Rudely interrupted, a girl hears a strange tale

By Douglas Ramsey

Beth was startled when her bedroom door opened; she was even more startled to see her housemistress, Miss Sandra Jones, standing looking at her with a rather surprised look on her face. Beth jumped up from her bed, rearranged her skirt then was horrified to realise that her panties were around her ankles. She turned bright red at being caught in the act so to speak.

“Miss Jones, I am so sorry. I, I…” Beth didn’t know what to say, she just turned redder and redder.

Miss Jones all but laughed. “Hey, no problem Beth, don’t worry. What you were doing is quite normal, a natural part of growing up. I expect most 6th form girls do it most days.” She smiled as she touched Beth’s shoulder reassuringly.” I did knock two or three times but I guess you were, how shall I say, elsewhere!”

“Miss, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.” Beth was starting to calm down. “Why aren’t you angry?”

“My job isn’t just to teach Maths and English you know, I also want to help you develop emotionally and physically.”

Beth felt more relaxed but still felt the need to ask: “Miss, I really would have expected to be punished for doing that, but you’re so cool about it.”

“Beth, not everyone thinks like me but, let’s be honest, I’m not that much older than you. Only seven years ago I was at school. I did the same as you and still do especially when there are no boys in my life. May I sit down?”

“Of course Miss, please do.” Beth cleared a few books from her only chair so Miss Jones could sit.

“I have views which, from time to time, have caused me some grief and pain. Can I tell you my story that might help you understand why I reacted as I did?”

“Yes please, that would be great.”

“Beth, don’t be shocked by what I am going to tell you, I am at ease with it. It’s just one bit of my life story which when added to all the other bits make up who I am.

I went to a girl’s boarding school in London not dissimilar to this one. It was very good academically; the discipline was generally fair, but always strict. Anyway, one Thursday evening about three weeks before I was due to leave school, this is what happened.”

Miss Jones paused as she gathered her memories of this clearly momentous event in her life. “Just like you I was lying on my bed, in my own private room, giving myself some serious pleasure when the door opened. It was Paige Matthews, the Head Girl. I was shocked and, honestly, the following few minutes remain a blur to me. She called me a few names, disgusting this, disgusting that, you know the sort of thing. Before I knew it I was being marched along the corridors to the headmistress’s office.

“Before I could catch my breath I was standing in front of Miss Glenda Craig, the headmistress. The next thing I knew, I was staring at the Head’s desk, grabbing the far edge as hard as I could, with my skirt up over my back, my knickers around my ankles, and she was caning my bare backside.”

Beth gasped. “Oh my god!”

“Do you know, Beth, I was so cross, so enraged, so incensed by what I thought was a gross injustice that I don’t remember the searing pain of the cane. All I can recall are those emotions. They must have acted as some sort of anaesthetic.

“The headmistress swished me six times and when she had finished she looked at me with a fearsome stare demanding that I accept that what I was doing was disgusting, that I apologise and thank her for the punishment.

“I still can’t believe what I did. I simply said no, I wouldn’t apologise.”

Beth looked shocked as she sat on the edge of her bed hanging on every word.

“The Headmistress kept her poise then suggested that I take a day to reconsider. She ordered the Head Girl to bring me back at 6 pm the following evening for another caning if I didn’t apologise.

“I got back to my room and cried, and cried. My emotions had subsided and, with no anaesthetic, my bum was really painful. I couldn’t lie on my back so I lay on my tummy and cried myself to sleep feeling that life was so unfair.”

Beth couldn’t help but reach out to touch her arm. “And then what happened?” She asked.

“Well the next day just before 6 pm Paige Matthews arrived. I couldn’t speak to her as I was so cross. I just followed her to the Head’s study and, as expected, the Head asked me to apologise and all the rest of it.

“I am not sure, but I don’t think that I bothered to answer. In an act of absolute defiance, I simply reached down, unzipped my skirt, pulled off my panties and lay across the desk and waited for my next thrashing. I didn’t have to wait long.

“Beth, it was agony. Every stroke bit into my bum and, on top of the caning the day before, it was excruciating. With all the will power that I could muster, I forced myself not to cry out, I just held onto the far edge of the desk like there was no tomorrow.

“When she had finished caning me I made myself put on my skirt and panties then stand up straight as if nothing had happened. Of course I was in absolute agony.

“Miss Craig again asked me to apologise or I was to return to see her on Monday for another instalment. I so wanted to give in and say sorry because I didn’t want another caning. With my brain focussed on the pain in my backside I suddenly heard this voice, only to realise that it was me speaking. It was surreal. As if detached, I heard myself say to the headmistress that I was very sorry but with all respect I couldn’t apologise.

“To this day I don’t know why I said ‘couldn’t apologise’ rather than ‘wouldn’t apologise’ as I had the evening before. I remember so clearly a look of puzzlement develop across her face.

“She asked me why I couldn’t apologise. Yet again, it was as if someone else was talking for me, because my mind was totally focussed on my sore bum. But I heard this voice of mine explaining that I couldn’t apologise because I didn’t think that I had done anything wrong. I explained that I was in the privacy of my own room, no-one else was involved, and I wasn’t smoking or drinking which were expressly forbidden. I said that I thought that in my room what I did was my business as long as I didn’t involve or harm anyone else.

“I went on to say that if I did apologise and accept that the caning was right then, to be fair, she would have to cane most girls in the 6th form, and probably most of the 5th form too, every other day! I said that I could never be responsible for that happening and, while I really didn’t want to, I would have to return on Monday to be caned again.”

Miss Jones paused for a moment then smiled at Beth. “She was stunned.”

“Miss, please don’t stop, what happened?”

“I am sure it was only a second or two, but the room seemed to come to a standstill as if the pause button had been pressed. Miss Craig momentarily didn’t know what to say or do.

“Then I became aware that Paige was looking rather concerned. She was ahead of me knowing that Miss Craig would ask if what I had said was true. Did most girls do it? The concern on Paige’s face turned more to panic as she eventually stuttered that what I had said was true.

“Paige clearly realised what the next question would be and Miss Craig did not disappoint. She asked Paige if she also did it, warning her not to lie.

“The silence was deafening; the tension in the room was palpable. From being a star performer in this drama, I realised I was now in the audience.

“Paige said that she did, regularly.

“Miss Craig looked at her in disbelief and they just stared at each other not knowing what to do or say. It seemed a lifetime, but it was probably just a few seconds. Without saying a word, Paige slowly reached down to the side of her skirt, undid the zip then let her skirt slip to the floor. Then she removed her panties and slowly assumed the fateful position stretched over the desk presenting her bare bum to be caned.

“Beth, I had received the cane a couple of times but I had never seen anyone actually being caned. I was mesmerised by the scene unfolding before me. The sight was compelling. I soaked up every detail of the unfolding drama; a beautiful young girl with her behind bared stretched across the desk waiting to be caned with the headmistress purposefully making preparations.

“As the Head laid the cane across the middle of Paige’s naked bottom, Miss Craig announced that she was going to give Paige six strokes for displaying such poor judgement as Head Girl.

“Slowly she drew the cane back well above her shoulder then slashed it down across the centre of Paige’s bottom. I was horrified at the force applied, the speed that the cane lashed into Paige, and the sharpness of the crack as the cane hit its target. A line appeared on her bottom almost immediately.

“Look, I had been caned before but I guess one tends to focus on different things when you are on the receiving end. I am not sure how to explain my feelings, but I was horrified by the severity of the punishment.

“Anyway, stroke after stroke landed across Paige’s bottom which, after five whacks, was bright red with clear, wicked looking welts evenly spaced across the target area. She had not made a sound. She had taken each fearsome whack without so much as a gasp.

“Miss Craig looked determined as she laid into Paige one last time. The cane hit more at the top of her legs rather than across her buttocks and Paige immediately let out a loud yelp. Miss Craig seemed pleased to have hit home so to speak.

“Paige made moves to rise from the desk but the headmistress told her to stay exactly where she was. She was to receive another twelve strokes just as I had done.

“Beth, on hearing this, quite involuntarily, I started to cry and again I heard myself speaking. I found myself begging Miss Craig not to beat Paige any more. The Head look towards me enquiringly but before she said anything I found myself pleading that I had taken the second caning because I didn’t think that my actions were wrong and that I had decided to take more canings so that others would not be punished for doing the same thing. I cried as I told her that if she caned Paige again then I had taken the thrashing for nothing.

“I could see that Miss Craig was thinking about what I had said. Slowly she put aside the cane, told Paige to get up and put on her skirt and panties. She came towards me with a warm, admiring smile. She hugged me saying that she was sorry to have caned me and that she should have asked more questions. She admitted that she had not understood how a young girl’s life had changed so much and that what was once a taboo activity was now a normal, widely accepted practice. She kissed me on the cheek and said sorry again.

“Then Paige came over to me and said that she had made a terrible mistake. She too asked to be forgiven.”

“What on earth did you say?” Beth interjected. “You had been whacked twelve times on the bare. How could you forgive that?”

“Beth, it took a lot especially for Miss Craig to say sorry and to accept that she probably had done the wrong thing by me. When she hugged me, some sort of chemistry happened between us, it was odd. So there we have it.” Miss Jones clearly had decided that the topic was closed.

“Miss, why did you come to see me?” Beth asked.

“Oh, yes!” Miss Jones laughed. “On Saturday I am hosting a small dinner party. Two special guests are coming down from London and I wondered if you and the other house prefects would like to join us. It would also be my thank you for all your help during the year.”

“Oh, I’d love to. May I ask who your guests are?’

“A Miss Glenda Craig and a Miss Paige Matthews.”

Beth looked somewhat surprised. “You mean…”

‘Yes,” said Miss Jones smiling.

“So you did forgive them.”

“Of course, life is too short to bear grudges. Ever since that time, Paige has been my dearest and closest friend and, in fact, I’ll be bridesmaid at her wedding next year. As for Glenda Craig, she has become my mentor, my de-facto Mum. She is always there for me. She has been a wonderful help to me over the years and I love her dearly.”

“I won’t tell them that you told me the story.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, after a couple of wines Glenda will doubtless tell the tale. She has turned it into a party piece which, I must say, is extremely funny. But Beth, as tears of laughter run down your face, please remember that it is my bare bum that she is whacking most of the time!”

“Yes Miss.”

The End