A serious offence causes a dilemma

By Douglas Ramsey

Being absent without leave can be painful.

“Headmistress, have you got a few minutes?”

“Sam, of course. Come on in, take a seat.”

“Angela, can we speak off the record?” Sam looked very concerned. “I have a problem.”

“What’s the matter Sam? A problem with a girl? A boarder?”

Sam Brown was the Housemaster overseeing all boarders at St Jude’s, an elite girls school in Kent.

“With two girls actually.”

“Go on.” Sam had the headmistress’s undivided attention.

“It seems that Wendy Li was absent from school last Saturday night without permission. Her roommate, Jane Wilkins, covered for her, made excuses for her at dinner and breakfast saying that Wendy wasn’t feeling well. Jane signed the register for Wendy, that sort of thing.”

“How do you know that Wendy was not at school?”

“Amanda Timms, Wendy’s chemistry teacher, called me last night to say that she saw Wendy drinking wine with a boy at the pub in Waldron Saturday evening and then again Sunday morning walking down Waldron High Street.”

“Hmmm,” Angela looked very concerned. “This is a problem,” she added.

“Angela, am I right in saying that if I send them to see you, that you have no choice but to expel them?”

“Wendy, yes. The Board of Governors gives me no discretion when it comes to unauthorised absence from the school. All boarders are told this on their first day and there can be no exceptions.” Angela paused, then went on: “As for Jane Wilkins, she need not be expelled but I would certainly need to punish her severely, given the seriousness of the matter; six strokes of the cane on the bare, couldn’t be less.”

“It gets worse, Angela. Wendy of course is an overseas student from Shanghai, here on a student visa. Next month she sits entrance exams for Cambridge which she’ll fly through. If she is expelled then she can’t take the exam, she’ll miss Cambridge and maybe her visa will be in jeopardy.”

“Yes, I see. That would be a great pity; she is such a bright girl and should do very well.”

They both went silent for a while, then Angela said: “Look Sam, you simply must not send them to me but they must be punished. I suggest you explain the situation, then give Wendy the option of immediate expulsion or a serious caning – twelve on the bare. She can choose; of course Jane will be caned either way.”

“Thanks headmistress, I’ll take care of it.”

* * * * *

On his way back to his study, Sam ran into June, another boarder.

“June, could you do me a favour? Please ask Wendy and Jane to come to see me as soon as they can?”

“Of course sir, no problem.”

Just minutes after Sam arrived back in his office there came a knock at the door. “Come in,” he called.

Wendy and Jane came in and smiled, not looking at all concerned. This was about to change.

“Sit down girls; we need to have a chat. I’ll come straight to the point. Wendy, were you absent from school over Saturday night without permission? Jane, did you cover for Wendy?”

They certainly looked concerned now.

“Well,” Sam stared at the girls who were close to panic. “What do you have to say for yourselves?”

Wendy plucked up courage and said nervously: “Yes sir, I was out of school. But Jane really isn’t involved. It is all my fault.”

“Why were you out of school?”

“I met a friend, sir.” Wendy’s face was red and she looked petrified.


“Yes sir.”

“Did you stay with him that night?”

“Yes sir, at his home; his parents were away.”

“Wendy, you were seen in the pub drinking alcohol. How old are you?”

“Eighteen sir.”

“OK, did you know that being away from school without permission was totally against school rules?”

“Yes sir.”

“And Jane, what do you have to say?”

Jane looked equally scared. “I covered for Wendy knowing that it was wrong. Wendy can’t take all the blame. I am very sorry sir.”

Sam looked at them both; in a way he felt sorry for them but he had no choice.

“I should send you both to the headmistress. Wendy, you would be expelled on the spot. Jane you would be given six strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.”

He went on. “Wendy, you are a lovely girl. You have every chance of getting into Cambridge, I really don’t want to see you lose all that. I am going to give you a choice.”

Wendy looked at him expectantly.

“I can either send you to the headmistress and you will be expelled immediately, or I can punish you.”

“What would the punishment be sir?”

“Twelve strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.” Sam turned to Jane. “I am afraid that you will get six of the best whatever Wendy decides.”

“Wendy, you need not decide now. Both of you come back to see me at 8 pm tomorrow evening and tell me your decision. By the way, the headmistress knows that I am giving you this chance but no-one else must know. Is that understood?”

The girls were speechless but both nodded.

“You may go.”

* * * * *

As soon as Wendy and Jane got back to their room, Wendy burst into tears.

“I’m so sorry Jane, you’re going to be caned and it is all my fault. Sorry, sorry!” Tears flooded down her face.

Jane didn’t feel strong but put on a brave face. “Wendy sweetheart, I knew what I was doing. I knew it was wrong and now I have to take my medicine.”

“Have you been caned before?” Wendy asked.

“No, never even had my bottom smacked. You?”

“No, but Mom gave me a smack with a wooden spoon years ago and that hurt.”

Jane looked at Wendy. “Wendy, a caning will be really, really bad. It will very hard to take, hurt like bloody hell, your bum will be on fire, marked for days and sting for quite a while. Georgina showed me her backside after a whacking; it looked gruesome and she’d only received three over her skirt! But you will survive and afterwards you can get on with your academic life. If you’re expelled, well who knows what will happen.”

“Well, those are my choices, whether I like it or not,” Wendy said philosophically. “I can either be expelled or whacked. And you’ll be caned anyway.” Wendy looked close to tears again.

“I feel tired,” Jane said. “I think I’ll skip dinner and go to bed.”

“Me too, can I get in with you?”


The girls cuddled giving each other reassuring hugs. “We’ll be OK,” Jane wasn’t sure if she believed what she had just said.



“I am scared stiff but somehow very excited. Does that make any sense?”

“I know what you mean. Mr Brown is a good man and he’s thinking of you that’s why he gave you a choice. He’s quite nice looking too isn’t he?” Jane went on. “As I will be whacked tomorrow, I need to know something.”

“What’s that?”

“Did you have sex with your boyfriend last Saturday?”

“All night and it was brill.” Wendy laughed not believing that she could do so at such a time.

“Excellent! At least my caning will not be for nothing!” They were both laughing now.

“Jane, I will take the caning.”

* * * * *

Just before 8 pm, Wendy and Jane arrived at Mr Brown’s office; his door was open.

Seeing them, he asked them to come in, close the door and to take a seat. He looked at the two girls, both with frightened expressions.

“Wendy, have you decided?”

Wendy drew a deep breath, then said: “I want you to cane me, sir.”

Mr Brown looked at the pretty Chinese girl in front of him. She was very sweet and very petite. He hoped that she could take a twelve stroke beating.

“Are you quite sure Wendy? It is going to hurt a great deal.” Mr Brown sounded concerned.

“Yes sir, I’m sure. I’ve made a mistake but once I get through this then I can get on with life.”

“OK then,” Mr Brown looked at Jane. She was a beautiful girl, very athletic. “In that case, I will cane both of you. As I am going to cane your bare bottoms would you like Mrs Jones, the school secretary, to be present?”

Wendy and Jane looked at each other then Wendy said: “Will we both be in the room when you cane us?”

“Yes, if you wish.”

“Then that’s fine sir. We trust you.”

“Well let’s get on with it. I think twelve strokes straight off will be too much for you Wendy so I will give you six, then I will give Jane her six, then Wendy you will receive your final six.” Looking at Wendy, he said thoughtfully: “This will drag out your punishment, but I think that it will be more manageable for you. Do you both agree?”

The girls both nodded glumly.

Mr Brown opened the cupboard behind his desk and selected a crook handled cane. It was about three feet long and quite thin. It was not the worst cane in his armoury. The girls’ eyes were now filled with alarm. Any excitement that they felt last night had turned to cold fear.

“Wendy first. Have you been caned before?” Mr Brown asked.

“No sir.”

“OK, Jane, move away from the desk. Wendy please remove your skirt and panties and come to the desk.”

Wendy unzipped her school skirt and slipped it off then pushed her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She walked forward to the desk.

“What do I do sir?”

“You are not very tall so kneel on this chair, lean over the back of the chair and hold on to the first rung. I suggest you hold on very tight, if you do not stay in position, that stroke will not count. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.

Wendy knelt on the chair and reached over the back. She could barely reach the rung. She closed her eyes and waited.

Mr Brown moved into position to Wendy’s left. Wendy was a very small girl; while her behind was very cute it offered a small target. He would need to be accurate. He flexed the cane a couple of times then placed it across the middle of her bottom.

Swish, thwack! Wendy squealed, shocked at how much the first stroke stung. Eleven more to go.

Swish, thwack! Wendy gasped but held her position well. Her bum was already on fire.

Thwack. “Aaaargh!” She did well to hold back a shrill scream. Tears were in her eyes.

Jane had never seen a caning before and she was horrified by its severity, especially the sound as the cane hit her friend’s behind.

Thwack. “Uuuuhh,” she grunted and gripped the rung even tighter.

Jane couldn’t believe her eyes and was terrified by the thought that in just a few moments it would be her turn.

Crack. “Oooouchh!” That one hurt Wendy very much.

Thwack. Wendy stayed silent realising that she had taken her first ever six strokes of the cane.

“You did really well Wendy, now get up and go and stand over there. Feel free to rub your bottom if you wish.”

Wendy got down from the chair gingerly and walked painfully to where Jane was standing. Their eyes met and somehow Wendy squeezed out a reassuring smile to her friend.

Jane didn’t wait to be asked; she unzipped her skirt, let it drop to the floor, slipped off her panties then walked towards the chair, petrified.

“Jane, no, I think it better you bend over the desk.”

“How sir? I’ve never done it before?”

“Move to the edge of the desk, bend forward and grab the far edge of the desk. Hold on very tight as this will hurt you. Open your legs slightly and push your bottom out.” Mr Brown looked at her perfect behind, a much better target. She was a beautiful girl. “Are you ready Jane? Once again, hold your position or the stroke will not count. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

Jane turned her head away from Mr Brown and closed her eyes tightly.

Suddenly she heard the swoosh as the cane whistled through the air, the crack as it hit her bum. “Uuuuuh,” she gasped as the pain in her bottom spread through her body. ‘One down,’ she thought.

Swish. Thwack. “Aaargh.” God that hurt, tears were in her eyes.

Wendy started to cry quietly. She was distraught seeing her best friend suffering all because of her. She wanted to say something to stop Mr Brown from caning Jane, but she knew she could do nothing.

Swish. Crack. The noise from that one was the loudest yet. Jane’s head reared up from the desk but somehow she stayed down.

Thwack. “Uuugh.” Just two more to go.

Thwack.. “Oooow,” Jane cried out. One more to go, she could take it.

Swish. Thwack. With an almighty struggle she made no sound.

“You may get up Jane, well done. You may put your skirt back on and panties too if you wish. Up to you.”

As Jane passed Wendy, she too managed a reassuring smile. Wendy was scared as she walked to the chair but without being asked she resumed her position for the next six strokes.

“Thank you Wendy.” Mr Brown looked at the lines across her tiny behind. They looked angry. “Wendy, the next six will hurt more. Be brave.”

“Yes sir, I’m ready.”

Mr Brown placed the cane across her bottom again.

Thwack. “Ooouuch,” Wendy started to cry softly.

Thwack. “Yeeeeaaaaargh.”

Thwack. “Oooowww,” Wendy could not stop herself yelling out

Thwack. “Sheeeesh,” she gritted her teeth.

Jane looked on with horror; her bum was hurting like hell, Wendy’s was black and blue. She couldn’t imagine the pain that Wendy’s was feeling.

Thwack.. “AAAAARGHHH,” she screamed. One more to go. She would try to be brave.

Thwack. Somehow she made no sound, just a light gasped passed her lips.

“You may get up Wendy. That was a very severe punishment, you took it well. Put on your skirt. I doubt that you will want to put your panties on for a while.”

The girls stood gingerly in front of Mr Brown who perched on the front of his desk. He looked at them feeling quite distressed himself. He got no pleasure out of causing so much pain.

“The matter is now closed. I will tell the headmistress that you took your canings very well, but only the four of us must ever know. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

Mr Brown reached into the top drawer of his desk and took out a smallish jar.

“You might like to rub that into your bottoms this evening. It will help a great deal. You may go now.”

Wendy and Jane turned to leave the office but Wendy hesitated and looked back towards Mr Brown. “What is it Wendy?”

She moved back towards him and stretched as tall as she could so that she could kiss him on the cheek. “Mr Brown, I will always remember what you did. You took a risk just for me, thank you.” She turned towards Jane. “I am really sorry that you were caned too, please forgive me.”

Mr Brown was touched by Wendy’s humility. “Reward me by doing well at Cambridge.”

“OK sir.”

Wendy turned to leave the office. Mr Brown called after her: “Wendy, was your night out with your boyfriend worth twelve whacks of the cane?”

Wendy blushed, then smiled. “Six, definitely, yes. Twelve? Probably not!”

The End