Emma finds an old magazine and a new idea to help her with her strict diet

By Paul S

Mark and Emma were both aged around 30. They were recently married and planned to move house from a rented bedsit flat to a new 2 bed home, recently vacated by an elderly lady who died.

The estate agent said she had been an administrator at a former local private girls’ school for many years which sadly was no more, having closed in 1992. However, local people spoke very highly of the school and lamented its passing. Many of its former staff and pupils had either passed away or lost contact.

Mark and Emma were excited to collect the keys from the estate agent on securing their first home together, and hurriedly unpacked on arrival. The house was a small 2 bed end of terrace 1980s house in very nice condition, as the lady had maintained it with attention to detail, and it was immaculate with very little to do, apart from weed and cut the grass which had grown since her passing.

Mark and Emma set up the furniture with some help, and put some items in the loft which they did not need immediately.

Mark said: “Can you put my golf stuff up there for the moment while we sort out the rest of the house?”

Emma said: “No problem.”

She gingerly climbed the ladder and put Mark’s golf equipment in the centre of the loft. The loft itself was spick and span and clean and tidy, except for one cardboard box marked ‘Stormont School-private’. Emma walked across, picked up the box and brought it down into the house to have a closer look.

Inside she found photographs of girls each year between 1955 and 1992 when the school closed, records of attendance, year summaries and records of achievement.

Emma then found the disciplinary records and an old magazine from the 1970s which had several ‘post it’ notes stuck on several pages. Emma thumbed through the magazine, and saw an advert for strict dieting. It said, ‘Having problems sticking to a strict diet? Then contact me today and I will help you improve your self-discipline where dieting is concerned’.

Mark decided he had enough of packing and decided to go to the gym and disappeared for the evening. That left Emma on her own.

She looked through the magazine, saw the contact number, and thought: ‘I wonder?’ Emma had been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully and thought she might as well give it a try.

She rang the number, which still worked after all these years, and came across a retired headmistress providing private disciplinary sessions. She explained that she had found the records and the old magazine and had read all about Stormont School.

The headmistress said: “Oh, that was the late Mrs Chapman’s house you have probably moved into. She was our Administrator back at Stormont. Lovely old school. Real old fashioned principles and no nonsense. Why don’t you come over to my house and we can discuss your strict diet requirements?”

Emma said: “That would be nice.”

Emma went to get changed and knowingly wore a short skirt and shirt, short jacket with high heels and tight briefs underneath. She arrived at Mrs Murrell’s house and found it was a period cottage. Mrs Murrell welcomed Emma in and it was all very ‘old school’ inside, but immaculate. They had a cup of tea and Mrs Murrell explained the full history of Stormont School and showed her around. She said she worked only part time now, plus doing some charity work, as she had retired early as a head when the school closed.

They went into the large study and Mrs Murrell had recreated her study from the old school.

She said: “Yes, it even has the old photographs, memorabilia, slippers, straps and canes.”

Emma couldn’t help but notice a number of canes on hooks on the wall, each with a sticker with a girl’s name on it.

Emma asked: “What are these for?”

The headmistress said: “Oh, that’s part of your strict calorie controlled diet. If you meet your target I am setting you of losing 7lb a week, then I will buy you a bottle of champagne to celebrate. However, if you were to fail to meet your target, then you would receive a stroke of the cane for each pound that you are over your target.”

Emma admitted she was 2 stone overweight, and needed to lose weight.

The headmistress said: “It is for you to stick to your diet, and you can choose any diet you like. All I ask is that you meet your targets and you will be fine. They are perfectly achievable if you are disciplined.”

Emma laughed, but Mrs Murrell suddenly looked very stern and said: “Well, first things first.” She produced a large bottle of Moet and Chandon and said: ‘this is your incentive, Emma, if you succeed. Now let me show you your punishment if you do not.”

The former headmistress went to a cabinet and opened the door. It contained a number of canes of various lengths and sizes. She pulled out a medium length cane and then swished it through the air a few times, making a menacing sound.

The head then said: “Right, if you would care to raise your skirt and tuck it in, and lower your briefs please.”

Emma was a bit taken aback, but did as she said and raised and tucked in her skirt, and lowered her briefs.

The head than tapped Emma on the bottom several times and said: “If you would care to bend right over the desk, young lady, and bring your bottom up whilst I measure it for size.”

Emma did as she said, and the head promptly ran the cane across her bare bottom to check for length and flexibility.

The head said: “Perfect!” She then said: “Perhaps one or two strokes just to make sure?”

Emma said: “OK, but not too hard as it’s my first time.”

The head tapped her bottom with the cane and said: “Emma, get that bottom up.”

Emma did as she was told. The head then swished the cane and brought it down smartly across her bared bottom.

Emma reared up and said: “Argh!”

The head said: “One more, Emma. Come on, bend over. Bottom up please.”

The headmistress then tapped her bottom with the cane and swished it, bringing it down smartly across Emma’s seat. Emma stood up, bending her knees and rubbing her cheeks frantically to ease the sting.

The head said: “OK, you have had your reminder for today, Emma. You can put your skirt down and pull your briefs up and I will see you next week.”

She then put a sticker on the cane with Emma’s name on it before hanging it on the row of coat hooks. Emma noticed they included Alison, Daisy, Emma, Julie and Stephanie.

Emma said: “Thank you, miss, and left for home with 2 stinging reminders across her seat to stick to her diet.”

That week Emma was exercising well and dieting sensibly, and all was going well. By Wednesday, she had lost 5 pounds and was on course to hit her target, but was getting a little complacent.

She explained the situation to Mark, saying she had joined a new dieting class and they were very strict, so she had to stick to her diet.

Mark said: “Would you like a cup of tea?”

She said she would and Mark pulled out a pack of Jaffa cakes, a few of which they shared between them. Before Emma realised, they had gone through the whole packet. Emma panicked and went to weigh herself.

“Oh my god, I have put on 3 pounds in weight!” She said.

The rest of the week was a blur, as she frantically tried to lose the 7 pound target she had been set, but her weight remained stubbornly high, with just 2 pounds lost overall.

Emma had visions of the canes hanging on the head’s coat hooks with her name on one. The head had already demonstrated just how stingy the cane could be if she failed by some margin, but failure was simply not an option for Emma.

Emma went out jogging frantically and went to the gym with Mark. Then they returned home on Friday night, and Mark brought in fish and chips.

Emma thought: ‘No, this is going to ruin my diet!’

But they devoured the fish and chips with great gusto.

Saturday morning came around and Emma’s reckoning came with the weigh-in. The head asked her to step on the scales, and announced that she had lost only 2pounds.

Emma looked on in disbelief.

“Only 2 pounds lost! The scales must be wrong. Measure me again, please.”

The same figure appeared though.

The headmistress then said: “Well Emma, it appears you have failed to meet my target so you will have to be punished. I think you are 5 pounds short, which will mean 5 strokes this week?”

Emma looked on with continuing disbelief.

The head went to fetch the cane hanging on the wall with Emma’s name on it and swished it through the air.

The head then said: “Right Emma, you know the drill. Skirt up and tucked in, panties down and bend over the desk, bottom up, if you will.”

Emma responded slowly, raising her skirt, and lowering the waistband of her tight panties to her thighs, exposing her plump bottom being readied for punishment. She then bent over the desk, leaning forward and slowly bringing her bared bottom right up as instructed.

The head swished her cane some more with some practice strokes, before lining the cane up across Emma’s seat. She then swished it down in one movement, bringing a cry of: “Argh!” from Emma.

The head said: “You will count each stroke and thank me, Emma.”

Emma said: “One, thank you miss.”

There followed another swish and Emma said: “Argh! Two, thank you miss.”

This was followed by a further swish and: “Argh! Three, thank you miss.”

Then another swish and: “Ugh! Four, Thank you miss!”

Then finally a loud swish as the cane wrapped around her seat.

“Argh! Five, thank you miss.”

The head said: “You may get up, Emma, and replace your clothing.”

Emma could see 5 bright red lines across her plump bottom in the long mirror opposite.

Emma loosened her skirt which fell down covering her hot bottom, and pulled up her knickers carefully over her sore bottom.

The head then said: “I will see you next week when, hopefully, you will have lost a further 7 pounds, Emma. Alison is due shortly, and she had 5 of the best last week also.”

Emma walked home and asked herself whether that fish and chips really was worth a sore bottom, as she struggled to walk in a straight line.

Mark noticed her hips wiggle when she walked in, and asked how the diet session went.

Emma was coy and said: “I failed to meet my target and got punished.” But she wouldn’t elaborate on her punishment to Mark.

That week Emma was determined to meet her target and worked hard on jogging and exercising down the gym. The weight started to fall off, losing 5 pounds initially, but then stagnated again and she found it hard to lose more.

Emma thought: ‘No, this isn’t fair. I try so hard!’

Saturday morning came around and it was weigh-in time again. She stepped on the scales in the head’s office, and the head said: “Well done, you have lost 5 pounds this week. However, that’s 2 pounds short of your target so you will still need two strokes this week.”

Emma said: “It’s not fair!”

The head said: “Life isn’t fair. But spare a thought for Alison who put on 7 pounds last week, with a target of just 5 pounds to lose. She will have real trouble sitting down for a while. Remember that each punishment is 160 calories burnt up by the girl on the receiving end, and 140 calories expended by me.”

The head then tapped her cane on the desk and said: “Right, Emma, skirt tucked in, knickers down and bend over the desk please.”

Emma reluctantly raised her skirt and lowered her tight panties, before bending over.

The head tapped her bottom, and said: “Emma, bottom right up please and count the strokes and thank me, please.”

Emma responded by bringing her backside up to meet the cane.

The head then swished it once across Emma’s seat, taking her by suprise.

“Arghhhh! One, thank you miss.”

The cane swished down again.

“Argh! Two, thank you miss.”

Emma got up and restored her skirt and raised her panties carefully to avoid snagging her sore bottom.

The head said: “You are doing well, Emma. Just keep at it and that champagne will be yours.”

Emma left thinking: ‘Next week, that champagne is mine, and I am not leaving here with a sore bottom for a third time.’

True to form, Emma worked hard and trained hard and the weight rolled off. Mark could see a real difference, with her clothes and panties getting much looser, and her figure restored.

The weigh-in came on the Saturday, but this time it was a celebration as the scales showed Emma had lost a wopping10 pounds and had hit her target.

The head was pleased and said: “Well done, Emma.” She kissed her and handed her the large champagne bottle. “You’re the second one to do so this year.”

Emma thanked the head and said the strict diet had really worked.

She admitted: “I literally needed a kick up the backside to motivate me, so I’m really pleased although it was hard work at times.”

Emma left, having achieved her goal, whilst a rather plump and solemn looking Alison entered the head’s office.

Emma said: “Good luck.”

Alison said: “Hello. Yes, I am going to need a miracle!”

Alison entered the room and Emma overheard some talking and a loud groan, then some shuffling noises and a distinct swishing sound with some muffled cries of pain.

But Emma then thought that her sore bottoms were behind her. Well perhaps for now?

The End

© Paul S 2017