A domestic punishment told from two people’s perspective

By Lorna Brand

Scott’s version:

31st Dec

This is my last diary entry for this year and since it’s not likely I will do this when I get home I thought I would write before I go out. I picked up some little presents for Sue today. I know Christmas has just passed but tonight is the start of our year. We will be Mr and Mrs before the end of next month so I want to make it as special and memorable for us as possible. I want to remember every second of tonight so in years to come I can tell our kids about it. I know it’s not the crazy New Year’s Eve that we are used to but it will be our night, just our night. Sophistication all the way!

1st Jan

Wow, last night was amazing! Well most of it, from what I can remember. Sue met me at the club but despite me wanting to see in the New Year ( just the two of us) together, she still brought her annoying friend! You would think that your fiancé would want to see in the bells with the person they are marrying in just a few weeks, well apparently not mine! I had an intimate table for two set out with champagne, roses, the works and Sue turned up with her! I was fuming.

The girls decided to see in the year together, no matter what I wanted. They didn’t even think I would mind. I got some lame excuse, something to do with it being the last year they would be together. How stupid is that? It’s not like we are emigrating or turning into hermits. We are getting married.

After putting up with the moping,  moaning and sulking, and the third wheel making us miserable, I had enough and called in the boys so at least we could salvage the night and I didn’t have to put up with her on my own. That’s when my night finally started. It seems a shame that the best part of the night is the bits that I can’t remember, but I suppose that’s the mark of a good New Year’s party.

It was totally hilarious; we all did shots out off Mary’s belly button. She is so fit but I am sure she is single-handedly responsible for giving blonds their ditsy reputation.

I was telling the lads about surprising Sue with the Paris trip for our honeymoon and she was going on about when she went to see the Eiffel Tower and how the best bit of the Tower was the circus at the bottom. It turned out she had been to be the Blackpool Tower! There are just a few differences between Paris and Blackpool, you know, besides being in totally different countries.

Anyway, the lads and I had a right laugh. I don’t actually remember the bells but I have a vague recollection of falling into bed sometime this morning. I am supposed to be going for New Year’s lunch at the in-laws today about 3-ish, since Sue can’t or won’t move out until we are married. That will be interesting. They still treat her like a child instead of the twenty-one year old she is. It’s no wonder she is a tad spoiled, but I still love her to bits.

It’s quite good writing in the morning, reflecting on the day before, so think this might be my New Year’s resolution.

2nd Jan

I think I may have got Sue into trouble yesterday but I didn’t stick around to find out. When I got to her house there was a bit of confusion. Sue wasn’t there and her parents thought she must have been with me, so when I turned up without her everyone panicked.

Sue’s dad knew I had planned a romantic night for Hogmanay because I bumped into him in the centre on my way back from the posh florist and told him all about my grand gesture.

It was understandable that her parents were worried and I got a hundred questions thrown at me as soon as I stepped into the house, but I was worried too. I think her dad could tell because he put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a whiskey while Sue’s mum called her. Thinking about it now, it must have looked funny, given I am a good bit taller than him.

We all called Sue and her friends but couldn’t get an answer. Thankfully, just before we started contacting the hospitals, her mum got a call from an odd number. Some guy that her mate is going out with. It was Sue telling us that she would be home shortly and just to eat without her! As if that was what we where upset about! No apology, just a quick call to say she was on her way and her phone was out of battery.

It was five o’clock when she called and the lunch was burned by then but I ate some and I waited until seven. I would have stayed longer but my shift started at eight so I had to head off. Sue’s dad texted me just after I started work to let me know she got home and had already had food with her friends.

I was annoyed, but her parents were spitting fire, Sue said when she finally got around to texting me at the end of my shift last night.

I still haven’t had an apology but I didn’t think I would, at least not until she had sobered up properly and slept it off.

I have been asked back again today for a dinner retake. It can only go better than yesterday but I am not looking forward to being caught in the cross-fire. I just know Sue can’t hold her tongue when she thinks she is in the right.

3rd Jan

I can’t believe what happened. I am still processing it all in my head. I have played it over and over again and I still don’t know how I feel about it.  The dinner was hard going from the outset before we even got to the food.  We sat in the living room while the food was still cooking and Sue nursed her sore head while her parents scowled at her and threw the odd snide comment about it serving her right. It was very uncomfortable.

Something must have kicked off before I got there because I was definitely missing something from the conversation. I knew they still thought of Sue as a little girl and, with her behaviour over Hogmanay it’s not surprising, but I had no idea of the extent to which they went.

Things started to get out of hand and Sue stood up and started shouting. It was a proper stand up argument. Her parents were going on about how Sue should be more respectful and responsible. I could see their point; she was out of hand and, of course, Sue decided to defend herself by acting like a little brat. That didn’t help. It was like pouring petrol on a fire; everything erupted.

Sue actually said to her mum: “Who wants to eat your crap food anyway?  It wasn’t the oven that ruined it, it was you!!”

I was embarrassed to be her fiancé at that point. She had totally over-stepped the mark and she knew it. At that moment her mum just looked at her and the room fell silent. Suddenly, Sue’s mum left the room and Sue went white. Before her mum returned, Sue started sobbing. She knew she was in the wrong and had really disappointed her parents, but she did something really odd. She walked off to the corner of the living room and stood there with her hands on her head looking at the wall.

It was crazy. I didn’t know what to say or where to look. I stood up and was going to see if she was OK or just leave when I felt a hand on my shoulder sitting me back down. Her dad said that I should stay because if Sue didn’t want me to see her being told off she wouldn’t have kicked off.

Sue’s mum came back in and was not surprised to see Sue in her place in the corner. Then I noticed she had a thick bit of leather in her hand like a belt but twice as wide and shorter. I still didn’t know how to act but Sue just stood in the corner and said nothing, so I followed suit and went along with it.

Sue’s mum just said: “Right, Sue, you know what to do,” and that was it; that was all she said.

Sue jumped into action and slipped off her jeans and her pants! She took a hair band from her wrist and put her hair into a pony tail. I could feel my cheeks going red and my heart racing.  God knows what Sue was feeling but she seemed so calm I didn’t say anything; I just sat there with my mouth open.

Once she had stripped half naked, Sue then, on her own, without being asked, went over to her mum and apologised to her before asking her to spank her!

I almost fell off my chair! Sue’s dad gave me a drink and I downed it in one go.  I didn’t know if I should watch or not but I couldn’t help myself as Sue, draped over the arm of the sofa, had given me a view I was not used to seeing with company around especially as it was her parents. I was mortified and excited all at once.

Her mum didn’t hold back slamming down the leather onto Sue’s bum, making a crack echo around the walls. I don’t know how many times she hit her but Sue’s bum turned red almost instantly and she was crying out in pain. She didn’t ask her mum to stop or move away, she just expected it. Even if her mum took a little longer in between strokes, Sue didn’t take her opportunity to move.

The whole time, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her bum bouncing up and down, her legs dancing about. I hated hearing her cry out, but she was so compliant I couldn’t stop my body tingling all over. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

After her mum said she could move, Sue actually thanked her mum for spanking her and took herself back to the corner until she was told the food was ready and she could get dressed.

Through lunch, I just wanted to jump across the table and kiss her all over. It was mad but I didn’t.  I controlled myself and Sue was in a much better mood, being pleasant and happy. She said she would apologise properly to me today. I can’t wait; maybe I will get to spank her too.

Sue’s version:

31st Dec

I am supposed to be seeing Scott tonight for New Year, but Ellen pointed out that this is the last year I will still be a Miss and we should make the most of it, so Ellen is going to come with me to the club and we will meet Mary there. Scott will be fine; I will just tell him I am going to spend Hogmanay with my friends too.

1st Jan

Last night didn’t go to plan. Scott was actually annoyed with me for wanting to see in the bells with my friends. I explained all about it being my last new year before I got tied down, and it just made him worse. He just totally brought the mood down but Mary said she would get the party going and when his friends got there he spent most of the night with them. He did give me some nice presents though, must have cost him quite a bit to set it all up, I suppose.

I woke up at Ellen’s new boyfriend’s place this afternoon. It must have been some night because I can’t remember going there. By the time Mary woke me up with a glass of God knows what, it was already two o’clock (but I drunk it anyway) and Ellen was still asleep so I decided that I was as well waiting until the room stopped spinning before I got up.

When Ellen finally rolled out of bed, we had already polished off most of the bottles in the flat.

I remembered about New Year’s lunch, but to be honest I was still having fun with the girls and there was no way I was going to make it on time anyway.  By the time I got around to calling home, Mum was going mental blowing everything out of proportion. I figured that I was in for a trip over the sofa anyway, but mum wouldn’t spank me when I was drunk so I just stayed with my friends.

Maybe it wasn’t a well thought through plan, but to be honest I wasn’t really thinking at all!

I got in about an hour ago and Dad sent me off to bed saying that they would see me tomorrow since it was already late and I need to sleep it off.  GREAT! I know what that means.

2nd Jan

I have had a bazaar day! Dad came and woke me up about 12 to say Scott was coming over to re-do lunch, since I wrecked it yesterday, but I was not looking forward to facing them so dragged my feet a little.

Mum was really upset at me and she told me as soon as Scott left I was going to get a severe spanking for my behaviour. She really wound me up and I wasn’t really listening to her, but once Scott got here for lunch they still didn’t let it go and were going on about me being immature and not taking responsibility.

I ended up saying some really mean things that I shouldn’t have and upsetting them all. It wasn’t until I saw the disgust on Scott’s face that I realised how bad I had been to everyone and very selfish.

I knew there was only one thing I could do to make it right and mum could tell just by looking at me what I was thinking. I decided that I had to take my spanking.  I couldn’t have it hanging over me and Scott had to see how sorry I was too.

I was aware of Scott’s eyes fixed on me when I was standing in the corner and I think Dad explained to Scott that I was going to get a ‘telling off’.  I tried to listen to them but I was focused on doing things right. Mum went to pick a strap and when she got back she let me know to get ready. My stomach was in knots more than normal. I was in bits inside because Scott was watching as I stripped off.

It was an odd feeling; I wanted to run and hide but it was also quite exciting that he was seeing me in that way. I was a bit more contrite than I normally would be, but I had behaved appallingly to everyone and I wanted Scott to see I could be soft and know when I had gone too far, but more than that I wanted to show I could take responsibility for my actions. I wanted to prove I might be a bit spoiled but I could take my medicine.

As I bent over the sofa arm, I wiggled into place knowing Scott had a full view and that he might appreciate it, but Mum had the thick heavy strap and it thundered across my naked bum. From the first stroke, it bit into my skin. Mum normally gives me twelve strokes but it felt like much more and my composure was lost in seconds. I didn’t want to cry in front of Scott and really wanted him to see I could keep it together, but with my legs jumping about I think he saw a lot more. I gripped on to the sofa as hard as I could to stop me from getting up, but as each slap came down on top of the last it was getting harder as the stinging heat covered my bum. I was so glad mum stopped when she did. My bum is black and blue.

At dinner, Scott looked more flushed than me. I said that I should stay in with my parents tonight but tomorrow I am going to spend with him and apologise properly.

3rd JAN

I am going to spend the night at Scott’s tonight so I won’t have to hurry back. I am not taking my diary with me because I don’t want him thinking I am not giving him all my attention.

Dad got us an early wedding present, well not us exactly, for Scott. It’s a strap!! It’s just a small one, but if he thinks I am giving it to Scott he can think again! Mind you, the look on Scott’s face would be priceless. He didn’t know where to look yesterday and I am sure he got a bit of a kick out of it.

Yesterday was crazy and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  My naked bum in the air and Scott’s eyes firmly on me, blushing as my cheeks changed colour to match his.

I was planning on taking him out for a meal and maybe going on to somewhere, but I think that’s changed now. I might take our gift after all.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2016