A university graduate finds herself taken back in time

By Paul S

Andrea was a University graduate aged 21 with a well-rounded figure of 36-26-38 who had just graduated and was applying for a new job. She saw an advert for a new museum curator which tweaked her interest, as it involved history which was her degree subject.

She was interviewed along with several other people for the position running a new museum of Victoriana, as part of a larger museum complex.

During the interview, she was asked questions about testing of Victorian implements and costumes, which sounded interesting, but she perhaps didn’t fully grasp what was being expected of her.

Dr Waring explained that some of the implements and indeed costumes were disciplinary in nature and it may be necessary to test them to see if they had been restored correctly. Some had been recovered from abandoned homes, and old school and commercial premises, and were not in great condition. That may involve trying on some restored erotic Victorian period costumes and trying out disciplinary items on occasions, but she would receive a salary bonus for any additional testing of punishment items.

It was clear, though, that was a chemistry between her and the Interviewer, Dr Waring, who was a historian specialising in Victorian history.

She was delighted to find she had landed the post and started the following Monday. She would work largely on her own, cataloguing Victorian artefacts which were being restored or brought in from elsewhere, but meeting the public and answering questions about exhibits during opening hours.

Andrea was provided with a contract of employment and read through it very quickly. However, she perhaps didn’t fully appreciate that testing of disciplinary items and costumes in the small print mentioned that feedback may be needed involving the moderate chastising of her bottom for testing purposes and receiving a light to moderate punishment at the discretion of the historian.

Things were going well for Andrea and she got to know the set-up and staff at the museum, and she passed her probationary period.

Then one day there was a delivery from the restorers after the museum had just closed. It involved 4 canes, a birch and several period costumes.

Andrea excitedly went through them, and the historian confirmed there was in fact a restored bodice, corset, suspender belt and suspenders with garter, Victorian school smock, plus, a junior cane, senior cane, larger rattan cane and Dragon cane, together with an old Birch.

Dr Waring said the rattan and Dragon canes were replacements, as the originals had perished due to age, so they didn’t need testing but he suggested Andrea try on the bodice first, which she went and did. Dr Waring also donned the schoolmaster outfit of the day, complete with mortar board.

She returned to the recreated schoolroom wearing the bodice, petticoat and suspenders, but said they were a bit tight. Dr Waring suggested he try out the senior cane for condition. Andrea laughed out loud, but then realised he was serious. On his bidding, she bent over the restored desk which had also been delivered recently.

He placed the cane across her seat and said: “Are you ready for several test strokes?”

Andrea said: “Don’t hurt me!”

But Dr Waring said: “I won’t, but it’s important that you experience a Victorian style punishment as well as having knowledge of the artefacts.”

He swished the cane down across her undergarment, but Andrea said it felt a bit wooden. Dr Waring agreed and said it needed further restoration.

He suggested Andrea change into the corset, which she did in the changing room and returned.

Dr Waring said: “We need to try out the birch now.”

Andrea sighed and said: “OK,” and leaned over the desk again.

Dr Waring gave her six swishes with the birch and asked Andrea how it felt. She said it tingled but felt a bit stiff. He tended to agree and said perhaps that also needed some more restoration.

Dr Waring suggested Andrea try on the Victorian school smock. Andrea went away to try it on, but said it was too tight with the petticoats or bloomers on.

He said: “Why not try it on without the undergarments, which they sometimes did back then?”

Andrea seemed shocked, but suggested she wear her normal G string instead, which he agreed to. She went away, stripped down to her G string with no bra, and slipped the smock over her head until it fitted down to her ankles.

Dr Waring asked how it felt, and she said: “This feels really good, but still a little tight around my boobs and bottom. These Victorian girls must have been really fit.”

Dr Waring said: “We need to try out the restored junior cane; perhaps six medium strokes? Now if you just care to just lift the smock up to your waist, please.

Andrea said in shock: “But that will expose my bottom!”

Dr Waring said: “Well, that’s how it was done back then,” and started to lift her smock until it fell down each side of her rear end and was gathered above her bottom. “Now, if you could just lean over the desk one more time, Andrea, please.”

Andrea said: “Yes,” but was then lost for words.

She found herself leaning over the desk with her G stringed bottom facing upwards and smock draped over the sides of her legs, readied for punishment.

Dr Waring said: “Now, if you could just bend over and lift that lovely bottom up a touch, please. I think the cane is a touch short.”

But he swished it a few times through the air and it felt nice and supple for its age.

Andrea did as he said, leaning forward and raising her bottom up, with the junior cane lined up across her seat.

Dr Waring said: “Ready, Andrea?”

Andrea said: “Ready,” but she wasn’t really prepared for the junior cane swishing firmly across her bottom, and she said: “Wow! That’s hot!” with her mouth fully open.

The second and third strokes followed and had Andrea squirming across the desk in pain and submission for her, but satisfaction for Dr Waring.

The fourth and fifth strokes followed before the final stroke was swished across Andrea’s seat, causing her to rear up, toss her long dark hair back and grab both cheeks with her mouth wide open, speechless.

Dr Waring calmly said: “I think that was a success. How was it for you, Andrea?”

Andrea replied: “Really hot, sir! That one was much hotter than the others.”

She then regained her composure whilst looking in the mirror at her red-lined and smarting bottom, before allowing the school smock to fall back down, covering her embarrassment.

Dr Waring said: “Yes, that cane was well restored and still very swishy. It tanned your bottom beautifully. A generation of Victorian girls have probably grown up having had their bottoms tanned with this antique. Good, we can put some of these items on display and you can catalogue them.

Life returned to normal after that, but every time Andrea saw the items on display she couldn’t help thinking about that very smock being lifted to have her virgin bottom thrashed, but she had also gained a performance bonus.

Andrea listened intently one day when several female tourists visited the museum and took an interest in the period schoolroom display.

One said to Andrea: “Those canes look severe. How many strokes would a Victorian schoolgirl being punished receive back then, and was it over her bloomers or petticoat?”

Andrea replied: “Six strokes were normally awarded, usually applied across the bottom over the petticoat or bloomer worn by the girl in question. Punishments on the bared bottom were rare except in serious cases as that would be very hot and stingy.”

Andrea thought to herself: ‘Hmm, just like the thrashing I had!’

The End

© Paul S 2019