A lady needs her shapely bottom revived after being stuck in traffic.

By Paul S

Elliot and Isabel were a young married couple in their early 30s. They had been invited up to visit relatives in Yorkshire in late summer, so decided to drive all the way there in their Lotus sports car. This was great for short journeys, but Isabel found it became uncomfortable on long journeys.

Isabel decided to wear a tight fitting dress and high heels for the journey, but had to clamber into Elliot’s pride and joy, a low slung Lotus sports car emitting a throaty roar on departure.

They began the long trek to visit their relatives, and initially it all went well. They then ran into some roadworks, causing some delays, but overall were on course to arrive at the time they had set themselves, taking approximately a little over 3 hours door to door.

They had stopped on the way for a brief coffee and a welcome chance to stretch their legs, as the sports car was a little cramped for long trips like this.

When they arrived, their relatives welcomed them with open arms and they all sat down to lunch to catch up on recent events and how things were going generally on both sides of the family.

Elliot went out for a walk along the river with cousin Alan to talk about work and family matters, whilst the girls, including Isabel, sat down with cousins Daisy and  Bella to talk about womanly things, including clothes, fashion, family matters and how they had been since they last met.

The time flew by and the day had moved on into late afternoon when the boys came back from discussing their golf handicaps and re-joined the family for afternoon tea.

They enjoyed a great selection of home-made cakes and bakes, teas and scones with jam which was very satisfying, leaving them all feeling full.

The time passed and before they knew it, it was time to leave and depart for home and work the following day. They got up and wished each other well and kissed before departing.

Isabel climbed back into the low slung Lotus car, but wasn’t looking forward to the long drive back home. Elliot reassured her and said they would be home in no time.

So they pulled away, waving goodbye to their relatives, before re-joining the main road and the long journey back home.

The first hour or so went well and they made good progress, then they came upon an accident and came to a standstill. Elliot and Isabel sighed and Elliot said: “This doesn’t look good.”

They were there for half an hour before crawling past in the outside lane, to avoid a nasty looking smash between a car and a lorry, with the police and ambulance in attendance. Fortunately no-one was badly injured.

They picked up speed but then joined another road where the traffic ground to a halt, with holiday traffic joining their route, bringing it to a crawl.

They then entered a long stretch of roadworks and, by this time, they had been on the road for 2 and a half hours, scuppering plans for a coffee stop and an early evening supper and stretching their legs.

By this time, Isabel was getting cramped in the passenger seat and said: “How much longer, Elliot? Isn’t there another way we can go?”

Elliot said: “Not really, this should be the best route.”

Unfortunately it was also fast becoming the slowest route to nowhere.

They were passed by camper vans, cars with tents and bikes, returning from holiday full of excited kids. The slow crawl continued for 15 long miles, and by this time Isabel was losing patience and said: “Elliot, my feet are going numb and I can’t feel my bum anymore?”

Elliot said: “Bear with us, it shouldn’t last much longer,” and sure enough they eventually emerged into open road after a further half an hour.

However, by the time they got home it had been 4 and a half hours in the car and Isabel could hardly walk with a dead leg on climbing out of the Lotus.

Elliot and Isabel went into their flat and made themselves at home. Isabel took off her high heels and stamped her feet to try and get rid of pins and needles from sitting stationary for over 4 hours.

Elliot went for a walk to get some milk and came back, but wasn’t too badly affected, apart from some numbness in his legs. He made them both a tea and brought one into Isabel in the bedroom.

Isabel took off her dress in the bedroom, exposing her bra and panties, but complained her bum had gone completely numb, and asked Elliot to massage it to see if he could restore any feeling.

Elliot did as she said, but Isabel said she couldn’t feel anything at all and was getting worried.

She then said: “You may need to slap it,” and he did so, but with little effect initially.

She then cuddled up to Elliot, laughed, and whispered into his ear: “I think it’s going to need a bit more than that.”

With that, Elliot lowered Isabel’s panties and bent her over the edge of the bed.

She said: “I was only joking!”

But he then slapped her bottom firmly to restore any sensation which was missing. Isabel took 30 firm slaps across her bared size 38 bottom, but said: “I am only just starting to get some feeling back.”

Elliot said: “It’s taking it’s time to warm up, isn’t it? Perhaps its needs something a bit hotter?”

Isabel turned her head round looking concerned and said: “What are you doing?”

“Trying something that should bring back some sensation,” said Elliot.

He took out a short but wide leather fashion strap out of her wardrobe and brought it down firmly across her bottom, producing a lovely satisfying smacking sound.

“Ah, I felt that!” Said Isabel.

Elliot gave her another 9 firm slaps with the strap, and it had the desired effect.

Isabel said afterwards: “Ah yes, I can definitely feel something now,” as her bottom was starting to redden and glow nicely.

After he had finished, she got up rubbing her now hot, glowing seat, and gently kissed Elliot and said: “Thanks, that feels better.”

She had lost the pins and needles feeling in her feet and long legs, but gained a hot, tingling sensation in her previously numb bottom.

Elliot laughed and said: “We can’t have a shapely wife with a numb bum now, can we?”

Isabel said: “If we had a sensible car we wouldn’t have to do this after every long trip, would we?”

The End

© Paul S 2017