A senior girl doesn’t like her school’s clampdown on smoking, and appears unconcerned about the penalties. Told from two perspectives.

by Pat Greenham

The Headmaster of Rumsfield Collage had an important announcement to make during morning assembly early in the Summer Term to the pupils concerning the almost epidemic levels of smoking which seemed to be completely unchecked, with most of the staff almost ignoring the fact that smoking was very much against the rules. The Deputy Headmistress had been nagging him for ages to something about it and, in consultation with other senior staff, he had decided that the only way to stop the practice would be with draconian measures.

As such he made the following announcement:

“Everyone knows that there are three offences at this school that result in a mandatory caning. Those being; stealing, bullying and truancy. From today, and for the rest of this term, I am adding smoking to this list. Any pupil found smoking will be reported to their housemaster or housemistress who have my explicit instructions to administer six strokes of the cane.”

To say there was shock would be an understatement, particularly amongst those that had become very used to sneaking off at morning break and after lunch for a quick fag. One of those was Julie Richards.

Julie was in the Upper Sixth and was one of the most popular pupils amongst both her year group and the staff. She was also stunningly attractive, tall with long blond hair and having a great figure, which she liked to flaunt. Very often she would wear very short skirts showing off her long legs. Julie was quite a strong-willed girl and there was a bit rebellious streak in her.

Julie Richard’s story

“I was furious at what the Head had said and I was damned if I am going to be told at the age of eighteen whether I am allowed to smoke or not.

“As such, I made my way at morning break to the place the smokers congregated behind the swimming pool block for a quick cigarette. There would normally be about a dozen of us, but today there was just three, two boys and I. We were confident that we wouldn’t be caught, as we had not seen a teacher in the area before. What we didn’t know was that the Deputy Headmistress had always been frustrated by the ‘blind eye’ previously shown by the Headmaster to the smoking problem and knew perfectly well about the ‘behind the swimming pool block’ morning gathering.

“She caught us red-handed, telling us that she knew perfectly well what happened every morning and added that she was very surprised after what had been said at assembly that we had decided to risk being caned. She told the two boys who were in the same house to report to their housemaster at 12.30 and me to report to my Housemaster, Mark Hudson, at the same time.

“To say the least I was taken back by events, having not thought for one moment that our secret cigarette rendezvous was not quite so secret. I had genuinely not given much thought to the threat of being caned as an eighteen-year-old, thinking that such an outcome was preposterous. There was, however, an unpleasant meeting coming up with my Housemaster.

“In truth, I have always harbored a secret fantasy about Mark Hudson who was in his early thirties, an ex county cricketer, tall and really quite dashing. In my fantasy dreams I would like to have had sex with him, but in reality he had a very pretty wife and he showed no interest in me.

“As the morning went on, I started to think about what might happen and whether he might actually cane me. In truth the idea was not completely abhorrent, and I wondered what it might be like to get his full attention, albeit in strange circumstances. It was known that canings were always given with just one layer of clothing in place and I wondered if he would find it appealing with me bending over with just my knickers between his cane and my bottom.

“Looking back, I did not think about the potential pain – more the opportunity to be alone with him. Rather strangely as the two lessons between morning break and lunchtime went by, I started to look forward to my appointment.

“12.30 soon came and I went to his study. Mark was his normal pleasant self (he liked the sixth formers to call him by his first name) and asked me what on earth I was thinking having a cigarette after what had been said at Assembly. In truth I had no particularly good answer except that I felt at eighteen I should have freedom to make my own decisions. Mark told me he agreed but not on school property and not in school uniform.

“He asked me if I had ever been caned before, to which I told him that I had not. Mark said that I must understand he had little choice in the matter and his instructions were to administer six strokes of the cane to my backside. I told him I knew that was the case and wondered if this was going to happen immediately. He then told me that he did not possess a cane and that he would have to obtain one and told me to report back at the end of afternoon lessons. He then said that we should go and have lunch as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“During lunch the two boys that had been caught with me came in quite late and it was evident that they had both been caned, as they looked sullen and kept themselves to themselves.

“During the afternoon I could not think of anything else but my imminent caning and wondered how Mark would actually do it. I fantasised about him ordering me to undress, although knew that the rules were one layer of clothing. I thought about him caning me over my bare bottom and wondered if he would find seeing my bottom in the flesh exciting. The idea of being alone with him whilst he punished me in a state of undress was becoming an exciting thought.

“At 4pm I returned to his study to find him again welcoming. On his desk was a cane that was about three feet long and the thickness of my little finger. He locked the door and told me that it was time for my caning and told me to remove my blazer, my tights and my skirt. This was it, the moment I had been thinking about all afternoon and I put my blazer on the chair before peeling my tights off and unzipping my skirt and stepping out of it. Mark was watching intently and remarked that my knickers were quite skimpy and wouldn’t give much protection.

“Then I did the most ridiculous thing. I told him that as I had not been caned before and would in all probability not be caned again, as such I would like to experience a caning of maximum severity that would stop me smoking and asked him he would mind if I also removed my knickers.

“I was not thinking about the added pain; I just wanted Mark to see me half naked as this was going to be the closest thing to having any kind of sexual moment with him. He looked slightly taken aback and said that the rules were clear; canings should be given over one layer of clothing, normally underwear. I was determined and told him that I would never tell anyone and, if ever asked, would deny having received a bare bottom caning.

“Mark looked at me and said I was, to say the least, rather strange but to get on with it. Moments later I was standing before him naked from the waist down and I could feel him look me up and down and particularly at my neat triangle of pubic hair at the junction of my legs, and I hoped that he might find me attractive.

“He told me to bend across his desk, reach over to the far side and push my legs out behind me completely straight. As I took the position instructed, I thought about him looking at my bottom presented to him and hoped he liked what he saw as I even parted my legs slightly.

“What happened next was completely devastating. My whole focus had been on being with him and having his complete attention with me being partly naked. But before telling me he would give me one stroke every thirty seconds and that I must remain still, he touched my bottom with the cane and delivered the first stroke, which was absolutely dreadful and a real shock. I could not believe that the cane could be that painful, as my bottom felt like it had been branded. Why had I insisted on removing my knickers?

“The second stroke came too quickly and was just as awful, hitting my bottom a little lower. I can’t remember if I made a noise of any kind, but I knew I was experiencing a very, very painful thrashing. The third came, hitting a little higher and it lit another line of fire across my bottom.

“Any thoughts about him enjoying the sight of my bottom in the flesh had gone as the fourth stoke hit somewhere near the centre of my bottom. I was holding onto the far side of his desk for grim death as the fifth awful stroke hit home.

“By this stage I had parted my legs even further for balance as Mark made me wait a little longer for the sixth and final stroke which was the hardest of all.

“My whole bottom felt on fire, as if I had sat on a griddle, as Mark told me to stand. I had tears in my eyes as I told him that he had certainly given me a very sound caning. Standing in front of him still naked from the waist down with my hands rubbing my bottom, he asked if I was still sure that taking my knickers off had been worthwhile. I told him probably not.

“I remained undressed for a couple of minutes as he lectured me about smoking and he said he was sorry to have had to cane me, but I had heard what the Headmaster had said and only had myself to blame. He added that it was likely my bottom would remain marked for a week and I would be reminded of the caning when I sat down in the next day or so. The stinging in my bottom was just starting to reduce as I turned away from him, giving a final view of my naked damaged bottom, and gingerly replaced my tights and knickers before putting my skirt back on.

“I had certainly learnt my lesson and although I had enjoyed undressing in front of Mark and bending over his desk, the caning had been much worse than I had expected. That night, however, as I lay in bed thinking about it, I did have some pleasurable feelings and wondered if Mark had enjoyed caning me.”

Mark Hudson’s story

“I was astonished when the Deputy Headmistress told me that Julie Richards had been caught smoking less than two hours after the Headmaster had made his announcement, and to be told that she would be reporting to me at 12.30. The Deputy told me that I would be expected to carry out the Head’s instructions and administer a caning.

“In the four years that I had been at the College I had caned no more than eight pupils in my House, all of them boys. Here was the prospect of caning Julie Richards, one of the most attractive girls in the sixth-form, and I cannot deny that the idea appealed to me.

“Julie was quite flirtatious and cheeky, and I had noticed that when she dressed in trousers she displayed a very shapely bottom and I wondered what it would be like to give her six-of-the-best.

“At 12.30 she arrived at my door and I asked her to come in and sit down. She had no particularly good answers to my question “why on earth had she risked smoking when she knew what the Head had instructed”. I told her that I had no option but to give her the cane, which she replied: “Yes I know.” I also told her that I would have to obtain a cane from the stores and that she should return at 4.00, after afternoon lessons.

“As the afternoon went on, I was thinking about whether I should get one of the female teachers to deal with Julie. In truth I was feeling a little uneasy about the fact that I quite fancied the idea of caning one of the most attractive girls in the school, and particularly one that was so flirtatious. However I put these feelings to one side, telling myself that I was her housemaster and had a duty to carry out and that I would give her a proper caning.

“The Headmaster’s secretary found me a couple of canes, which were both straight and three feet long. At two minutes past four Julie arrived and I told her that there was no point in delaying what was going to happen and that she should prepare herself by removing her blazer and skirt. Moments later, she was standing in front of me dressed in a tight shirt with her bra visible and the outline of her shapely breasts clear to see with only a tiny pair of knickers below her waist.

“I cleared my desk so she could bend over it, when she asked me the most surprising question ever. She told me that she wanted to experience the most severe caning possible and did I mind if she removed her knickers? My immediate reaction was an absolute NO as the rules clearly state ‘one layer of clothing’, to which she replied that nobody would ever find out and, if asked, she would always deny that she had been caned on the bare bottom.

“In truth I suspected that there was another agenda, but I also knew that I was looking forward to caning her, and the idea of caning her bare bottom was irresistible. As there were no witnesses present it would be impossible to prove one way or the other. I told her that if this is what you want you’d better get on with it. Moments later her knickers were off and joined her skirt and blazer.

“Julie was a pretty girl clothed but now naked from the waist down, she was stunning. I told her to bend over my desk and reach over to grip the far side. As suspected she did have a superb bottom that was now perfectly presented to me in preparation for her caning. Telling her that she would get a stroke every thirty seconds, I touched her bottom and delivered the first stroke across the center of her delectable bottom.

“Julie might have been full of bravado a few minutes ago, but that changed as she experienced her first ever taste of the cane. It is true that I cane quite hard, not seeing the point of a mild caning, but Julie let out quite a screech when that cane hit home.

“The second stroke was of similar strength and a little lower, and led to another screech. I was getting the distinct impression that Julie had not expected the cane to deliver so much pain. The third hit her bottom a little higher, followed by the fourth and fifth stokes both aimed at the central part of her bottom.

“I decided to leave a longer gap before caning her bottom for the final time. I took a step back to admire my handiwork with five red stripes decorating her bottom and her legs now apart giving me a good view of her secret charms. After a full sixty seconds I gave Julie the final stroke, which was the hardest of all and created a very real scream and a sixth line of fire.

“I told her to stand and her hands went straight to her bottom not caring about her frontal nudity with her auburn triangle of pubic hair completely exposed. I asked her if she regretted her strange request about taking off her knickers off, to which she said yes. Julie was in considerable pain but was not in any hurry to get dressed and I told her that I was sorry to have had to cane her, to which she replied by saying that was quite a thrashing. Eventually she dressed and left.”


Julie – “I hated the caning itself, a real shock, but as an overall experience I would not swap it. It also changed my relationship with Mark, not in a sexual sense, but both he and I knew we had been on a trip and he was much more friendly. If the best I was going to get was bending over and showing him my bare bottom, despite the caning being awful, then so be it.

“However as the pain wore off, I did start to get some pleasure as the feelings in my bottom became more of a glow. As time went by I thought about my caning a lot and I almost blotted out the dreadful pain, instead thinking more of being half naked with my bottom at his mercy.

“Six weeks later it was the last day of term after A levels, and I made sure that I said a proper goodbye to Mark at the morning break. I thanked him for everything and told him that I meant EVERYTHING. He said he had enjoyed being my Housemaster and hoped that I would return to the Collage some time. He also said that he hoped that I no longer smoked.

“I told him that I wished that was the case and added that maybe I needed one last lesson. I didn’t really mean it, but when he told me to see him in his study at lunchtime I just said OK. I thought that I had gone mad, but the idea of bending over his desk one last time was too powerful an idea. And less than two hours later I received another caning to my bare bottom. Undressing in front of him before bending over his desk for the second time was fantastic and thankfully he did not cane me anything like as hard.”

Mark – “Looking back on the day that I caned Julie for smoking, my recollections were that firstly she had totally deserved to be caned, but secondly I had found the session quite stimulating and had to admit I had enjoyed it. She does have a fantastic figure and possesses a wonderful bottom and it had been great for events to unfold that led to me having to cane her.

“Her insistence to remove her knickers had been extraordinary and although it had worried me, what red-blooded man would ultimately resist? I also knew that she did have another agenda, having been so flirtatious with me and I hoped she achieved what she wanted even if she found the caning itself severe.

“When I saw her the following morning, I asked how her bottom was and she smiled and did not appear to hold any kind of grudge. She told me that I had certainly done a good job and she would have to be careful how she changed for PE in the next few days.

“On the last day of term she said goodbye and thanked me for EVERYTHING, which I took to mean that she was thanking me for the caning as well! I asked her if she had stopped smoking, to which she told me that she had not and asked if she needed a final lesson. We both knew what she was suggesting and a little later she was again over my desk minus her skirt and knickers.

“The sight of Julie’s bare bottom bending over for the second time is a sight I will never forget. It was clear that she found the overall experience exciting even if she had found the first caning very hard. As such I decided to give her a relatively mild caning. She did not make a sound whilst being caned for the second time and I think it is true to say that on this occasion she actually enjoyed being caned, albeit with strokes significantly less severe.

The End