An interesting plot brings a whole new meaning to fund raising

By Old Tom

Mary was a woman to be envied; she was a slim attractive thirty two; she had two beautiful children, a boy of six and a girl of five; her handsome husband had an excellent job and she didn’t need to work and didn’t want to; she developed her hobbies of cooking, jam making and craft; she kept a close eye on his mother who was not in the best of health; was there to collect her children and help with the PTA; and not least enjoyed an extremely active and imaginative sex life with her husband.

Throughout the year she made corn Christmas tree decorations, salt dough wreaths and other craft items and towards Christmas she sold them at craft fairs and used the profits to buy extras for Christmas. In early November after a surprisingly profitable sale she was invited to coffee by a woman she knew reasonably well who ran the next stall.

Over coffee and bakewell tarts they chatted about this and that until suddenly her companion said: “I’m getting caned at school tomorrow.”

Mary’s mind immediately leapt to the beautiful caned bottom chairs she’d seen at the craft fair and replied: “Oh those were so beautiful, I’d love to get some of those.”

“No not that sort of caned, I am getting caned on my bottom at my old school tomorrow.”

Mary’s mind whirled trying to grasp what this woman was talking about. Her face must have looked comical because her companion burst out laughing.

“Oh your face! What a picture that makes; no it’s true. My old school is The Rectory; it is, and always was, a girls’ only school. Back in the day it used corporal punishment and there are women around in this town who will tell you about Miss Anderton and what a ferocious caner she was (see Incomplete by Old Tom). It was still used when I was a girl there but I never had it. Now they are raising money for their new physics lab and they are offering a “caning experience” for a fee; you get six with the cane and a certificate and a small book about corporal punishment. They stole the idea from some American school which is doing the same sort of thing but with the paddle.”

“I haven’t seen any adverts or anything.”

“Well you wouldn’t, would you? They don’t want our salacious media getting their hands on it. It’s all done by word of mouth and it has been surprisingly popular.”

“What exactly happens?”

“Well I’ll find out tomorrow but basically we have to dress more or less as if we were school girls and report to the head’s office. Then he treats us as if we had done something wrong and one at a time we get wheeled into his office and get six with the cane. I know my bum is going to be sore after but I just want to know what it was like.”

A strange frisson ran through Mary’s body and she found herself trembling. She heard a strained voice asking: “How do I find out more or make a booking?” It was shocking to realise it was her voice.

When Ted her husband came home and they’d put the kids to bed she told him about The Rectory and its very unusual fund raiser.

“Are you interested Mary?”

The question was superfluous as Mary’s intense longing was apparent and Ted wasn’t against it so the next day Mary made her booking. It turned out the head did these sessions twice a week and he only took three or four at a time so she had to wait until the end of the following week. The whole time she wondered whether to cancel or not it seemed such a mad idea but then she’d get excited all over again and would think about all the other women getting their bottoms caned. Finally the day arrived; she dressed, as instructed, in a plain school type skirt, blouse and cardigan with only knickers and no tights but a pair of socks. She felt very foolish.

There were some reserved places in the car park and she had been instructed to take one, and was relieved to see the walk to the entrance was a short one. The receptionist gave no sign she thought her mad but simply escorted her to the room occupied by the head’s confidential secretary who treated her exactly as if she was a naughty school girl. It thrilled her to be treated like that for reasons she didn’t entirely understand.

“Sit there.”

“There” was a row of six chairs all unoccupied and she sat now beginning to feel nervous. A clock on the wall ticked loudly but she didn’t know (and nor did anyone else except the head) that Miss Anderton used to have this very clock in her study and Melissa, her head girl, had heard that very ticking noise as she received her nine of the best. Another woman appeared and was told to sit. She was a plump, comfortable creature somewhere in her mid-forties and exchanged a glance with Mary but neither said anything. Finally a very young looking woman came in. Later Mary found out she was only nineteen but looked younger. She gave a nervous smile to the other two and sat on Mary’s other side.

The clock ticked, the secretary worked, and the three to be punished began to feel more and more nervous. They found it very hard to sit still; they fidgeted with nerves; wiped their hands often; straightened their skirts; put their heads down and then back up again; and sighed and coughed but all the while getting more nervous and wondering whether just to forget the money and leave. Then the door to the head’s office suddenly flew open.

The headmaster (the first male head ever at The Rectory) came in looking very stern and in a peremptory voice demanded: “Betty, in now.”

The motherly plump woman rose with a nervous sigh and walked in with the headmaster shutting the door behind them. Mary heard the voice of the head speaking but couldn’t quite make out exactly what he was saying but he seemed to be telling her off. She wasn’t sure how that worked since actually they hadn’t done anything wrong but perhaps nerves were making her imagine it. Then there was a bit of a silence before an unpleasant thwacking sound. The girl next to her started and from the office next door came a short, surprised ‘ow’ sound. Not a sound of intense pain but the surprised ‘ow’ one makes when the knife just nicks your finger when chopping vegetables.

Thwack again and another ‘ow’, but more intense this time. Oh dear someone was feeling it and Mary began to feel sick. Was this really such a good idea? Another thwack and another ‘ow’, this time protracted and louder. Mary was by now quite frightened but the fourth sound of a cane landing produced a wail, a horribly worrying wail and the girl next to her grabbed her hand and held it tightly.

Mary leaned over to her and whispered, wondering even as she did so just why she was whispering: “You can just walk out you know.”

“I don’t want to; I must know what it’s like, it’s been driving me mad to know but I am scared shitless.”

Mary giggled, she simply couldn’t help it, and as the fifth thwack produced another loud wail she whispered again: “If I was wearing a nappy now it would need changing.”

The girl giggled hysterically but didn’t let go of her hand.

The sixth and final thwack produced another long wail which ended in a sobbing sound. Mary and the girl couldn’t help it they stared with voyeuristic intensity as Betty came out tears streaming down her face while she rubbed her bottom.

“Now then Betty you may stand against that wall with your hands on your head until I have dealt with the other two.”

The grown woman did exactly as she was told and even put her hands on her head as instructed. The headmaster turned toward the waiting pair and Mary’s heart lurched.

“Suzanne, you next, in you go.”

The girl stood with little tears already forming and Mary whispered: “Good luck,” as Suzanne walked in.

Mary stood now; she could bear to sit no longer. It simply made her more nervous. If she was going to do it she’d do it on her terms. The sounds coming from inside were much the same as before except the “ow” sound lasted until stroke five. It was stroke five that brought, not a wail, but a loud swear-word and the last stroke another strong word. Then there were voices; the strong stern voice of the head his words maddeningly obscured by the door and a younger feminine voice barely audible at all.

Then another thwack sounding sharp and frightening and this time a loud long cry but no swear-words. Mary looked hard at the door and noticed the secretary doing the same. Thwack, again the sound of the cane sounded somewhat sharper than before, and another long loud wail. Mary was certain she wasn’t going to take eight when she went in but why eight for Suzanne and only six for Betty?

When Suzanne came out followed by the headmaster she had her head down and was mopping her tears with some tissues. Her skirt was partly caught up at the back and Mary wondered whether the last two had either been over Suzanne’s knickers or even on her bare bottom. Suzanne simply walked over to the wall without being told and put her hands on her head.

“Now then, Mary, your turn, in you go.”

Inside the study Mary asked: “Please headmaster, why did Suzanne get eight?”

The head paused as if wondering whether this was any of her business but finally replied: “She swore and I put it to her that a girl at The Rectory would have had an additional punishment and she agreed on two more with her skirt up. She didn’t swear again. Will you swear do you think?”

“No headmaster, I promise I won’t.”

The head smiled to himself; if only the three women could see themselves, they behaved like young teenagers and sounded that way too. “Now then, young lady, bend over, legs straight and touch your toes. I expect you to hold your position. I’m sure you wouldn’t want extra strokes.”

For one mad moment Mary thought of asking to have her caning on her knickers but she suppressed the idea and bent as told, touching her toes and feeling suddenly very vulnerable indeed. There was a movement behind and then a blow and a burning line across her bottom. She inhaled sharply for it hurt. Whack came the second, it seemed so quick after the first and another sharp intake of breath. Mary felt as if her bottom was naked. How had girls taken this without any clothes to protect them? Whack and now she cried out loud. Whack, and a strangled: “That hurts,” quickly spoken out loud again so he wouldn’t think she swore. “That hurt.” Whack again and she savagely stifled the cry of pain that welled up inside and braced herself. Whack. “Oh, oh, oh my…my,” stifling the, “My God,” in case he thought it swearing.

“You may stand.”

The pain in Mary’s bottom was fierce, far fiercer than she had imagined and she didn’t want to move but move she must for she had to walk out to take her place against the wall. She stood with her hands on her head astonished to find that she was not crying but moving her bottom around in a totally useless attempt to ease the pain.

Mary stood next to the others with her hands on her head feeling younger than her years and wondering if she really was married with two children. Her bottom was hot and throbbed horribly but it was over. She was amazed that this treatment had been used on school kids; she was sure she didn’t want her children treated like this. Then it was over.

The head called them to put their hands down and turn around and with beaming smile shook their hands congratulating them on their courage. They received their certificates (beautifully presented in a small box) and their book with a label inside with their names in magnificent handwriting.

As the afternoon wore on Mary found the pain and heat eased and became rather delicious warmth. She began to touch the welts on her bottom and found there was a sort of odd pleasure in the sensations. While the children played before bedtime Ted managed a quick look at her marks and was clearly excited by them. He rubbed his hands over her bottom and the sensations made Mary feel randy but they had to wait until the children were in bed and asleep before they could really explore how they felt.

Ted lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down running his hands over her bottom and feeling the slowly reducing ridges with pleasure. “I think,” he murmured. “That you must have been very naughty for the headmaster to give you six with the cane.”

Mary giggled, “Oh I was, but not as naughty as Suzanne, she swore.”

“We are not talking about Suzanne,” he was stern. “But you. I think I really ought to spank you for being so naughty.”

Mary giggled girlishly and Ted pulled her over his lap lifting her skirt and began to spank her bare bottom with his hand. If Mary expected a token spanking she was wrong; it was a good brisk spanking which made her kick and squirm as his hand came down on her marked bottom it until it was bright red all over and the welts were reignited. The spanking had a surprising effect on them both.

Ted began kissing her passionately and Mary responded with even greater passion; before they realised what they were about and whether the children were still asleep Mary’s skirt was rucked up even further, her knickers were on the floor and Ted was inside her and thrusting away with a vigour that exceeded even his usual lust. Mary wrapped her legs around him and they both came to a huge climax very quickly eventually falling apart to begin a helpless laughter.

Later as they cuddled on the sofa with a glass of wine Ted said: “You know I think I’ll buy a cane to use on you.”

Mary gave another girlish giggle and a new chapter opened in their sex life.

The End