A student feels the full force of authority, US style. A typical punishment accurately described.

By Stinger Sam

“Due to you accumulating an excess amount of tardies, you will be assigned two after school detentions. Does Tuesday and Thursday sound good to you?” Asked Principal Harmon in a gentle tone.

“Actually it doesn’t sound good,” replied Emily in a sarcastic voice, tossing her long blonde curly hair to the side. “I have to be at work by 4.00 and since I’m a single mother, I can’t afford to miss work.”

“Well, I’m afraid those are the only days that detention falls on so…”

“I can’t miss work,” aggressively interrupted Emily. “My boss told me if I miss one more day of work without having a doctor’s note then I’ll be fired.”

“Well, there might be another way to punish you properly and to have you at work by 4.00.”

“What is it?” Asked Emily, now with a spark of hope in her wide sea blue eyes.

“I hate to even suggest it because it feels awkward.”

“Trust me, awkward is the last thing I’m worried about right now,” reassured Emily.

“A paddling consisting of three swats per detention. One paddling tomorrow, the other on Thursday.”

Laughing, Emily replied: “Wow, that is awkward.”

“Yeah I know. You are almost 19 years old and, on top of that, you’re also a mother. In my mind, you should be the one doing the disciplining, not being disciplined. Anyways, you have tonight to think about it. Tomorrow morning before first period, swing by my office so I can make the arrangements.”

“That is freaky. In fact, downright perverted,” said Trisha, pulling out of the school parking lot, lighting up a joint and taking a drag before passing it to Emily. “Imagine him talking to his peers and saying: ‘You may have paddled some cuties but I have paddled an actual mother who attends my district. Beat that bitches!’”

Emily exhaled, laughed and said: “Leave it up to you to find some humor, even in the worst situations.”

“I’m glad you think I’m being funny, but I’m also being serious,” said Trisha, retrieving the joint from Emily and taking a long drag then passing it back to her.

“I know, but what choice do I have? Being fired or a sore ass? Sorry, but I have bills to pay,” answered Emily, hitting the joint once again.

“And sore it will be,” informed Trisha. “In our sophomore year, Mr Harmon gave me the board. I decided to publicly humiliate Miss Gross by announcing on the intercom that the janitor needed to unclog a toilet in the ladies’ restroom because Miss Gross took a big shit. Boy, did he let me have it. He paddled me hard in the hallway between class periods so peers and staff could witness me being humiliated. With him weighing 260 pounds, he beat my ass hard. There was one good thing though; at least cell phones and social media were not as big as they are now. It would’ve been a nightmare for a classmate to record my paddling and to post it.”

“That would’ve been kind of funny,” responded Emily while laughing.

“Funny, huh? Put the joint away. We are close to your mother’s house.”

Emily and Trisha pulled up, got out of the car, and knocked on the door.

Kelly, Emily’s mother, answered the door and said: “Come on in, girls.”

“Hi Miss Stark,” greeted Trisha, shutting the door behind her and Emily.

“Let’s go to the kitchen,” said Kelly.

“Is Gage sleeping?” Asked Emily, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

“Yes,” replied Kelly. “He has been awake all day. Poor little guy, he was so tired. It is hard to believe that he will one year old in six months.”

“You’re telling me, mother!”

Kelly paused for a second and said: “Have you two been smoking pot?”

“No,” responded Emily, looking away from her mother.

“I always know when you’re lying to me. Don’t treat me like I’m stupid. I am your mother, and I deserve your respect. Maybe I was too soft on you. I should’ve gave you the belt more when you lived under my roof.”

“No need to worry about that, mother, because Mr Harmon has given me the choice of two detentions, which are on my work days, or two paddlings.”

“I hope for your sake that you chose the paddle. I don’t want to see you lose your cashier job at the grocery store.”

“That is what I am thinking.”

“Smart girl,” replied Kelly. “A warm behind is better than no income.”

“But I’m way too old to keep getting spanked by you, or anyone for that matter. I’m a mother, for Christ’s sake!”

“It is definitely going to be a humbling experience; a 19 year old mother paddled at school,” replied Kelly. “Still, better than losing your job.”

“When was the last time you’ve been spanked?” Asked Trisha with grin on her face.

“Really, Trisha?”

“Come on, I told you in the car about Mr Harmon blistering my ass a few years ago.”

“All right. If you must know, it was a few days after my 17th birthday. I was on a date with Gage’s father, and stayed out later than what I was supposed to. I came home and was greeted by mom with her brown leather belt. Not a pleasant experience. She tore my butt up.”

“And that is what I should do to both of you girls for smoking the devil’s grass. Especially you, Emily. Do you really think it is in Gage’s best interest that his mother pick him up and bring him home in a drug induced mind? You know what, I’ll keep Gage overnight. You just go on and live it up. Maybe one day you will grow up.”

The next morning, Emily took a shower and got ready for school. She put on a black bra and matching panties, a black sleeveless lace neck cami, gray jegging pants, and black boots.

“Well don’t you look cute? Turn around. With those pants being so tight, it really shows off your big bottom. Very nice,” Trisha said, slapping Emily’s backside. “Let’s provoke the boys’ hormones. Stand still while I snap a picture of you. Good. Now one from the other side. Perfect. I’ll upload them later.”

“We should go. I don’t want to get another tardy on my record. I’d hate to get paddled a third time.”

When Trisha and Emily arrived at school, Emily reluctantly went to the principal’s office and accepted that, as a legal adult and mother, she would be spanked liked a child.

“Hello, I’m here to see Mr Harmon,” Emily nervously said to the secretary.

“Hold on one moment,” the young female secretary responded, walking to Mr Harmon’s office.

“Ms Stark, come on in,” greeted Mr Harmon.

Mr Harmon’s greeting sent shivers down Emily’s spine. She got up and went into his office, not knowing if she would receive her punishment then and having a sore bottom throughout the rest of the school day.

“Have a seat,” Mr Harmon said, shutting the door behind them. “Have you decided which form of punishment you want for your excessive tardies?”

“Yes sir, I decided that it would be in my best interest that I should take the board.”

“Are you sure about that?” Asked Mr Harmon, retrieving his paddle that was resting against the wall. “I want you to pick it up and feel it before you decide.”

Emily’s eyes widened with fear as she examined Mr Harmon’s paddle. The beast was 24 inches long and a 4 inch blade that was ½ inch thick. She had been spanked by her mother’s hand, hairbrush, and belt, but nothing prepared her for this monster. She noticed that the handle was wrapped with black tape. She found it odd that the handle was wrapped with black tape.

“Why is the handle wrapped with black tape?” Emily asked, picking up the paddle and tapping the business end against her left palm.

“To provide a better grip, to ensure that the student will receive the full benefits of the paddle. I would hate for any of my students to miss out on anything,” chuckled Mr Harmon.

‘I don’t think they would miss out on anything since you should be more than capable of busting asses without a taped wrapped handle, seeing that you’re a 250 pound strong African American with a shaved head,’ Emily thought to herself.

“So are you sure you want to take a paddling today and one on Thursday?” asked Mr Harmon.

“Yes, I’m sure,” replied Emily knowing that her bottom would be sore for a while.

“I have to say that I’m impressed by you, Ms Stark. You have really humbled yourself by accepting to be paddled at your age and status. Sometimes in life we must swallow our pride. Yielding to pride can cause us to make bad decisions which can negatively affect us. In your case, you have made the right choice. Let’s see, you’re out of school at 3.00. How about you report back to my office at 3.00 today? Afterwards, you can leave school then go to work.”

Placing Mr Harmon’s paddle on his desk, Emily replied: “I’ll see you at 3.00.”

The day dragged on for what seemed liked forever for Emily. Three o’clock finally arrived. She went to office to face her fate.

“Have a seat. Mr Harmon will be with you shortly,” announced the secretary.

As Emily took a seat next to the door of Mr Harmon’s office and waited for him, a male student from her grade came to the office and sat down across from her.

“What are you here for?” Asked Emily, trying to take her mind her of her impending punishment.

“I asked Miss Meyers if I could go to the restroom, and she argued with me,” answered Chad. “I told her that if she doesn’t let me go then I’ll piss in her trash can. Needless to say, she didn’t like that too much. She told me, after I use the restroom I could spend the remainder of the period in the office. How about you?”

“I’m waiting to get paddled,” replied Emily blushing.

“Paddled?” Asked Chad with a grin on his face.

“I know, right? This is so embarrassing.”

“Do you think Mr Harmon would object to me administering your spanking?” Asked Chad in a jokingly manner.

“Shut up,” Emily said, laughing and gently kicking Chad’s left leg.

That brief moment of happiness came to an end when Mr Harmon’s office cracked open.

“Miss Brown, can you come into my office?” Asked Mr Harmon.

After the secretary walked into the office, Chad removed his smart phone and started discretely video recording. Having her full attention on the immediate paddling her bottom would be receiving, Emily didn’t notice Chad messing with his phone. After a minute, Mr Harmon told Emily to come in and shut the door. Even with the door shut, Chad could hear most of what was occurring behind the door. He kept his phone aimed at the door while the show began.

“No need to have a seat, Ms Stark,” informed Mr Harmon. “We are going to get to business. Ms Stark has opted to take a paddling today and another on Thursday, in exchange for not serving two detentions.”

After Mr Harmon announced Emily’s fate to the witness like Emily wasn’t present, the secretary scooted the chairs against the wall and stood by the door to witness Emily’s punishment.

“Ms Stark, I need you to stand about a foot from my desk, bend over and rest your elbows on my desk,” instructed Mr Harmon, grabbing his paddle.

Knowing that she was out of options, Emily humbled herself and presented her bottom to be spanked. Mr Harmon walked behind her and examined her posture to ensure that she was properly situated to be paddled.

Not entirely satisfied, Mr Harmon said: “Ms Stark, I need you to bend way over and spread your legs about a foot apart.”

Emily complied with Mr Harmon’s order, thus resting her beautiful round breasts on his desk, with her pants stretching tightly across her rounded bottom.

“Very good,” Mr Harmon said, walking to Emily’s left side. “Stay in position at all time. Don’t move and look straight ahead.”

Mr Harmon took aim at Emily’s round bottom and noticed her visible black panties while he rubbed his paddle across her backside. After tapping his paddle a few times, he drew back his paddle and smacked her bottom with remarkable force.


Emily gasped, with her blue eyes now filling with tears.

“Two more to go, Ms Stark,” Mr Harmon said, once again rubbing his paddle across Emily’s bottom.

Mr Harmon tapped his paddle against his target and delivered another mighty swat, which caused Emily to rock forward.


Emily let out a piercing scream and jumped up, rubbing her throbbing bottom.

“Ms Stark, we are not done here. I recommend bending back over before I’m forced to give you penalty swats.”

Emily turned around and looked at her disciplinarian with rivers of tears running down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry Mr Harmon, it’s just that I’ve never been punished like this.”

“I understand, but I need you to get back in position,” replied Mr Harmon in a professional tone. “You have one remaining swat left. Let’s get it over with.”

Emily reassumed the position and once again presented her bottom to Mr Harmon for him to punish.

Mr Harmon took aim once last time and mercilessly swung his paddle with every ounce of strength he had, wishing to chastise Emily’s rear end to the fullest capacity.


After receiving her third and final lick, she remained bent over, crying.

“Miss Brown, thank you for cooperation. You may leave now,” Mr Harmon said, opening his office door.

“As for you, Ms Stark, here is a corporal punishment form for your records. You are free to go, and I’ll see you back in my office this Thursday.”

Emily grabbed the notice and exited the office in a quick and aggressive manner. Being humiliated, low on time, and having a sore bottom, she didn’t notice that her appearance was being filmed on her peer’s smartphone as she left Mr Harmon’s office. She went to the ladies’ restroom to change clothes for work. She pulled down her panties and was shocked by the damage she saw on her bottom. Nevertheless, she tried to make the best of it. She changed into black pants and red work shirt, and reapplied her makeup before Trisha and her left school and went to work.

“What took so long?” Asked Trisha. “I’ve been waiting in the car for 20 minutes.”

“Trying to compose myself.”

“That bad, huh? I told you.”

After being at work for close to two hours, Mr Harmon came in and made a purchase.

“Oh my God, I hope he doesn’t check out with me,” Emily unintentionally said out loud, which was heard by the bagger at her checkout lane.

“What’s the matter?” Asked the young female bagger.

“It’s just very awkward that it was just a few hours ago that he was busting my ass with his paddle.”

Emily immediately turned around and saw Mr Harmon standing there. Emily’s face turned bright red, once again being humiliated. She tried to remain calm and proceeded to scan Mr Harmon’s items, although it was obvious by her body language that she was not in a comfortable state.

“I’m sorry, Emily. Your lane happened to be open whereas the others were not.”

“It’s okay, Mr Harmon. That will be $9.50.”

Mr Harmon slid his debit card.

“Have a good day Mr Harmon,” Emily said with a fake smile as she gave him his receipt.

After Mr Harmon left, Trisha approached Emily’s station, having a sense of urgency.

“You need to see this,” Trisha said, showing Emily her phone.

Once Mr Harmon got in his car, he called Emily’s mother.

“Hello Miss Stark. Just wanted to inform you that your daughter’s punishment went well. I knew you had some concerns when we talked yesterday. But overall, I think it was a beneficial experience. As we both discussed, she was becoming prideful. However, the paddling she received today has taught her to be more humble.”

“Thank you for returning my call, Brian. I definitely think this was long overdue. Her attitude and lack of respect towards authority figures and myself has almost completely diminished. Which reminds me, I have a big favor to ask you.”

The End

© Stinger Sam 2017