Three best friends get into trouble at school

By Brian Melville

Marybeth Thomas, Amelia Nichols and Christina Underwood have been best friends since they can remember. With their parents also being close friends for many years, the girls were more like sisters than friends.

All three girls were sixth form students at St Peter’s Catholic School for girls, situated in the west of England. The hundred year old school had a rich tradition and a very high standard when it came to discipline. Teachers had the authority to give any girl up to six strokes with the slipper across the seat of her skirt, and the headmistress could give up to a dozen strokes of the slipper. She was also the only member of staff to cane any girl, across the seat of her gym knickers, anything from one to eight strokes, with her three foot long, crook handled cane, in her study.

St Peter’s had a very traditional school uniform consisting of; a green and yellow check skirt, light yellow long sleeve blouse, green tie with diagonal yellow pin stripes, green blazer, green knee socks with three yellow horizontal stripes, just below the knee, with black mary jane school shoes. The gym kit consisted of: Bottle green gym knickers and a light yellow vest.

The three friends’ story starts on a rather warm Friday afternoon in the summer of 1984, just before the school day was about to end. The entire school of five hundred and twenty one girls were summoned to the school hall. All the girls were speculating why they had to go to assembly at this time on a Friday as normal assembly was on Monday mornings. Once all the girls and staff were seated, the headmistress, who was standing by the podium, addressed the girls.

“It has come to our attention that the number of girls smoking during school breaks at this school has been increasing, so I want all of you to see this as a final warning. From Monday there will be regular inspections and if any girl or girls should be found in the possession of cigarettes, or are caught smoking on school property, it will merit an automatic visit to my study for a dose of the cane! Six to eight strokes with the cane, per offence!”

Mrs Beacon gave her words a few moments to sink in, before continuing. “Smoking is bad for your health and will now be even worse for your bottoms!”

She turned her back and spoke quickly to her staff, then turned her attention back to the girls, quietly waiting in their seats. “Dismissed!”

The girls filed out and made their way to their respective homes. On Saturday morning Marybeth, Christina and Amelia got together at Christina’s house to socialise. As all three girls smoked, the conversation led to their headmistress’s warning. All three friends had experienced the slipper at least once, and Amelia was the only girl who had been caned back in the third form, for swearing at her mathematics teacher. She only got three strokes back then and it had hurt like hell.

On Monday morning before school, the girls decided to hide their cigarettes in the bathrooms, as neither of them wanted to be on the receiving end of the cane.  During assembly, the headmistress reminded the girls of the threat she made on Friday.

On Wednesday morning, just before first break, there was an announcement over the intercom. It was the friendly voice of Mrs Trent, the school secretary.

“The following girls must report to the headmistress’s study at the beginning of first break; Christina Underwood, Marybeth Thomas and Amelia Nichols.”

The girls wondered why the headmistress wanted to see them, not thinking of their cigarettes still hidden away in the bathroom, or so they thought.  As the bell rang for first break, the three friends hurriedly made their way to the secretaries’ office to report to the headmistress.

As they entered the front office, Mrs Trent said: “Good morning girls, you can have a seat on those chairs while I inform the headmistress that you are here.”

The girls sat on the comfortable green arm chairs and waited in silence. After about five minutes, the door to the headmistress’s study opened and she stepped into the front office.

“Marybeth, Christina and Amelia, come inside and close the door, please.” She snapped as she turned and made her way into her study.

The girls followed, with Amelia closing the door behind them, as they lined up in front of the headmistress’s desk. Mrs. Beacon sat back in her chair and just looked at the three young ladies in front of her, smartly dressed in full uniform. To the headmistress’s right stood Marybeth Thomas, with her pale white skin, big brown eyes, long, straight black hair, slender build and medium height. Next to her stood seventeen year old Christina Underwood with her curly, ash blond, shoulder length hair, blue eyes and light brown sun tanned skin. Christina was the tallest of the three with a very athletic body as she was the schools’ first netball team captain. Then on the headmistress’s left stood the shortest, slender but almost skinny girl, eighteen year old Amelia Nichols, who had beautiful green eyes, dark brown hair, and golden brown sun tanned skin. Amelia was also the naughtiest of the three girls. All three stood with hands by their sides looking down at the thick piled light grey carpet at their feet.

“Well girls, I am sure you’d like to know why you find yourself in front of me at this time. Don’t you, Amelia?”

Amelia was taken  by surprise at this sudden question and stuttered: “Y-y-yes Miss!”

Mrs Beacon opened a drawer and produced a packet of cigarettes and a pink lighter. As the girls smoked the same brand, and all three used pink lighters, they were not sure whose packet it was, but knew it would be marked with their name on the inside. The headmistress handed the packed to Christina.

“Whose cigarettes are those, Christina?” The headmistress snapped.

Christina glanced at her two friends as she opened the packet. Seeing ‘MT’ written in the top cover, she meekly answered: “It’s Marybeth Thomas’s cigarettes and lighter, miss.”

Mrs Beacon snapped: “Hands on your head, Thomas!”

Poor Marybeth went pale in shock, but she complied with the order.

She then handed a second packet of cigarettes and a lighter to Amelia, as she angrily snapped: “Please tell me who of you three those belong, Nichols.”

Amelia took the packet and, as she opened it, she noticed ‘CN’ inside the top cover.

Amelia nervously replied: “It is Christina’s stuff, miss.”

“Hands on your head, Underwood!”

Christina almost fainted as she heard Amelia saying her name.

“Hands on your head, girl!” Snapped the headmistress.

The girl complied, as the headmistress stood and walked around her desk to stand in front of Christina. She opened the packet and showed the inside cover to the seventeen year old.

“Please be so kind as to tell me whose cigarettes and lighter these are, Underwood.”

Christina didn’t have time to anything.

As Amelia’s hands went to her head, she muttered:  “They’re mine, miss.”

The headmistress snapped: “I didn’t ask you, Nichols! Take two steps back and turn around, facing the window behind you. I will teach you not to speak unless spoken to, girl!”

The headmistress turned and went straight to a cabinet behind her desk, unlocking and opening it. She took out a size twelve black plimsoll and made her way towards the short eighteen year old girl standing with her back towards her. The other two girls looked on.

Mrs Beacon went to Amelia’s left side and snapped: “Bend over with your hands on your knees, girl!”

Amelia didn’t even hesitate, but immediately assumed the required position as her check skirt tightened across her bottom. The headmistress lifted the girl’s blazer and folded it over the small of her back, before addressing the other two girls.

“You two, stay as you are, hands on head, facing my desk! If you move, you will be finding yourself in the same position, right after Miss Nichols, here!”

Without warning the headmistress slammed the slipper down onto Amelia’s tight, firm, little round bottom, causing the girl to yelp at the intense sting. It was followed by five more similar strokes, causing the bent over, skinny eighteen year old to squeal by the fourth stroke and cry softly by the sixth and final stroke.

Her two friends didn’t even try to look at their friend’s slippering as they were too scared of getting the same.

“Let that be a lesson to you, Amelia! You may get up!”

Amelia flew up, her hands frantically rubbing her stinging bottom.

Mrs Beacon gave the naughty girl a minute before snapping: “That’s enough, Nichols! Face me with your hands on your head, girl!”

Amelia complied as she sniffed back the tears. Once the girl was in position, the headmistress addressed the three friends sternly.

“Now girls, regarding your punishment for the cigarettes, which were found by Mr Smith, the school groundsman, hidden in the bathroom. You will report to me at four o’clock this afternoon in full gym kit for the cane!”

The headmistress waited a full three minutes before speaking again: “You are dismissed!”

The girls left in silence and during the remainder of first break they didn’t talk a lot, but they did go to the bathroom to inspect Amelia’s slippered bottom, which was red all over. Marybeth and Christina felt rather relieved they were spared a slippering from Mrs Beacon.

The rest of the school day, the girls kept to themselves as each one nervously anticipated their fate later that afternoon. At three-thirty, as the bell rang to announce the end of the school day, the girls made their way to the changing rooms in silence.

As they changed into their gym kits, Marybeth just had to ask: “What’s it like getting the cane, Amelia?”

Amelia replied: “It’s called a twig around here, Bethie, and it hurts like hell! It stings ten times as bad as the slipper!”

Marybeth looked at her best friend in horror as Christina gasped: “You’re kidding, right?”

“No Chrissie, I’ve never been so serious in my life!” Amelia snapped.

The other two looked at each other in absolute horror about the prospect of their upcoming punishment.

“So, what position do we have to assume for the twigging?” Christina asked.

“We surely will be bending over the desk or a chair. My brother got it at his school and he told me they had to bend over the desk or the back of a chair!” Marybeth interrupted.

“No, Bethie, here you have to bend over and touch your toes while keeping your legs straight!” Amelia answered.

Christina immediately bent over, touching her toes and straightening her legs, before saying: “If it hurts that bad, how will we be able to stay in position?”

“If you need encouragement, getting two extra strokes each time you move should be enough encouragement for you!” Replied Amelia.

Then Christina looked at her wrist watch and said: “We’d better get to Mrs Beacon’s study, girls. We don’t want to be late!”

As they made their way to the front office, they passed a few first form girls who immediately knew what was going to happen, and they made swishing sounds as the three six formers, in their gym kits, made their way to the headmistress.

As they entered the front office, Mrs Trent noticed Marybeth and Christina made their way to the comfortable chairs, while Amelia went to report to the front desk.

“No girls, come over here, please!’ Said the secretary.

After taking the girls’ names down in a book, she said; “Right, it is five to four now. You girls can go stand by the wall, to the left of the headmistress’s study door.”

The girls did as they were told, with their backs to the wall, when the secretary spoke again.

“Facing the wall, with your hands on your heads, girls!”

The girls complied without hesitation, then the secretary spoke again, sternly. “Noses to the wall and stand up straight with your feet together, and stand still. The headmistress will be with you shortly.”

They stood there for a full twenty minutes, and all three felt rather silly standing there, especially when a mother of a first form girl came in to pay school fees.

The lady said to the secretary: “I see some things have not changed in the last sixteen years since I finished here. Still having to change into the old gym kit and wait like that till the headmistress decides it is time to cane your bottom.”

The secretary replied: “I don’t think it will ever change, Mrs Rutherford.”

As the mother and daughter left the office, the girls heard her tell her daughter: “Hope you took notice, Amber. I found myself in that position during my time at St Peter’s, and it was a very painful experience!”

About five minutes after Mrs Rutherford and her daughter left, the headmistress opened her door and came out into the foyer. She noticed the three teenagers in their gym kits, standing up against the wall, and decided to let them wait a little bit longer.

“Mrs Trent, please make a note that I speak with Amber Rutherford of 1A tomorrow morning,” said the headmistress in a calm voice.

Mrs Trent replied: “Will do so, headmistress!”

Mrs Beacon then went back into her study and went to the cupboard where she kept the cane, took it from the hook it hung on, and placed it on her desk. She then moved one of the high backed arm chairs to the centre of her study, in front of her desk, before going back to the foyer and addressing the three girls, who by that time had been waiting a full thirty minutes.

“You three, inside! Now!” Snapped the headmistress as she turned and went to stand behind her desk, watching the girls reactions as they saw the cane.

Christina followed by Amelia and then Marybeth filed in, with Marybeth closing the door behind her. She lined up next to her two friends, standing in front of the headmistress’s desk.  Christina noticed the chair and wondered if Bethie was not right by saying earlier that they would be bending over a chair. Then she saw the cane and her eyes fixed on the intimidating rod waiting on the desk.

Amelia was completely confused by the chair standing out of place, and tried not to look at the cane displayed on the desk. Marybeth just had to smile to herself as she saw the chair then the cane for the first time. The three miscreants stood in front of the headmistress, staring at the carpet with their hands behind their backs.

Mrs Beacon snapped: “Hands on your heads!”

Once the girls were in position, the headmistress continued: “Right girls, it will be six of the best for each of you, across the seats of your gym knickers!”

Poor Christina thought about trying to negotiate with the headmistress for a lesser punishment, while Amelia just stared at the cane, not trying to think about it too much. The headmistress stood up and proceeded to the door. She locked it before walking to the front of her desk.

“Amelia since you’ve been here before for the cane, you will go first. Marybeth and Christina, go stand over there by the window, facing the chair and keeping your hands on your heads!” The headmistress spoke sternly.

Once Mrs Beacon was satisfied that the two teenagers were in place, she turned her attention to Amelia.

“Amelia, go stand by the back of the chair and bend over with your hands on the seat, please.”

Amelia frowned as she turned and soon enough was bent over the back of the chair, as instructed. The back of the chair dug into her stomach as she had to almost stand on tip toes, feeling her yellow gym knickers tighten across her bottom. Turning her head towards the desk, she watched the headmistress pick up the cane, take it in both hands and flex the supple rod as she walked around the front of the bent over girl.

Mrs Beacon then spoke sternly again: “I want the two of you to look carefully while I deal with Nichols so you know what to expect when it is your turn!”

The headmistress took up her position slightly to the left of Amelia’s up turned bottom, then she started tapping the cane against the girl’s drum tight gym knickers.

“Straighten your legs, Amelia! You will remain in this position until the last stroke and I tell you to stand. If you should stand up or try and cover your bottom to stop the punishment, I will add two penalty strokes for each infraction. Understood?”

“Yes miss!” Amelia said meekly.

“Do you two back there understand, as well?” The Headmistress snapped, without looking at the two girls standing at the wall.

Marybeth answered nervously, with eyes fixed on the cane being tapped against her friend’s bottom: “Y-y-yess Miss!”

Marybeth had to nudge Christina, who seemed to be in a complete trance, to answer the headmistress’s question.

“Uh, uh, uhm, yes Miss Beacon!” Christina stuttered.

As the headmistress turned her attention to the job at hand, she saw Amelia looking over her shoulder.

“Face the front, girl!”

Amelia complied immediately, as the tapping stopped for a few seconds. The headmistress then tapped the girl’s tight little round bottom twice before swinging the cane back and, with a swissh, bringing it lashing down with a thwack as it landed across the centre girl’s bottom. Amelia’s muscles tensed as the stinging pain intensified all over her bottom. Ten seconds went by and  tap, tap and swish, thwack the second stroke fell just below the first, causing the girl’s eyes to water up. A soft “Oww!’ slipped from her lips. Ten seconds later, tap tap, swishh thwwackk, the third stroke fell just below the second, causing the teenager’s head to jerk back as she swayed her hips from side to side as to try and soothe the stinging pain.

This caused Bethie and Chrissie who were still waiting their turn, to glance at each other in horror, knowing they would soon be on the receiving end of the same punishment.

The headmistress gave the girl some time to settle down, as she addressed the bent over girl again.

“Keep still, Amelia! Half way there!”

The Headmistress tapped the already stinging bottom again. Tap tap, swishh thwack, the fourth stroke fell right at the top of the girl’s bottom.

“Ow, ow, ouch! It hurts!” Amelia yelled, as her head jerked back and her left leg bent at the knee, slightly, but she quickly forced herself back into position before the headmistress could tell her to.

Tap tap tap, swwiisshh tthhwacck, stroke five landed in the middle of the more fleshy part of the girl’s bottom.  The headmistress waited a full thirty seconds then she  tapped the girl’s bottom three times and, with a resounding swwwiiissshhh ttthhwwacckk, the sixth and final stroke found its way to settle on the upturned target, just above the natural crease where bottom meets thigh.

This caused Amelia to almost jump up, but shear will power kept her hands on the seat of the chair as she drummed her feet on the carpet, while softly repeating:  “Oh my gosh it hurts! It hurts!”

After a full minute the headmistress addressed the well punished girl: “You may stand, girl!”

Amelia shot upright as her hands flew to her sore bottom, frantically rubbing the stinging bottom so as to soothe the pain.

Mrs Beacon gave the girl a minute, then spoke sternly: “That’s enough, Amelia! Go stand by the wall in front of the chair, facing the wall, with your hands on your head!”

Amelia moved quickly into position as the headmistress continued.

“Christina Underwood, you’re next! Come stand by the chair and bend yourself over as Amelia did.”

Christina, now almost in tears, moved slowly to the chair and, after taking a deep breath, the tall blonde, seventeen year old assumed the position. Her gym knickers stretched very tightly across her bottom as she remembered to straighten her legs. As Christina looked up she looked straight at Amelia’s bottom in front of her.

Christina flinched as the headmistress placed the cane firmly against the middle of her now vulnerable bottom. Ten seconds later, tap tap tap, swish thwack, the first stroke landed across the centre of the girl’s bottom. Christina’s knees buckled and she yelled out: “Oww, oh my gosh it stings!”

Ten seconds later again after two taps, swish thwack as stroke two hit just above the first. The girl flew up, rubbing her stinging rear.

This caused the headmistress to snap: “Christina Underwood! How dare you move from your position! Bend back over, right now!”

Christina meekly replied: “It hurts, miss!”  As she reassumed her position over the chair, she sniffed back the tears.

“If you do anything that silly again, I will add two penalty strokes, Christina!”

“Yes miss! Sorry miss!” Came a disgruntled reply from the seventeen year old.

Without any prior warning, the headmistress let the cane rip through the air and the third stroke landed with a swish thwack, right at the top of the pretty blonde’s bottom, causing a faint yelp coming from Christina Underwood.  After a full thirty seconds the cane tapped against her up turned bottom, then the headmistress swept the cane back and down on to the waiting target. Swisshh, thwacckk! The fourth stroke fell just below the first and was met with an ear-piercing yell, from the girl, but she managed to stay in position. Ten seconds went by and tap tap, swisshhh tthwwacckk, the fith stroke landed right in the crease where bottom meets thighs. Immediately, Christina flew up, hopping around with both hands clasped to her scotched bottom, howling in pain with tears pouring down her cheeks.

The headmistress, now visibly angered by the girl’s silly behaviour, gave her a full minute to compose herself, then she snapped: “Christina Underwood! Get back over that chair, right now! You’re getting an extra two strokes for this!”

Christina pleaded: “No please, miss! Don’t add any extra strokes, it really hurts!”

The headmistress snapped: “Bend over, girl! Or must I add another two penalty strokes?”

The threat worked, as the blonde turned and reassumed her position for the final three strokes. Once back in position, the headmistress tapped the cane twice against the girl’s bottom, then she let the cane rip through the air with a resounding swwwwiiissshh tttthhhwwwaacckk! The sixth stroke landed in the middle of the girl’s bottom. Christina took the stroke rather well, with only a squeaking sound coming from her. After a full minute and a half  the headmistress addressed the bent over teenager.

“Get up, Christina, and go stand next to Amelia, facing the wall with your hands on your head!”

Christina, now confused, but also relieved as she has been spared the penalty strokes, stood and quickly made her way to her friend’s side.

“Stop rubbing your bottom, girl, and get your hands on your head, Underwood!” Snapped the headmistress, before turning her attention to Marybeth.

“Marybeth Thomas, over here girl!” Snapped Mrs Beacon as she pointed to the chair with the cane.

The pretty black haired eighteen year old slowly made her way to the chair, to the irritation of the headmistress.

Mrs Beacon angrily snapped: “Quick about it, Thomas!”

Bethie quickly moved to the chair and looked pleadingly at the headmistress who was flexing the cane between her hands.

“Bend over, Thomas! Six of the best for you too, girl!” Mrs Beacon said angrily.

Marybeth took a deep breath and lowered herself over the back of the chair, placing her hands on the seat as she straighten her legs, feeling very self-conscious as her round, soft, pert little bottom was now well presented for her punishment, her gym knickers stretched drum tight over her bottom. Marybeth looked looked directly at her two best friends’ bottoms, and could actually see a red line peeking from Christina’s gym knickers, on the right side.

The headmistress placed the cane across Bethie’s bottom and tapped it twice, then a few seconds later there was a swish and a thwack, as the cane landed right across the centre of the girl’s bottom. The intense sting caused Marybeth to just shift her weight from foot to foot, as she feared getting penalty strokes.  Ten seconds and tap tap, swish thwack,  followed by an “Ow!” from the teenager, as the second stroke landed just below the first. Ten more seconds went by, and tap tap, swwish  thhwack, stroke number three struck the up turned bottom. It was met by a faint, “Ouch miss!” from the young Miss Thomas.

Mrs Beacon waited a full minute before tapping the girl’s bottom again. With a swishhh thwwacck stroke four fell just below the first, causing the girl to grunt as tears started to flow freely. Ten seconds and tap tap, swwiishh tthhwwaacckk, the fifth stroke landed just above the crease where bottom meets thigh. The intense pain this stroke caused was enough to let Marybeth kick her left leg back and sway her hips in an attempt to ease the intense stinging pain.

Mrs Beacon waited a full minute, giving the girl time to settle down, before tapping the well presented bottom twice, before she drew the cane back and swept it down hard, across the eighteen year old’s rear end, with a swwiissshhh ttthhwwaacckkkk. The final stroke fell right above the fifth. Marybeth’s knees buckled and she gasped for air, as she stomped her right foot on the floor.

A minute went by, before the headmistress spoke sternly to the well punished girl, still bent over the chair in front of her.

“That’s it, Thomas! You may get up, and go join your friends over there!”

Within seconds, Marybeth was standing next to Christina with her hands on her head, trying not to think about her sore bottom that was screaming for some soothing hands to massage the pain away.

Mrs Beacon continued sternly: “That brings me to the final part of your punishment, girls. Christina, you still have two penalty strokes, so come bend over the chair, girl!”

Christina’s heart sank and she started to sob as she turned and went to stand by the back of the chair, looking pleadingly at her headmistress.

“Bend over, Underwood!” The headmistress snapped.

Christina sniffed back the tears and slowly turned and lowered herself over the back of the chair again. Once in position, the headmistress tapped the girls bottom with the cane as she addressed the other two girls.

“You two may turn and face your friend, as she takes her penalty strokes!”

Amelia and Marybeth turned and saw their friend’s hair covered face as she bent, bottom well presented for two extra strokes. They both felt sorry for Chrissie, but were relieved it wasn’t one of them.

Tap tap, swisshh thhwaccck, stroke seven fell at an angle from top left to bottom right, across the girl’s bottom, causing her to violently jerk her head back and kick her right leg back, as she howled: “Ow, ow, ow,ouchh!” shifting her weight from foot to foot.

“Keep still, girl!” The headmistress hissed.

Tap tap, tap tap, with a resounding ssssswwwiiiiiissshhh, tttthhhwwwaaaccckkk, the last stroke came crashing down at the same angle as the previous stroke, just to the right of it, forming a grid-like pattern on the teenager’s bottom. Christina had to dig really deep to stay in position and not cry out in pain.

Two minutes later, the headmistress spoke again as she made her way to the cabinet, returning the cane to its place.

“You may stand, Underwood! And the two of you may join her! Hands on your head, please! All of you!”

The three friends complied instantly, as the headmistress took her seat, took out the punishment register from her drawer, and made the entries:

“Amelia Nichols, Possession of cigarettes on school grounds, six of the cane, over gym knickers.”

“Christina Underwood, Possession of cigarette on school grounds, six with cane, over gym knickers.”

“Marybeth Thomas, Possession of cigarettes on school grounds, six of the cane, over gym knickers.”

“Christina Underwood,  Penalty strokes for resisting punishment, two
strokes with cane, across gym knickers.”

The headmistress sat back in her chair as she watched the three girls as they stood hands on their heads, with their eyes cast down towards the carpet.

Mrs Beacon then addressed the three friends:  “I don’t want to see any of you in here for any form of punishment, or it will be the full eight strokes!” Pausing to let her words sink in, she added: “Let what happened here be a lesson for you all! You are dismissed!”

Marybeth did not hesitate and made her way to the door, followed closely by her two friends. Once outside, they took a few moments to rub their now throbbing bottoms, before making their way home.

That evening at the supper table, Marybeth told her parents and older brother about her punishment at school, and both her parents agreed that she thoroughly deserved it.

Amelia also took the opportunity at dinner to tell her parents and got herself grounded for a week.

At the Underwood house, it was a different story as Mrs Underwood took the hairbrush to her seventeen year old daughter for getting the caned.

The End

© Brian Melville 2018