A school slippering from the teacher’s perspective

By H. Davenhill

Today has seemed like an eternity, but being the deputy headmistress you have to expect days like this I suppose. I’ve a free period to catch up with some of my non-teaching duties.

“Miss Thomas can I have a word with you please, it’s quite important?”

“Very well, Helen Peters, my door is always open to anyone with a genuine problem. I hope you aren’t wasting my time though.”

“No miss, I accidentally bumped into Jenny White and she attacked me pushing, me into a corridor window. My elbow broke a pane of glass.”

“Are you cut, girl?”

“No Miss, just a bit shook up. She just flew at me. I was really frightened.”

“Show me where it happened, Helen. I’d like to see for myself.”


“I can see exactly how it happened, Helen, and I won’t tolerate such behaviour from my girls. I’ll be seeing Jennifer White.”

“What will happen to her Miss?”

“She will be punished Helen. I won’t discuss her punishment with you, but you can be sure she won’t enjoy her punishment. Do you feel like attending your next lesson Helen?”

“I think I’m over the worst now Miss. I’ll go to my lesson, as I want to achieve a high grade in my exams.”

“That’s the spirit Helen, pity all my girls don’t think as you do, as it would make my job a lot easier. You can go then Helen”.

Right I know where I can find that Jennifer White. History with Miss Rogers. I’ll tell her to see me after school.

“Excuse me Miss Rogers, but I want a word with Jennifer White. See me after the final bell in my room Jennifer White.”

“Yes Miss, what’s it about Miss?”

“We’ll discuss the reason in my room girl!”

I’ve quite a bit of writing to do, but I should have cleared it up by the time that White girl reports to me. I’m going to give her bottom a good slippering; it will help me get the day’s frustration out of my system.


There goes the bell, I’ve nearly finished now, I bet this is White knocking,

“Come in.”

I’ll make her wait while I finish this last file. Right finished.

“What do you think you’ve been playing at?”

“Miss the reason I….”

“I don’t want to know! I’ve seen enough for myself, and stand up properly when you’re before me, girl.”

“Yes Miss.”

“This is the third time this term you have been before me! I expect my girls to obey the school rules. Pay attention girl! Most girls would be showing remorse, but not you it seems. You appear to be a law unto yourself, and I will not tolerate that. You have been given a few chances, but your behaviour hasn’t improved.”

This girl is so haughty and disrespectful, I’m really going to enjoy slippering her bottom. She’ll remember me when she sits down later on tonight.

“Well, Jennifer White, I’m fed up of seeing you before me, well…….I’m going to slipper you!”

I may as well enter her name into the book now, as it may give her something to think about; I also need a chair for her to bend over.

“Right girl, fetch a chair from the back of the class.”

Where’s my pen? Ah, found it. Right now, Jennifer White; damaging school property, also injuring another girl, a slippering on the seat of her bottom……. I haven’t had the opportunity to slipper her before, she’s just escaped a whacking from me, so it’s about time Miss White met my slipper.

I will say she is very smart, her hair is tied neatly with two blue ribbons, her white school blouse is crisp and clean and her knee length white socks are pulled up. She’s wearing the correct school skirt too; a navy blue pleated wrap over, a little on the short side perhaps.

Right, here are my keys, I’ll fetch the slipper from the cupboard, I could pick out the right key in my sleep. There’s my slipper! Warmed a few schoolgirl bottoms in its time, out you come. White is looking quite worried, I’ll give her a very close view of the slipper, as I lecture her, I’ll wave it under her nose; she can see what she’s about to get.

“I don’t like slippering girls, but you’ve been warned, one day you will thank me for this, girl.”

White is showing signs of becoming worried, the sight of my slipper always has that effect on the most arrogant girls, and White certainly is arrogant as well as being haughty and disrespectful towards me. I’m really going to enjoy this and I am showing my obvious pleasure with the expression on my face. I better get on with it, she has sweated enough now.

“Get ready White……….bend over………that chair…….arch your back girl I want your bottom pushed right up, more girl, more, that’s it, stay in that position.”

Now to lift her skirt up, I’m going to really make her bottom sting. It may take some of her pride and haughtiness from her. Her skirt has ridden right up; I can see the base of her navy blue knickers.

She doesn’t like me lifting her skirt, as she’s wriggling about, but I’m going to give her knickers a dusting. Not so haughty now, are you my girl? I’m really enjoying this.

“Keep still girl…..or I’ll give you an extra stroke!”

That’s settled her down; I’ll just lift and fold the back of her skirt to her waist. Yes, what a shapely firm bottom she has. I’ll teach her to show me contempt. My slipper will teach her an important lesson, I hope she heeds it.

I’ve certainly had my money’s worth from this slipper, it was very comfortable to wear, and now it helps me keep these girls in order.

I’ll place my hand on the small of her back and hold her in position, give her bottom a few taps with the sole of the slipper, get the measure and aim right, lift and bring it down hard.

Gosh she didn’t half jump and what a noise that made. Give her credit though, she’s back in position for the next whack, a few taps again and up the slipper goes and back down right across her navy blue knickers. She’s jumped again and she isn’t in position.

“Arch your back girl….more….more…push that bottom higher, that’s better White. Keep in position because your jumping has caused your skirt to fall back, do you understand girl”?

“Yes Miss.”

She is a strong girl, I couldn’t hold her in position after that whack, but I’ve the satisfaction knowing the slipper is having the desired effect on her bottom. I’ll lift and fold her skirt back again. If I was to take those navy blue knickers down there most certainly would be two very red slipper sole marks on her bottom!

Right … another stroke, that’s hit the target! I am bitterly disappointed; she hardly jumped, I guarantee she will feel the next whack, a few taps to get the measure, … she flinched a bit then, her bottom must be really sore. In a way I admire her bravery, because most girls I’ve slippered have begged me to stop, after the first stroke, but I’m not going to feel sorry for her after her bad behaviour and attitude.

Up and right back goes the slipper,

“Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Miss!”

“You may go ………. White and I hope I won’t see you before me again.”

That last whack really stung her. She won’t be sitting down in comfort tonight: every whack hit the sit area of her bottom.

She took the slippering very well, because I really laid on every stroke. There were tears in her eyes at the end though.

Not many girls show a bad attitude when they are before me, but Jennifer White was the exception; it gave me great satisfaction when the slipper thudded across her knicker clad bottom, the noise from each stroke echoed round the room.

She seemed very polite when she left. I wonder if she has learnt her lesson.

The End