A girl with an unblemished school record finally loses it

By Gillian Howard

During the years from 1962 to 1968 I attended a co-educational grammar school in North West England. I came from a fairly middle class family and had an older sister by 3 years and a younger brother by 2 years, and we all attended the same school. We have always been a very close family and although there are 3 years between myself and my sister we are very close friends and tell each other everything. She told me when she first slept with her boyfriend and I told her my thoughts and fantasies.

At school, though, we had been very different. I was the typical swot, always trying to learn more and was never even told off in class, which in the 1960s must be some sort of feat especially at a mixed grammar school that used corporal punishment quite liberally. Denise, my sister, had been punished quite often in class, which at times included being caned across both hands or the slipper across the bottom. On four occasions her name had appeared on the school punishment board as being caned across the knickers by the headmaster. Julien, my brother, had also been punished a fair amount and although only 15 had visited the Headmaster’s office on 5 occasions to be caned. So at home I was the apple of both mum and dad’s eye as being a near perfect child.

My name is Juliana Dewhurst and I have black hair and green eyes with a size 10 figure. As well as being a top student academically I also excelled at both Netball and ballet/dance. I was always being teased at school as I had to keep my pubic hairs shaved as some of the costumes we wore for dance could be revealing and in those times it was not common for women to shave themselves down below.

I had a few very close friends at school, namely; Brenda, Doreen, Gloria, James and Ben. We used to spend a lot of time together but they, like most others, had been punished in class on several occasions over the years and, apart from myself and Gloria, they had all been caned by the headmaster at sometime during the previous 6 years. Ben was caned on the most occasions, at least twice a year on average.

During the summer of 1967, Denise was home from university and we used to sit up at night as she told me of the wild parties they had at university. She was really enjoying the degree in English literature she was studying. Mum had arranged for us to go to the South of France for 4 weeks. Dad would be there for the first 2 weeks but then we would all stay on for a further 2 weeks.

At that time, topless sunbathing was popular in the area and in some areas it would not be uncommon to see nude bathing on some of the secluded beaches.

During the first week I was sat outside one evening with Denise and she was asking how the gang were all doing. I mentioned that Brenda had received her first caning off the Headmaster a week before the end of term and how the marks had still been visible when we broke up.

Denise turned to me and said:  “Surely you have not forgotten seeing the state of my bottom after visiting the headmaster and having to remove my skirt for the cane. In fact I remember you being fascinated the first couple of times at how hard the raised welts were and how in time they slowly changed colour and took about 2 to 3 weeks to disappear.”

“Yes, I know, but I had forgotten and it was common in gym to see a girl with stripes across the bottom, but I only noticed this time as Brenda was the first girl in our group who had not been wearing big school knickers for her caning. The rule about them for sixth formers had been relaxed at Easter and it was no longer a stipulation to wear them, so we all got rid of them.”

As we emptied the last of the bottle of wine into our glasses, Denise turned to me and, just in a matter of fact way, said: “Juliana, have you never wondered what it would be like to be caned across that little bottom of yours and to lie in bed at night letting your fingers run across  the hard welts?”

I sat contemplating what she had just asked before answering: “In a way, I do sometimes when I see girls return from the Headmaster and have difficulty sitting. I often smile to myself thinking about the welts adorning their bottoms and wonder what it would feel like having to return to class with everybody knowing you had been caned across just your knickers and, yes, in bed the thoughts have been of them rubbing their fingers across their welts. But I know I will never have to experience it as it is just not in my nature to be naughty, and I certainly wouldn’t do it on purpose.”

The following morning, we went down to our favourite beach. As we sat sunbathing topless, Denise suddenly stood up and took her bikini bottoms off.

She said: “Come on, let’s go for a swim.”

I stood up and, as I started to walk towards her, she told me to get my bottoms off as well as the beach was deserted. I decided to follow suit and, as I bent over to put my bikini bottoms into my bag, I heard a loud bang. Then a pain shot through my bum and realised that Denise had just give my bottom an almighty smack. Then she ran off. I followed.

As she neared the sea, she stopped at some rocks and said: “Your face was a picture! Turn round. Wow! What a lovely hand print. You look like a young girl with your small breasts and shaven pubes.”

She then grabbed my hand and pulled me over her knee before delivering another half a dozen smacks, telling me I now had a well spanked bottom with 7 hand prints clearly visible. I stood up and cautiously felt my sore bottom. I could feel the heat. Then I chased her into the sea we had a great 30 minutes in the water before making our way back.

As we walked to our towels, 4 young lads came past and I heard them whisper: “She must have been naughty, then, as her mum has given her a good spanking.” Then they all laughed.

After the holiday was over, we went home and I returned to school 4 weeks before Denise had to go back to university. We all settled back down to the hard work and I was really enjoying it.

On the Wednesday of the third week it had been arranged that Gloria was to come back to our house for evening meal as she was coming to the cinema with me and Denise. Just after break in the afternoon, the school secretary came into the classroom and I knew straight away as she handed a piece of paper to Mr Derbyshire that somebody was to be caned.

Then Mr Derbyshire said: “Could Gloria Davies please report to the Headmaster’s office immediately?”

I audibly gasped as Gloria got to her feet at the far side of the classroom and made her way to the door, her right hand over her bottom as she must know she was going to be caned.

Within 15 minutes she was knocking at the classroom door and entering, tears running down her cheeks and in obvious distress. She informed Mr Derbyshire that she had just received 6 of the best for striking a junior girl.

As the bell went for the end of the day, I approached Gloria as we walked slowly to the wash room. She told me it had been an accident but one of the teachers backed up the girl’s story that she swung her arm round deliberately, causing her nose to start bleeding.

I helped to put cold water onto her welts as she leaned forward and I lowered her briefs. The heat was tremendous and I slowly applied more and more cold water, then lightly dried her. I pulled her briefs over her swollen bottom and we made our way to the bus stop. As we left the school I said that he had really laid it on so much, he was a right pig.

When we got home, Denise took Gloria upstairs and applied some cold cream on the welts, which eased the pain. After our meal I walked Gloria to the bus stop and she then went home.

When I returned, it was 9.30 pm. so I went to my room and finished my homework before getting undressed for bed. I only had my knickers on when there was a tap on the door and Denise walked in already wearing her baby doll pyjamas. She asked how Gloria was and I told her it had been her first ever punishment and it had to be 6 of the best.

“He certainly still canes as severely as when I was at the school, judging by the marks, and doesn’t that mean you are the only one not to be caned by the Headmaster now, Juliana?”

“Yes, and I aim to keep it that way, thank you, especially after seeing the marks almost immediately after she had been caned. The pig certainly laid it on when she didn’t really do anything on purpose.”

The following morning I met Gloria and Brenda as we got off the buses and we walked slowly into school. Gloria said she had not slept too well but was feeling better this morning and had managed to sit for breakfast. As we walked to our form room before assembly, a lot were pointing at Gloria as her name was already on the notice board as receiving 6 of the best for bullying.

We made our way into assembly and sat near the back as upper sixth students. I was sat between James and Ben, who was helping to comfort his girlfriend, Gloria. We all stood up as Mr Heaton entered, followed by the teachers and they went onto the stage. Everything went as normal and then after we had all sang the school song were all told to sit.

Mr Heaton then stood up and looked around all the pupils before saying: “Could Gloria Davies please come to the front of the hall please?”

She stood up blushing and walked to the front.

He continued: “Yesterday, Davies here decided that she could strike a fourth year girl across the face and causing quite a lot of bleeding to her nose. Well now, I don’t think she is feeling very comfortable this morning as she received 6 of the very best with the senior cane across her knickers. I think she will agree the mini briefs she was wearing offered little or no protection. Although this had been completely against her normal behaviour, and had in fact been her very first punishment, nobody here has a bottom that will not be caned if need be. Now return to your seat.”

As Gloria sat down next to Ben, he squeezed her hand to comfort her.

“Could Juliana Dewhurst come to the front of the hall please?”

I stood up and slowly moved along the line to sounds of boys and girls giggling and saying: “Ouch! A sore bottom at last for you.”

I walked to the front and stood facing the school as directed.

“Dewhurst  here was not very happy that I had severely caned her friend and thought that I was a pig for doing so.”

I gulped as I did not know anybody had heard me and it looked like I really was going to be caned. I was now shaking.

“I can assure you I am not related to a pig in any way, and you will now go and wait outside my office like a little girl with your hands on your head and nose to the wall. When the rest of the school have filed past I will then be inviting you into my sty, oops, sorry, office and see how your bottom feels after you have received your first punishment of 6 of the very best with the senior cane. Now, go and wait for me.”

I slowly walked out of the hall and most of the boys and girls in our year giggled and smirked as Miss Goody-two-shoes was going to have her bottom warmed by six of the very best.

A short time later the school started to slowly file down the corridor and past me. As my year passed I received several taps on the bottom as they passed.

Eventually Mr Heaton arrived and went into his secretary’s office. They both came out and she was carrying a leather bound book. As they walked past me I felt the hem of my skirt rise, then felt three hard smacks to my right thigh. I was told I was supposed to be facing the wall, not watching them. The sting in my legs meant I just wanted to rub them.

I was eventually told to follow them into the Head’s study, and was told there was nothing more to say other than I had been overheard calling the Headmaster a pig and would now be punished. Without ceremony, I was to remove my skirt and to stand in front of his desk with my hands on my head. My white mini briefs with pink roses on were clearly visible to him as he filled in the punishment book with my name and form and why I was being caned.

I was then told to bend over the back of an upright chair in front of his desk. His secretary pulled my knickers up tight, which meant I was to receive a virtual bare bottom caning.

After the first stroke landed I could not imagine how something like that cane could inflict so much pain. After the second, a yelp passed my lips and, after the third, I was stamping my feet against the increase in pain. It just increased after each stroke so much that I had not realised he was finished till I saw the cane bounce down onto his desk. As I stood up the pain only increased and I made the big mistake of pulling my knickers from between my bum cheeks. The elastic rubbed on the welts.

I was told to get dressed and, as I bent down for my skirt, the pain increased again. I was then asked to sign the punishment book. As I did, I saw the entry was near the bottom of the page. There at the top, and part way down, was the name of Phillip Dewhurst, my brother receiving 4 strokes on both occasions.

I returned to my class to the smirks of about half the girls and most of the boys. I felt so humiliated that everybody knew I had six raised welts across my bum. The rest of the day went slowly and I was reprimanded at least 4 times for wriggling. I was glad when I got home.

As soon as I walked through the door I was met by Denise who asked if I had a sore bottom because I was walking as though I had been caned. I turned around, dropped my knickers and showed her the marks. All she could say was: “Ouch!”

She took me to her room and applied cold cream to the welts.

That was the one and only punishment that I suffered at school.

It was 3 years later I learned that Denise told her best friend’s mum about Gloria’s caning and what I thought of the headmaster. She was the teacher who had reported me.

When I challenged Denise she told me she thought a dose of the cane would be the making of me. I must admit it gave me a new perspective on punishments and, after university, I became a teacher and used the cane myself on a lot of girls’ bottoms at the boarding school I worked at.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2017