Different outcomes for two teachers

By Katherine Jones

“I’ve been sacked!” Abigail Thompson said out loud and repeated the words time and time again as she walked down the long corridor to the school’s main door. Deborah, the sympathetic HR assistant whose duty it was to accompany Abbie off the premises, chose not to answer. However, she gave her a brief hug and then gently ushered Abbie out into the cold and dark courtyard at the front of the school.

Getting away in her car and driving as quickly as possible off the school site became Abbie’s priority. She rammed her mini into gear and drove off, heading for a park she knew, five minutes’ drive away.

As she sped through the streets, she could not get out of her mind the image of the distinguished Chair of Governors uttering the dread words, “Miss Thompson, I am afraid that you are dismissed from the Schools’ employment with immediate effect.”

How would she tell her parents who were so proud of her as she seemed to be making great progress in her first year as a new teacher? She had the flat which she was so proud of. How would she pay for this now? What would she say to her boyfriend, Adam, when he rang her from his teaching job in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia?

Abbie’s problems had started in January at the beginning of her second term of her probationary teaching year. She was lucky to get the post in the Maths department of a well-respected independent school just 50 miles from her parent’s home.

Abbie was instantly popular in the school, partly due to her youthful attractiveness and her ready smile. She worked hard in her first term and then enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break. She was exhausted but delighted to have Adam back from Saudi for a full 4 weeks and they wined, dined, loved and laughed through the whole holiday.

The return to work in the New Year was a massive down for Abbie as a result. She soon realised that her bank balance had taken a hit over the Christmas festivities and she was struggling to find the cash to pay her rent which was due on the 30th January. Being a very outgoing, and in many ways naïve, young woman she had shared this fact with colleagues both inside and outside her Department.

As the financial problems ran around her brain, she had to continue teaching. This always came easy to her and she was surprised therefore to get an email from the Deputy Head, Mr Rutter, suggesting she came to see him after school.

She liked Mr Rutter. Abbie thought he was quite an attractive, intelligent and energetic man in his late forties. He was very much the Head Teacher’s enforcer and indispensable ally. He had a very strict and uncompromising side but a ready laugh and a good sense of humour. She therefore had mixed feelings as she went to see him after her final lesson concluded at 4pm that evening.

What Shaun Rutter suggested astonished her. Despite his elegant language, the earthy reality of what he was proposing was that considering her money worries he would pay her £50 at anytime she wanted if he could spank and cane her bare bottom. Perhaps even more astonishingly, Abbie had agreed, despite her shock and disbelief at the suggestion. She arranged to return to see him at 4.30 on the next evening to earn her first £50.

It was partly Abbie’s innate compliance and politeness which stopped her from refusing Shaun’s offer, and of course she did need the cash. However, there was another factor at play which was a curiosity about corporal punishment.

Abbie had watched as a teenager at boarding school the 2006 Canadian horror film, ‘5ive Girls’. This movie contains a scene in which a bending kilted school girl is beaten on her panties by a woman teacher using a long ruler. She was fascinated by the scene and had felt hot and excited as she viewed it with her school friends. It, from that time, formed part of her fantasies.

As she contemplated the day from her bed the following morning, Abbie felt both nervous and excited. She realised that the right clothing was important. She wore petrol blue trousers for her day’s teaching but took a black pencil skirt and clean white underwear with her. She would shower and change after her last lesson.

Abbie’s mood fluctuated during the day. At lunch, after seeing Shaun Rutter in the dining hall, she resolved to cancel their arrangement, but by mid-afternoon her curiosity, excitement and desire to earn £50 got the better of her. As the last student closed the door to her classroom her stomach surged but she picked up her bag and headed for the staff washroom.

Abbie emerged looking fresh and gorgeous with her dark hair tied back with a honey-coloured scrunchie. It was a very short walk down the administrative corridor towards Shaun Rutter’s office. On the way she passed the second and pastoral Deputy Head, Mrs Jan Moore, as she walked.

“Going out Abbie?” asked the older teacher with a smile.

Slightly caught in the headlights, Abigail Thompson made the fateful mistake of telling the truth. “Just going to see Shaun,” she said, her face suddenly colouring as she rushed past Mrs Moore before more conversation could take place.

Putting this embarrassment behind her, Abbie turned the corner and approached Mr Rutter’s office.

“Come in, Abbie,” he called as she appeared at the open door, flushed and avoiding eye contact.

She tiptoed in to the inner part of the office where Mr Rutter was sitting behind his desk. He looked up from his computer and said: “You are looking gorgeous, Abbie! Haven’t changed your mind, I hope?” Sean got up and closed the office door.

The next twenty minutes were surreal for Abbie. They sat in the two arm chairs at the back of his office and she took the small gin and tonic offered by Mr Rutter, and chatted briefly with him about inconsequential school gossip. Then he put £50 on the coffee table which sat between them and suggested they got activities underway.

Quite suddenly he got up and beckoned her forward. He then took her arm and pulled her over his lap. Taking a moment to enjoy the sight of the small tight bottom encased in its black pencil skirt, he began to spank her, rhythmically and firmly with an experienced flick of the wrist as each buttock was chastised in turn.

Abbie was shocked, and struggled for breath but complied and realised that it was not really hurting. The pulling up of her skirt to reveal her panties, however, was still a further shock to Abbie and she wriggled and let out a short breathless: “oh!!”

The spanking continued for a further few moments and then it suddenly stopped.

“Get up and come over to my table,” said Rutter, guiding her by the arm. Abbie wobbled on her heels and slightly unsteadily made her way over to the meeting table at the centre of the Deputy Head’s office.

“Bend over and lift up your skirt,” Rutter instructed her. Regaining her composure, Abbie slowly and seductively pulled up the tight black material and then, without request, eased down her lacy white panties.

Rutter observed this process with approval. He then unlocked the top drawer of his desk and took out a short rattan cane. He gave it a couple of swishes.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked Abbie as she turned to see him wielding his weapon.

“Go for it,” she said, sounding more confident than she felt.

Swish, crack! Swish, crack! The first two strokes came down on the centre of Abbie’s pert, tight and exposed bottom. She cried out and jumped up, holding her lined buttocks.

This alarmed Sean Rutter and he put his finger to his lips and tried to calm her.

Abbie acknowledged the problem, nodded and then gingerly returned to her bent position over the desk. However, the pain in her bottom was much more extreme then she had expected.

Swish, crack! Swish, crack! Swish, crack! Abbie sprang up after the 5th stroke and, realising she needed to stay quiet, put her fingers in her mouth and bit on them. She hopped about and clasped her bottom before returning to the table and dutifully bending over again.

Swish, crack! Swish, crack! Two lashes cut into the top of Abbie’s thighs and lower buttocks. She leapt up screaming and holding her bottom. All restraints were cast off as this was really agonising. She hopped about shouting and crying.

That was enough for Mrs Moore. The Deputy Head had been listening outside Sean Rutter’s office door. She had suspected something was not right when she had seen Abbie blushing, overly dressed up and confessing that she was going to see her colleague, Sean. However, she never expected to hear screams of pain and the unmistakable swish of a cane coming from his office.

Jan Moore now burst into the room, to the horror of both Abbie and Sean. There were no words to explain the situation; Abbie, with her skirt up, holding her stinging, red lined bottom and Sean with his trusty cane in his hand. For both, their careers in this school and in fact in teaching flashed giddily before their eyes.

Nine months after the events of that ill-fated night, Sean Rutter chaired his first staff meeting as acting Head of the School. He was too valuable an asset for the previous Head to let him go and he managed to just about reframe, to his benefit, the incident involving Abbie Thompson.

Nine months after the events of that ill-fated night, Abigail Thompson finished her long shift at Costa and made her way back to her bedsit. For Abbie, the future had evaporated for the sake of £50.

The End

© Katherine Jones 2018