How judicial punishments for minor offences might one day be handled

By Kenny Walters

“Lisa Wendover?” The smartly uniformed officer looked around the waiting area as he called the name, searching out the person he sought. A pretty girl with dark collar length hair put her hand up and he went over. “Lisa Wendover?”


The girl was sitting next to an older woman, attractive, around forty years old and with similar dark hair. The uniformed officer looked at both as he hovered over them.

“Hello Lisa, I’m David Johnson. I’ll be looking after you today. Would you like to come with me, please?”

Lisa looked anxiously up at the officer. “Would it…, I mean, could my mother come too?”

“Of course, Lisa. I have no problem with that. Please follow me.”

The two females followed the uniformed man through some double doors and along a corridor, round two corners and along another short length of blandly grey painted passage. He finally stopped and opened a door into a side room.

“Please take a seat.”

David Johnson pointed Lisa to a small chair by the side of his desk and drew up another chair for Lisa’s mother to sit nearby. The desk was pushed up against one wall and a computer in standby mode occupied most of the top surface. Lisa, dressed casually in a black T-shirt and blue denim jeans cut down to short shorts with black tights underneath, sat down but her eyes concentrated on a strange bench-like piece of equipment positioned near the window over to the right. One corner of the room was concealed by curtain screening.

“I’m surprised,” Mrs Sarah Wendover announced as she too sat down. She also was dressed casually in tight white full length jeans and a pale blue silky blouse. “I didn’t think I’d be allowed this far.”

David smiled. He could see Mrs Wendover also glancing across at the bench near the window. The concern on her face came close to matching that of her daughter. “We have no problem with a parent accompanying, Mrs Wendover. Now, Lisa, I think you have a form to give me?”

Lisa dived into her bag and pulled out a single sheet of A4 paper which she handed over. David Johnson took it, activated the computer and started typing in the details.

“Could you confirm your full name, please Lisa?”

“Lisa Jane Wendover.”

“And your address?”

“52 Arcadia Avenue, Milhampton.”

“And your date of birth, please.”

11th June 1998.”

“Okay, so that makes you eighteen years and approximately three months old. Is that correct?”

“That’s correct.”

“And the court sentenced you to seven days in a detention centre or five strokes, is that correct?”

“Yes.” Lisa murmured.

“Good. I just needed to make sure we had the right person.” David smiled, although it didn’t appear to put the girl any the more at ease.

“What happens next?” Lisa asked anxiously.

“Just relax, Lisa. All in good time. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything. Now, you’ve opted to receive five strokes. Is that correct?”


“She has a job, you see. Mr Johnson, was it?” Sarah Wendover explained. “Lisa is taking a gap year before she goes to university. To gain experience. It’s only temporary, but if she were to go away to a detention centre for a week then she would lose her job.”

“Please call me David, both of you. We like to keep things informal here.” David smiled reassuringly. “What sort of job are you doing, Lisa?”

“It’s a garden centre.” Lisa answered briefly.

“Lisa is going to study horticulture, David.” Sarah Wendover added. “She’s gaining some good experience and these jobs are so hard to find these days.”

“Quite so, Sarah.” David Johnson finished entering the information into the computer, pressed the mouse button and two identical completed forms rattled their way from the small printer to the left of the screen. He gathered them up and placed them side by side in front of him, then turned in his chair to face Lisa and her mother.

“Okay. Lisa, you should have received an information pack explaining what we’re going to do and how you should dress. Is that correct? Did you receive it?”

“Yes.” Lisa’s voice sounded very raspy and she struggled to speak. She cleared her throat. “Yes, I received the booklet.”

“Good. Then what we need now is for you to go behind that screen and remove all clothing below the waist except for your underwear, and your underwear must comprise no more than one pair of thin knickers. Are you able to do that for us?”

“Yes, yes I can do that.” Lisa sounded very nervous and she hesitated. “Do you want me to do that now?”

“Yes please, Lisa. Take your time. There’s no rush. When you’re ready, come back and sit down here.”

“She’s obviously not looking forward to this, David.”

“Don’t worry, Sarah. I’ll help her through it all, as much as I can anyway.”

The two sat in uncomfortable silence, disturbed only by the quiet sounds of Lisa disrobing behind the curtain. Eventually Lisa emerged.

“Come and sit down, Lisa.” David Johnson advised.

Lisa sat down, having pulled her black T-shirt down so that it served as a short dress. David couldn’t help but notice a glimpse of white underwear peeking out from between her legs as she sat. Lisa entwined her hands in her lap and furtively pulled the T-shirt down so that even this brief sight of her panties became hidden.

David took a deep breath. “Now Lisa, you’ve been awarded five strokes by the court. I’m going to apply them using a thin length of cane. Okay?”

Lisa fiddled with the hem of her black T-shirt in her lap. “Okay.”

“I’m using a thinner cane because, although it might sting a bit more when it hits you, it won’t bruise so much and the effects will therefore not last more than a day, maybe two, at most. Okay?”


“Are there other possibilities, David?” Sarah Wendover prevented David from continuing his flow.

“Well, there is the option of thicker canes which, okay they won’t sting so much at the time, but Lisa would find it a little more uncomfortable to sit down for perhaps three or four days, maybe longer. Also, there is a wooden paddle we could use which is more in the American style.”

“Could we see the different options, David?” Sarah continued while her daughter sat in her chair, her head turning from David to her mother and back again.

“Of course, Sarah. Come over to the cupboard and I’ll show you.”

Mrs Wendover followed David over to a low cupboard near to the curious bench-like apparatus where the uniformed officer opened the two doors and pulled out a thin length of cane that was about two feet six inches long with one end curved round to form a handle.

“This is the cane I suggested using, Sarah. As you can see, it’s thin and very pliable.”

“As opposed to…”

David leant down and brought out another cane, slightly longer than the first but almost twice the thickness. It too had its end curved round to make a handle. He swished the two canes through the air a couple of times.

“As you can see, Sarah, the thicker one is less pliable and thus gives a duller stroke, but does bruise more.”

“You mentioned a paddle?”

While Sarah Wendover held onto the two canes, David bent down and brought forth a smooth wooden implement with a blade about eighteen inches long and four inches across on the end of a round handle. He patted it in the palm of his hand.

“Obviously it covers a greater area and does bruise, although the effects probably wouldn’t last as long as the thicker cane.” He explained.

“What do you think, darling?” Mrs Wendover held the three implements out for Lisa to see. She simply shrugged, then stared down at the floor.

Sarah Wendover smiled at David to excuse her daughter’s lack of interest. She tested each one out on the palm for her hand. “Ouch!” She cried as the thinner cane hit her palm.

“It is quite a sharp sensation.” David commented, rather needlessly.

“I think on balance I’d prefer you to use the paddle, David. Is that possible?”

“Certainly, Sarah. Are you okay with that, Lisa?”

Lisa continued to stare down at the floor. She nodded her assent.

“Okay, shall we sit down again?”

While Sarah Wendover returned to her chair, David put the two canes back in the cupboard and left the paddle lying on top.

“Right.” David checked again the two documents he had printed out from his computer and turned to Lisa. “Now Lisa, I want you to go over to the bench over there and kneel on the lower padded surface.” He pointed to the bench-like apparatus that had attracted the two females’ interest when they first came into the room. Then bend yourself over the higher padded surface. It’s not too uncomfortable really.”

If David’s last sentence was intended as humour, it was lost on Lisa and her mother who both glared stony-faced back at the uniformed officer.

“Now?” Lisa queried apprehensively.

“Yes please, Lisa.” David again leaned back to allow the girl to pass. “Oh, and please make sure your top is pulled well clear of your bottom.”

Lisa folded her arms across her chest and went over to the strange bench-like affair. She looked down at the lower padded surface that was about two feet long and eighteen inches wide, then tested it out by placing one knee onto the leatherette surface. The padding gave slightly and didn’t feel too uncomfortable, so she followed up with the other knee leaving a gap between her knees and a vertical wooden panel that ran up to the higher surface, a difference of about fifteen inches. Ahead of her now lay a longer padded area than the first, the same width but maybe four feet long. Lisa bent herself forward and rested her upper body on this upper surface, gripping the sides. It felt fairly comfortable although she knew only too well how vulnerable this left her bottom.

With a brief weak smile to Sarah, David stood up and followed Lisa over to the apparatus. “I just need you to pull your top up so it’s well clear of your bottom, please Lisa.”

It was a simple slip of Lisa’s memory and Lisa instantly recalled David’s previous instruction for her to do this, but she blushed as she reached back and tugged the hem of her black T-shirt well up her back until part of the back of her white bra was showing. “Do I have to take my pants down?” She looked round pleadingly.

David studied Lisa’s bottom that was protected only by simple white cotton pants that left inches of lower bottom flesh uncovered. “No Lisa, that won’t be necessary.”

Out of the corner of his eye, and just as he was about to reach for the wooden paddle, David noticed that Sarah Wendover had stood up and was hovering nearby. “May I watch?” She asked in a faltering voice.

“Of course, Sarah. Why don’t you stand here?” David directed the mother to a spot to the right of where Lisa now knelt on the apparatus. He picked the wooden paddle up from the top of the cupboard.

“Okay Lisa, now I have to apply five whacks of this paddle to your bottom. I’d suggest you concentrate on keeping your bottom very still and allowing me to inflict the punishment. The more you can keep still the sooner it will be over. Okay?”

“Is it going to hurt very much?” Lisa tried to look over her shoulder at david but it was a little too awkward.

“It will be quite a hard spanking, I’m afraid so Lisa. But as I say, keep your mind on holding your bottom as still as you can for me and it will all be over in less than one minute. Okay?”

“Okay.” Lisa closed her eyes and gripped the sides of the apparatus.

David Johnson tapped the wooden paddle twice against the taught seat of Lisa’s pants, drew it back and swept it down so that it crashed into the girl’s soft bottom. She grunted and her mother gasped.

The second sweep of the paddle caught Lisa’s bottom with a concentration on the lower left side and left a distinct red bruise almost immediately. David could see the girl was intensely endeavouring to keep herself stock-still on the apparatus and he applied a third stroke that scorched the right lower side of Lisa’s bottom.

“Only two to go, darling,” Mrs Wendover whispered, worried she might be giving some faint assistance that wasn’t allowed.

David ignored the woman and concentrated on bringing a fourth stroke sharply across the waiting girl’s upper bottom.

“Ouch!!” She cried as the paddle struck a little higher than intended. Any further protest was forgotten as David patted the wooden paddle a couple of times against Lisa’s lower bottom.

The fifth and final swing of the paddle landed with an extremely loud bang and almost swept the girl forward.


“Okay. Thank you, Lisa. That’s that done. Whenever you’re ready, go back behind the screen and get dressed. Okay?” David spoke cheerily as he looked down at his handiwork. From what he could see of Lisa’s bottom, the paddle had caused quite extensive marking of the creamy white flesh and was darkening as he looked at it.

After over two minutes of lying quite still, almost collapsed on the apparatus, Lisa finally dragged herself back into kneeling upright. She carefully explored her bottom for damage by unashamedly inserting both hands under her pants.

By this time, David Johnson had replaced the paddle inside the low cupboard and had turned to Mrs Wendover. “I’ll just go and sign the paperwork.”

“Okay.” Lisa’s mother watched David go back to his desk. “Come along, darling. Let’s get you dressed then we can get you out of here.” She tried to help Lisa off the apparatus but her daughter resisted.

“Leave it, mum. I can get dressed on my own, thank you!”

At last, Lisa got up from her kneeling position and disappeared behind the curtain. It took even longer for her to get dressed than it did to get undressed and when she finally did come out from behind the curtain, David held out a brown envelope and one of the two forms he’d printed out.

“Okay, Lisa. You can keep one form, the one I’ve put in this envelope. You just need to hand this other form into the desk on your way out. Okay?”

“Okay.” Lisa headed for the door which her mother held open for her. Lisa paused and half turned, smiled weakly and said: “Thank you.”

David watched as the two females left the office, Lisa with a brief rub of her bottom through the denim shorts.

The End