A pure accident gives two girls a problem

By Tom Green

It was mid-winter, 1977, St Giles girls school was covered in a blanket of snow following 2 days of light snow showers, capped off by one heavy snowfall overnight. During assembly, Mrs Spencer, the long-time headmistress, lectured the whole school about the dangers of snowballs. She told them a few years previously a girl was sent to hospital after being caught in the eye by a snowball that was mainly ice. Though the girl was fine, it could have resulted in her losing the sight in that eye. Therefore, all snowballs were banned and woe betide anyone caught throwing one on school grounds. Mrs Spencer gave her trademark hard stare and left it at that.

The school had a new heating system fitted in the summer, but over the last few days it had struggled to keep the school anywhere near the correct temperature. The snow overnight had only made things worse. Mrs Spencer therefore also announced, much to the delight over everyone in the hall, not only would her advice be to wear extra tights and jumpers etc she had given out on Monday be extended until the heating was fixed, she also said pupils, should they wish to, may keep their coats on in class. The sighs of relief were quite audible and brought a warm smile from Mrs Spencer. That was the only warm thing about the school on this bitterly cold Friday morning.

The day passed well enough. Another light dusting fell on top of the lying snow and the skies were dark and threatening all day, but there were no more heavy snowfalls. The final bell went and all the pupils headed home.

Donna Blake, the head girl, and her friend, Monica Nelson, were slightly later leaving. They had to collect some extra homework assignments they had requested for Geography as they wanted to brush up on mountains and mountain building for the mock exams next month. By now, the grounds were mostly deserted. Many teachers had left their cars at home, and just one or two remained in the carpark. Monica found the snow and near-deserted carpark too tempting and loosed off two snowballs in quick succession at Donna, the first missing completely, but the second hitting her fair and square in the middle of her bottom, dusting the seat of her coat.

“Ooh, you little sod! I should report you for that,” Donna shouted, whilst trying not to laugh. She quickly armed herself with a snowball which she fired off quickly in Monica’s direction, scoring a hit on her bobble hat and covering her head in loose snow.

“Oy, cop this!” Monica shouted, probably a little too loudly and enthusiastically as two more missiles bore down on Donna, who just dodged them.

Two more exchanges followed and the two girls took cover from each other near the side entrance of the school which happened to be the entrance closest to the teacher’s carpark. More snowballs whizzed by, occasionally making contact with an opponent, but mainly missing or dodged.

“I’ll get you, Donna. Take that!” A rather large ball left Monica’s hand and as it did so she became aware of a dark shape out of the corner of her eye which moved directly into the firing line. The snowball exploded with a thud, and the shape fell to the ground. Both girls realised to their horror what had just happened. Mrs Spencer had exited the door and caught Monica’s last effort right on the side of her face. She was covered in powdered snow. Worse still, as the steps from the side door were slightly icy, she had lost her footing and landed on her amply proportioned backside. Both girls were horrified and rushed to help her up.

“I am so, so sorry, Mrs Spencer. Are you alright? Are you hurt? Can you stand?” Monica gabbled quickly as she didn’t know what else to do.

“Mrs Spencer, Mrs Spencer, are you ok?” Donna also quizzed.

Obviously slightly shaken by her experience, Mrs Spencer was, just for once, slightly lost for words. However, holding out her arms, the two girls helped Mrs Spencer back to her feet and tried to brush the snow off her coat. This resulted in her waving them away as she gathered her thoughts.

“Just what in heaven’s name do you two think you are doing? For goodness sakes! I know you were both in assembly today. Donna, you were sitting on the flipping stage with me, and you, Monica, I saw you stood at the back. So what possible excuse could you have for disobeying my instructions? You are both 18 and not stupid, or at least I didn’t think you were until now. As head girl, Donna, you should be setting the example, not going against my instructions. Inside, both of you. Now!” she barked. “Go straight to my office!”

The three march one behind the other down the corridor.

“You two, wait here. If I hear one peep out of either of you, things will get much, much worse.”

Mrs Spencer opened her office door, went in and closed the door. The two girls heard some strange noises from within, and then the headmistress emerged wearing a different pair of trousers, having changed out of the wet ones she had been standing in for the last few minutes.

“Right, you two, come in, please.”

The two girls shuffled in as they were told and stood, firstly looking at each other and then the rug in the centre of the floor. Their breath was visible in the freezing cold air. They knew they were in trouble, big trouble, especially Monica who had thrown the projectile that hit Mrs Spencer. Donna knew as head girl her role was to lead by example. Both knew they would be punished. That was a given. The question was, how severely?

It was rare for Mrs Spencer to use the cane. When she did, it was usually witnessed by a secretary or a teacher. However, if two girls were punished together this was not necessary as they witnessed each other. The girls hoped this wasn’t what was coming their way.

“Now, you have had a few moments to think about what you idiots have been doing!” Mrs Spencer gave them a hard stare. “Come on, what got into you? You really are old enough to know better, especially you, Donna. You have an exemplary disciplinary record. That is why I made you head girl. Monica, well, I have had you across my knee several times, if I recall correctly.”

Donna chuckled at the thought of Monica being spanked over the headmistress’s lap.

“I honestly don’t know what to do with you two, I really don’t,” Mrs Spencer continued. “On the face of it, it is a fairly innocuous action, but the results of it were out of proportion with the intent. Which was exactly why everyone was warned this morning. I realise you expected the school to be empty, but that is exactly how accidents happen.”

Mrs Spencer then looked at Donna. “Donna, as this is your first visit to my office, despite the seriousness of your actions, I am content to just administer a spanking with my hand across the seat of your knickers.”

“Thank you, Mrs Spencer,” Donna mumbled, not quite believing this was happening.

“As for you,” she said, staring at Monica. “You are this close,” she held up two almost touching fingertips. “To being the first girl to receive the cane this academic year. You will, however, feel the sole of my slipper across your bottom. Now, both of you, take off your coats.”

As soon as the two girls had done so, Mrs Spencer said, “Right, now take off your skirts.”

The uniform was a calf-long green pleated skirt which would be difficult to pull up when a girl was bent across a lap. Soon, both girls stood in their thick green knitted tights, both awaiting the inevitable instruction. Donna was most nervous as it was her first time of receiving any form of corporal punishment. At least she did not have to wait for very much longer.

“Alright, Donna, I think I will deal with you first.”

Mrs Spencer pulled out a chair and sat on it very formally. She beckoned Donna over. With just a little help from her headmistress, Donna scrambled across her knees and put her hands and feet on the floor, a foot or so apart for stability. Her knitted tights stretched snuggly over her bottom as she did so, and her panties were just about visible through the knit.

“Hold tight!” Mrs Spencer said as she raised her hand and brought it down with force across Donna’s bottom. The first four spanks landed all around the girl’s bottom, the sound greatly muffled by the tights.

“Hmm,” Mrs Spencer muttered to herself. “OK, stand up please, Donna,” she added.

Donna smiled as she thought to herself that she had hardly felt a thing.

But Mrs Spencer continued, “I can tell I am not getting through to you with those tights on. I think we need to have them down.”

Before this could register with, Mrs Spencer had inserted her fingers inside the elasticated waistband and eased them over her hips and down to her lower thigh region, exposing the girl’s green uniform panties.

“Don’t sulk, we are all girls together, Donna. Now, get back across my lap and we’ll start again.”

Glumly, Donna did as she had been instructed. She felt very small as she placed herself across the headmistress’s lap again, her tights now down to her knees. Her bottom was suddenly icy cold as the frigid cold air bit into her body. It was undignified being spanked like a little girl and she began to cry, even before the first meaningful spank had been made.

“Hold tight again. This will hurt a bit more this time,” Mrs Spencer said, seconds before her right hand connected with Donna’s panties.

Smack! The sound was much more telling, and Donna jumped with surprise at the resulting intense stinging. The spanking continued in a steady rhythm, and Donna winced as each spank landed. Mrs Spencer managed to cover every inch of Donna’s increasing sore and red bottom before, after 2 or 3 minutes of continuous spanking, she was happy that the punishment was sufficient.

“Alright, Donna, I think you have probably learned your lesson. You may get up and tidy yourself,” said Mrs Spencer.

Donna gingerly eased herself up, tears still streaming down her face.

“Thank you, Mrs Spencer. I am so sorry I let you down so badly.” Donna struggled to get the words out through her sobs.

“Surely it wasn’t that bad?” piped up Monica.

“I think it was more the fact she was being punished, rather than the punishment itself, Monica. Am I right, Donna?” Mrs Spencer said kindly.

“Yes, Mrs Spencer. I never thought I would ever be in bother, let alone standing here with my bottom stinging and my tights around my knees,” Donna sniffed as she gently pulled her tights over her bottom and back around her waist.

Mrs Spencer stood up and walked behind her desk to a mahogany cupboard and shelf unit. She opened the largest of the cupboards, roughly 3ft wide and 5 ft tall.

Monica gasped as the door swung open, for there on a hook was the crook-handled cane. Just for a second, she thought Mrs Spencer must have changed her mind as to her method of punishment. Thankfully for her, Monica then saw Mrs Spencer pick up a large white plimsoll from the bottom of the cupboard, which she proceeded to smack against the palm of her left hand, just for effect. Donna grimaced whilst Monica gulped loudly at both the sight and sound.

Keeping her eyes on Monica, Mrs Spencer once again sat down on the chair and beckoned her over. Slapping her hand once more, she told Monica, “I think we’ll have those down before we start, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Mrs Spencer did not have to explain to Monica exactly what she was referring to. Monica carefully lowered her tights, making sure her green panties did not come down with them. She then assumed the position.

“Alright, hold tight. This is going to hurt, and you thoroughly deserve it, young lady.”

Mrs Spencer rested the sole of the slipper in the centre of Monica’s bottom, then with practiced grace, brought it down from a good height and it impacted squarely in the centre of the right buttock with a loud thudding sound.

“Ouch! Ohh!” exclaimed Monica as that first slap of the rubber sole made its mark.

She cried out again as the second stroke plummeted onto her left buttock with another loud thud. Further spanks with the slipper fell in quick succession. Monica laid there now, sobbing both at the pain and the humiliation. It was the first occasion that she had been slippered in front of anyone, let alone one of her best friends.

As the slipper rose and fell, Donna winced at the sight and sound of each impact. She could clearly see blotchy marks on the margins of her friend’s bottom under the scant protection of the thin green cotton school panties.

Monica had lost track of how many spanks she had received. The limit was normally 12, and they must be there by now. Donna, though, was keeping count of every painful thud of slipper meeting bottom. Mrs Spencer was up to 10 now. How many more? Two more mighty whacks followed, making 12 in total.

“Alright, Monica, you may stand up and make yourself presentable,” Mrs Spencer instructed, then warned as she replaced the plimsoll in its cupboard. “And if you are before me once more before you leave this school, I promise you now you will be bending over my desk and your bottom will find out just what it feels like to receive 6 good whacks with my cane!”

For extra effect, Mrs Spencer took the cane down from its hook and pointed it at Monica, before replacing it and locking the cupboard.

“Yes Miss,” said a teary Monica as she carefully replaced her tights.

Both girls donned their skirts and coats before being shown out.

“Bloody hell, that hurt!” Monica told Donna. “She certainly meant business today. Goodness knows what the cane would be like, and I don’t intend to find out!”

“I know I found even her hand hard to take. I certainly didn’t envy you getting spanked with her slipper!” Donna said in genuine admiration of her friend.

“The trouble is, mum will spank me again when I get home,” Monica said. “She has a 6th sense and always punishes Mark, my younger brother, if he gets into trouble at school.”

“That’s hardly fair!” Donna commented. “I certainly hope my mum doesn’t think like that. She’ll quiz me as to why I am more than half an hour late home.”

“Well, good luck. I’d better face the music and get it over with.”

Monica left Donna and prepared for the inevitable second spanking of the afternoon, as she walked down the snow-covered path to the front gate.

Twenty-five minutes later, Donna turned her key in the lock and entered her house.

“You’re late, love. Everything alright?” her mum asked. “You look like you have been crying. Is something the matter?”

“Well,” Donna began to explain. “Mrs Spencer read us the riot act this morning regarding throwing snowballs. After Donna and I had picked up those extra assignments I told you about, the school was empty, well, more or less. We started lobbing snow about and Monica accidently caught Mrs Spencer in the head with a large snowball. Needless to say, that did not go down well, and Mrs Spencer marched us back into her office.”

“Oh, I bet she tore you both off a strip. That was silly if you had already been told, love. You are the head girl, after all. So, what happened? You have obviously been crying. Did it upset you? her mum enquired.

Blushing deeply, Donna looked at the floor and knew she had to tell the truth.

“She gave us a real talking-to,” Donna said very quietly. “Then she, um, then she spanked me.”

“Sorry, what did you mumble?” her mum quizzed.

“She spanked me. And she gave Monica the slipper!” Donna blurted.

“Really? I bet that hurt. What did she do, how did she do it?”

“It was quite humiliating. I had to take my skirt off and bend over her knee like a small child,” Donna started to explain.

“Oh my! Then what?” Her mum was clearly after all the details.

“She smacked my bottom a few times, then made me stand up and take my thick tights down. Then she spanked me on my knickers. Apparently, my tights were giving too much protection. That was even more humiliating, and I have to admit I was crying at that, even before the spanking got started. It was painful, of course, but not enough to make me cry, not at my age!” Donna insisted.

“And have you learned your lesson?”

“Oh yes, mum!” Donna replied.

“You know, Monica’s mum always spanks her at home when she has been spanked at school. She has told me that on a couple of occasions,” Donna’s mum continued. “I hope I don’t have to do the same to you, Donna?”

“What, no! Why?” Donna gasped.

“Oh, the look on your face, love!” her mum said, breaking out into a giggle. “Go on, get out of those school clothes and pop them in the wash basket. I am putting a load on later.

“OK, mum. Love you.” Donna kissed her mum warmly on the cheek in relief.

“Love you too!”

As Donna turned to leave the room, her mum landed a firmly weighted slap on Donna’s still tender bum, which made her yelp. Her mum giggled again.

“Oh, thanks for that, mum!”

Donna smiled theatrically, bending forwards and sticking out her bottom as if inviting another spank, then rubbing furiously. She broke out laughing as her mum tried to plant another swat, but Donna leapt out of the way and upstairs to safety.

The End

© Tom Green 2022