A drunken night out gets two girls in serious trouble.

By Pat Greenham

It was Monday morning, and Mrs Dickens had just come off the phone from the Chairman of Governors of the PickmanSecretarialCollege. She also knew there was unpleasant conversation to be had with the local police before an even more unpleasant meeting with two of her seventeen year old students.

The morning paper had carried a story with the headline: ‘Two girls from Pickman spent Saturday night in jail’. With the Collage’s name in the headline, it could only ruin its reputation. Mrs Dickens had been Principal of the College for over ten years and had never before been faced with such a situation. But first she wanted the facts, and rang a contact she knew at the police station. Evidently the two girls had got very drunk, were barred from any more drink in this particular pub, had daubed the outside with graffiti and when approached by the police had been abusive – ending up with being arrested for a breach of the peace, wilful damage to property and abusive behaviour to the police. It could not be any worse.

Mrs Dickens decided to get both girls in her office. This was clearly an expulsion issue, but in her ten years she had never had to go to the final sanction. What made it worse was that the two girls, Sally Black and Louise Grant were two normally impeccably behaved students from well to do families. Sally’s father was well known as an ex-Commander in the Navy and Mrs Dickens could only imagine his reaction.

The meeting between the Principal and the two girls could only be described as horrible. Mrs Dickens was beside herself with fury and Sally and Louise were utterly horrified about what they had done and the likely consequences. It was clear that this meeting was too emotionally charged for there to be any sensible conclusion.

That morning the principal had been in touch with the Police again in an effort to get them to consider dropping the charges. She had also been in contact with both sets of parents and had succeeded in agreeing to an all-party meeting at lunchtime. Her contact at the Police Station had proved invaluable and it had been agreed to suspend charges for the time being.

Mrs Dickens had a further meeting with Sally and Louise who were told their future at the Collage was very much in doubt and would depend on the conclusion of the meeting between their parents and the representative from the Police at lunchtime. They were told to report back at 3.30 to be informed of the outcome.

As they left, they knew their future at the College was hanging on a knife-edge and were equally horrified that their parents were now involved.

By the time Sally’s father, Louise’s mother and the sergeant from the Police Station arrived at the school, Mrs Dickens had calmed down. After some slightly awkward introductions, the Principal set out the situation as she saw it. She did not ‘beat about the bush’, instead coming straight to the point and saying that Sally and Louise’s behaviour had been totally unacceptable and she was not going to defend them in any way. She added that for her the objective of the meeting was to agree the next steps. From her point of view, she wanted to see if there was a way that the charges could be dropped; a court case could only further damage the reputation of the College.

The Sergeant said that it would be difficult to drop the charges, especially as they included abusive behaviour to his officers.

Sally’s father, Commander Robert Black, had been listening intently to everything that was being said and, whilst he was absolutely furious with his daughter, he too shared the Principle’s objective of seeing if the charges could be dropped. However he knew that it would take a lateral solution and addressed both the Principal and Sergeant directly.

The Commander told them that in his time in the Navy he had to deal with many instances of poor behaviour and he suggested that a package of punitive actions might be a way forward. He knew that to cut some ice with the Police his suggested package would have to fairly radical. As such he outlined a four-point plan.

First he said both girls would have to write a personal apology to the officers, which should be delivered in person. Second they would have to contribute £50 each to a charity of the two officers’ choosing. Third they would to write a letter of apology to the public house, which again they should deliver in person. Included in the letter must be a promise to, at their own expense, remove the graffiti. And lastly the Commander, pausing for effect, said that the first three points were relatively easy for both girls to carry out but that the fourth point would be their real punishment, and that he felt each should be severely punished by the College. If they were to avoid expulsion, they must submit to a hard caning and, again pausing for effect, that they should each receive six-of-the-best across their bare bottoms which would certainly give them something to think about.

To say the room fell silent was an under-statement. The Sergeant was the first to speak, saying this was indeed a package that might lead to the charges being dropped and that he was grateful to the Commander for his proposal. Louise’s mother, who had not said a word until this point, said that at least it might be a way to avoid a criminal record and the shame of expulsion, but asked if the girls being caned was really necessary.

The Commander immediately responded that he saw no alternative. If the Police were to be persuaded to drop the charges and the Principal was to be persuaded not to expel the girls, there had to be measures that were suitably severe. He reminded Mrs Grant their respective daughters were all over the morning paper and had spent a night in jail and that they simply must endure a severe punishment that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Mrs Dickens had not said anything for a while as she asked the Sergeant if he thought the four point plan would lead to the Police charges being dropped, because she would certainly feel she could avoid expelling the girls on the basis of the Commander’s plan.

The Sergeant replied that it was not within his power to drop the charges, but that he was fairly certain when he explained the proposal to his colleagues they would agree with his recommendation.

Mrs Dickens, ever the practical person, then asked the Commander how the actual caning would be handled. The Commander looked surprised and asked that, as Corporal Punishment was widely practiced by local schools, and that The Pickman Secretarial Collage was effectively for girls of sixth-form age, did they not have a punishment policy that included corporal punishment? Mrs Dickens told him that, no, they did not, and was not entirely sure whether any of the tutors had any experience of giving such punishment.

The Commander said that he knew that her husband was Deputy Headmaster at a local boys independent school and asked if she thought he could help. Whilst Mrs Dickens was grateful the Commander had created a possible solution to a horrible problem, she was very uncertain about how to make his suggestion work in reality.

It did however occur to her that every Thursday the Head of Languages, Brian Cooper, from her husband’s school, came to College to tutor the girls that desired to be multi-lingual, and wondered whether he might be someone who could administer the canings, knowing that he was also a House Master who almost certainly had the relevant experience. After thinking about this idea for a few moments she decided to share it with the others in the meeting.

The Commander said he had anticipated the punishment being carried out by one of the female tutors, but if that posed difficulties he could not see why the House Master from the boys school should be asked if he was prepared to assist. Mrs Grant once more asked if there was an alternative to the girls being caned, adding that it now seemed as they were going to be punished by a male. She also asked if it really necessary for them to receive the cane to their bare bottoms. The Commander replied that his daughter had lost the right to modesty after the events of Saturday night, and that he felt the lesson they both had to learn should be both painful with necessary humiliation, adding that the only possibility of them retaining any protection would be to double the number of strokes. Mrs Grant knew that the Commander was winning the argument, but asked if at least the girls could be given the choice of twelve across their underwear or six on the bare.

Mrs Dickens suggested they may have a conclusion and asked the Sergeant how long he would need to confirm that the charges could be dropped, to which he replied that he could try and reach his Inspector as soon as he was back at the Station. The meeting finished with Mrs Dickens needing to contact Brian Cooper.

She suggested they reconvene later in the day to agree the way forward and to then inform Sally and Louise of their choice between expulsion and prosecution or the Commander’s four-point plan.

Mrs Dickens had what could only be described as a very awkward conversation with Brian Cooper, but he said he was happy to help and confirmed that he did use the cane to discipline boys in his House. It was agreed that he would join the next meeting and bring a suitable cane.

At 3.30 that day, Mrs Dickens once more had the Sergeant and the girl’s parents in her office together with Brian Cooper. Rather unhappily, outside were Sally Black and Louise Grant who both thought they were going to be expelled. They also knew that a police officer was present which seemed to confirm they were going to be prosecuted. It could not get any worse.

Mrs Dickens thanked everyone for coming to the second meeting, but added it was about a very sorry state of affairs. She summarised the conversation from the previous meeting and asked the Sergeant if he had news. Everyone was relieved to hear that the Police were willing to drop the charges if the girls accepted the rather draconian alternative, including being caned. Mrs Dickens said she would not exclude the girls from the collage on the same basis, and turned to Mrs Grant to ask if she was happy for the Commander’s four point plan to be put to the girls and in particular her daughter. Louise’s mother confirmed her acceptance, and despite her fury about her daughter’s behaviour, she hated the idea that Louise would probably be caned six times on her bare bottom by a male if she did not opt for twelve strokes and wished there was a female tutor with the necessary experience.

There was nothing left to do but get the girls into the room.

Two very sorry looking seventeen-year old girls came into the room to face the music. Mrs Dickens took the lead. She said that she was still very shocked about their behaviour and the problems they had caused.

Then she told them: “At lunchtime it looked as if there was going to be no alternative but to exclude both of you against the background of you both being charged by the Police. However we have discussed an alternative that, if you both accept, will result in an acceptable alternative to exclusion and the Police dropping the charges.”

“However, do not be under any illusion as to the punishment that is proposed.”

She then outlined the four-point plan put forward by Sally’s father. The first three points seemed easy enough, although £50 each was about three months’ pocket money. But, as Mrs Dickens paused before outlining point four, the girls instinctively knew something very bad was coming. They had previously been curious about Brian Cooper’s presence.

They soon found out as Mrs Dickens could not even believe what she was saying as she told them they would have to accept a dose of corporal punishment. She added they would know that the College does not practice such punishment, but that an exception was about to be made, and if they agreed to the alternative of expulsion and prosecution they would receive a severe caning, six-of-the-best, which was the only basis of the alternative measures being dropped. She added that they would know that none of the tutors at the college had any experience and that Mr. Cooper had kindly offered to administer the canings if they accepted the alternative. She then added that it had been agreed that such a punishment would be very humiliating as well as painful, but one that they both very much deserved.

Sally knew her dad was a staunch disciplinarian, being no stranger to the strap, and suspected, rightly, that he was behind this idea, but also knew the punishment would have to be severe for the Police to drop the charges.

Both girls were horrified, but also knew there was no choice and nodded their acceptance. Mrs Dickens knew there was one further piece of bad news as again she hesitated before telling them humiliation was an important part of their punishment and extreme severity was the only way they were going to avoid prosecution. They should be aware that it had been proposed they be caned across their bare bottoms unless they opted for double the number of strokes across their underwear. She actually agreed with Mrs Grant that getting the cane on the bare was not absolutely necessary, but knew the Commander was insisting and that was also the proposal that had been agreed with the Police. She also knew there was something uncomfortable about the canings being administered by a male, but also knew it was better to have someone with the experience of delivering a solid beating.

Mrs Dickens had, during the afternoon, written letters to each of the girls outlining the four-point plan that she passed to Sally and Louise to sign. Neither of the girls could quite believe what was happening but knew they were very lucky to avoid expulsion and the charges. They then listened to the Principal as she said it was time to demonstrate to the Police that the College was going to put the plan into action and she said it was time for the girls to receive their canings. It occurred to her that the Police would need to have evidence the canings had actually happened and thought about the girls being caned in front of everyone. However she felt that was not right and instead suggested to Brian Cooper that he follow her with Sally and Louise to a room three doors down where he could administer their canings in private. Picking up the cane that he had brought with him, he followed Mrs Dickens and the girls as instructed, strangely feeling slightly awkward about the task ahead of him. Although he had caned many boys, it was very rare that they were bare-bottom beatings and wondered whether he really should have a female chaperone present. However he decided to tell the girls that they would in effect be each other’s chaperone.

Mrs Dickens showed the three of them to an empty room that had a desk and a number of chairs inside and told Sally and Louise that they must follow Brian Cooper’s instructions to the letter. Before leaving, she asked the language teacher to ensure, when he had completed the two canings, he fetch the Sergeant as he must see for himself clear evidence that the beatings had actually taken place.

Cooper told the two girls he was sorry about their predicament, but he would try and get them through their canings as quickly as possible. He added that he knew having to bare their bottoms would be very embarrassing but that there was the alternative of twelve strokes with their underwear in place.

He then asked who wanted to go first, to which Sally replied she was no stranger to being spanked although she had never received the cane, but that she was happy to start and show Louise the way forward, adding that she would stay with the six strokes option. He then told Sally she must remove her jacket and everything below the waist and, feeling embarrassed for the girl, he turned away to look out the window as she undressed. She kicked her shoes off before undoing her trousers and, pushing them down, stepping out of them one leg at a time. Next came her knickers and once these had been removed Sally asked Cooper where he wanted her. He turned and had a very brief glance at her frontal nudity before telling her to bend over the desk and hold onto the far side. Strangely she did not seem bothered at all by her nudity in his presence as she stretched over the desk displaying a round and very nice bottom. Despite feeling awkward he had to admit that it was a nice change to have a female bottom to cane as he admired the view.

Cooper touched her bottom with the cane as he told that she would get a stroke every thirty seconds and that she must not stand up or make excessive noise. Taking the cane slowly back he whipped the first stroke slightly above the very centre of her bottom to cause a muffled grunt as Sally absorbed the first agonizing stroke. This was much worse that the strap her father used to use, and had caused a very intense line of pain. She had only just started to get used to the pain as Cooper whacked her bottom a second time with ferocity, about a centimetre below the first stroke which immediately formed into another red weal and caused another grunt. Sally was holding onto the far side of the desk as she tried to remain in position with her bottom on fire from just two strokes. The half minute gaps were not long enough for her to get ready for the next stroke which came after Cooper once more touched her bottom before taking the cane back over his shoulder, striking her bottom again a centimetre below the previous cane mark. Cooper’s accuracy was incredible and it was clear he was simply making his way down her bottom with a perfect set of parallel stripes as Sally again managed to stay in position trying to deal with the incredible pain building in her bottom. At least she knew she was now halfway as she once more felt the touch of the cane signalling another fearsome whack which caused her to momentarily lose her grip of the desk and rise slightly as she was made to absorb another line of pure fire.

Louise was looking on in horror, as she knew her time was not far away.

Sally pushed her legs back a bit further and, although not consciously, she parted them to improve her balance giving Cooper a view he was not anticipating and once more making him feel awkward being alone with these two girls in these circumstances. With just two to go, Sally resolved to try and just take them without making a sound as Cooper lined up the cane one more time before taking in back over his shoulder and whacking her bottom below centre. Leaving a slightly longer gap, Cooper wanted to stay with tradition and make the final stroke the hardest which, judging by Sally’s loud cry out, he had succeeded. Laid over the desk with her bare bottom sporting six perfect cane lines, Sally’s bottom was on fire but she knew it was over.

Cooper told her to stand up and added that she could rub her bottom, as she showed absolutely no embarrassment in her nudity. He even told her to replace her knickers, to which she replied: “I know the Policeman has to see the damage after you have caned Louise so I may as well stay as I am.”

Turning to Louise, Cooper asked if she wanted the same caning or double the number of strokes with her underwear retained. She asked him what he thought would be worse, to which he replied that actually he would prefer to be giving them both the cane with a little modesty retained, but that the proposal from their parents was not of his making and he was only carrying out his instructions, adding that he fully understood why she was horrified about the prospect of baring her bottom in front of him, but that in his opinion unless she was wearing very thick knickers it would certainly not be 50 per cent less painful and twelve strokes is a lot to take. He added that his advice would be follow suit with Sally, however embarrassing.

She nodded and started to undress. Cooper again turned away to allow at least some degree of modesty simply telling her to get into the same position that Sally had adopted minutes earlier. Louise was taller than Sally and when she had finally removed her trousers and knickers she got into position over the desk, horrified at the predicament she found herself in, and at the same time telling the language master she was ready. He turned from the window to be greeted with a second female bare bottom presented to him, a little larger than Sally’s but nevertheless an attractive sight with her legs stretched out behind her. He actually felt guilty that he was allowing himself to appreciate her nakedness and again thought that it would have been better to have another female in the room. Louise meanwhile was mortified as she thought about her bottom presented to the master and wondered how painful this caning was going to be.

Picking up the same cane he touched her bottom above centre and slowly took the cane back and whacked it in with severity slightly above the centre. Whatever Louise had expected, this single stroke was devastating and she muffled a scream and jumped up exposing herself in the process giving him a view of her pubic triangle. He told her to get back in position immediately if she did not want to risk extra strokes. She simply could not believe how much pain such a simple instrument could cause; the fire burning from just one stroke was pain she had never felt before. As she lay back over the desk, Cooper told her that a caning must be taken in one session and that she must remain in position for the remaining five strokes. It took a few moments for her to steady herself before Cooper delivered the second stroke again causing Louise to jolt as she let out another muffled scream. With two burning lines of fire across her bottom, Louise was trying to come to terms with the pain, which she was finding far from easy. The third stroke was dead centre and she knew she was halfway as she held onto the far side for grim death. Louise knew that a caning would be horrible but had no idea of just how much pain would be created in her bottom. Halfway she was, but she had no idea how she was going to endure another three strokes and was thankful that at least she was not taking twelve.

Sally was watching this caning intently as the pain in her bottom started to feel a little easier, and she had to admit she was finding watching Louise’s caning a bit of a turn-on. This was an unexpected development and she was even a little bit excited about being naked below the waist in the presence of the language tutor who she found quite attractive.

Louise meanwhile was still bending over with her bare bottom decorated with three stripes as Cooper lined up the fourth stroke which he delivered a centimetre below the previous whack and causing another loud squeal as she tried to absorb the intense pain of a further line of fire.

Cooper lined up the penultimate stroke and with his unbelievable accuracy delivered it below the fourth stroke and above the crease leaving the perfect space for the last stroke. Louise was now in no misapprehension about what was coming next as Cooper lined up the final stroke. Exactly as with Sally, Louise was going to experience the traditional hardest ‘final’ stroke and he did not disappoint as she received what could only be described as a ‘beauty’ just above the crease which caused Louise to jolt and spin upwards letting out a very loud gasp with her hands flying behind her to rub a very sore bottom.

Cooper decided not to reprimand her for standing before being told as she rubbed her bottom dancing from foot to foot totally unaware of the sight she gave him with her frontal nakedness and triangle of wispy pubic hair fully exposed.

He put the cane down as he told them that they had both experienced a severe but deserved caning, and he had to fetch the policeman so that he could have confirmation that punishment had been carried out. He suggested they should both bend over the same desk and remain still as he left the room for a few moments before returning with the Sergeant.

The sight of the two girls bending over the table side by side was extraordinary, and Cooper returned with the Sergeant who was left in no doubt by the six perfect tramline stripes across each of their bottoms. Louise was still in a lot of pain, but Sally was experiencing something unexpected as she felt herself becoming slightly damp between the legs. It was not that she had enjoyed being caned, far from it, but the after effects, watching Louise be caned and being naked below the waist now with two men present, was having a strange effect. So much so that she decided to stand up and face the sergeant and Mr. Cooper to thank them for arranging an alternative to the far worse option of being prosecuted and in the process displaying her nakedness to both of them.

Later that week both Sally and Louise completed the other three parts of the four point plan, but they never forgot the experience of being caned. For Louise it had been a dreadful event, but for Sally there had been something unexpected and she wondered if she would ever be caned again; the thought was strangely appealing.

The End

© Pat Greenham 2014