A couple agree it’s time she learned to love, honour and obey

By Paul S

Tom met Elena on a dating website and immediately both were smitten on their first date. They had both been unlucky in love, having both been previously jilted; Tom after living together for 2 years and Elena by a boyfriend she found cheating on her. They were both wonderful characters, easy going and very affable and the chemistry between them was undeniable. Their friends gave it a year but said they could last the course.

They dated several times, but it seemed that both were weary of playing a drawn-out dating game and were very comfortable with each other. Several dates later, at a Valentine’s dinner, Tom proposed marriage with a small diamond solitaire ring he had bought, and Elena didn’t hesitate; she jumped at the chance to marry Tom.

They decided to have a ‘quickie’ wedding with select friends and family at a hotel, where the preacher officiated. The couple took their vows and were wed without fuss. Many of their friends and family were a bit taken aback by the speed of the wedding; given that neither party had had a successful relationship previously.

They proceeded from the wedding room into the reception to cut the cake, make speeches and later dance to some slow records played by the resident DJ. Tom and Elena kissed at the ceremony, but couldn’t stop kissing at the reception even whilst they were dancing, which became a bit embarrassing for the guests.

The hours quickly passed, and Tom then announced they were leaving, scooping Elena up by her dress and putting her over his shoulder, before leaving the dance floor and heading for their room for the night, to spend some time in private.

They were followed by the best man who gave them a bouquet for Elena to throw towards a group of ladies’ opposite, but it was caught by a man who passed it rapidly to the girl standing next to him, who seemed surprised.

Tom carried Elena into the hotel bedroom, but she complained whilst being held upside down.

Tom said: “Be quiet,” and smacked her bottom firmly, which was over his right shoulder.

She said: “Ouch,” loudly. He lay her down on the bed and took his jacket and shirt off.

Elena said: “Can you help me out of my dress?”

Tom un-zipped the dress and she stepped out of it, wearing a white bra, lacy panties and a garter and stockings underneath.

Tom took off her garter with his teeth, and they kissed passionately before embracing some more. Tom could smell alcohol on Elena’s breath and said: “You have been drinking, haven’t you?”

Elena laughed and gave a rather slurred sounding and incoherent reply.

Tom said: “We can’t start married life like that, can we?” So, he put her over his knee and said: “I think you need your first spanking, Mrs Black, so you know what to expect if you misbehave.”

Elena tried to object and said: “Excuse me, we’re only just married and it’s my bottom, thank you, and I’ll decide what happens to it!”

Elena tried to struggle, but Tom held her firmly and applied 20 firm smacks across her high cut briefs, which displayed plenty of pinkened bare cheeks. He also pocketed her wedding garter and kept it as a souvenir of the day.

Tom released Elena, who rubbed one cheek with her hand, kissed her husband and said jokingly: “I’ll race you to bed,” and they jumped in the bed and turned off the light.

Tom then got up briefly to put a ‘do not disturb sign’ on the door and returned to bed amongst a host of giggles and laughs, followed by lots of passion.

After a wonderful honeymoon in Italy, relaxing, they returned to the humdrum of normal married life and soon found that romance was replaced by the reality of day to day life.

They spent the first 6 months kissing and cuddling and were oblivious to virtually everything and everyone else. They decided to defer a family, to spend several years on their relationship and really enjoy married life.

Tom would lie in bed wearing a T shirt and boxer shorts, with Elena cuddling him, wearing just a short black nightie and very little else.

Tom announced that they needed some ground rules for their relationship.

Elena said: “What do you mean?”

Tom said: “Well, we don’t want to argue about silly things like money or behaviour, do we, and threaten our obvious happiness?”

Elena agreed, but said: “Does that involve being grounded or having my credit card taken away?”

Tom said: “No, I was thinking perhaps a spanking across that luscious rear end of yours, in desperate need of a firm hand.”

Elena said: “What! Are you serious? I’ve never had it called that before!”

Tom said: “Yes, I am serious.”

Elena said: “Well as long as you don’t hurt me.”

She remembered her wedding night and the initial spanking he gave her, and clearly liked the feel of Tom’s firm hand and the way he had dealt with her strictly that night, which lived long in the memory.

The weeks passed, and their relationship was going well, until Tom got a bank statement showing that Elena had spent over £300 on underwear and ladies fashion without asking him.

Tom confronted Elena, and she looked rather sheepish, and said: “Ah, I was going to mention that but forgot.”

Tom said: “We agreed not to argue about things like this, didn’t we?”

Elena said: “Yes, I suppose so.”

Tom said: “Well, you will have to go over my knee then.”

Elena said: “Can’t we talk about this, or do it later?”

Tom said: “No, you have agreed to this,” and pulled her across his knee. He raised her short skirt and started spanking her backside. When she complained, he folded her right arm behind her back as she tried to protect her bottom.

After 20 strokes, Tom put his thumbs in her elastic and pulled down her tight, lacy panties, exposing her plump, firm and already pink bottom.

Elena pleaded with Tom by saying: “No please, don’t take them down,” but he continued spanking her. She gasped and raised her head, tossing her hair after each stroke.

He continued for 70 strokes, when Elena said: “Tom, it’s getting really sore and I’ve learned my lesson. Can we stop now?”

Tom said: “10 more,” and applied them firmly, with Elena squirming uncomfortably. He then released her, and she got up, rubbing her now very sore bottom, whilst he went into the kitchen to make some tea for them both.

Elena lay on her side on the bed and started reading a book.

Tom returned and was surprised to find wife Elena laying on her side, with her panties still at half-mast, displaying her bright red bottom.

Tom put his and her cups down on the small table, and she grabbed his hand and put it on her bottom and said: “Feel that!” It was still warm to the touch.

Tom said: “Well, it stops us from arguing, which we agreed.”

Elena said: “Well, it stops me from sitting down!” She gave her husband a lingering passionate kiss.

Tom said: “It’s to teach you a lesson, darling, so that you don’t waste our hard earned money.”

Elena mischievously then said: “Well, I might need more lessons then,” deliberately sticking out and gyrating her hot bottom suggestively on the counterpane.

That night she lay on top of Tom in bed while he laid his hand on her bottom, as her short nightie rose up. She confided in him that she wasn’t keen on the idea of spanking at first, but said she liked him being strict with her and punishing her.

Tom laughed and said: “My mum always said that if girls don’t get the message between their ears, then it needs to be printed in red across their bottom, so they don’t forget it.”

Elena agreed that it certainly worked for her.

The End

© Paul S 2018