A new prefect is considered too lenient, but the Head Girl’s method of dealing with it doesn’t meet with everyone’s approval either. An old story reproduced here.

By Kenny Walters


Fay Evans straightened her Prefect’s tie and slowly opened the large wooden door. Immediately, her eyes fell on Vanessa Clarke-Jameson seated behind a small oak desk and Sara Worthington standing behind the Head Girl peering over her shoulder at some typed papers on the desk.

“You…. you wanted to see me, Vanessa?” Having closed the door behind her, Fay stood in front of the desk hesitating as to whether she should remain standing or sit down on the small chair positioned by the front of the Head Girl’s desk.

“And look at that!” Sara Worthington pointed out something written on the top sheet of paper on the desk and smirked, as the senior Prefect and Head Girl both ignored Fay.

“Disgraceful!” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson commented before collecting the several papers together, stacking them into tight order and putting them in a drawer. Eventually she looked up. “Stand up straight, girl!”

Fay Evans stiffened, the sudden reprimand catching her by surprise.

“What do you suppose the role of a Prefect is, here at St. Mary’s?” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson sat bolt upright as she looked up at the still stunned newly appointed Prefect standing before her.

“Er…….” Fay checked her blonde hair, tightly rolled into a bun at the back of her head, making sure no loose strand could fall forward onto her brow. “To assist with the running of the school and to support the staff?” The inflection in Fay’s voice made the reply sound like a question, confirming her doubts as to the answer required.

“And how does a Prefect do that, pray tell?”

“By, um……” Fay fiddled again with her hair as she searched for an answer.

“Is there something wrong with your hair, Fay?” Sara Worthington interrupted the younger Prefect’s line of thought.

“No.” Fay replied defensively.

“Then stop messing with it and answer the Head Girl’s question!”

Fay thought for a moment, then began her considered reply. “By helping and advising the younger girls in complying with the requirements of the Headmaster and members of staff?”

“By keeping discipline, Fay!” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson snapped. “By keeping discipline!”

“Well, yes, that too.” Fay spoke quietly, clasping her hands together behind her back.

“No! It is not an optional extra, Fay, it is the primary role of a Prefect!” Vanessa bellowed.

Fay straightened at the force of the Head Girl’s words, and offered no response. Indeed, it was all the junior Prefect could do to stop a tear trickling from the corner of her eye.

“You’ve been a Prefect for three weeks now, is that correct Fay?” Sara Worthington spoke calmly in her clipped upper-class accent.

“Er, yes Sara.”

“And how do you suppose you’ve done, on the discipline side of things?”

“Alright.” Fay shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t seem to have had any problems so far.”

“Really, Fay?” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson smiled, albeit without any degree of warmth or humour. “How about last Tuesday’s detention session? Do you recall any problems there?”

“No.” Fay replied instinctively, before casting her mind back to Tuesday evening. Nothing untoward came to mind. “No.” She added in confirmation.

“Only, I had heard there was a bit of a rumpus, Fay.” Vanessa looked the junior girl straight in the eye.

“No.” Fay thought back. “Well, there was a bit of an argument at one point. But I soon sorted it out.”

“An argument?”

“Yes. Maria Soames and Jessica Tomkins had a bit of a disagreement. One blamed the other for getting them into detention. You know the sort of thing.” Fay risked a gentle smile, feeling the Head Girl and the Senior Prefect would know and understand the sort of thing that happened sometimes between girls.

“Do I, Fay?” No sign of understanding appeared on the Head Girl’s face. “What I do understand is that detentions are meant to carried out in absolute silence and that any girl who breaks that rule should be punished, Fay!”

“Did you punish Maria or Jessica, Fay?” Sara Worthington asked, when it became clear the junior Prefect was not going to offer any comment.

“No, Sara.” Fay replied glumly.

“Why not?” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson snapped.

“I er……” Fay swallowed. “I didn’t feel it was necessary. I stopped them arguing and gave them each a bit of a lecture. You know the sort of thing.”

Vanessa Clarke-Jameson looked silently up at the junior Prefect, studying Fay’s pretty face and nervous brown eyes.

“Have you ever been placed in detention yourself, Fay?” Sara Worthington asked.

Fay smiled weakly in embarrassment. “No.”

“Not ever?” Sara seemed incredulous.

“No.” Fay repeated. “Not ever.”

“Have you spoken to girls who have been in detention, Fay?”

“Well, yes. Of course.”

“So you know what happens when girls in detention break the rules, especially the rule of silence?”

“Yes.” The junior Prefect murmured.

“I’m sorry, Fay.” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson interrupted. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes, Vanessa.” Fay raised her voice.

“What happens to them, Fay?” Vanessa asked.

Fay bit her lip. She looked down at her feet for inspiration.

“Please answer the Head Girl, Fay.” Sara Worthington prompted.

“Well….” Fay felt herself blushing furiously as she thought how she might evade the answer she knew was wanted of her. She surrendered. “They can receive the slipper.”

“Can?” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson exclaimed. “Can? I seem to recall the rules are somewhat more explicit, Fay!”

“Okay.” Fay gripped her hands that were still clasped behind her back so tightly it hurt. “They should receive the slipper.”

“So why did you not slipper Maria Soames and Jessica Tomkins?” Vanessa bellowed.

“I didn’t think it was necessary, Vanessa.” Fay replied weakly.

“Not necessary?” The Head Girl pondered her own question. “Not necessary?” Vanessa’s expression left no doubt in Fay’s mind the Head Girl was far from in agreement.

In response, the junior Prefect could only shrug her shoulders.

“Fay!” Sara Worthington leaned down and opened a drawer in Vanessa’s desk. “Did I not tell you I’d left a slipper on top of the bookcase in the detention room?”

“Um.” Fay thought back. “Yes, I believe you did, Sara.”

“Why do you think I did that, Fay?”

Fay shrugged her shoulders again. “For me to use if I felt it necessary?”

“For you to enforce the rules, Fay!” Sara looked across at the hapless girl. “Did you not see the slipper, this very slipper, on top of the bookcase?” The senior Prefect placed a large white rubber soled plimsoll on top of the desk and closed the drawer.

“Yes.” Fay answered, her voice trembling as she looked down onto the surface of the desk.

“But still you chose not to use it?”

“No. As I said, I didn’t feel it was necessary.”

“Do you have some objection to using the slipper, Fay?” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson asked.

“No.” Fay hesitated. “Not really.”

“Not really?”


“Have you ever been slippered, Fay?” Sara asked.


Vanessa Clarke-Jameson looked round and exchanged a knowing smile with Sara Worthington.

“Could it be then, Fay, that because you seem to have managed to escape a certain amount of discipline, you feel others should be allowed to get away with things too?” The Head Girl’s eyes stared straight into Fay’s.

“No!” Fay defended herself. “Definitely not.”

“Perhaps if you had been dealt with a little more firmly, you might have a little more respect for school rules?”

“No!” Fay was beginning to feel quite uncomfortable.

“How do you feel about corporal punishment, Fay?” Sara Worthington interceded.


“Alright?” Vanessa’s brow furrowed, suggesting the junior Prefect’s answer was in some way peculiar. “Alright?”

“Well, I suppose it’s okay when absolutely necessary.”

“Like when two girls break a school rule even whilst they’re in detention, Fay?”

Fay grimaced, sensing she would be quite unable to provide the Head Girl with any sort of an answer that would be considered satisfactory.

“No answer, Fay?” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson asked in a surprisingly soft tone.

Fay remained tight lipped.

“Do you wish to continue as a Prefect, Fay?” Vanessa continued in her gentler manner, although the threat was certainly there.

“Yes!” Fay had felt deeply honoured to be appointed a Prefect, deeming it recognition of her good academic record over more than six years of exemplary behaviour. She looked down at the Head Girl, her eyes pleading not to be stripped of her newly acquired promotion.

“I’m sure we’re very glad to hear that, Fay.” Sara Worthington pursed her lips, and Fay’s heart began pounding as the senior Prefect slowly moved round from her position behind the Head girl to stand beside the junior girl. “Well, let’s see now. Certainly looks the part!” Sara directed the comment towards Vanessa Clarke-Jameson.

The Head Girl stood up and looked Fay up and down. “Do you think so?”

“Trousers well pressed. Charcoal colour quite acceptable.” Fay felt extremely uncomfortable as Sara checked over her attire. “Matching jacket coming halfway down her bottom. Quite fashionable.”

“Might be a little more elegant if the jacket covered her entire bottom.” Vanessa replied curtly, causing Fay to look across at the Head Girl’s tight grey skirt and jacket, the skirt four inches above the knee and the jacket indeed longer than her own.

“Yes, the bottom is a little ample for the trousers.” Sara smiled across at the Head Girl. “Clean white blouse, tie neatly tied.”

“Do I not see a smudge on the collar?” Vanessa peered across the desk.

“So you do.” Sara confirmed, looking intently at Fay’s white blouse before turning her attention lower down. “Fairly well polished shoes, no tights!”

“It’s a warm day!” Fay defended herself. Anyway, she definitely looked smarter than Sara, dressed in just tight fitting black leggings and a white blouse that only just tucked into the elastic waistband. And Sara could hardly talk, when it came to the ample bottom department.

“It is, isn’t it?” Sara smiled sweetly and insincerely.

“I think you know what we’re going to suggest, don’t you Fay?” Vanessa Clarke-Jameson beamed evilly.

“N….no.” Fay’s eyes focused on the large white plimsoll on the Head Girl’s desk.

“Don’t look so worried, Fay!” Vanessa cocked her head to one side. “All Prefects make mistakes, don’t they Sara?”

“Yes, of course they do!”

“And no-one minds as long as they accept responsibility for their errors and pay the little price asked of them. Isn’t that right, Sara?”

“Absolutely, Vanessa. Absolutely!”

“I mean, we’d expect you to confiscate some cigarettes if you found them on another girl, wouldn’t we Sara.”

“Definitely, Vanessa. Part of the job of being a Prefect.”

“Of course, smoking them yourself behind the tennis pavilion wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Especially if a member of staff happened to see you. Don’t you agree, Sara?”

Sara shot a look at the Head Girl and said nothing.

“It’s a frightfully interesting situation we have here, in fact, Fay.” Vanessa smiled at the junior girl. “Sara here was telling me she thought you needed a good dose of the slipper. Bring you to your senses, so to speak. Teach you to administer the school rules and apply a little discipline to the other girls. You know the sort of thing. And then, blow me down, she gets caught smoking herself. What do you think about that?”

Fay didn’t answer, although she had looked sharply at Sara when she heard the senior Prefect had suggested she be slippered for failing to punish the two girls in the detention session.

Sara’s response was to simply stand her ground and look back at Fay, even if there was a hint of doubt in her eye now that Fay had been made aware of her own failings.

Vanessa Clarke-Jameson watched, intrigued by the interaction between the two. “Personally, Fay, I thought perhaps you simply needed a little guidance in how to apply the slipper. What do you think, Fay?”

“I…. I don’t know.”

“Really? You don’t know whether it would be better to have a little tuition on using the slipper or to receive it yourself?” Vanessa cocked her head again.

Fay felt her mouth become suddenly quite dry. “I, um, I suppose…” Struggling to sort out an adequate reply from the turmoil of her mind, Fay stopped burbling and finished with a simple whispered: “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” Vanessa grinned. “Well, what are we to do about that?”

It was clear neither of the other two girls were expected to give an answer to the rhetorical question, so they both waited for Vanessa to continue.

“Let’s see now,” The Head Girl tapped her index finger against her chin as she appeared to ponder the tricky situation. “Sara will have to be punished for being seen smoking on the school premises. Darned lucky the member of staff reported her to me and not the Headmaster, if you ask me.”

“And then, we need someone for Fay here to practice on so we can guide her in the efficient use of the slipper. Who can we use?” Vanessa paused, and tapped her chin again as she looked up at the ceiling apparently seeking inspiration.

“I know! We can use Sara!” The Head Girl seemed quite excited by her seemingly sudden flash of genius.

“Hold on, Vanessa.” Sara protested. “She’s junior to me.”

“She? Oh, you mean Fay.” Vanessa thought for a moment. “Yes, but then if the only other option you have is to appear before the Headmaster in the morning, surely you won’t be too bothered by a tiresome little detail like that!”

“What? You’d report me to the Headmaster?”

“It would be my solemn duty, Sara.” Vanessa explained. “Would it help if I gave you a few whacks, after Fay has had sufficient practice of course?”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Fay will do an adequate job thank you!” Sara looked angrily across at the junior girl.

“Oh Sara! You’re looking quite aggrieved!” Vanessa’s apparent concern lacked conviction. “Might it help if I allowed you to administer Fay’s punishment?”

“So I whack her and she whacks me. Is that the idea?” Sara addressed the Head Girl.

“Sums it up quite nicely, Sara. Quite nicely!” Vanessa glowed with pleasure.

“This isn’t fair!” Fay finally found the courage to stand up for herself.

“Not fair?” Vanessa was surprised by the junior girl’s tone. “Well, I suppose you can also see the Headmaster and have your new found status removed If you prefer. Is that what you want?”

Fay sighed before answering glumly: “No.”

“No, I didn’t think you did.” Vanessa smiled a look of self-satisfaction. “So you’d better let us spank your bottom then, hadn’t you?”

Fay didn’t answer. Vanessa took the silence as confirmation Fay had accepted her fate.

“Bring that chair over here where there’s a bit more room and place it with the back towards us.”

Fay turned to the small chair in front of Vanessa’s desk and picked it up.

“That’s it. Over here!” Vanessa showed the place she wanted it with a wave of her hand. “Back towards us, please Fay. That’s right. Now remove your jacket, please.”

Fay positioned the chair as directed, but stalled at the command to remove her jacket. “Why?”

“Because it’s a nice warm day!” Vanessa snapped sarcastically.

Fay stood stock still, looking extremely doubtful.

“It’s because she doesn’t want your jacket falling down and protecting even a scrap of your bottom from the full force of the whack!” Sara explained, although her angry eyes were focused on Vanessa.

Sara’s reasoning left Fay looking even more stunned. Slowly, and with a deal of trepidation, she removed her jacket, then looked around for somewhere to leave it.

“Allow me!” Vanessa took the jacket and placed it neatly on her desk. “Face the chair, Fay!”

Fay turned and nervously fingered the back of the chair.

“Trousers down, girl!” Vanessa bellowed.

Fay looked to the ceiling. She’d half expected this. Some nagging thought had been circulating through her mind this would happen. Punishments in front of the whole class were one thing, but when punishments were meted out in private rooms, well, this was not exactly unheard of.

Reluctantly, Fay unfastened her charcoal trousers and felt the sudden release of the taut material. She pushed them slowly down until gravity took over and deposited them around her ankles.

“Tuck your blouse up, please Fay.” Vanessa commanded, and Fay began folding the white material at the front.

“Just at the back would suffice! It’s your bottom we’re interested in.” Vanessa called across the room, and Fay blushed. Nonetheless, she turned her attention to the rear of the blouse so that, once neatly turned up, Vanessa commented: “Nice knickers!” Fay blushed again, sensing both the other girls would be staring at her white underwear, cut high at the sides so that the lower portions of her bottom were exposed.

“Assume the position!” Vanessa’s voice rang in Fay’s ears. The junior girl slowly leaned forward. “Come on, Fay! You’re going to be spanked! Get right down over the chair. Head down, bottom up! And hold tight!”

Fay drew a deep breath and let the air flow slowly out through her teeth. She sighed noisily, then bent right down as low as she could get over the back of the chair. As the wooden top rail dug into her soft stomach, she knew her bottom would be horribly exposed to the gaze of the other two.

“Perfect, Fay! Perfect!” Vanessa crowed. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

Fay ignored the question and gripped the edge of the seat as tightly as she could.

“There you go, Sara.” Vanessa handed the large white plimsoll to the senior Prefect. “Six of the very best should do the trick!”

Sara sighed. While normally she would be quite pleased to have the upper hand over another, more junior, girl, this time she had to endure the certain knowledge the tables were shortly to be turned.

Thus, when Sara turned to look down at the tightly stretched brief underwear of the girl waiting to be spanked with the slipper, the senior Prefect found it hard to approach her task with the usual relish.

Nonetheless, the senior Prefect swung the slipper way back over her right shoulder and began the long sweep that terminated when the rubber sole of the slipper crashed into Fay’s waiting upturned bottom.

“Uuh!” Fay grunted as a red hot burning sensation spread quickly across her whole backside. She gripped the edge of the chair and waited for the next stroke.

After a few seconds watching the slow reddening of Fay’s pale creamy bottom cheeks as they peeked from the sides of her white underwear, Sara firmly pulled the slipper back above her right shoulder and took aim. A loud bang echoed round the room as the slipper whacked into Fay’s knicker clad bottom for a second time.

“Huuuhh!” Fay grunted more loudly as a fresh bout of stinging pain spread across her soft round bottom. The sculptured sole of the slipper felt harsh against the bare portions of her backside and grazed her delicate skin.

Her face taut with determination, Sara swung back the slipper and focused on Fay’s left buttock. Leaning into the swing, the senior Prefect hurtled the rubber soled implement down onto its target where it cracked loudly against the half naked flesh.

“Aaaah!” Fay gasped, feeling herself launched forward into the hard edge of the top of the chair. The room seemed to become uncomfortably warm as the next bout of tingling soreness spread across the entire left side of her bottom.

Methodically, Sara now stared with fixed concentration at Fay’s right buttock, noting that the junior girl’s white knickers had ridden up somewhat, leaving that side of her bottom particularly exposed. She drew back the slipper and swung it down with venom.

“Ooooooww!” Fay screwed up her face as the rubber sole crashed into her backside, the rough contoured rubber biting into the soft curves of her bottom. She flexed her knees, little realising how this made her bottom wriggle under the watchful eye of Sara and Vanessa.

“Keep still!” Sara cautioned the junior girl.

When Fay stopped suddenly, and leaned a little further over the chair to avoid the wooden top rail digging into her stomach, Sara took aim.

“Oooouch!!” Fay called out as the slipper landed firmly across the centre of her bottom. Even now, her backside was sore all over and the latest stroke merely sent a fresh bout of scorching pain across the whole surface.

Sara, for her part, was now only too aware the next stroke would be the last of Fay’s punishment. Usually, that would be a moment of disappointment for her but on this occasion she would be approaching it with some trepidation. Nevertheless, she lined up the next stroke and resolved to make it a good one.

With the slipper held way above her right shoulder, Sara looked down at Fay’s waiting backside and took aim. Tensing her whole body, she paused and then swung the slipper down for all she was worth so that the crack as it landed echoed round the room.

“Oooooooouuuch!!” Fay half straightened and her hands flew to her bottom as she felt the blow send fresh scorching searing agony through her whole bottom. Indeed, it took practically two minutes of rubbing and soothing before the pain subsided into plain hot soreness. Realising she was practically standing, and being rather doubtful how Vanessa would feel about her getting up before receiving permission, Fay began to lower herself over the back of the chair once again.

“Alright, Fay! You’re done!” Fay heard the Head Girl call.

Sore and aching, Fay stood up and explored the damage done to her bottom with sensitive fingertips feeling through the soft thin material of her white underwear. Apparently satisfied no lasting damage had been done, she reached down and pulled her charcoal coloured trousers up from around her ankles, noting how the cloth now seemed to fit more tightly around her backside.

“I should leave your jacket off for the moment.” Vanessa said to Fay, when the junior Prefect spotted her jacket still lying on the Head Girl’s desk. “Remember, we have a little exercise for your right arm to perform.”

For a moment Fay frowned in puzzlement, but then saw Sara giving her an anxious glance and realised what was next on Vanessa’s agenda. When Sara held out the slipper, Fay felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable as she reluctantly accepted the implement.

Rather than looking forward to gaining some sort of revenge, Fay almost shivered with nervousness as Sara placed herself behind the back of the small chair and inserted her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her tight fitting black leggings. The senior Prefect took a long deep breath and pushed the garment quickly down, right down until the leggings rested around her ankles.

Even though Fay would have wanted not to stand and stare, as she had felt the other two do when she had taken down her own trousers, she could not help but look down and gape.

“Sara!” Vanessa called as she stood behind Fay’s right shoulder, surveying the proceedings. “You must have guessed you’d be entertaining us in this way!”

“No!” Sara retorted.

“Really?” Vanessa responded. “Then it was a remarkably suitable choice of underwear, if I may say so!”


“Whenever, you’re ready, Fay.” Vanessa addressed the junior Prefect.

“What? Oh.” Fay blushed as she realised she was still staring down at the other girl’s bottom, clad only in a brief black pair of panties, little more than a thong, which left virtually the whole of Sara’s neat round bottom totally naked.

“Can we please get this over with?” Sara half turned and glared angrily at Fay.

“Sorry?” Fay blurted out in her confusion.

“You need to instruct Sara to take up the required position, Fay.” Vanessa prompted.

“Eh? Oh.” Fay blushed again, as she realised what was expected of her. “Sara. Would you mind?”

“Don’t ask her!” Vanessa snapped. “Tell her!”

“Sorry, Vanessa.” Fay trembled as she spoke. “Sara! Bend over!”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the senior Prefect dived over the back of the chair, her head forced right down and her bottom sticking up and presenting the most inviting of targets.

Fay hesitated. The large plimsoll felt awkward in her small hand. Gripping the implement at the heel end, she felt the canvas-like material compress as she gripped it tightly.

Still trembling, Fay swung the slipper back just a couple of feet before launching the implement at the waiting target that was Sara’s backside. It landed with a gentle pat. Fay heard the Head Girl tut-tutting behind her, and even Sara looked round with an expression of scorn that said: ‘Is that the best you can do?’

Half expecting some rebuke to follow, Fay hesitated, not daring to look round at Vanessa in case that invited another sarcastic comment. When no such words came, and Sara remained bent low over the back of the chair awaiting the next stroke, Fay decided to take aim with the awkward feeling slipper.

“Uunn!” Fay grunted as she drew the slipper back, paused, then tensed her arm muscles as she sent the slipper forward. A louder crack confirmed the sole of the plimsoll struck the patiently waiting bottom with greater force, although it seemed to cause Sara no bother at all.

“Fay, darling!” Vanessa could no longer resist the temptation to intervene. “You’re supposed to be spanking Sara, not tickling her! Allow me to demonstrate!”

The Head Girl strode forward, snatching the slipper from Fay’s grasp and practically elbowing the girl aside. “Now, watch this!”

Taking barely half a second to line up the stroke, Vanessa flung the slipper back, way up above her right shoulder, then sent it hurtling down so fast that Fay felt the draught hit her face. When the slipper landed across Sara’s backside, a resounding crack echoed around the room.

“Oooooooww!!! That hurt!” Sara called out, and Fay saw the senior Prefect screw her face up as she felt the stinging pain that Fay recalled from just a little while ago. To Fay’s amazement, Sara’s near naked bottom soon turned a blotchy red in colour.

Ignoring all of Sara’s reactions, the Head Girl drew the slipper back again so that it practically scraped against the ceiling before whistling it down for another booming crash against the senior Prefect’s proffered bottom.

“Yeeeeeooouch!!” Sara cried out. “Steady on, Vanessa!”

“See?” Vanessa continued to ignore the girl’s protestations as she handed the slipper back to Fay. “Now, let’s see you try again. I want you to give Sara four good whacks. Okay?”

“Okay.” Fay answered uncertainly.

“Just remember, Fay, if I don’t think you’re trying hard enough you might find yourself back over that chair and me holding the slipper! Okay?”

“Okay!” Fay replied with more feeling. Gripping the large plimsoll tightly, Fay decided she certainly did not want to find herself at the mercy of Vanessa and if that meant Sara having to suffer, then so be it. “Sorry, Sara.” She said quietly to the girl still bending over the back of the chair and keeping remarkably still for someone who had suffered two stinging blows and who knew more were to follow.

“Don’t worry. Just make them count and let’s get out of here!” Sara replied in as friendly a fashion as she had ever spoken to Fay.

The unexpected affability caused Fay to pause and reflect. It perhaps even helped her to raise the slipper with some determination so that, when she did eventually send the slipper careering down, Fay leaned into the stroke so that the slipper crashed against Sara’s bottom with almost as much force as Vanessa had used.

“Sheeeeeeesh!!” Sara exclaimed as her face screwed up with the nettle stinging effects of the stroke, leaving Fay considering an apology.

“Good. Keep it going!” Vanessa’s voice came from somewhere behind them just in time to prevent Fay voicing her thoughts.

With gritted determination, Fay drew the slipper back again and paused briefly before sending another whistling stroke upon poor Sara’s waiting near naked bottom.

“Oooooooch!!” Sara cried as the force of the blow sent her forward into the hard upper rail of the chair. “That hurt!”

“Good!” Vanessa called across as the Head girl saw Fay frown, worried lest she were now making the strokes that little bit too effective.

Fay raised the slipper and took aim. Her arm muscles tensed and she leaned into the force of the stroke as she sent the slipper crashing into Sara’s upturned bottom, rather lower down than she had intended.

“Aaaarrrrrgh!!” Sara cried out as the slipper landed low down on the right side of her bottom and propelling her forwards over the back of the chair. “Steady on!”

“Sorry!” Fay blurted out the apology.

“Don’t be!” Vanessa called out. “Keep going!”

“Sorry, Sara.” Fay mumbled as she swung the slipper way up above her right shoulder. After a long pause, the junior Prefect sent the slipper hurtling down until it cracked against the reddening smooth surface that was Sara’s bottom.

“Oooooouuccchhh!!!” Sara bellowed as the slipper bounced off her now quite sore backside.

Feeling reasonably assured she had achieved the delivery of four good hard strokes across Sara’s bottom as Vanessa had commanded, and therefore had done enough to avoid further punishment herself, Fay took a step back and turned towards the Head Girl.

Sara, too, obviously felt she had suffered sufficiently for she began to get up from the chair.

“Wait there!” Vanessa ordered, and Sara sunk back down over the back of the chair. “Let’s have a look shall we, Fay?” The Head Girl smiled evilly as she peered down and inspected closely the damage caused to the senior Prefect’s bottom. “Oh yes, nice and red. What do you think Fay?”

“Oh.” Fay looked briefly at Sara’s sore bottom before answering simply: “Fine!”

Vanessa gave Sara a couple of sharp smacks on both cheeks of her bottom, choosing areas where the girl was quite naked. Ignoring Sara’s sharp intake of breath as she felt the stinging slaps, Vanessa announced: “Okay, that’ll do!”

Taking the slipper from Fay, Vanessa returned the implement to the drawer in her desk. “Okay! Thank you girls! I think justice has been done for both your failings. Please remember the lessons you’ve learnt today and don’t let us have to do this again!”

“No, Vanessa.” Fay answered meekly and headed for the door.

Sara remained silent as she completed the task of pulling up her tight black leggings and tucking the white blouse inside the waistband. She followed Fay out into the corridor.

“Sorry, Sara.” Fay felt compelled to offer her heart felt apology, even though she subconsciously rubbed her own bottom tenderly to ease the soreness.

“What for?”

“Whacking you so hard?”

“Oh, that!” The senior Prefect appeared a little surprised. “Nothing more than I did to you.”

“True.” Fay thought for a moment. “What it is to have power, eh?”

“Huh!” Sara retorted, then added: “Don’t worry, she’s not going to get away with it completely.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Meet me in the school secretary’s office, just after four o’clock tomorrow. You’ll see!”

“The secretary’s office? Why?”

“Just be there! You’ll see.”

Mystified, Fay decided she would indeed meet Sara at the school secretary’s office, if only to avoid incurring the further displeasure of the senior Prefect. Thus at five past four the following day, she tapped gently on the dark blue painted door.

“Come in!” Mrs Burrows, St. Mary’s senior secretary, called invitingly.

Fay pushed the door open and found Sara Worthington already there.

“Ah, here she is!” Sara seemed genuinely pleased to see Fay. “I was just going over the dorm rota with Mrs Burrows, Fay. I said you’d been asking whether you could help us out at all.”

“Me?” Fay frowned in ignorance. Then the penny dropped, and she responded to Sara’s subterfuge. “Oh. Yes, so I have!”

The three immersed themselves into a study of the rota around Mrs Burrows’ desk, but were soon interrupted by the appearance of Vanessa Clarke-Jameson entering the small office. “Sara? Fay? What are you doing here?”

“Just discussing the rota, Vanessa!” Sara replied, barely able to conceal her delight at Vanessa’s astonishment. “We’ll only be about twenty minutes!”

“Twenty minutes? Oh.” Vanessa looked quite worried. She looked round at the door behind her, but decided against the idea of leaving. “I, er, have a meeting with the Headmaster, Mrs Burrows.”

“So you do, Vanessa.” The fifty something rather plump spinster replied, a knowing glint in her eye. “Better not keep him waiting!”

“No. Better not.” Vanessa smoothed down her light grey trousers suit and, when satisfied with the smartness of her attire, scowled at Sara and Fay before going past the secretary’s desk and tapping politely on the door.

“Come!” The authoritative voice of Dr James Henty, St. Mary’s Headmaster, called from beyond the door. Vanessa opened the door cautiously and went in. While Mrs Burrows, Sara and Fay continued their discussions regarding the rota, only vague murmurings could be heard from the conversation Vanessa Clarke-Jameson was having with Dr Henty.

“Yes, I can do that.” As Fay spoke, an eerie whooshing sound followed by a sharp crack was heard from the neighbouring Headmaster’s study. Fay looked round.

“Good.” Sara seemed unconcerned, and went on discussing the rota.

Another whooshing sound and another loud crack caused Fay to look round again. “What’s that?” She asked.

Mrs Burrows coughed, and drew Fay’s attention back to the rota spread out on her desk.

Upon hearing yet another whoosh and crack, Fay looked at Sara, who grinned back, obviously delighted.

Fay frowned an unspoken question at the senior Prefect.

Sara nodded.

Vanessa Clarke-Jameson knew only too well what was going on inside the Headmaster’s study. The first sign of trouble had been when she returned to her small office after lunch. As she tried to turn the key in the lock, it wouldn’t turn. The door was already unlocked! The Head Girl opened the door carefully and peered inside.

“Dr Henty? Sorry, I thought I had intruders!”

In reply, the tall wiry figure of St. Mary’s Headmaster sitting at Vanessa’s desk held up a small clear plastic bag containing a brown resinous substance. “A little bird pointed me in this direction, Vanessa!”

“A little bird?” Vanessa thought quickly. “Ah, well, actually it’s just something I confiscated a couple of days ago, Headmaster.”

“From whom, pray, Vanessa?”

“From….., er, I’d sooner not say, Headmaster. The matter has been properly dealt with.”

“Come, come, Vanessa!” Dr Henty swung the small plastic bag aloft as he looked up at the struggling Head Girl. “The implication is that this property is yours. If you’re saying that it isn’t, and is in fact simply confiscated goods, then you will have to name the culprit or culprits. Aside from that, Vanessa, you do not have the authority to deal with such a serious matter.”

“It was just a one off, Headmaster. For that particular girl, that is.” Vanessa stood up straight as she attempted to bluff her way through this extremely awkward situation. “I really didn’t see the point of getting her into more trouble than was absolutely necessary.”

“Vanessa! I think you’re wasting both our times, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” The Head Girl surrendered.

“My office, then. Ten past four today, please!”

“Yes, sir!”

When Vanessa Clarke-Jameson entered the school secretary’s office at ten past four, she already knew it was going to be a most humiliating experience made all the more so by the presence of Mrs Burrows beavering away in her office and certainly able to hear enough of the proceedings in the Headmaster’s study to be in no doubt as to what was happening inside. The sight of Sara Worthington and Fay Evans as well, coupled with Sara’s comment the rota would need their attention for another twenty minutes, made the whole affair simply unbearable. The Head Girl contemplated turning and leaving, but that was just not a realistic possibility.

“Ah, Vanessa!” Dr Henty greeted her, looking up from some paperwork on his desk.

“Headmaster.” The Head Girl spoke glumly.

“I suggest, Vanessa, that we get on with this unpleasant task, what say you? We both know exactly why you’re here. I’m sure you realise just how foolish you’ve been, don’t you?”

“Yes Headmaster.” Vanessa ran a hand over her shoulder length auburn hair, on this occasion tied back into a ponytail. “Can I just say how sorry I am to have let you down, Headmaster, and the school too, of course.”

“Yes, thank you for that, Vanessa.” Dr Henty got up from his desk. “I’m sure you realise that what must now be done must be a salutary lesson for you.”

Vanessa took a deep breath, uttered: “Yes sir.,” in a low anxious voice, then exhaled slowly.

“It will be eight strokes then.”

“Yes sir.”

Dr Henty waved a hand towards a comfortable armchair over to the left of his desk, one of three arranged around the fireplace. As Vanessa looked across, then went slowly towards the appointed armchair, Dr Henty went in the opposite direction to a cupboard in the far corner.

“You may get yourself ready, Vanessa!” The Headmaster called over his shoulder as he delved inside the cupboard.

“Sir.” Vanessa took off the light grey jacket of her smart suit, folded it, and placed it over the back of the neighbouring armchair. “Obviously, you’re dealing with this as a ‘most serious’ matter, Headmaster?”

“Obviously, Vanessa!”

“Right.” Vanessa muttered, more to herself than as a response to the Headmaster. She undid the top of her well pressed light grey trousers and slid down the zip. No sooner had she slipped the garment down off her hips than they fell to land in a heap around her ankles.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Vanessa drew in a deep breath and sighed loudly as the Headmaster tried a couple of practice swings with the implement of his choice. The Head Girl looked round, and saw Dr Henty approaching her carrying a long rattan cane, as thick as her thumb and all of three feet long, complete with crook handle.

Vanessa hastily folded her white blouse up at the back so revealing the seat of brief pale blue panties that strained and failed to cover all the lower portions of her soft rounded bottom.

“Bend over!”

Nervous tension etched across her face, Vanessa sucked in air through her gritted teeth and leaned over. The well padded armchair pressed into her stomach as she forced herself further and further over the back of the armchair until her head practically touched the seat. The Head Girl folded her hands around the edge of the seat and wriggled her hips until she felt as comfortable as she was ever going to feel for this awful experience.

Dr Henty watched Vanessa’s manouverings patiently until he observed the tall Head Girl had settled in position. With the girl’s pert round bottom prominently positioned, the buttocks presented just above the horizontal, the Headmaster felt entirely satisfied Vanessa had offered herself perfectly for the efficient application of a sound caning.

“Let me know when you wish me to begin, Vanessa.” Dr Henty’s voice was commanding, albeit with just a nervous edge to the stern tone.

“I’m ready, sir.” Vanessa’s voice trembled as she gripped the edge of the armchair and closed her eyes.

Whoosh! Thwack!

“Aah!” The Head Girl’s eyelids sprang apart and the corners of her eyes moistened as a burning cutting pain whipped across the centre of her bottom.

Whoosh! Thwack!

“Aaah!” Two tears rolled down Vanessa’s cheeks as another stroke cut across her bottom, rather lower down this time. ‘Those bloody Prefects!’ Vanessa pictured Sara and Fay in the next room, listening as they leant over Mrs Burrows’ desk. ‘I’ll bet they had something to do with this!’

Whoosh! Thwack!

“Oooohh!” Another tear slid down Vanessa’s face. ‘This is Sara’s doing!’ The Head Girl thought back to the slippering she’d manipulated for Sara. I bet Fay’s not too unhappy with what’s being done to me either!’

Whoosh! Thwack!

“Eeesh!” ‘Grief! This is hurting! So help me, I’ll make those two suffer!’ Vanessa gripped the edge of the armchair ever more tightly.

Whoosh! Thwack!

“Uuuuunnhh!” ‘Grief that was another low one! Can’t he keep his aim up? I won’t be able to sit down for a week, the way he’s going!’

Whoosh! Thwack!

“Ooooouch!!” ‘That’s six, isn’t it? That should have been enough. Grief! My bottom hurts!’

Whoosh! Thwack!

“Eeeeeeeeesh!!” ‘If this bloody pain isn’t enough, I’ve still got to walk past those wretched two, and Mrs Burrows! How am I going to handle that?’

Whoooosh!! Thwaaack!

“My God!!” Vanessa cried out. She wanted to leap up and grasp her poor red sore bottom, but the pain of that last stroke, much more severe than the preceding ones, sent her whole mind spinning. ‘Please let me get up! Please let me rub my sore bottom! Please! please!’

“Thank you, Vanessa.” Dr Henty announced the conclusion of the punishment after allowing himself a thorough examination of the portions of the Head Girl’s bottom not covered by the flimsy pale blue underwear. The Headmaster was particularly pleased with the neat red stripes that criss-crossed the exposed areas of the girl’s delightfully rounded backside.

“Oooooooohh!” Vanessa eased herself cautiously up, exploring the sore raised weals with fingers discreetly inserted under the stretchy material of her panties. ‘Grief! I never want to go through that again!’

Rattling sounds from the far corner of the room informed the Head girl that Dr Henty was at least putting away that dreaded implement of punishment. She half turned, needing to confirm to herself her ordeal was at an end. Except for that walk past Sara, Fay and Mrs Burrows, of course.

“May I, sir?”

“I’m sorry?” Dr Henty, poised to sit back down at his desk, looked across at Vanessa and allowed himself one final lingering look at the attractive Head Girl standing there in her knickers. “Oh, yes, of course!”

Vanessa reached down painfully and pulled up her light grey trousers. Her bottom was undoubtedly swollen, for the material gripped her hips and bottom much more tightly than before her caning, when she had let them slide to around her ankles.

After some struggling with the zip and the button securing the waistband, Vanessa reached for her jacket and put it on. She searched for a handkerchief and realised she had forgotten to bring one.

“Here!” Looking across, Vanessa saw Dr Henty pull a box of tissues from a drawer in his desk and hold the box out to her. She went painfully across and pulled out two. “Doesn’t do much for your make-up, I’m afraid!” The Headmaster’s gentle attempt at humour was lost on the Head girl.

Without the aid of a mirror, Vanessa dried her eyes and hoped that her make-up was not too dreadfully smeared. She knew she could not remain any longer in the presence of the Headmaster and would have to face the awful walk through the school secretary’s office.

“Are we finished, Headmaster?”

“Yes, thank you, Vanessa.” Dr Henty looked up at the Head Girl with some sympathy in his expression. “Put this behind you, Vanessa, and move on.”

“Yes sir.” Vanessa replied grudgingly.

“That’s the girl!” The headmaster responded cheerfully.

Fay Evans, Sara Worthington and Mrs Burrows all looked round as the door suddenly opened. Vanessa edged out of the doorway slowly, her face moistened by tears and her make-up smeared. She went carefully and with as much dignity as she could muster past the school secretary and the two Prefects and left the room. Both hands were clasped behind the Head Girl’s back and Fay saw her gently massage her backside even as she walked.

As the Head girl was about to close the door behind her, she paused. “I’ll see you two in my office as soon as you’re finished here!”

Sara and Fay glanced at each other with panic written on both their faces. They quickly concluded their negotiations over the rota and hastened along to the Head Girl’s office.

“You….. you wanted to see us, Vanessa?” Sara nervously opened the door.

“Yes.” The Head Girl was standing by the far wall, and waited as the two Prefects went anxiously over to her. “I hope you’re both satisfied!”

“I’m sorry?” Fay exclaimed in honestly held innocence.

“I don’t know what you mean!” Sara spoke a little less convincingly.

“Perhaps you thought my disciplinary methods a trifle too humiliating for you.” Vanessa ignored the protestations. “Well, now you’ve had your revenge, I’m sure you’ll want to see justice has been done.”

The two Prefects looked at each other, not knowing what to expect. They watched as Vanessa turned her back on them and fiddled with the front of her trousers. The light grey garment was then thrust down the Head Girl’s long legs, quickly followed by her pale blue panties. Holding the matching jacket up at the back, Vanessa bent over.

“Gosh!” Fay exclaimed.

“Satisfied?” Vanessa said.

“Yes, thank you.” Sara spoke, the satisfaction clearly evident.

The End