A girl has a few surprises in store when she encounters the new headmistress. By a new writer to us.

By Raffles Haigh

Jennifer Ball looked across at her best friend sitting with her legs crossed in the comfortable sixth formers’ common room, her pleated mini skirt barely covering her bottom on the well worn leather sofa, and asked with excitement: “Well then, Luce, how does the new Headmistress cane then? Any better than old Miss Daines the canes?

Lucy looked across to where her friend sat frowned and said: “To be perfectly honest, Jen, I have never been thrashed like that in my life! I thought my backside was made of leather after all the swishings I’ve had, and now we are in the upper sixth and old enough to drink, I didn’t imagine I’d ever be bending over in that office again!”

Her indignant tone and sudden crossing of her arms as she stuck her pretty nose in the air made Jennifer chuckle.

”Come on, Luce, you did slap that girl really hard on the hockey pitch and dropping your knicks and mooning the ref in front of the entire spectating public was pretty spectacular, even for you!!”

”Hmm, I guess so,” she sighed.

“What’s your bottom like then?”

“I’ll show you later.”

“Good. But come on, I want to know all the details. You must remember. It was only yesterday.”

Lucy leaned back and unfolded her arms. Reaching for her bottom, she rose slightly and sat on her hands under her skirt. Her expression lightened slightly as if she’d suddenly remembered a favourite joke.

“This lady is different, Jen, and does things differently. I knocked on the door. She opened it herself with a smile and welcomed me in, most odd because old Daines just bellowed ‘COME’ and made you stand at the desk for ages. Next she offered me a seat. She’s got all new furniture, you know, really nice antique type stuff.

“Bloody hell, Luce! What about the caning?”

“Well, after a long friendly chat with no shouting or anything, all about self control, ladylike behaviour and that stuff, she asked me if I felt it reasonable that I should be caned. Do you know, with the way she spoke to me, her kind eyes and amazing perfume, she is very attractive and much younger than my mum. She reminds me so much of my Aunty Jessica, the model, you know, and she’s great!”

“Yeah, she does look like Jess, but a little bit more muscular, but her amazing bloody perfume!!”

“Yes, Jen, she smells amazing! I just nodded and said: ‘Yes, Ma’am, I accept’ I wanted to say: ‘Yes please, Ma’am’.”

Jennifer’s mouth dropped open, her eyes wide.

Lucy continued: “She stood up and went to a tall cupboard, took out three canes and put them on the desk. She has new canes too, Jen. I’ve never seen these ones before. They seem longer and darker than old Daines’ canes. Hers were pale yellow. They’ve all got that crooked handle thing but one was straight. She then asked me to pick one.”

“What? Bloody hell, Luce! Did you?”

“Of course, I was committed now. So do you know what I did? I stood up, picked one up and bent it; you know, flexed it. They’re really blood bendy too, Jen. Anyway, I did that to all of them and then I swished them through the air half a dozen times or so in the middle of her office!”

“That’s so brave, Jen.”

“I didn’t feel brave. She just sat there with her elbows on the desk smiling away. It was really funny actually. Anyway, I chose one, although they all seemed the same. It had a curved handle.

I said: “This one, please Ma’am, and handed it to her.”

“Hilarious!” Shrieked Jennifer.

“That’s my number three cane,” she said.

“She numbers them?”

“Yes. She placed it on the desk and asked me if I felt twelve strokes was too much I said I flipping well did! Then she asked if six would seem more lenient. I said it would and somehow I felt and sounded most grateful.”

“My god! It sounds like she was enjoying it,” said Jennifer.

“I think she was. Next she put on some lovely gentle classical music on that old gramophone player that was never used.

“Then she said to me: ‘I’d like you to bend over, please. It’s up to you where and how, but your skirt should be raised.’

“She was so polite and courteous, and very posh and soft spoken, Jen. I almost felt like she was doing me a favour!”

“How odd, Luce. Personally, I’d prefer the Rolling Stones. Please continue.”

“Old Daines caned me on my bare bum the last time so I felt it only right and fair to offer the same. Anyway, panties don’t offer any protection at all. I positioned myself in front of her amazing leather covered massive desk and whipped off my skirt. I placed it on the desk and pulled my little white knickers down to my knees, then reached across holding on to the far end.”

“Amazing! I love it! You’re a hero, Lucy Bailey!”

“At this point, I was looking over my left shoulder and smiling confidently at her. She started doing some sort of shoulder flexing exercises and then swished the cane really viciously through the air. Then she told me she used to represent the county at squash and was three times county champion. She currently plays golf for Devon as well!”

“My God!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“At which point, I considered jumping out of the window!”

“I can imagine.”

“When she started tapping my bum and lining herself up, I gathered some courage and pushed my bottom out further. I stared straight ahead and locked my legs straight. I looked over my shoulder to see the first one coming, but at this point she was about three steps away with the cane raised high. She’d taken a bloody run up, Jen!”

Jennifer gasped and put her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide in amazement.

“Anyway, I quickly stared ahead again, almost trying to ignore what I’d seen. Then there was this incredible swishing sound and then it landed. My god, what a whack! It was unbelievable! I shrieked at the top of my voice; I don’t know where the sound came from! I felt my legs shaking. The sting across my bottom was like I’d never felt before! Somehow, I managed to keep my bum out. Thankfully, she took a while before she began tapping my bum again. I kept thinking: ‘How will I last six of these,’ Jen.”

“It makes me shudder, just thinking about it, Luce. I was such a wimp when old Daines caned me.”

Lucy continued. “I managed to keep my position until the fourth one, when I just had to wrap my hands around my bum and rub it. God, it was welted! The last two were the hardest, I think. She really didn’t hold back, and always there was a run up. I screamed and rubbed my bum. She did let me, though, which was, I suppose, kind of her.”

“Kind, Luce? Kind? She’s given you the thrashing of your life, welted your bare backside, and you call her kind!”

“Yeah, a bit odd, I guess, but I was kind of grateful. I don’t know how. She’s very clever, you know, our Ma’am. Anyway, I managed not to cry, but after the sixth I just lay across the desk rubbing my bottom and gasping for breath.”

“Where was she then?”

“Behind me still.”

“I certainly hope I never have to visit her, Luce!”

“Quite, Jen. You wouldn’t enjoy it much, I think.”

“No, pretty awful for you too.”

“True, but do you know, while it was so painful it was also exciting in a strange sort of a way. I don’t know really, I’m a bit confused.”

“How did it end, then?”

”After what seemed like ages, I pulled up my panties and put on my skirt. By then, she was sitting back behind her desk. She produced the punishment book, she said to me that I was one of the few girls in the school who’d been caned and come back for a second dose. She filled it in as I watched, then stood up and moved around to the front of the desk where she offered me her hand.”


“We shook and I said: ‘Thank you, Ma’am.’”

“As I turned to leave, she said: ‘Be aware, Lucy Bailey, that I had better never have to administer another caning to you!’”

“No, I bet she’d really thrash you if that happened.”

”Straight after, I checked my bum in the washroom mirror and I’ve got six perfectly parallel purple stripes right across both bum cheeks.”

“Show me, Lucy! If we go somewhere quiet I can take a picture with my box Brownie camera I got for Christmas!”

“Cool! That sounds well naughty, Jen.”

The End

© Raffles Haigh 2016