Andrea finds herself reliving Victorian discipline

By Paul S

Andrea had been working at the museum now for 6 months and had started to qualify for her professional qualification. This involved some professional interviews, training and a life-long learning programme. The lifelong learning required her to be supervised by her superior and for him to assist with her training.

Andrea would be expected to be fluent in her subject and knowledgeable. To do this, she had to read many books, some fiction and some historic. She was already aware of well known literary classics of the period. What she was less familiar with was factual accounts of day-to-day living in Victorian times, and the extent that discipline featured in this.

This involved reading several books featuring explicit details of stern discipline of young girls of the period, and how harsh and brutal life, and indeed punishments, could be.

However, it was the intimate details of some of the punishments meted out, such as flagellation and the careful positioning of the girl over the scullery table, flexing of the cane, lifting of skirts and bloomers and petticoats, so that her undergarments were exposed for punishment, that caught Andrea’s attention.

Also, the range of implements used was fascinating, everything from the hand to canes, belts, birches, riding crops and straps, sometimes in the pursuit of pleasure, but mainly discipline of the household, including younger female servants.

Andrea was reading several books; including one titled ‘Daisy’, about an older teenage girl living in a strict Victorian household; plus Violet, a junior governess who had to discipline young girls, but also found herself being strictly disciplined on occasions. Each child, and indeed servant, had their own cane hanging on hooks on the scullery wall, together with straps and crops.

Dr Waring told Andrea not to get too engrossed in reading stories of discipline from the period, otherwise she would end up taking her work home with her. He said she needed to get out more and do what normal 21-year old girls do, and asked about her boyfriend. He said he took up golf and turned his phone off at weekends.

Andrea scoffed and said, “Oh him? I wish he were a real man and was stricter with me like some of these girls in the books.”

Dr Waring said, “These books are written in the past, though, remember.”

Andrea went on to say, “I was aware of spanking being prevalent in Victorian and Medieval times, but the sheer extent of it and eroticism in these novels really shocked me. Period dramas on TV omit this in case it offends. That gives an unrealistic impression of what it was like in period dramas. That’s why ‘50 shades’ created such a stir.”

Dr Waring said he would be away for a few days at a conference, so Andrea would be in charge.

“Any problems, ring me,” he said before leaving.

Andrea then went about her daily duties running the museum. when late on there was a delivery from the restorers. It included a leather bodice, short pleated dancing skirt, suspender belt and garters, and the refurbished senior cane and a replica birch. The man explained the birch was damaged accidentally, so it had been replaced with a replica.

The delivery man duly left, and Andrea went through and catalogued the items.

Andrea, during her lunch break, decided to try the items on in the staff changing room, but didn’t know whether to ring her boss or not.

The leather bodice was tight as it was strung, and the skirt and suspenders fitted fine. She was surprised to find no underwear supplied, though, so checked with the restorers. They confirmed no underwear was supplied with those items. Andrea thought Victorian girls would have worn underwear, surely?

So, she picked up the birch, which was a replica, which she gave a swish and it appeared OK. She put it down on the table, picked up the senior cane to give it a few swishes through the air and several strokes across her hand, which stung a bit.

Several days passed and Dr Waring returned. He asked Andrea if everything was OK and she said fine. She also said they had a delivery of some items, but she remained a bit coy, knowing what was coming her way.

She was continuing to read the books about Victoriana and the punishment of young Victorian girls and women.

Dr Waring said: “Have you tried out the items at all?”

Andrea said, “Yes, they fitted quite well, but there was no underwear apart from the suspenders. The birch has been replaced, and the senior cane fully restored.”

Dr Waring said no there was no underwear with these as they are French period dress used for ‘Cage aux Follies’ shows, where the girls would flash their bare bottoms and/or breasts to thrill the crowd of men who would throw flowers, notes and coins at their favourites.

Andrea seemed shocked and said: “Wow! I didn’t realise that sort of thing went on then.”

Dr Waring said: “Shall we go into the changing room and take the items with us?”

Andrea reluctantly agreed, and changed into the skirt, suspenders and bodice before emerging. She asked if she could keep her G-string on and for him to not go too hard on her, and Dr Waring agreed.

He said: “I don’t need to test the birch, but I do need to test the senior cane out. Can you lean over the desk, please Andrea?”

Andrea said: “Oh, do I have to?” and reluctantly agreed, and her very short skirt rose up exposing her G-stringed bottom.

Dr Waring placed the cane across her pert lower seat and asked her to give him feedback on how it felt, and to check its suppleness.

He swished the cane moderately down across her reluctantly waiting pert bottom, giving it a firm smack, and she reacted by saying: “Oh, it tingles.”

The second and third strokes followed, after which Andrea got up to rub her bottom as it was really tingling.

She was then told to bend over again for the final 3 strokes, taken with aplomb. Andrea then rose up at the end, bending her knees slightly and rubbing her pert bottom with both hands after the last stroke.

Dr Waring said: “That felt better. How did it feel, Andrea?”

Andrea said: “Not as bad as the junior cane, but surprisingly stinging.”

Andrea made her excuses and left for the bathroom in a hurry.

She returned after rearranging her dishevelled hair and composure, still looking hot and bothered and not like her demure self normally.

Dr Waring thanked her and said she could return to work.

Andrea returned to her normal duties but realised she was slowly becoming hooked on Victorian CP, and there was very little she could do about it. The novels on punishment and the testing of some of the punishment implements had revealed a hidden need to experience the real thing, with no holds barred.

She felt too embarrassed to admit it to Dr Waring, but got talking at length to his wife, Susan, an ‘old school’ type of headmistress who visited the museum one afternoon, who put her at ease.

She encouraged Andrea to come back for tea after work and they had a very long and detailed discussion all about Victorian discipline.

Andrea said: “You don’t mind?”

But Mrs Waring said: “Of course not. My husband, Robert, told me that you have tried the cane twice.”

Andrea hesitated and said: “Well, yes, but only for testing.”

Mrs Waring said: “Your body language says to me that you really need to experience some Victorian style discipline at first hand, Andrea?”

Andrea hesitated, and said she was worried it would really hurt.

Mrs Waring reassured her and said: “Andrea, I’m not going to hurt you, but if you are going to do something then it’s worth doing properly, so it’s now or never for you, Andrea.”

Before she could say no, Andrea found herself cajoled into kneeling on a large padded armchair in the study, with her black high heels dangling off the chair, her Victorian style dress lifted to her waist, and black sheer hold-ups nicely framing her curvy bottom and G stringed panties.

Meanwhile, Mrs Waring fetched a senior cane from the cabinet, and said: “Let me give you a taste of what proper Victorian discipline was like, Andrea.”

Andrea pleaded: “No, please Mrs Waring, really it’s OK.”

But Mrs Waring tapped her bottom several times with the end of the cane and said: “Bend over, Andrea,” and Andrea reluctantly leaned forward nervously exposing her full bottom, and the cane was swished menacingly several times through the air.

It was then expertly applied firmly across the seat of Andrea’s curvy backside 6 times in quick succession with unerring accuracy, making a firm swishing sound.

That had Andrea gasping and squirming over the chair, pushing her bottom out and tossing her hair back with her legs and high heels crossed over to try and absorb the pain the senior cane having firmly tanned her backside, leaving six clear red tramlines.

When Mrs Waring had finished, she returned the cane to the cabinet and Andrea got up, clutching her bottom with both hands and bending her knees and leaning forward to absorb the relentless sting.

Mrs Waring said: “That is how Victorian girls were disciplined, Andrea.” She went on to say: “You may not be able to sit down for about an hour, and your bottom may be red for several days.”

Andrea thanked Mrs Waring grudgingly, but looked dishevelled with her tossed long dark hair. She lifted her dress and rubbed her shapely sore seat with one hand. Andrea then asked Mrs Waring if she punished other girls.

Mrs Waring said: “Yes, I have 3 old girls, if I include you, who like to re-enact traditional punishments occasionally to keep them in line. This cane tanned your bottom well, Andrea, so I will hang it on the wall and keep it ready for you, as I’m sure you will be needing it again, Andrea, like the others.”

Andrea went away and tried not to think about it at work. However, when she read the erotic novels, she would put herself in the place of the girl being disciplined.

She later changed and took off her dress, and it revealed her G-string with red lines still visible, although the sting had eased. Andrea was beginning to feel like the Victorian schoolgirls in her novels, but it was her bottom on the line now.

Then one day, several weeks later, she had a call from Mrs Waring, saying: “I haven’t heard from you for several weeks. Is everything OK, Andrea?”

Andrea replied: “Oh yes, it’s fine. You know, just been busy lately.”

Mrs Waring said: “Why don’t you come over, Andrea?”

Andrea desperately tried to make excuses knowing what it would lead to, but Mrs Waring was most insistent.

She now re-enacts moderate Victorian punishments regularly, which she admits keeps her on her toes, literally.

She also admits it takes a woman to discipline a girl properly, but never remotely thought at University that she would end up having her curvy bottom thrashed like a Victorian schoolgirl.

The End

© Paul S 2019