Waitresses caught stealing are dealt with by the owner

By Dr Paddle

The 2nd June 2022 was the Platinum Jubilee of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. It was the first day of a four-day public holiday weekend and the ‘Lobster Bed’ pub and restaurant near the North Kent coast was in full celebratory mode. The bunting was up, the sun was out, and the beer garden full of guys in tight-fitting t-shirts, shorts and trainers and ladies in summer dresses.

Inside, Mary-Jo, the proprietor, was working hard and making sure the two chefs and three waitresses were keeping her customers happy. Mary-Jo was Texan by birth and had come to the UK from the USA ten years earlier to marry John McCabe, a guy she had met and fallen in love with whilst travelling in Australia They had bought some wasteland by the side of a main road, built the pub and restaurant, and it was beginning to thrive when John died suddenly, leaving Mary-Jo, now a UK citizen, to look after the business on her own. She wasn’t for giving up, and five years later the business was doing very well and continued to turn a profit despite the recent pandemic.

The outdoor barbecue had been a roaring success and the waitresses were needed until the end of the day. Mary-Jo was relieved her three most experienced waitresses, Poppy, Ellie and Jo, were available for all four days as they had proved very reliable in the past few months. No other staff were required apart from a couple of chefs, one in the restaurant and one cooking at the barbecue. The pub was a good size and modern. In order to keep staff happy and ensure they had regular breaks there was a little restroom at the back for the waitresses. It wasn’t luxurious but there was a sofa and a couple of chairs. The chefs had their own area out the back of the kitchen.

Although it was busy, Mary-Jo had noticed the girls nipping into the restroom at strange times and coming back out just a short time later. She couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. As it got closer to closing time, Mary-Jo decided to have a quick look in the restroom for a look round. All looked fine except that one of the chairs had been moved across the room so it was now under a high shelf. She stood on the chair and found a small black ladies clutch bag on the shelf. It wasn’t hers and she hadn’t noticed it before. Inside it were £20 notes to the total of £100. Surely, she thought, the girls were not stealing money from the till? However, that would explain the short unscheduled visits to the restroom to stash the money away. She left the bag on the shelf and returned to work knowing it would be pretty easy to solve this if the money in the till was incorrect when she cashed up at the end of the day.

Fifteen minutes before closing, when last orders had been called, Mary-Jo made sure the girls were busy collecting glasses and checking the customers were preparing to leave, so they didn’t notice her enter the restroom and get the bag. Once the pub was shut, the chefs had tidied up and left earlier, and all the customers were gone, the girls finished laying up for the following day and went to the restroom to collect their belongings.

“Where is the bag?” asked Poppy in surprise as she stood on the chair and felt around on the shelf.

“No idea” said Jo.

“It’s gone.”

The girls were a bit flummoxed but didn’t have time to work out what had happened, so they left the restroom to say goodnight to Mary-Jo and head home and see if they could solve the mystery later. As they came out, there was Mary-Jo stood behind a breakfast bar style table. The high-top table seated six customers, three on each side, and Mary-Jo had moved three high-back stools out of way on the side where she stood, and the little bag was sitting alone on the top.

“Well, ladies, anyone care to tell me what this is?” Mary-Jo asked, pointing at the bag.

The girls went red in the face and Jo eventually replied “I’m not sure. Never seen it before. Whose is it?” she stammered.

“It looks like one, or all of you three, have been having a little dip in my till.”

“No, not us,” said Ellie. “It’s not ours.”

“Let me see. When I cash-up, it will be obvious if any money is missing from the till and when I look at the CCTV I will be able to see if your unscheduled visits to the restroom were after you had served cash-paying customers. It won’t take long and I’m sure the police will be able to find your prints on this little bag.”

The girls all looked at the floor and couldn’t think of anything to say.

“OK, ladies, I don’t think there is any doubt here. I think you have two choices. Either I ring the police and they can investigate. If you are found guilty you will each get a criminal record. Alternatively, I could deal with this the Texan way, like my father did, and no more needs to be said.”

“I’m going upstairs and when I come back down you can decide which it is to be. If it is the latter, I’ll expect those responsible to be bent over this breakfast bar on this side and you will be grasping the tops of the high-backed stools over on the other side, so your bottoms are sticking out.”

Mary-Jo departed, taking the little bag with her. She went upstairs and there in the bottom drawer of her bedroom dresser was the paddle her dad had used on her. Made from cherry-wood, it was 12 inches long, 3 inches wide and a third of an inch thick. It had blistered her bare bottom a few times and she was sure it would help straighten these lovely, normally so reliable, young ladies out.

Initially, the girls were in a bit of a panic and arguing incoherently and simultaneously, blaming each other. But eventually they calmed down and all agreed that they couldn’t afford a criminal record.

“She’s going to spank us,” said Poppy.

“It’s our only option,” Jo agreed.

“Oh my god, this is a nightmare,” said Ellie dramatically.

All three walked to the breakfast bar and bent over, reaching for a stool on the far side. Poppy, on one end, was tall, standing at 5ft 11in, had curly reddish-purple dyed hair tied in a bun and wore large round glasses. As she bent over, her feet were still on the ground and she could reach the back of the high stool quite easily.

Ellie bent over in the middle. She had shoulder-length blond hair in a bob cut and had clear blue eyes. She was 5ft 6in and only just managed to grasp the back of the stool on the far side when on tip-toes, her bottom sticking out quite nicely.

On the other end, Jo took her place. She was 5ft 8in with mousy brown hair which draped down to the nape of her back and was tied with a light blue ribbon near the top to keep it in place. She could reach the stool on the far side with her feet on the floor and her bottom was sticking out for what was about to come.

Restaurant uniform demanded that they all wore a blouse. Ellie’s was plain white and tight, emphasising her 36C breasts. Jo’s was white, short-sleeved with red and blue chequered puffs and Poppy’s was bright red and long-sleeved. They were all required to wear tight black leggings on duty with a navy-coloured denim kitchen apron which was very practical if anything got spilled. They had hung their aprons in the restroom at the end of the day, so were all in blouses and leggings as they bent over. The leggings had no pockets, so they had used the bag to stash the money when they took it from the till transporting it crumpled in a closed fist en-route to the restroom. Mary-Jo returned to find them all bending over with their leggings stretched across their young bottoms, now presented for a good paddling.

Mary-Jo walked round the table and stood in front of them so they could see the wooden paddle.

“Ladies,” she began. “My father gave me six swats with this on my bare bottom on a regular basis and it was very effective for straightening me out. I don’t know why you did this. It is out of character, but you need to learn a lesson. I am proposing that we return the money to the till, I give you six whacks each on your bottoms and then we will say no more of this incident and you can continue to work here for the weekend knowing you have been punished. I assume from the positions you have adopted you agree to this paddling as you all played a part in the theft?”

The girls looked on in silent horror. Mary-Jo pulled the high stool Poppy was holding further away so she was now fully across the table and on tip-toes. She did the same for Jo.

She then walked round the other side as Poppy said, “Please, not on our bare bottoms.”

Mary-Jo arrived behind the girls and as the leggings were now all fully stretched across the three taut young bottoms, she couldn’t see any panty-lines anywhere, just three pairs of attractive globes with a defining line down the middle of each pair.

“As you seem to have chosen to avoid full knickers today, there is only the material of your leggings between the paddle and your bottoms. So, we can leave the leggings where they are. Experience tells me they will offer little protection. Let’s get on with it.”

Mary-Jo took a step back and to the side of Poppy, and then swung hard into the middle of her bottom.


She moved along the line; whack, whack. Each girl exclaimed a yelp familiar to Mary-Jo from her school days and her spankings at home, and she knew that her first attempt at giving a paddling was going well.

Jo tried to rub by letting go and reaching back for her bottom which felt like it had been scolded with a hot firebrand.

Mary-Jo spoke sternly, “No rubbing until the end. If you stand up or get out of position, extras will be added.”

She moved back to the end of the line to repeat the process, Poppy’s bottom first.

She directed the whacks again in the centre of each bottom, each accompanied by the familiar yelp. She enjoyed that each taut bottom wobbled with the impact of the paddle and the girls lifted their toes slightly off the floor, returning as they yelped and clung on, bottoms again beautifully presented.

The third stroke was on each girl’s left cheek and the howls were very satisfying.

Mary-Jo couldn’t understand why they had stolen the money, but punishment was needed and very well-deserved; a lesson in life, she thought. All three girls sounded as if they were sobbing a little but Mary-Jo knew she needed to finish what she had started; her dad had taught her that in the woodshed. She was sure that each bottom was on fire and the heat from each stroke was now being felt and spreading.

Again, she returned to the end of the line and this time it was the turn of the right cheek of each girl to be set alight. There was a satisfying howl from each girl as the paddle met each youthful, firm bottom and toes lifted off the ground. No doubt there were three very red bottoms emerging under the leggings.

“I hope you are learning your lesson here, ladies.”

The girls, through tears and sobbing, said they very much were learning a lesson. All clinging on to their chair with a very sore bottom, again sticking out to meet the paddle.

With two to go, Mary-Jo returned to the end of the line of bottoms. Good hard slaps to the centre of legging-clad bottoms again sounded in the restaurant. Jo and Poppy were hanging on, not wanting any more than the six, and they could each feel that their bottom was on fire. They longed to rub and tried to wriggle as much as they could between strokes to cool their globes down.

Poppy was thankful her leggings had not been pulled down, but Mary-Jo was right they offered little protection.

It was too much however for Ellie, who stood up and rubbed her bottom, looked at Mary-Jo through tear-stained eyes and begged for mercy.

“Get back down, young lady,” Mary-Jo said, sounding just like her father had. “You have earned an extra stroke.”

Crying and looking forlorn, Ellie returned to her position across the table, her bottom sticking out again for the paddle. The last stroke was as hard as the others and hit in the centre. Each girl lifted up with the impact and all three howled. Mary Jo was pleased that the paddle had been swung upwards into the centre of each bottom and had seemed to have had the desired finale. She knew their bottoms would be sore for quite a few days and most likely a purple-red colour by the time they got to bed. The would be sleeping on their tummies.

“Now, Ellie, you earned an extra one.

Ellie’s seventh stroke came quickly and surprised her, and just added to the heat coming from her buttocks. She howled as loud as ever. The other girls felt sorry for her as they knew how much it would have hurt.

“You are all now punished and you may go home as there is no need to discuss this further.”

The girls stood up gingerly and rubbed their bottoms. They looked very downcast and sorry for themselves and what they had done.

“I will see you all for work tomorrow at 10.30 am. Don’t be late.”

The girls departed still rubbing their bottoms. When they got home, they pulled their leggings down and looked at their well-spanked bottoms. They would certainly not be sitting much in the restroom tomorrow or indeed for much of the Platinum holiday weekend.

When Mary-Jo got up the following morning, she had an email from Poppy.

 Dear Mary-Jo, We are sorry we stole the money. We didn’t think you would miss it and we know it was wrong. Ellie’s brother has got himself into some debt and we wanted to help him out. Thank you for putting us straight and you can, we assure you, trust us in the future. We will get him to talk to his mum and dad to sort it out.”

The End

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