The seventh instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

By Penny Morton

Miss Helen Howarth, the new junior maths mistress at St Mary’s school for Girls, was duty mistress on a Saturday afternoon near the end of the summer term. She had a school friend visiting. Jessica Morgan had been Helen’s fag at school and had been punished by her on many occasions. She had had a crush on Helen and had happily carried out chores such as cleaning Helen’s bike, running errands and tidying her study. The girls were still friends but Jessica was still in awe of her former prefect mistress even though she was now in her first year at university. Jessica had arrived wearing her cheerleader uniform, with a dark blue cropped top and a miniskirt with a small silver horseshoe just above the hem of the same colour. Her blonde hair reached down to her bare shoulders.

“You are rather scantily clad Jessica,” commented Helen Howarth.

“Yes Helen. It’s my rookie cheerleader uniform from college. I thought we might sit in the sun, chat and perhaps get tanned too.”

“I see. I don’t remember giving you permission to use my first name, Jessica. How did you address me at school?”

“You made me call you Ma’am,” blushed Jessica.

“Well I suggest you still use that title. Your uniform is attractive,” began Miss Howarth, looking at Jessica’s strong thighs, her rounded hips and bust, and her flat bare tummy. “But I don’t think it is suitable attire in which to visit a mistress at this school. In fact it shows a degree of impertinence and insolence which I won’t tolerate.”

“I’m very sorry Ma’am. I didn’t mean to upset you. Mummy wondered if you would like it.”

Jessica’s heart was racing as she wondered whether strict Miss Howarth would discipline her.

“I think I have no alternative than to punish you for your impertinence and insolence Jessica. Remind me how I punished you when you were a naughty girl at school.”

“You used to spank me Ma’am, um over your knee and if I was very naughty you gave me the slipper.”

“Right then, you better get over my knee for a spanking now then hadn’t you?”

Jessica got quickly into position with a quiet: “Yes Ma’am.”

Her miniskirt was quickly flipped upward and Helen pulled Jessica’s blue pants down saying: “I think we can manage without these don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Replied Jessica quietly.

Miss Howarth made a few small alterations to Jessica’s position and then started spanking her with hard, loud spanks landing on alternate sides of her bare bottom.

Quiet “ouches”, “ows” and “ahs” demonstrated that Jessica was once again learning her lesson.

After about twenty spanks Jessica brought her right hand up to protect her vulnerable bare bottom. Helen spanked the illegal hand hard and it was quickly withdrawn.

“Ow,” squeaked Jessica.

“What are you doing girl?”

“Sorry Ma’am,” replied Jessica. “My hand just sort of came up by itself, my bottom stings so much.”

“You know that’s not allowed during a spanking. That’s twelve extra.”

The twelve hard extra spanks were given slowly and carefully and then Jessica was allowed to stand and replace her pants. Her hands went immediately to sooth her stinging bottom. Her lips were trembling, her pretty face was very pink, and there were tears in her eyes.

“What do you say now girl?” asked Miss Howarth.

“Thank you Ma’am,” replied Jessica bending forward to kiss Miss Howarth’s proffered right hand.

“I hope that will help you remember not to be impertinent or insolent in future?”

“Yes it will, Ma’am. Thank you, Ma’am. I’m sorry.”

“Well I suppose you could say you have been tanned even though we haven’t been out in the sun yet,” observed Miss Howarth with a slight smile. “Go and switch my kettle on. We’ll have a cup of tea and then you can tell me how you are getting on at college. Fill the kettle in my bathroom just through that door.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jessica went quickly to obey her orders with one hand clasped to her bottom.

There was a knock at the study door.

“Enter,” said Miss Howarth. “Yes, Vicky and Jilly, what can I do for you?”

There were some other young people standing just behind head girl Vicky and senior prefect Jilly.

“Sorry to disturb you Miss, but are you duty mistress?” said Vicky.

“Yes I am. Miss Gregory is away for the day. Come in. What can I do for you?”

“I am very sorry to say, Miss, that we found two boys trespassing in the sports pavilion and they had been invited here by two of our girls – the Spencer twins – er, Angela and Julie. The girls seem to have planned the whole thing as they had originally asked for permission to go into the village, but then deceptively stayed at school.”

“Send them in,” ordered Miss Howarth. “By the way this girl is Jessica, a friend from my own school days. Jess, come and shake hands. I am afraid she has been rather a naughty girl and has been spanked, haven’t you Jess?”

“Yes Ma’am,” replied Jessica, her face going very red and a fresh crop of tears forming in her eyes. She felt extremely embarrassed as she shook hands with Vicky and Jilly who looked at her with amused disdain.

After the introduction the mistress turned to Jessica again. “Turn the kettle off for the moment girl. Stand in that corner with your nose touching the wall and hands on your head while I am dealing with this problem. OK?”

“Yes Ma’am,” replied Jessica obeying quickly.

“Thank goodness Miss Gregory isn’t here,” whispered Julie Spencer waiting in the corridor outside Miss Howarth’s room.

“Yes,” agreed Angela. “We had the cane from Miss Gregory at the beginning of the term and we wouldn’t want it again would we Julie?”

“No definitely not. It was not a nice experience at all,” replied her sister making a face and emphatically rubbing her plump but shapely bottom with both hands, remembering the caning she had received.

“How come you got caned?” whispered James.

“We did badly in the end of term exams last term and had some tests at the beginning of this term to see if our work had improved. Miss Gregory said she would cane us if we failed.”

“We just failed by a very few marks,” explained Angela “So we got caned. It was horrible and really hurt – and she made us take our pants down too.”

“I suppose Miss Howarth could report us to Miss Gregory and she might cane us later.” suggested Angela.

“She might but don’t forget how good Miss Howarth is with the slipper herself,” commented Julie with a shiver. “Do you remember how she slippered Penny Bates when she played up in the maths lesson?”

“Oh gosh yes that was really severe,” whispered Angela remembering the occasion clearly.

Further conversation was silenced when Vicky ordered the squash players to come in to see Miss Howarth.

“Come in you four.” Miss Howarth got to her feet.

“It’s Angela and Julie Spencer isn’t it?” Miss Howarth addressed the twins.

‘Yes Miss,” replied the twins in unison. They and the boys were dressed for squash wearing white blouses and white shorts. The girls had their light brown hair in ponytails.

“You have some explaining to do, haven’t you girls? You were found in the pavilion with these boys this afternoon. Introduce me to your gentleman friends.”

“Yes Miss. Er, this is Andrew and this is James, er, Henderson. They live next door to us at home. We’re good friends.”

The dark haired boys stepped forward and politely shook Miss Howarth’s hand. The small, slim mistress looked very attractive in a white blouse and a blue knee length skirt. Her feet were in high-heeled shoes and her short dark hair surrounded her pale face.

“Which school are you from boys?” asked the mistress.

“The County Grammar School for Boys.”

“What is the headmaster’s name?”

“Mr Harris.”

“I think I can manage now thank you Vicky and Jilly. You may go.” said Miss Howarth.

“Would you like us to help you punish them Miss?” Asked Vicky thinking it would be nice to whack the Spencer twins’ attractive bottoms and possibly also gain some experience of punishing boys. Jilly had slippered the twins twice this year already and would be happy to practice her skills on them again.

“No I can manage thank you girls.”

The senior girls resumed their patrol of the school grounds looking for naughty girls or trespassers.

“Please explain what happened this afternoon girls. You were playing squash, which is within the school rules but playing with the opposite sex without permission is forbidden. Give me an explanation Angela and I will then decide whether I should punish you or report you to Miss Gregory.”

Angela touched her sister’s hand and tried to explain what had happened.

“Vicky had given us permission to go to do some shopping Miss.” Angela cleared her throat anxiously. “Then just as we were going we had an email from the boys and they asked if they could challenge us to a squash match.”

“Go on girl,” snapped Miss Howarth.

“We thought that would be fun, but we should have asked Vicky if they could come to see us and explained why we hadn’t gone into the village.”

“But you didn’t?” prompted Miss Howarth.

“No Miss, we sort of forgot, sorry Miss. I think we were glad the A-level exams were over and we felt like some fun.”

“Go on – I am still waiting to decide whether you should be punished.”

Julie’s fingers tightened on Angela’s trying to reassure her sister and give her courage.

“Well, after we had played several games we felt hot and went into the pavilion to drink some water.”

“You all went in Angela – boys and girls?”

“Yes Miss,” confessed Angela.

“Then what happened?”

“We had some water and started chatting and sort of got friendly with each other – er you see Miss we’re very good friends at home and we have been to their parties.” Angela was blushing now.

“What do you mean ‘Got friendly with each other’, girl?” Miss Howarth asked coming close to Angela and looking into her eyes.

“Well we just had a little cuddle, and just a kiss or two.”

“Just a little cuddle and one or two kisses – is that the truth because Vicky and Jilly have suggested you did more than that?”

“No we didn’t Miss.”

“Why were your blouses undone when you were caught?” asked the mistress.

Angela blushed more deeply and paused in thought. “They just sort of came undone when we were playing squash Miss – it was, er, quite a vigorous game.”

“Jilly said one of the boys had his hand inside your blouse while you were kissing him.”

“Inside my blouse Miss?” Angela paused to think of an excuse. “I think James was trying to do my buttons up.”

“Vicky also said you had your hand in one of the boy’s pockets, Julie, and he had his hand on your bottom.”

“Oh I can explain Miss – er sorry Miss – Andrew had said he had some mints in the pocket of his shorts and I could help myself. I was trying to feel for them with my fingers.” explained Julie.

“Did you find them Julie?”

“No Miss.”

“I see and what about your bottom?”

“My bottom Miss? Oh yes, Andrew was just patting my bottom in a friendly way.”

“I’m beginning to wonder if Miss Gregory will want to ‘pat’ your bottom – in an unfriendly way with her cane – when she gets back tomorrow Julie?” commented Miss Howarth adding: “Perhaps ‘pat’ is not quite the word to use – perhaps ‘thrash’ would be more accurate.”

“Oh, please no Miss,” said Julie remembering very clearly the caning she and Angela had received at the beginning of term.

“My enquiries are ongoing and I intend to get much more information.”

Miss Howarth approached the girls. She reached out and held Angela’s left ear before pulling her forward. “Come forward girl so I can see you properly.”

Angela waited anxiously, her left ear tingling as it was released.

“What’s this red mark on your neck Angela?” asked Miss Howarth looking closely under the collar of Angela’s blouse.

“Er I didn’t know I had a mark, Miss. Er it might have been a mosquito – we saw some didn’t we Julie?”

“Yes we did Miss.” replied her sister nodding in agreement with her sister. “It could be an insect bite.”

“I think it’s a love bite,” said Miss Howarth and reaching for Angela’s ear again turned her to the left so she was facing the study window.

‘Yes, and your lipstick is smudged. Actually you shouldn’t be wearing lipstick should you girl?”

“No Miss, but could I just say we are all over eighteen?”

“What has that to do with it girl?” asked Miss Howarth.

“Well, er, we are sort of adults now Miss.”

“But you are still a schoolgirl aren’t you Angela?”

“Yes Miss,” Angela squirmed anxiously wondering what Miss Howarth was planning to do to her and the others.

“As a schoolgirl you are subject to the school’s rules and its punishments?”

‘Er, yes I suppose so Miss,” replied Angela wishing she and Julie hadn’t agreed to the boys coming over.

“What do you mean by ‘I suppose so’ girl?” queried Miss Howarth. “You either are or are not subject to school rules and punishments.”

“Sorry Miss. Yes we are still subject to the school rules.”

“And punishments,” prompted Miss Howarth.

“Sorry Miss. And punishments Miss.” replied Angela with a shiver.

“What punishment would Miss Gregory award you for your disgraceful behaviour Angela?”

“She might just be lenient because we will soon be leaving St Mary’s?” suggested Angela hopefully.

“Do you really think so girl? Perhaps I should report your behaviour to her and see what she does to you?”

Miss Howarth turned her attention to the two boys.

“I take it you boys are still at school?” she asked.

“Yes.” replied James rather grudgingly.

Miss Howarth reached forward and grabbed him by an ear which she twisted with her small strong fingers to gain his full attention.

“I would strongly advise you to be polite boy.” She said. “I’ll repeat my question. I take it you boys are still at school?” Miss Howarth tightened her grip on the boy’s ear.

“Yes Miss.” The boys replied in unison.

“You had permission to leave your school to visit these silly girls?”

“Well actually, no Miss,” replied Andrew.

“So you are out of school without permission and that’s against school rules?”

“Yes Miss but we had finished our A-levels, and it seemed like a good idea.”

“So your headmaster won’t mind when I phone him to report your absence without permission and your behaviour in this school?”

“Please don’t phone him Miss he’ll be very cross.”

“Stand up properly all of you when I am talking to you and hands behind your backs!”

“What does he do to boys who leave the school without permission? And who trespass in a girls’ school?” asked Miss Howarth.

“He usually canes them Miss,” came the worried answer.

“It’s clear that all four of you should be punished for your activities today and thank goodness Vicky found you before further misbehaviour occurred. I wonder if I should report you boys to the police for trespass.”

The four pupils listened anxiously.

“I should really refer you to your headmistress and your headmaster respectively for the caning you each richly deserve. But because you have confessed to your crimes I am going to allow you to chose between being reported for the cane or having the slipper – six of the best each – from me. Go into the corridor, make your choice and report back in five minutes.”

The twins and their boyfriends filed self-consciously out. There was a brief discussion and, although the slipper appeared the best option the girls warned the boys about Miss Howarth’s slippering technique.

They filed back in and asked for the slipper.

“Right you boys wait outside while I deal with these girls and then I’ll deal with you.”

The twins waited nervously as the boys left the study.

Miss Howarth had arranged a low backed wooden chair at one end of her study, and the twins rightly guessed that this was for them to bend over while giving Miss Howarth room to run with her slipper before whacking them. Julie remembered her explaining her technique to the sixth form before she slippered Penny.

The expression: ‘Force equals mass times acceleration,’ came into Julie’s mind as did the knowledge that her shorts would give her bottom minimum protection against a slipper travelling at speed.

Angela bent over the chair as ordered. Could this be the last occasion on which she received corporal punishment? Miss Howarth pulled Angela’s blouse out from her shorts to ensure no additional layer of protection was present.

Julie looked on very anxiously as Miss Howarth patted Angela’s bottom and took four steps back. She then ran and skipped forwards to land a loud stroke with her slipper on right side of Angela’s waiting bottom.

“Owww Miss. Please. Owww. Gosh that really hurt, er, sorry… One thank you Miss.” Angela just managed to count the stroke and thank the mistress.

“Concentrate girl – if you fail to count or try to get up you will get extra.”

“Yes Miss,” whispered Angela conscious that Miss Howarth was patting the left side of her bottom, she sensed that the mistress was walking back ready to run and what seemed like an hour later felt the second stroke wallop into her bottom.

“Ooooh. Gosh er ouch Miss, two thank you Miss.”

The punishment proceeded slowly with Miss Howarth landing well-aimed strokes very accurately on Angela’s thinly covered bottom.

At last it was over and having thanked the mistress for the sixth stroke Angela was allowed to stand. Her face was red and tear stained and both hands went straight to sooth her burning bottom and she bounced up and down on her toes.

“You may go Angela,” said Miss Howarth.

“Thank you Miss, but could I possibly wait for Julie please?”

“Well yes. Julie come and bend over. Wait… pull your blouse out of your shorts… bend over and remember my rules.”

“Yes Miss,” whispered Julie as she got into position bending over the chair’s back, holding the seat with her hands.

Angela very sympathetically watched her sister being punished whilst carefully rubbing her own stinging bottom. The boys outside could hear the loud whacks of the slipper and the long intervals between each stroke. They hadn’t been slippered for some time, but hopefully this small slim young mistress wouldn’t be able to hurt them with her slipper despite what the twins had said.

Miss Howarth completed Julie’s punishment.

“You may go girls, and send the boys in.”

“Yes Miss. Thank you Miss,” said the girls as they left the study with both hands still grasping and rubbing their recently slippered bottoms.

“Are you OK?” asked Andrew anxiously as the girls came out. He was concerned to see the girls’ hot tear-stained faces and their hands holding their bottoms so tightly. He anticipated his own punishment.

“Gosh she didn’t half lay it on!” whispered Julie. “You better go in.”

The boys went in and listened as the mistress told them her rules for pupils receiving her punishments.

Andrew bent over the chair first and James looked on in fear as he saw the mistress take a run and land a loud stroke on his brother’s bottom.

“Please Miss,” began Andrew who released his hold on the chair and half stood up. “Could I remind you that these shorts don’t give much protection.”

“That’s one extra stroke for getting up and for not counting the stroke or thanking me. If you don’t like your shorts, boy, I can take them down for you and slipper your bare bottom.”

“Oh no, Miss, I’m sorry… Please let that stroke count… it really….”

“You have still got six strokes to come,” snapped Miss Howarth dismissing Andrew’s appeal and confirming the extra stroke.

The punishment was completed slowly and carefully and then James took his brother’s place bending over the chair.

The boys clearly found Miss Howarth’s punishment effective, judging by the way they – like the girls – seemed close to tears and were carefully rubbing their bottoms.

“Right come in you two.” Miss Howarth opened the door and the girls came back in. “Stand in a line.”

“You girls had better go back to your room until tea time after seeing the boys off the premises. I hope you have all learned your lesson this afternoon.”

“Yes thank you Miss we have.”

“Good. Now get out.”

The four pupils made a hasty exit and discussed their sore bottoms and Miss Howarth’s prowess with the slipper as they walked towards the gate rubbing their bottoms at intervals.

Jessica, in her corner, had listened carefully to the conversation between Helen Howarth and the naughty girls and boys, and heard them receive their punishments. Her bottom was still stinging after her spanking and her arms were aching badly as she still held them up. She was remembering what had happened at the Freshers’ party in her first week at college when she allowed Jeremy Porter into her room. Thank goodness Miss Howarth didn’t know about that. She would probably award a punishment much worse than a spanking.

“OK Jessica you can make our tea now – but be quick about it I am getting very thirsty,” ordered Miss Howarth after she had dismissed the Spencer twins and their boyfriends.

“Yes Miss,” replied Jessica. She made two cups of tea and brought one to Miss Howarth’s desk. Holding her own cup she sat on a comfortable chair near to the mistress.

“No Jessica, I want you sitting on the wooden chair, the one I made the twins and their boyfriends bend over when I slippered them. Bring it round here. I want you sitting on a hard chair to remind you of the spanking I gave you.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jessica replied picking up the chair and recalling how it had been used in the recent punishments. She wanted to say that she didn’t need reminding of her recent spanking as her bottom still felt very warm and tender. She thought Miss Howarth would regard such a comment as being impertinent and so she sat carefully on the hard seat of the chair without making any comments. It made her remember her spanking even more clearly. She tried unsuccessfully to pull her miniskirt down towards her knees.

“Now Jess, tell me about your term at college.” Miss Howarth asked pleasantly.

“I think it has gone quite well, Ma’am,” replied Jessica. “I’m still waiting for my end of term exam results but my tutor told me unofficially I had done quite well. My essay marks have averaged B plus all this term.”

“That’s good Jessica. I am pleased you are doing well academically. What about your hostel?”

Jessica was conscious that she was blushing and that Miss Howarth was watching her closely.

“It’s really very nice and most of the girls are sensible and hardworking. Miss Mason, our warden, is very nice, but also quite strict.”

“I am glad to hear she is strict. I am a firm believer in strictness as far as girls are concerned. Without strictness they can soon get up to mischief.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jessica could feel her face burning as her blushes deepened.

“What about boys? Have you got a boyfriend?”

“No Ma’am, I haven’t. Both you and Mummy told me to be careful about getting involved with boys. I have met some boys because we have a party at the hostel each month and boys are invited.”

“I see,” said Miss Howarth. “So you have dancing and so on?”

“Yes Ma’am, and Miss Mason is there to keep an eye on us.”

“Are boys allowed in your rooms Jessica?”

“No Ma’am.”

“So you haven’t done anything like the naughty girls I have just punished.”

“No Ma’am.” Jessica said anxiously, conscious of the fact that she was blushing even more deeply.

“Good. Now what about sports and other activities?” asked the mistress.

Jessica and Miss Howarth chatted about the importance of good sports facilities and keeping wide interests. They also discussed Jessica’s involvement with the cheerleading team.

“Get me another cup of tea, girl” ordered Miss Howarth, and Jessica got quickly to her feet remembering how she had to wait on Helen Howarth at school.

“Thank you Jess.” Miss Howarth smiled and Jessica sat down carefully again on her hard chair. “Yes I hope the Spencer girls will remember their punishment if they ever contemplate misbehaving with boys again. I think I made their bottoms and the boys’ bottoms really sting don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am, you did,” replied Jessica as she adjusted her position trying to reduce the discomfort in her own bottom.

There was a pause as the mistress sipped her tea and then Jessica cleared her throat nervously.

“Ma’am, Could I tell you something please?”

“Yes Jess?”

“I wasn’t completely truthful when I was talking about boys just now Ma’am. I’m really sorry,” Jessica said quietly.

“Oh dear. Well you better tell me everything now.”

“Well Ma’am, it was during a hostel party this term and I had been dancing several times with a boy called Jeremy Porter who is going to be an accountant.”

“Go on girl,” prompted Miss Howarth.

“Well he kept on asking me if we could go up to my room and I kept saying it wasn’t allowed and Miss Mason might see us. He had given me several kisses and cuddles and then we heard Miss Mason being called to the phone. Jeremy said: ‘Let’s go’ and we ran upstairs and into my room.

“I kept saying it wasn’t allowed and he started to unbutton my dress and getting sort of passionate. He began to undress himself and then he… I’m sorry Ma’am it’s too embarrassing.”

“What happened girl?”

“Please no Ma’am, I can’t tell you, it’s too dreadful.”

“Get on with it girl.” Miss Howarth reached forward and grabbed Jessica’s left ear and twisted it sharply.

“Tell me girl,” she ordered twisting Jessica’s ear again. “or do you want me to thrash you?”

“Ow! No Ma’am, er, well perhaps, yes, Ma’am it’s so embarrassing and I am so ashamed.” Jessica put her hand up to protect her ear but it was slapped away.

“Come on, girl, tell me immediately or I will thrash you!” Miss Howarth encouraged Jessica by another twist of her tender ear.

Jessica wanted to make a full confession and felt that she should be punished. What the Spencer twins had been punished for was very like her own misbehaviour for which she hadn’t been punished. She had let her parents, Miss Mason in the hostel and Miss Howarth down. In a way she hoped Miss Howarth would punish her.

“Well Miss,” Jessica began. “Jeremy told me to get undressed and I took my dress off.”

“What were you wearing, Jess?”

“It was a short golden coloured dress I had in the sixth form at school, Ma’am.”

“Had you been drinking, girl?”

“Yes Ma’am, we had two glasses of wine.”

“Do your parents know you drink alcohol?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Go on. You had just removed your dress.”

“Jeremy told me to take my bra off and I said no but he told me he would punish me if I didn’t for leading him on downstairs. But I hadn’t led him on. Honestly Ma’am.”

“I am not so sure about that. Go on girl.”

“I hadn’t, honestly Ma’am. I didn’t know anything about boys.” Jessica had tears running down her face.

“Get on with it Jess. I am getting impatient and you remember that if I get impatient I am more likely to give punishments.”

“Just then Miss Mason our warden tapped on my door and asked if I was OK. I said, yes, I was, and I had a headache and wanted to go to bed,” confessed Jessica. “I also said, er no, I hadn’t taken a boy into my room.”

I told Jeremy he must leave and he slapped me and climbed out of the window.”

“I see. So you had behaved extremely badly, been dishonest, broken hostel rules, and lied to your warden?” Miss Howarth frowned.

“Yes Ma’am, and I feel so guilty that I have let everyone down.” Jessica dissolved into tears but continued: “I really should have confessed and been punished but, because I lied, nobody in authority knew. When I heard you talking to the twins, and then punishing them and their boyfriends I felt even more guilty because I had behaved even more badly than they had.”

“So you think you should have been punished and should be punished now. But who should punish you?”

“Could you do it please Ma’am? Please, I beg you,” sobbed Jessica.

“What sort of punishment do you deserve?”

“Do you think the slipper, Ma’am?”

“It should really be either the cane or the birch on your bare bottom, but as I don’t have those instruments I may have to slipper you.”

“Please will you Ma’am?”

“It would have to be a special slippering to make your bottom really sting. I have to say I blame myself for some of your bad behaviour. I should have been much stricter with you when we were at school.”

“Please Ma’am, you were very strict,” said Jessica. “But what is a special slippering please?”

Jessica had been slippered by Helen Howarth on several occasions at school and knew from experience how good Helen was at administering this punishment.

“A special slippering is a rubber soled slipper on a wet bottom. I haven’t had it myself but I am told it really stings. So you will go into my little bathroom and shower but not dry yourself. You will come out of the shower and then you will bend over and touch your toes with your bottom being both bare and wet. Then I will give you eight strokes of the slipper as hard as I can manage. You will stand on my bath mat to keep the floor dry and you will of course tidy up after I have whacked you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Go and start your shower and call when you are ready to come out for the slipper.”

“I’m ready Ma’am,” Jessica’s voice called from her shower.

“Come out, put the towel down, turn round, bend over and touch your toes.” Miss Howarth’s orders were given and Jessica obeyed them carefully.

“Now you will count the strokes for me and thank me after each one. No getting up and keep your fingers on your toes.”

“Yes Ma’am. Please…” Jessica didn’t complete her sentence.

“Good,” observed the mistress. “Bottom bare, wet and waiting for the rubber soled slipper. Plenty of puppy fat to absorb the sting and quite a large bottom for me to work on. Nice and pink after a shower and a spanking.”

Miss Howarth patted Jessica’s bare bottom with the slipper, took two paces back and then with a very short run lashed the slipper onto the right side of the girl’s bottom.

“Owwwwww!” gasped Jessica, overwhelmed by the sting, and her thighs moved involuntarily to ease the pain. “One, thank you, Ma’am.”

The slipper was patting the left side of Jessica’s bottom and then Miss Howarth whacked it down causing Jessica’s puppy fat to quiver.

“Owwwwwww!” Jessica gasped again and her bottom wriggled desperately trying to disperse the intense sting. “Ow! Gosh Ma’am it really stings. Sorry Ma’am, two thank you Ma’am.”

“It’s meant to sting you silly girl. Keep your bottom still and no comments.”

“Sorry Ma’am,” Jessica stifled a sob.

Two more hard strokes followed – the third on the right and the fourth on the left – making Jessica gasp, move her thighs and wriggle her bottom.

“If you move again I’ll give you extra do you understand?”

Jessica turned her red tear stained face back towards Miss Howarth.

“Sorry Ma’am but you are really hurting me.”

“Good! Now face the front and remember to count.”

The fifth stroke landed low down on the right side at the junction of bottom and thigh followed by the sixth stroke on the left side. Jessica managed to count and thank Miss Howarth between her sobs.

“These last two will be the hardest,” warned the mistress giving herself a run of three steps as she whacked her slipper down first the right side and, after a long pause, second on the left side.”

Jessica’s bottom looked very red and Miss Howarth could see eight redder areas, four on either side, each the shape of the slipper’s sole.

Jessica’s “Owwwwws” and Ahhhs” and her squirming showed the punishment had been effective.

“Stand up.” Jessica raised her head slowly and her hands went immediately to try to sooth her burning bottom.

“I hope that’s taught you a lesson, Jess, and that it will encourage better behaviour in the future.”

“Yes Ma’am. I’m really sorry but thank you for punishing me. I deserved it.”

“Right. Go and get your cheerleaders uniform on Jess, although I don’t suppose you feel like cheering.” Miss Howarth grinned at her rather cruel humour.

A subdued Jessica came out of the bathroom, hands clasped to her bottom.

“Come here and kiss my hand and the slipper’s sole girl,” ordered Miss Howarth.

Jessica came forward and planted a wet passionate kiss on Miss Howarth’s hand and on the cool sole of the slipper that had caused her so much discomfort.

“Thank you for everything Ma’am,” Jessica said tearfully.

“Now make sure you behave in future and report any naughtiness to me. Remember my slipper is here waiting to deal with your bottom.”

“Yes Ma’am”

The End