”

Patricia glanced at her sister, a little surprised Susan was at least trying to take the blame. She felt the headmaster watching her intently. Perhaps he was expecting her to argue that she was equally to blame and therefore expected to receive the same punishment as Susan. If that was the case, he would be disappointed. The idea of receiving whacks, the spanking with the plastic paddle that was the headmaster’s favoured punishment for serious offenders, horrified her. She looked over to the window, believing that avoiding eye contact with Mr Thomson might help her avoid the spanking at least.

“I’m sure Patricia will thank you for that offer, Susan, but she is sixteen and quite capable of making her own decisions. Therefore, you will both be treated equally.”

Susan nodded. She didn’t try to argue; it was a gesture she felt she had to make, but had doubted the headmaster would go along with it.

“I daresay you both have a pretty good idea what to expect.” The headmaster smiled as he watched the girls’ faces.

Patricia looked worried; Susan seemed resigned to her fate.

“However, on discussing this with your parents, in particular your mother, we feel this is such a serious matter that we are going to depart from my usual method of dispensing discipline.”

Now Mr Thomson had the two girls’ full attention.

“You might reasonably be expecting a spanking over my desk with my plastic paddle. In other words, our usual punishment for serious matters. However, on this occasion you will both be caned, six strokes each. This will be administered across your backsides and, as with the paddle, it will be across your underwear.”

Susan coughed. The headmaster’s home-made plastic paddle, an eighteen-inch plastic blade, one end shaped into a handle, very similar in size and shape to the traditional American school paddle, delivered a firm reprimand, but the cane clearly was going to be much more painful.

Patricia, who had suddenly become quite pale in the face, looked at her older sister as though expecting her to magically find some way out of this. When she saw Susan was equally stunned, she took it upon herself to seek confirmation of what she thought she had just heard.

“Our parents have asked for us to be caned, sir? Mummy asked for us to be caned?”

“That is correct, Patricia.”

“But why? I find that hard to believe.”

“I don’t,” Sarah cut in. “She’ll be feeling we seriously let her down. I remember her saying she once got caned for something like this when she was at this school. Playing truant, I mean.”

“Your mother felt a caning might have a more significant effect on you, Patricia. On both of you.”

“When will it be done, sir?” Susan asked.

Edward Thomson looked at his watch. “Let’s see, it’s nearly half past nine. Take half an hour to prepare yourselves and then return at ten o’clock. Mrs Smith will explain your absences from your first lessons of the day.”

Susan and Patricia looked at each other, but there really was nothing more to be said. Now they had just thirty minutes before what sounded like an exceedingly painful punishment would be inflicted across their bottoms.

Helen Smith watched the two downhearted sisters leave the headmaster’s study and pass silently through the secretaries’ outer office. Once they were out in the corridor with the door closed behind them, the senior secretary tapped briefly on Mr Thomson’s door and went in.

“Everything okay, headmaster?”

“Yes, no real argument from the girls. I’ve told them to come back in thirty minutes and I’ll cane them then.”

“In thirty minutes?” Mrs Smith seemed concerned.

“Yes. Why? Is that a problem?”

“Only that I have that dental appointment I told you about earlier. I’m just about to leave.”

“Damn! Never mind, I’ll get someone else to witness. Maybe our dear gym mistress, for example.”

“How about Laura? She could easily spare a few minutes.”

“Okay, if you think she wouldn’t mind.”

“Shouldn’t be working in a school if she does mind,” Helen retorted. “I’ll have a word with her.”

“Thanks, Helen. If you would, please.”

As Helen returned to her outer office, she went to her desk and prepared to leave for her dental appointment.

“Laura, I’m off now. I’ll be back in time for lunch. You’ll be able to cope, won’t you?”

“I think so, Helen. It all seems fairly quiet this morning. What’s happening about Susan and Patricia?”

Helen chuckled, and a broad grin spread across her face. “They’re due back here at ten o’clock. Mr Thomson is going to cane both of them. He’ll want a female member of staff as a witness. You can either do that yourself or find a teacher. You should find someone in the staff room. Okay?”

“Um, yes. Fine,” Helen replied, her mind starting to race.

“Right, I’m off. See you later.”

“Bye, Helen. Good luck with the dentist.”

As the door closed behind Helen, Laura looked up at the clock. In just over twenty minutes, Susan and Patricia would be back to submit themselves to their canings. Laura still had plenty of time to go in search of a female teacher to serve as the headmaster’s witness, but she remained at her desk. She had never been caned herself, and didn’t know anyone who had. Somehow, the idea of watching the two sisters being caned intrigued her.

In her short time at the school, she’d known of just two girls reporting for punishment by Mr Thomson. They were getting whacks, as Helen had told her, although her senior colleague hadn’t said much beyond that. All Laura knew was that the two girls had emerged from the headmaster’s study looking quite subdued, and one had given the seat of her grey uniform trousers a rub as she left the outer office.

At five minutes to ten, Susan and Patricia entered the secretaries’ office.

Laura looked up and smiled weakly. The two sisters barely acknowledged her.

“We’re here to see the headmaster,” Susan explained concisely as they sat down on two of the chairs by the wall opposite Laura’s desk. “We’re a bit early. Where’s Mrs Smith?”

“She’s gone to a dental appointment,” Laura replied. “I, um, I do know why you’re here.”

Patricia grimaced.

“So, who has Mr Thomson asked to witness?” Susan asked. “Are they already in there?”

“No, I will be the witness,” explained Laura. “That’s okay, isn’t it?”

Susan looked like she wanted to say something, but couldn’t quite get the words out. Patricia appeared stunned by the idea, but also said nothing. Thus, the three females sat in silence as the minutes ticked by. The atmosphere in the small office was tense. They were suddenly awoken by the intercom buzzer sounding.

“Yes, headmaster?” Laura responded. “Very good, headmaster.”

Susan and Patricia looked anxiously at Laura in the certain knowledge they were about to be sent back into the inner sanctum.

“Two minutes, then we can go in,” Laura informed them, a little breathlessly, as though she was equally as nervous.

Neither sister spoke, both quite miserable.

“I’m totally sympathetic, girls,” Laura stated, trying to sound encouraging. “I mean, apparently the rules mean I have to witness you being, you know, caned. It’s like part of my job?”

“Mrs Smith usually does it, or a teacher,” Susan replied. “She’s older.”

“I’m afraid there wasn’t time for me to go looking for a teacher,” Laura lied. “And Mrs Smith is away at her dentist’s appointment. Don’t worry, I’ll help you in any way I can.” She smiled weakly.

Patricia looked at her sister and shrugged. They stood up and brushed themselves down over their tartan kilt-style skirts and red uniform jumpers. When precisely two minutes had passed, Laura got up and tapped on the headmaster’s door. The two sisters hovered over her shoulder.

“Come in!”

Laura opened the door and held it open for the two girls to pass through. Susan and Patricia stood in front of the desk, side by side. The older sister had her hands clasped together behind her back. She looked round apprehensively when she saw Laura standing behind them.

“I don’t think we need to dwell on why you two girls are here, do we?” Edward Thomson looked up from behind his desk.

“No, sir,” whispered Susan.

Patricia shook her head slowly.

“Then let’s get on.”

The headmaster stood up and started gathering some papers on his desk which he quickly deposited in a drawer. He then went to a tall cupboard to the right of his desk and opened the door. They heard some rattling sounds as he delved inside, and then he returned to his desk with a slender rattan cane in his hand.

All three females had their eyes fixed on the chosen implement that would shortly apply punishment to Susan and Patricia. It was no more than two and a half feet long, barely half an inch thick, and had some blue tape wrapped around one end to form a makeshift handle.

At that point, Mr Thomson’s mobile phone rang. He took it from his jacket pocket and answered. A worried frown suggested all was not well.

“Girls, I have to leave you for a few minutes. There’s a small problem in the kitchen I need to deal with. I’ll be back as soon as I can. Laura, could you supervise them removing their skirts, stockings, etc so they have just their knickers on below the waist. They can deposit their things on my desk. Okay, Laura?”

“Er, Yes, fine, headmaster.”

As Mr Thomson left his study, the two girls hesitated. They seemed self-conscious in Laura’s presence and unsure what to do.

“Better not delay, girls,” Laura suggested. “He probably won’t be very long.”

Susan and Patricia began kicking off their shoes and guiding them under the desk. The silence in the room was deafening, and Lauren felt a bit awkward. She watched as Susan and Patricia slipped off their tartan uniform kilt-like skirts and folded them tidily before placing them side-by-side on the headmaster’s desk. The two sisters used the desk for support as Patricia’s white knee-length socks and Susan’s black tights were removed and added to the two small piles of clothing. They now stood in red sleeveless pullovers, white blouses and white brief panties.

Laura felt a mixture of emotions being alone in the room with the two sisters who now stood in their underwear, at least below the waist. Laura tried to refrain from looking down, but couldn’t resist. Patricia caught her looking.

“Sorry!” Laura smiled awkwardly. “This is all new to me. I don’t usually get to see girls in their knickers. I hope you didn’t mind undressing in front of me.”

“It’s usually Mrs Smith or one of the older teachers,” Patricia explained. “They’re, like, older. You’re much closer to our age. It’s just different somehow.”

“You don’t need to be embarrassed, Patricia. I’m really on your side. I don’t know what I can do to help, but if there is anything then just let me know.”

Patricia looked back at the young assistant secretary, as though not sure she could trust everything Laura told her.

“At least we’re going to have a wonderful party on Saturday,” Susan intervened. “It’ll be worth it in the end.”

“Really? We’re getting the cane, older, wiser sister!” Patricia exclaimed. “You said we’d only get whacks with his paddle if we got caught.”

“Paddle, cane, what difference does it make?” Susan argued.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand,” Laura cut in. “What are whacks? What’s all this about a paddle?”

“Normally, Mr Thomson smacks girls’ bottoms with a plastic paddle he made himself some years ago, Susan replied. “It’s got a blade about four inches wide by about eighteen inches long, plus a handle on the end. You have to remove your skirt, bend over and then you get smacked from three to six times normally. The girls all call it getting whacks.”

“I see,” Laura stroked the side of her face as she thought about what Susan had said. “But why are you girls getting the cane?”

“Because it will hurt a damn sight more, that’s why,” Patricia retorted, giving her sister another angry glare.

“And that’s all because you bunked off school yesterday?”


“So, why does Mr Thomson need a witness? What else do I have to do?”

“Not a lot usually, Laura,” Susan answered. “Mr Thomson used to whack girls in private, but one parent complained about his daughter having to strip to her knickers and bend over with just the headmaster there. Since then, he’s always had a female present to serve as a witness.”

“Oh, okay.”

“I wish he’d get back here and get on with it,” Susan commented, giving a little shiver.

“Yes, if I have to have my backside thrashed, then it would be good to get it over with,” Patricia agreed.

“I think you’re both incredibly brave,” Laura said. “I’d be petrified if I had to have my bottom smacked.”

“We’re not brave, Laura,” Patricia answered. “It’s just we have no choice in the matter, especially as our parents have asked for us to get the cane rather than anything else.”

“And you don’t mind having to strip to your knickers?”

“It’s the least of our worries! In this school, all girls get whacked on their knickers. It’s like a tradition.”

Laura nodded as she thought about what Patricia said, but was prevented from asking anything more by the headmaster returning.

“Everything ready, is it Laura?”

“Um, yes. Girls prepared and ready, Mr Thomson.”

Laura saw Patricia glare at her.

“Good, let’s get on.”

The headmaster went across to his desk and picked up the cane. He turned and went to a clear area of floor.

“Susan, let’s have you first. Come here, bend over and grasp your legs just above your ankles. Laura, would you stand there?” He pointed with the cane to the carpet about six feet away from where he wanted Susan to bend over, and where Laura would get a clear view of the cane hitting the older sister’s bottom. “Patricia, stand next to Laura with your back towards us. Laura, Patricia is not to see Susan being caned. If she looks round at any point, then let me know. Okay?”

“Okay, sir.” Laura didn’t normally call the headmaster ‘sir’, either ‘headmaster’ or ‘Mr Thomson’ usually, but somehow the word just slipped out. She looked at Patricia, who now stood quite close, but facing the opposite direction. “I’ll do that.”

Patricia looked sideways at the junior school secretary, not appreciating the glint in Laura’s eye as she returned the look. Laura now had some degree of power over Patricia, and could possibly get the sixteen-year-old into even worse trouble, maybe resulting in an increased punishment. Laura seemed to like it, and Patricia still wasn’t sure how much she could trust the young secretary.

“Laura?” Mr Thomson waited for Laura to return her attention to the bending Susan as he tapped the cane across her taut white panties.

A moment later, he whipped the cane sharply across Susan’s bottom, and Laura saw the girl gasp and jerk her head upwards as she felt the pain.

When the headmaster delivered a second stroke, Laura sensed a slight movement to her left, but when she glanced towards Patricia, the girl smartly moved her eyes to the front.

Laura said nothing, and her attention was then drawn to the cane snapping across the seat of Susan’s white panties for the third time. Susan grunted and uttered a whimper, but remained in her bent-over position.

Watching Mr Thomson, Laura noticed how intensely he concentrated on administering the fourth stroke, which again caused Susan to jerk and cry out. Looking once more at Patricia, Laura saw she was dutifully staring straight ahead, seemed not to be making any further effort to watch her sister being caned, and was looking up at the ceiling as though trying to distance herself from it all.

Laura could see the caning was proving extremely painful for Susan by the way she screwed up her face, especially when the fifth stroke whipped across the seat of her brief white panties. They were beginning to ride up, and more of the girl’s naked lower buttocks were coming into view.

“Laura, could you adjust Susan’s underwear, please. Her knickers are showing too much bare bottom for me to apply the cane properly. Just pull them down a little.”

“Er, what?” Laura replied, somewhat stunned by what she had been asked to do. Oh, I see. Yes, headmaster.”

The junior secretary moved forward and felt herself blushing as she made the adjustment, surprised at how warm Susan’s bottom felt. She then stepped back for the headmaster to administer the final stroke.

“Yeouch!” Susan cried out louder when the cane slammed into her backside. She didn’t immediately get up from her bending position.

“Thank you, Susan. Please go and stand with Laura.”

Susan then finally did straighten up, and immediately rubbed the seat of her white panties to try and easy the obvious pain she was feeling.

“Thank you, sir.”

As she came towards Laura, the junior secretary could see tears in Susan’s eyes.

“Patricia? If you please?” The headmaster pointed with the cane to the carpet immediately in front of him.

Patricia hesitated. The sight of Susan’s tears and the pain etched on her face made it even harder for the younger sister to present herself for a similar punishment to be meted out.

“Go on!” Laura whispered and gave Patricia a gentle slap on the bottom.

Patricia suddenly looked at the young assistant secretary, and their eyes met once again. Laura smiled wryly. When the younger sister did finally step hesitantly forward, she took a final glance behind, again looking Laura straight in the eye. Then Susan took up position next to Laura, dutifully keeping her back to the headmaster.

“Bend over, Patricia. Right over, and grip your lower legs.”

Being the more athletic of the two sisters, Patricia found the task physically easy, although the anguished look on her face confirmed it was mentally much more difficult. She noticeably braced herself as the headmaster began tapping her bottom with the cane, signalling he was about to start.

“Uh!” Patricia grunted as the first stroke cracked across her white panty-clad bottom.

Laura quickly checked what Susan was doing, but the older sister simply looked the other way and continued slowly rubbing her sore bottom. In doing so, she revealed some of the damage caused by the cane strokes, and Laura was astonished by the sight of the angry red stripes.

The cane swished again and another little cry confirmed Patricia had received the second stroke. Laura quickly looked down and saw the girl squirm, then her eyes met briefly with the headmaster’s.

Assured that Laura was still paying attention, the headmaster applied the third stroke, a stroke that lashed into Patricia’s backside, briefly flattening her small, rounded bottom.

“Uuh!” she squeaked.

Mr Thomson did not delay the application of the fourth stroke, a stroke that seemed to hit low down and jerk the girl forward. A louder grunt confirmed it had served its purpose and caused a good sharp sting.

The fifth stroke was also delivered low down.


“Keep still, girl!”

Patricia visibly steadied herself and was rewarded by the sixth stroke being administered before she had time to think.


“That’s it, Patricia. All done.”

Patricia stood upright immediately, and began rubbing her bottom through her thin white panties.

“Laura, can I leave you to sort these girls out? Help them get dressed. Let them stay in your office for as long as they want, then they need to get back to their lessons. I need to make sure everything is now working in the kitchen.”

“Oh, okay, headmaster. I can do that.”

Before Mr Thomson had even left the room, Laura was confronted by Patricia, tears now streaming down her face.

“It hurt!” Patricia sobbed as she almost fell into Laura’s arms.

“I know. I know,” the junior secretary cooed. “Look, there’s a box of tissues in the outer office. I’ll bring them in.”

After leaving the headmaster’s study for a few moments, Laura brought the box of tissues and both girls took several each as they began wiping their faces. Susan seemed quite able to sort herself, while Patricia leaned into Laura as though getting some comfort from being close to the young assistant secretary.

“You slapped my bum,” Patricia whispered to Laura.

“You weren’t moving when the headmaster told you to go and bend over.”

“I know. I needed that little encouragement. Thanks.”

“I never saw anyone being caned before,” Laura remarked. “That was quite something.”

“Get used to it,” Susan said. “Now the headmaster knows you won’t faint at the sight of a girl getting her bottom smacked, he’ll be using you more and more.”

“Really?” Laura smiled inwardly.

“Yes, really, not that he gives out whacks quite as often as he used to.”

‘That’s a pity,’ Laura thought to herself. She was going to enjoy working at this school.

The End

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