A fanciful dream is fulfilled. This story was inspired by a recollection received from Julie Baker

By Pat Greenham

Louise had held a secret for a very long time. It was about an incident that happened when she was nineteen and working as a maid in a Stately House in Ireland. Louise had thought about the incident pretty much every day for more than twenty years but had not told anyone, not even her loving husband about the incident. For all this time the memory had been burning inside her – the punishment itself, the shame, the feeling of being dominated and the total authority of her chastiser and finally how she had felt after being thrashed when the pain had started to wear off. She wished she had told her husband early in their relationship, but how could she now admit something when he would obviously want to know why she had never told him?

Sometimes she wished she could relive the episode to explore her feelings, but at the same time she told herself she was being ridiculous and anyway how would she go about such a thing? And then one day, when looking at the internet, Louise came across the ‘Over the Desk’ website. Reading the stories had a profound effect on her as she realised she was not alone.

Louise decided to make contact with the owner of ‘Over the desk’ and soon build up a telephone relationship with Kenny Walters and for the first time for over twenty years she told her story.

Working as a maid, Louise had managed to damage a valuable vase and chose not to admit it, instead hiding the evidence. That was until all the staff were called together for the Housekeeper to ask if anyone had any knowledge of a vase being missing, to which Louise had no choice but to admit it was her that had been responsible and that in fact it was also damaged. She was summoned to Lord D to explain herself at 12 o’clock. His Lordship set out three choices; first she could leave employment without a reference, second she could pay the money back over two years, or third she could accept a caning. She was sent away to think about the options and told to return at 3 o’clock. At the next meeting Louise told Lord D that she would prefer to take a caning, just wanting the whole thing to be over as quickly as possible.

His Lordship then told her that there were three further choices – she could take eighteen strokes with the dragon cane dressed as she was – or she could take twelve strokes of the lighter dragon cane across her underwear – or she could take six strokes of the school cane across her bare bottom. She was again sent away to consider her options with the instruction to return at 6 o’clock.

Speaking to the Housekeeper about the options, she was advised to forget her modesty and take the least severe cane, namely the school cane and the least number of strokes.

At 6 o’clock Louise returned and noticed the three canes on his Lordship’s desk which all looked frightening. It was easy to work out which was which; the dragon cane being longer and thicker, the junior dragon cane being less thick but shiny and the school cane having a crook handle. It was however still three foot long and looked very ‘whippy’ as if to cause serious pain.

Louise told her employer that she would take the six-stroke option and was asked if she realised that this would be a bare bottom caning. Louise nodded and was told to remove her skirt and anything else she was wearing below the waist and get into position long ways across the narrow table and reach forward to hold either side. Lord D left the room to return the unwanted canes to the Gun Room. Louise was quite a shy girl and having to undress was very embarrassing but told herself to get on with it as she kicked her shoes off, undid her skirt and slid it down her legs and off, her slip followed in the same way before she put her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and pushed them down and stepped out of them one leg at a time. She then got into position right across the table with her bare bottom completely exposed waiting for his return. To say the least it was an odd feeling as she felt the draught from the open window blowing across her bottom.

Lord D returned to find Louise perfectly in position with her beautiful round bare bottom presented to him. What happened next was devastating to the girl as he slowly and methodically caned her. Louise had never ever felt anything like it and could not believe how much pain the simple instrument could cause. Her caning lasted for nearly three minutes and after the last stroke she was told to remain in position as he again left to return the cane to the Gun Room. A minute or so later he returned and told her that she had taken her caning well and that she now had six perfect stripes across her bottom which will make sitting down uncomfortable for a few days.

Louise was told to stand and face him as he sat down behind his desk. The lecture that followed was about being careless, but of much greater seriousness were her efforts to conceal the damage. He told her that if she had confessed she would still have been punished, but probably without the need to remove any clothes. Whilst this lecture was taking place, Louise stood before him naked from the waist down with her frontal nudity totally exposed, not that she was worried with her mind concentrating on the fire that was now in her bottom.

Now, over twenty years later, she had told her story to Kenny, and it was a great relief. In her conversations with the owner of the OTD website she had talked about reliving the experience although she felt too old and that her husband would not approve.

The site owner told her that nobody would ever think she was too old to live out a fantasy and that it was easier than she might think. He told her about various facilities including the ‘Spanking Schoolroom’ in Waltham Cross where she could easily go and that he knew plenty of very experienced individuals who could take her through a repeat experience in exactly the way she would want.

Louise was still not sure, but over the next few months thought more and more about reliving this experience. She was assured there was nothing to worry about if she really wanted to take the idea further and that she would be very well looked after.

It took another two months for Louise to actually meet up with Kenny and, for the first time in over thirty years, she was actually talking about being caned to another person face-to-face. The conversation was taking it another level. She was amazed how relaxed Kenny made her feel.

Louise still did not know if she really wanted to go through with the idea of taking her back all those years and submitting to the cane again. Ultimately she did, and three weeks later Louise went to Waltham Cross. First she had arranged to meet Brian, a friend of Kenny’s, over a glass of wine in London. Brian was very experienced in the administration of discipline having himself been a Public School Prefect in the sixties when the cane was still widely used. Over many years, he had been a regular at spanking parties and Kenny knew Louise would be in a very safe pair of hands.

Like her meeting with Kenny, Louise found Brian to be very easy to talk to and she very much enjoyed her chat over several glasses of wine. She decided there and then she wanted to go forward and to take him up on his offer to administer a caning in exactly the same way as she had experienced all that time ago, and before she changed her mind they agreed a date. Brian had found Louise to be a most attractive woman, tall, blond, and a lady that could easily pass for someone much younger.

As she went home, Louise could not believe what she had done having just had a glass of wine with a man who was going to cane her bare bottom, but she had, and the following day Brian phoned her to tell her the ‘Spanking Schoolroom’ was indeed free on the day that had been suggested.

On the due date, Brian was waiting at the station to meet Louise and together they walked the short distance to the ‘Spanking Schoolroom’, which she found to be fascinating. There were rows of school desks, a teacher’s table at the front and any number of punishment implements. Brian selected three canes, the dragon, junior dragon and the school cane and placed them on the teacher’s desk. Louise had dressed in a tight black pencil skirt and a white blouse to at least nod to the look of a housemaid.

Brian asked Louise how she would like to proceed, to which she asked for his suggestion. He told her that to make the occasion memorable they should find a way of stringing it out for at least forty-five minutes and in the process create some anticipation. He suggested they talk about the three alternative punishments outlined by Lord D and take her back all those years to why she chose to be caned. Then they should talk about the three alternative caning options that she had been offered, after which he should leave her by herself for fifteen minutes to consider the options. On his return she should tell him of her decision to take the third option of just six strokes across her bare bottom, after which he would leave her again to get into position and wait for his return to administer a caning.

Louise said that sounded like a good plan and Brian said that, before they went any further, he needed to know if she wanted him to go easy on her or alternatively to give her a caning that would be inline with what she would have received at the hands of Lord D, which would undoubtedly have been severe. Louise told Brian that having come this far, she saw little point in moderation and that she needed to be given a punishment caning.

Louise found Brian a very easy man to talk to, and they then moved on to talk about the three options that Lord D had laid out for her at that fateful 12 o’clock meeting.

She said the first one was completely out of the question as the idea of returning home in shame had been a dreadful thought; she imagined what her father would have said about her not even being able to hold down a maid’s job. That left losing pay for two years or being caned. Although £5 a week did not sound much now, then it was 25% of her pay. She told Brian she considered it, but in reality being caned would mean that the matter would be closed and, although the idea horrified her, the more she thought about it, it had become the only option. She went on to tell Brian that at this time she had no idea what being caned involved.

So she told Brian about her next meeting at 3 o’clock with Lord D and telling him she was going to opt for the cane.

Brian said that he would take over from here as he essentially became Lord D. Acting the part, he told her she had chosen the best option but that she should be under no illusion about the reality of being caned, which she would find a salutatory lesson that would make her take more care when doing the cleaning.

He then said that he was going to give her three more choices that he would allow her time to consider over the next period. First she could opt to receive eighteen strokes of the most severe Dragon cane with her skirt and underwear retained. Or she could opt for the junior dragon cane and receive twelve strokes across just her underwear. Or lastly she could opt for the school cane and receive six strokes across her bare bottom.

Despite the fact Louise knew full well what the options were, Brian was making this pretty realistic and it was certainly bring back the memories.

Standing, Brian said he was going to leave her for fifteen minutes to make up her mind.

Looking at the desks in the schoolroom, Louise wondered where he was going to make her bend over. In Ireland, she had bent over a table and held onto each side. She also looked at the three canes laid out on the desk and knew again that she had made the right choice all those years ago. And she wanted to recreate what had actually happened, and central to her memories was being made to bare her bottom in front of Lord D and the shame and naughtiness that went with being naked below the waist.

Brian returned and asked for a decision, to which Louise told him she wanted to go for the six-stroke option. Brian told her that he would go and return the two unwanted canes to the Gun Room (in reality the other room) and that she should remove everything below her waist and get into position over the long narrow schoolmasters table at the front and have her bare bottom presented for when he returned in a few moments.

Taking her skirt off felt surreal but she knew her knickers had to follow and she was now completely naked below the waist as she stepped toward the table and bent right over it with her hands reached out and gripping the sides. Knowing that this was a key moment, Brian left her alone for a couple of minutes on the basis that what was soon to follow would be hopefully creating tremendous anticipation in Louise’s mind.

He was right, because as Louise lay over the desk with the cold air from the open window blowing over her bare bottom just as it had in Ireland, she was both excited and very nervous at the same time. She had not felt this naughty for years with an almost perfect stranger about to find her bent over a desk with her bottom exposed before giving her the cane. Brian seemed to have been away for a while, but suddenly he re-entered the room and took up the school cane. Taking his place to Louise’s left, Brian told her that she must remain in place throughout her caning as he tapped her bottom with the 36” cane a number of times whilst taking in the wonderful view of Louise’s slim round bottom. As Louise waited she hoped he liked the sight of her bottom.

Brian decided that although at D Castle she had received a stroke every twenty seconds he was going to leave considerably longer between strokes to lengthen the experience. As such, he left her in position for a further sixty seconds before taking the cane back and giving her a really solid whack right in the middle of her bottom. Louise had thought about being caned by Lord D for over twenty years, but the pain that enveloped her bottom was completely unexpected. In truth she had romanced about her caning, but the pain in her bottom took her straight back to Ireland as she remembered the shock of the first stroke. Louise just lay over the desk trying to come to terms with the ferocious pain of just one stroke as Brian left her in position for over sixty seconds before again taking the cane back and giving her a second tremendous whack below the first creating an immediate red stripe and causing a heartfelt gasp as the pain now of two strokes set her bottom on fire.

Louise had not moved as, again, she thought about being caned by Lord D and the feeling of being dominated and in someone’s complete control. Again leaving more than a minute, Brian lined up the third stroke above the first and slowly took the cane back once more, a little further this time to bring it back down and thrash Louise’s bottom for the third time causing both another gasp and a another red stripe. The 60 second gap between strokes was both good and bad; at least she had some time for the pain to sink in, but she also wanted the caning to end, and it seemed to be going on forever. Finally the fourth stroke came and she was again devastated by the sheer intensity and thought about what the heavier canes might have been like and again told herself that she had been right all those years ago to take the bare bottom option.

Whilst Louise was finding this unbelievably painful and was questioning her sanity, she was being taken back and knew that having thought about it for so long this was what she wanted. After four strokes she knew what to expect and as the penultimate stroke hit the lower part of her bottom, she knew she only had one to go and actually started to think: ‘I have done it.’

Brian decided to leave a longer gap and also to give her no warning. Louise was left across the desk having no idea when the last stroke was coming and the sense of anticipation was even greater. As the pain flooded her bottom from the first five strokes she started to really want the final whack and Brian did not disappoint as he struck what could only be called a beauty across the middle of her bottom just below the first stripe. It was over, but Brian told her to remain in position as he returned the cane to the other room whilst Louise was left just absorbing the pain in her now red-hot bottom.

When he returned, he told her to stand and face him as he told her that he hoped she had learnt her lesson. As in Ireland, she was naked below the waist with her neatly trimmed pubic triangle on show, but it didn’t matter; she had done it and taken another caning with a delay of over twenty years!

Brian stopped the role play and went back to being himself. He asked her for her thoughts to which she said inevitably being caned again had been a lot more painful than she had thought, but it had brought back just how painful it had been at the hands of Lord D.

After Louise got dressed they both returned to Liverpool Street and found a convenient wine bar for a couple of cold drinks. The throb in Louise’s bottom had mitigated to a very pleasant glow as they discussed the afternoon. In all they had only been in the schoolroom for less than an hour, but it was after twenty plus years of thinking about it.

It took over a week for the marks to completely disappear and Louise had been careful to keep her naughty secret hidden. But she knew she had been caned by a master of his craft and as she reflected on that afternoon in Waltham Cross she was quietly very pleased with herself for taking the step which had satisfied a fire that had been burning inside for too long.

The End

Although inspired by the Clathy Castle story, this is an entirely a story of my imagination. The ‘Spanking Schoolroom’ is, however, very real and details can be found at: www.spankingschooldays.co.uk

© Pat Greenham 2014