By Joanna Jones

Using a theme created by Penny Morton and adapted with her kind permission.

Prologue: This is a story set in the “Girls of St Mary’s” world of Penny Morton, sometime after “The Headmistress is Indisposed”.

Mr O’Hare looked again at the test results he’d set the fifth form for their Physics. Despite his best efforts they seemed to be going backwards in mechanics; there seemed to be a deep confusion among many of the girls on the difference between velocity and acceleration. He was puzzled as he’d never had this problem before.

He started probing the girls individually as he went round in class and it was not long before he heard the words: “But Miss Howarth says…”

Miss Howarth, was the still fairly new teacher in Maths, and an ‘enthusiastic’ disciplinarian. Apparently her claims that as she was small and therefore needed to run to the target so she could compensate for her lack of mass with extra acceleration, it at least that was how the girls understood it.

But it was clear that what mass and what acceleration led to the reputedly nastier sting was something the girls were confused about. The problem as far as he was concerned was that the girls ‘knew’ that the faster that the dreaded plimsoll was travelling, the more painful it was going to be when their bottoms intercepted it. As a result, all Miss Howarth’s prattling about acceleration was now associated with velocity in the girls’ minds. Further, pupils being what they are, the association with punishment had rather lodged these wrong concepts deeply into their psyche.

A few questions to some of the girls in the sixth showed they also seemed to be losing grasp of the concepts that they had seemingly fully understood when he tested them on his arrival at the school a few months previously. He was glad that Miss Howarth had arrived sufficiently late in the previous year so her refrain of ‘Force equals Mass times Acceleration’ had not led to much confusion in the girls’ science examinations, judging their test result. However, in his new position this year, he realised he was going to have to work overtime with the girls to get the concepts thoroughly understood in their minds.

‘Damn the woman,’ he thought. He did not especially like her attitude, and personally thought her disciplinary methods excessive. He had, he believed, a good working relationship with the girls, and they seemed to enjoy science. While he did slipper when needed, it was something he kept for when a girl merited it. And he did ensure that she felt it in such cases, though he did not put every ounce of effort into each blow as Miss Howarth clearly did.

He’d been hired to the school with his wife a few months previously at the beginning of the term, having moved from his previous position in a private boys’ school where both sons had benefited from the school’s deal for children of teachers. His wife, Sarah, had taught in an all girls’ boarding school that was not quite as close as they would have liked. Thus, although happy in his previous post, the opportunity at St Mary’s had been too good to miss. The school had decided that girls also could have more opportunities to study science, especially for the increasing minority who thought medicine would be a good degree, and had wanted a new leader and two additional senior teachers in the field. The world was moving on, and St Mary’s had realised that parents wanted more from their daughter’s education than the graces with which to find a good husband.

Thus the school had jumped at the opportunity to get both the O’Hare’s together, as when he was appointed to the Head of Science post his wife was concurrently appointed both as the head biology teacher in his Department and as a Housemistress. With both of them being able to live on site the decision to move had literally been a “no-brainer”.

He knew from her in particular that the girls feared Miss Howarth and, recently given her delegated disciplinary role for the Headmistress, now treated her with a little awe. He could see why the Head and the deputy, Miss Harrison, had chosen her, and it was a good choice in many ways, after all a caning from the Head should be a serious school sanction that a girl would dread and hence aim to avoid at all costs.

However, all of this did not help deal with the problem of how he was going to persuade the girls to ignore Miss Howarth’s naive comments on physics and listen to him. ‘Damn the woman,’ he thought again. ‘As a mathematician she should know better! It’s her that needs a good spanking, leading the girls up the garden path like this.’

He smiled inwardly as he had a brief vision of the woman bending over in front of him, her backside awaiting his ministrations. She was a young and physically attractive woman after all. However, sadly that was not possible.

Over a coffee that evening he spoke to his wife, Sarah, who sympathised with him, and then echoed his own thoughts, saying: “That young lady is causing you a lot of trouble. What she needs is a thorough taste of her own medicine!”

Sarah O’Hare also found Miss Howarth a bit too severe, and had indeed expressed a mild concern to the Head about some of the younger girls settling down. Miss Gregory had been rather ‘old school’, indicating that settling down to the routine meant dealing with early misbehaviour firmly.

She knew that as a housemistress both in her previous school and at St Mary’s, the question was not whether sore bottoms were appropriate, but how many bottoms and how sore they needed to be!

“I agree, it would be good to see her bent over for a good dose of the slipper and/or cane,” echoed Brian O’Hare. “However, nice as the thought is, it is not a practical one unfortunately.”

After a pause Sarah suddenly smiled at her husband and put her hand on his knee. “I don’t know, Brian, there might be a way.”

Just over half an hour later they had a plan fully worked out.

The following day Brian asked Helen if they could have a chat, which they arranged for a mutual free period the morning after.

Helen Howarth had no idea what it was about, but rather assumed it would be to do with Brian O’Hare’s idea to give some examples in Maths that were based on Physics and vice-versa. Personally, she preferred just to teach the syllabus, but she knew he was a senior teacher and it would do her career prospects no harm to humour him. Both he and his wife also had the ear of Miss Gregory, having been in the Head’s view a major coup in her appointments strategy; two top notch teachers to drive forward the new syllabus. Whether Helen stayed or moved, she knew impressing the Headmistress on her teaching as well as discipline was vital.

Thus on Tuesday morning she sat down in Mr O’Hare’s empty classroom with her notebook for his ideas and waited for the senior teacher to start.

“Thanks for coming, Helen. I wanted to discuss with you a problem I am having with some of the girls.”

Helen Howarth perked up as the prospect of perhaps being called to administer some sting to naughty bottoms seemed to present itself. Her reputation must indeed be high if even old Mr O’Hare was wanting her help!

“Oh?” Helen asked as neutrally as she could.

“Yes, it’s to do with their mechanics. The fifth formers are getting very confused over a couple of key concepts, which has never happened to me before, and worse the confusion seems to be spreading to the sixth form physics classes too.”

Helen Howarth was confused as to what this really had to do with her, but confined herself to an inquisitive sounding: “And?”

“And, well, it looks as if I am going to have to ask Miss Gregory to give me time for some remedial revision sessions in the area in the next months, before the state exams start.”

“So what are you needing from me, Brian?” She asked.

“Well can I ask you first what you mean when you tell the girls that ‘Force equals Mass times Acceleration’, regarding your discipline methods.”

Helen sensed an uncertain danger, but could not see where from as she replied: “Well, the point I am trying to get across to the girls is that as I am quite petite, therefore I need to compensate for my lack of mass with some extra acceleration of the slipper to ensure the force is sufficient that they remember to behave, or to revise properly for the lesson.”

“So can you explain further what you mean by force?” Brian O’Hare persisted.

Helen replied instantly, saying: “The force of the slipper, of course!”

Brian raised his eyebrows, then picked up a book, raised it about a foot off the table and dropped it with a clatter. He then took the book again, stood and dropped it again, this time from above his head, so it fell four feet before landing loudly on the desk.

“So, Helen, did the first or second drop have the greater acceleration?” He asked.

Helen was getting a little irritated with this and actually slightly confused as to where it all was going. “The second of course!” She replied firmly.

Brian did not miss the hint of irritation in her voice; it was time to surprise. “Actually the acceleration they experienced was the same, the acceleration due to the force of gravity acting on it as it fell. In fact, if one was being really strict, then the acceleration in the first case was possibly slightly higher just before it hit the desk as the effects of air resistance would have been more negligible. So both times the book experienced the same force. And that Miss Howarth is the problem I have. Your explanation of spanking force has confused them!”

Helen Howarth was now most definitely confused herself. “But the second time the book was travelling much faster.”

“Velocity is not the same as acceleration! Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity or, for a mathematician such as yourself, the derivative of the velocity with respect to time gives acceleration. Once again, you are hitting the same confusion as the girls are having this year, as an unfortunate result of you spanking it into them!”

Helen was now definitely on the back foot, something that was a first in her time at St Mary’s. She realised clearly that Brian O’Hare had a point; after all, she understood what he had said but was confused totally about what forces were acting where now. She also realised there were clearly dangers in giving glib explanations to the girls in topics she thought she understood, but did not really.

Taking advantage of the pause as Helen Howarth tried to assimilate what he said, Brian continued. “So now you know why I will be asking Miss Gregory for some extra sessions, when I visit her on her medical leave tomorrow. I expect she, and for that matter Miss Harrison, will be less than happy given all the other activities it will cut into, but the examinations must come first after all.”

Helen felt a chill. To date she had got on well with the Head and deputy, who clearly both approved of her methods on discipline and she knew the girls were responding to her style of ensuring they learnt their maths even if they did not always appreciate it. She certainly did not wish that reputation to be dragged down by Mr O’Hare’s request. Her mind went into overdrive as she tried to think of an alternative.

Eventually she found one, the one that she had originally thought this meeting would be about.

“Maybe I could provide some support?” She asked. “After all, as you say, the physics and maths are quite closely related.”

“Hmmm.” Replied the older teacher. “A good idea, but I think we would need to do some work to ensure your understanding was correct.”

Helen, glad the idea had not been dismissed immediately, said: “I am more than happy to put in the hours on that, given the circumstance.”

Brian O’Hare smiled inwardly. He had her nearly where he wanted. “Very well, I am happy with that. Perhaps we should start with a tutorial in spanking physics, to ensure any future comments are scientifically correct, and move on from there.”

Helen’s enthusiasm increased significantly. “A great idea, I am sure I can find a couple of naughty young ladies to provide an appropriate target for you to explain things with,” she declared.

Brian O’Hare fixed her with a stare and replied: “Oh, I don’t think we need do that. After all, you have a perfectly good bottom of your own and, as you have said at a couple of staff meetings now, a sore bottom can on occasion be an excellent method to ensure a learner remembers key points.”

He had to fight hard to keep a straight face as Helen Howarth’s mouth sagged open.

Helen was in shock. He was proposing to spank her! No way, was her initial reaction, but she knew he had her in a corner. If she refused he would no doubt speak to Miss Gregory. Knowing the headmistress, she would probably think his suggestion totally reasonable in the circumstances, after all she was only a few years older than the girls, and what was being proposed was only something that she had espoused energetically herself.

She doubted she could argue with any sexual aspect either. Brian O’Hare was an outrageous flirt with many of the middle-aged single women who made up the staff, and had the gift of the blarney to go with it. She knew Miss Gregory and Miss Harrison enjoyed his light-hearted flattery. With his wife with him, everyone knew he was totally safe; it was just a lark to him, part of his personality. He was, to most of the women on the staff, far more “fun” than the other, first male teacher in the school, who’d been appointed just after herself near the end of the last academic year, the rather nice, in her view, Reverend Perkins.

No, she was indeed trapped. Desperately, she tried to think of a way to get out of it.

Brian was really struggling to keep his countenance impassive as all these thoughts rather obviously crossed the mind of the young woman in front of him, but he managed to control himself as he waited for Helen to reply.

Finally Helen found a straw to clutch at. “Errr, I am not sure that is appropriate. After all, you are a man and for that matter have a wife and things could be misconstrued.”

Brian briefly paused as if considering before replying. “Good point, Miss Howarth. Actually I spoke to Sarah already, and she was very much in agreement since the tutorials will have to come out of our free time together. Indeed she suggested it would be best if she were to chaperone, then when we discuss impact and absorption there will be less embarrassment when we are analysing the effects of the implements striking over less, or indeed no, layers of fabric.”

The straw had disappeared. What was more he was proposing to have his wife watch as he whacked her bare backside! This was outrageous, but what was the alternative? If it got out that she refused to take the punishments she was so effective at dishing out, even if only among the staff, her credibility would be severely damaged.

Helen experienced an awful realisation; she was caught, caught by a spider in a web of her own design.

“When, when do you propose we, we have this tutorial?” She stammered rather submissively. It was a far cry from her normal assertive voice.

“If you were to accept, I was going to propose we have it here tonight once the school is empty. Sarah can delegate to her deputy for the evening.”

“After that, I think a couple of discussion sessions during free periods together should be enough to come up with some practical questions for the girls to get both the maths and the physics together. Assuming you are roughly keeping the same syllabus order as Miss Taylor, your predecessor, then I have some ideas, and in all cases they focus on the maths side, as I fully understand relatively few are doing physics too. With your support I should be able to maybe just have one or two remedial sessions and they won’t cause any noticeable disruption to the other activities the girls have. How does all that sound to you?” Brian O’Hare concluded.

For Helen, all the Head of Science’s ideas remained essentially unregistered in her mind. She was far too preoccupied with the concept of having her bottom whacked tonight. She knew she had no excuse to delay it and so muttered her acquiescence.

Helen was indeed distracted the remainder of that day. A couple of girls felt very lucky to have escaped a slippering after some atrocious scores on their prep. Miss Howarth could not bring herself to her usual fervour on the topic, given her own forthcoming appointment.

Jessica also noticed her mistress’s rather agitated state early that evening, but with her bottom still rather tender from a thorough slippering the same morning for having slightly burned the toast, she decided it was safer not to inquire.

At eight o’clock, Brian heard the knock on his classroom door and, on calling, an unusually timid Helen Howarth appeared.

Helen noticed immediately a ‘slipper’ and a cane lying on a desk, along with a strip of leather she recognised as being some sort of strap.

Looking around she also noticed Sarah O’Hare was absent.

Brian saw the glance and said: “Sarah will be along shortly. I thought until then we might go through some concepts before reinforcing them later.”

He smiled inwardly at Helen’s rather pasty face as she took in perfectly the meaning of the word ‘reinforcing’. She looked quite cute, he thought, more so to him with her natural assertiveness gone.

“So let’s go through the some key concepts. You know what force is, though how to apply it is maybe less clear?”

Helen nodded and said: “Yes.”

“Now how about energy, what is that?”

“The product of force times distance,” replied Helen without thinking.

“Correct! What about Pressure?”

Helen paused before saying: “Force per unit area?”

“Well done. Now in simple terms how would you calculate the average speed of something?”

“Distance travelled divided by time.” Replied Helen, happy that she was able to regurgitate these equations from the back of her mind.

“And if we wanted the instantaneous velocity?” Brian asked.

Helen paused and thought about it for a moment before remembering Mr O’Hare’s comments on velocity and acceleration and realising she could adapt the simple calculus. “Would it not be the rate of change of position with respect to time at that instant in time?” She replied confidently.

“Indeed! And I expect you can see how the physics could easily fit into a calculus course for the sixth form, and for basic statistics and algebra in lower years. Generally I find the girls sometimes deal better with abstract concepts if they have a picture to hold onto.”

Helen nodded, rather relieved that she was keeping the teacher happy. Perhaps he might let her off some of this spanking lesson if she was lucky!

“Now let’s move on to the matter of collisions. A topic of some relevance as a spanking of any sort is basically the deliberate collision of some object with some part of the human anatomy.”

Helen felt a frisson of nerves flutter though her as she murmured her understanding.

“So tell me,” asked Brian. “What two things must be conserved in any collision?”

This was a bit harder and Helen struggled to think for a while before finally shaking her head.

“Energy and momentum,” he replied. “So, do you recall what momentum is?”

Another long pause before Helen said: “Is it not something to do with mass but…”

“Yes, actually it is the product of mass and velocity.” Mr O’Hare informed her, then continued. “Now the best way perhaps to demonstrate it is with this.”

Helen felt the first pang of dread as he picked up the leather strap. It was clearly made of two thick pieces stitched neatly together. She thought it looked much more formidable than a slipper.

“This is the implement many of our Irish colleagues might have. It can be given to the bottom, but as often as not is applied to the hands, which is what I propose here for our first demonstration.” He said in a deceptively mild conversational tone.

She gulped at the prospect of her hands being attacked too, but found herself following his lead and standing up.

“Now put your left hand out in front of you, and hold it there.”

Helen found her heart thumping as she watched the teacher lift the thick foot and a half of leather over his shoulder.

Then with a sudden movement the strap crashed down on her palm.

Miss Howarth’s eyes widened as she tried to control her gasp as the pain in her palm registered.

Brian O’Hare gave her a brief pause before furthering his explanation. “Now you will note that the strap carried on downwards and I expect your hand also felt itself forced down by the blow. If one was to look at the momentum of the strap falling, and then the strap and your hand just after the blow, one should find momentum is conserved. Of course you are holding your hand up rigidly so it may be more complicated and certainly after the initial impact the reaction of your body would need to be taken into account, and of course the strap is not rigid which also complicates things.”

Helen tried to put the sting in her hands to one side and nodded at the explanation.

“Of course, if your hand is moving down due to the conservation of momentum then that means it has kinetic energy, which as far as a punishment goes is generally undesirable. Can you put both hands out? Right hand on top? Good!”

Helen was beginning to shake slightly. She had never really considered a hand whacking before, and it was much more painful than she had expected.

As Brian told her to keep her left hand supporting the right and concentrate on keeping her hands up, she closed her eyes, not wishing to watch the strap, now back up on his shoulder, descend.


Helen’s gasp was less well controlled as the pain of the blow to her right hand seemed worse than that administered to her left.

“A bit sorer?” Asked Mr O’Hare conversationally.

Helen nodded rather uncomfortably.

“Well in that case, momentum would have also had to be conserved but the mass of two hands is greater than one, which affects the kinetic energy,” continued the physics teacher as Helen tried to wave the sting out of her hands.

“Do you remember the formula for kinetic energy?” Helen was asked.

Helen tried to ignore her stinging palms and racked her brain. Eventually she said: “Is it not the same as momentum?”

“No, it is one half ‘mv’ squared. You really should have remembered that and it is vital to do so, so lets strap it in to you. Left hand out with the right below!”

Helen looked rather horrified but very reluctantly complied as her tormentor put the strap over his shoulder again.

“Kinetic energy…”


“Is one half mass…”


“Swap hands. Times velocity…”




Helen found her gasps getting progressively more desperate as the blows landed, and was breathing deeply as she tried to focus on what was being said, sure that if she did not it would be more painful later. It was with relief she watched the strap drop back onto the desk as she tried to squeeze the pain out of her hands.

“So the key point is that when you placed two hands out, the mass was bigger, and thus the velocity of your falling hands was probably smaller, and thus kinetic energy of your falling hands was less, given that it falls with the square of velocity. That means, given the conservation of energy, more of the energy went into other forms, probably the sound of the slap, and into heat and possibly sudden distortion of the flesh which I think will give you the pain.

Helen though about this and then said: “But surely the distortion is effectively a movement and therefore affects momentum too?”

Brian raised his eyebrows, reluctantly impressed. “Indeed that is an excellent observation, but it probably does not affect the general point that putting the second hand below should mean that, all other things being equal, the blow should be more painful. However, what you say is, I think, very important when we get on to discussing bottoms, which in general do not move forward much when hit. Do you know why?”

Helen shuddered at the mention of bottoms as she knew her bottom was to be demonstrated on soon, and started to think hard. “Because the bottom is much more massive than the object hitting it and as a result all the momentum will be conserved by distortion?”

“Very, very good!” Responded the physics teacher. “You have a pretty good grasp of all these concepts.”

At that moment Sarah O’Hare bustled in. “Sorry I am late,” she said. “How are we doing?”

Brian replied: “Pretty well, darling. I have been discussing conservation of energy and momentum with Miss Howarth and I think she has got a pretty good handle on it. Would you agree?”

Helen noted the slight emphasis on the word ‘hand’ and winced at the rather weak joke. She was still rubbing and squeezing her hands as they talked, given the pain they were in. However, she nodded and muttered: “I think so,” in response to the question.

Brian continued. “Now, you will note that we are not discussing force at all here so far. Personally, I don’t think it is much use in describing spankings but given your comments to the girls we had better deal with it. However it might be best if you were to remove your skirt and tights first.”

Helen certainly did not think that was for the best at all, but nevertheless, blushing profusely, she removed her winter suit skirt and jacket too, then the thin satin slip in matching navy, and finally her tan tights. She was wearing some plain white cotton knickers, reasonably fashionably cut, having gone through most of her drawer that evening, looking for something that was protective and not sexy, whilst not being some form of full brief either. After all she was not a grandmother!

She looked at Brian O’Hare appraising her in her blouse and knickers, and felt herself flush further.

Brian started again. “So force; now what is important is what force is being applied when. Let us start with the slipper. Now I believe you take a run up, so at that point the force accelerating the slipper will be provided in the main by the acceleration of your body.”

Helen nodded.

“However, the chances are halfway through the run the acceleration will be almost zero as you will be close to constant speed. Then as you get close, no doubt you accelerate the slipper using your arm. However I would reckon at the moment of impact this acceleration too might be quite low as you force it though the air to the target.

“Thus the key point is, the force on the slipper accelerating it at the point of impact might not actually be that high. What matters as far as the target bottom is concerned is the velocity the slipper is travelling at, as well as of course its mass.”

Helen Howarth was concentrating hard.

“Now the force to the bottom has nothing to do with the acceleration of the slipper as you approach the target. Instead it has everything to do with the deceleration of the slipper as it collides with the naughty girl.

“So strictly speaking what you are doing by running is maximising the velocity of the slipper so that the deceleration will be as high as possible during the collision.”

Helen was taking this in fairly easily. It was rather obvious once one actually thought about it, she felt grimly.

“So if you will turn around and bend over and touch your toes I will demonstrate further.”

Finally Helen realised it was time for the ‘fun’ to start, as she reluctantly nodded and turned, then slowly assumed the position. Sarah, she noted, was watching with a satisfied smirk. She was enjoying her discomfort, she realised!

Brian took his time admiring the well formed hips of the young woman, her knickers did little to hide the peach of a bottom she had, he thought. He then remembered Sarah was watching, and while she would forgive him a look, a long admiration of the young lady’s bottom and legs was not a politic idea.

“Right, the muscle on your bottom is nice and tight,” Brian said as he gently pushed his fingers into her left buttock. “That means we should get a good sting as the slipper lands.

“Now remember, we do not wish to maximise the acceleration of the slipper as it approaches your rear, but instead its velocity. This will maximise the deceleration.”

With that, Brian took a few steps back and, off a brief run up, used a lunge and a good arm action to whack the slipper down hard on her white knickers.

Helen Howarth clenched her teeth as the stinging pain was absorbed.

“And again I think,” announced Brian.

“Sheeesh!” Gasped Helen as the second blow announced itself.

Determinedly she held her position though, wondering what was next.

Another lecture, apparently.

Brian smiled and pushed his hand into one side of her stretched bottom. “Now the thing about using force is that the slipper is hitting a target that is fairly massive relative to the slipper itself and has little give in it, so the deceleration is almost instantaneous. Momentum will be conserved mostly by the distortion of the flesh which then bounces back. What happens after, as blood flows into the area and a bruise or swelling forms, is of no real interest from a physics perspective. It is the conservation of energy I am going to concentrate on. As the slipper hits the target, it will have a certain kinetic energy, made up of the mass of the slipper, supplemented a bit by your arm. After the blow we can assume the slipper has zero kinetic energy, meaning it is all converted into other forms as we mentioned before. Would you like to remind me as to what?”

Helen grimaced at the floor. “Errr, energy of the flesh and muscle distorting and some sound?” She winced.

Brian glanced and smiled at his wife as he replied. “And probably also some heat, but yes, very good. Apart from the sound, the rest I suspect leads to the pain that the nerve ends sense and transmit to one’s brain.”

“Thus, as you now understand, it is probably better to discuss impact energy rather than force.”

Helen muttered some affirmative as she remained bent over with her buttocks stinging. She wondered bleakly what else remained in store for her.

“So let’s move on to pressure, which as you say is force divided by area. Now going back to the deceleration of the implement, clearly the smaller the area it hits the higher the pressure on that area of the target will be. This is one reason why the cane is so devastating, as the area affected is a narrow strip, rather than the larger area of a slipper, some sort of paddle, or indeed a strap.”

As he paused, Helen shuddered as she thought she knew that the time for the cane was surely coming.

“Although pressure is a useful quantity, as before perhaps a better method is to talk about the energy dissipated per unit area. The more energy each nerve end in your bottom receives the more shocking the signal sent to that excellent brain of yours.”

Still bent over, Helen was beginning to get very nervous. Half of her wanted him to just get on with it so she could escape, but the other half, well, it was much less sure!

Brian continued: “Now of course another factor of relevance here is clothing. Why don’t you put your skirt and slip back on?”

Helen was relieved to be able to stand briefly, though her stomach twisted nastily as she saw Brian pick up the cane, a long brute of a thing. Maybe it was her imagination, but it seemed to look worse than the one she had been using on behalf of Miss Gregory over the last few weeks.

Helen did not know that it was most definitely not her imagination. The cane in Mr O’Hare’s hands was actually slightly longer than the usual senior cane. Sarah had got it a few years ago in her previous school to deal with a particularly incorrigible pupil, who a few weeks after finally “hung herself” and received eight vicious strokes on her knickers in front of the house. It had had the desired effect according to Sarah.

Her bottom mildly stinging, she got her skirt and slip back on and at an indication from her chastiser, bent over the desk at the front of the classroom.

Brian started talking to her backside. “You will note the thickness of the skirt, which has two effects; first the fabric will distort in the blow, which will act as a kind of mild shock absorber; second the fabric will slightly increase the area of the skin the blow will impact on reducing the energy per unit area, and thus slightly the pain. This latter effect is why of course birching generally has to be carried out on the bare as the twigs are so fine.”

Helen’s head shot up in panic. Surely he was not proposing to…?

It was Sarah who interrupted. “No, don’t worry. I assure you your caning will be quite sufficient. Now just hold still and I will adjust your attire as we go along.”

Now feeling very sick, Helen settled back down in the desk and gripped tightly.

Brian resumed. “So let’s start with two over your skirt.”

Before Helen could think there was an almighty crack as the cane whipped down on her bottom. Not quite prepared, she could not stifle a small wail as the pain assaulted her senses.

Brian and Sarah smiled grimly to each other as they waited, watching the young woman cope with that first blow.

After fully half a minute Helen heard a second low humm, giving her a minimal warning as the cane crashed once more into her backside.

Stifling the gasp she wanted to give, Helen found herself wondering if her memory was playing tricks on her. She had been caned at school, and indeed by her mother, but she did not recall it ever being as bad as this, and she knew that her whacking was just getting started.

That fear was confirmed as she heard a whisper in her ear to ‘keep still now’, and felt Sarah unfasten the button and zip at the back of her skirt. A few gentle tugs later and it was left pooled round her ankles.


As soon as Sarah had stood back, another hard cut had been applied to her bottom. Once again Helen had to summon her energy to stop a wail escaping as a significantly sharper pain went through her.

“The skirt, being quite thick, makes quite a difference doesn’t it?” Asked Brian conversationally.

Helen dully muttered an affirmative as she resisted the strengthening temptation to stand up.

“Of course the slip makes comparatively little difference, being of a thin fabric.” He continued.

Helen could not resist a small moan as Sarah tugged the faux silk navy garment onto her waist. She was, however, better prepared for the cut that landed hard with now only a single thin cotton layer to protect her. She could not resist a small grunt as yet another bout of pain surged though her. Surely she now had only two to go? This was far worse than she’d recalled.

Gripping the desk, she tried to think of anything to take her mind off the agony that was being inflicted, not that it did much good.

After about another half minute, the cane swished again, this time landing fairly high on the target. Brian heard a louder grunt and knew he was getting through to the woman.

It was time for the denouement. As Sarah approached the target he spoke again. “Of course the ultimate is to apply the cane to bare flesh. As I am sure you will see, it generally makes little difference, given how thin a lady’s panties mostly are, but there is a little extra, especially with the cane, and of course there is the embarrassment. I sometimes wonder if that makes the pain seem worse than it is.”

As he said this, Helen felt Sarah’s dainty fingers on the waist elastic of those thin knickers, and she found herself breathing deeply.

The small wail she gave as the garment descended was not lost on either of the older teachers.

“A second advantage of baring is of course that the chastiser can see the applied strokes,” continued Brian. “Allowing one to avoid cutting the skin when more than six are to be given.”

Helen groaned inwardly as her hope that it was to be only one final whack on the bare was dashed.

Brian did however put her out of her uncertainty by finally saying: “I think three strokes to finish off will be sufficient, then in a few days we can meet to work out some more specific maths problems with mechanics input for the girls. Hold tight now!”

Thwack! The cane landed viciously in a gap Brian saw in the middle of her bottom.

For the first time Helen could not stifle a small scream.

Brian started chatting once more. “Of course there are lots of approximations here. The cane is flexible, as we discussed before, and then there is the fact that, as it is being swung from a fulcrum in my body, we should be using angular momentum, and the mass of my arm and body is contributing as well as the mass of the cane. However, I thought that would be unnecessarily complex for tonight, and would be beyond most of the girls, you agree?”

“Mmmmm,” moaned Helen by way of acknowledgement. She was now well beyond the point of caring about physics, given the overwhelming pain enveloping her rear. All she wanted was to get out of this room.

Seconds later she was one step closer to escape as Brian O’Hare cracked a full blooded blow right on the crease of her buttocks.

Helen let out an involuntary scream as excruciating pain flowed into her senses. She suddenly realised she was in danger of losing control as her eyes became damp. It took every ounce of resolve to bottle it up and wait for the final blow.

Sarah was smirking in a satisfied way at the distress Miss Howarth was clearly in. Her bottom seemed to have a life of its own as it wriggled involuntarily in front of her. She hoped her husband was enjoying himself, and she felt a plan forming for some further ‘enjoyment’ with him that night as she felt herself unusually aroused by the events.

Brian waited a full minute before lashing down the final cut, just above the previous one. Perfectly timed, Helen gave another scream as she stood and clutched her bottom. She had just, just enough self awareness to remain facing away from the O’Hare’s as she gave a brief dance of agony before slowly getting herself dressed.

When she faced the older pair she was clearly flushed, but at least the tears had not flowed. Emotionally she suspected they would when she relived the evening’s events in her bedroom later.

“Thanks,” she stuttered. “I am very sorry for the trouble I caused you.”

Brian smiled and replied: “It is all over, as far as tonight’s events go. Neither Sarah nor I will mention them again. You took that very bravely, though we both would remind you that most of the girls don’t need anything like that severity to be kept in line.”

Helen gave a brief acknowledgement as she left the room, leaving Sarah to advance rather amorously on her husband the moment she was gone.

Helen staggered slowly across the school grounds to her flat, trying to school herself to look as normal as possible. She did not want Jessica, or anyone else, knowing about this.

However, she was to be disappointed as Jessica met her at the door. “Are, are you alright?” She stammered nervously.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Replied Helen irritably.

Jessica did not miss the hint of a threat in her words. “It’s just that Mrs O’Hare c… came round and left this jar of cold cream, she said you m… might need it when you came back.”

Helen fought down the anger as she realised her secret was out to at least one more person. She pondered whether to tough it out, but the cream looked very tempting.”

“Oh, very well, but you’d make a good job of it,” she replied. “Or your bottom will look the same as mine this weekend!”

The End