The girls try to help a friend out, but it all backfires

By Joanna Jones

Harriet was in a mild state of panic. During the lunch break she had been caught in the local newsagents, round the corner from the school gates, buying cigarettes. The deputy headmistress, Mrs Oakwood, had been busy, and she had been given an appointment for her study period, at quarter to two that afternoon.

The cigarettes had not only been for her, but also her close group of friends, who were now doing their best to keep her spirits up. However, ultimately no-one could deny the fact that Harriet was almost certain to exit her meeting with the Deputy Head with at least four, red, raised sausage-like weals across her bottom, and no one could pretend that the experience was going to be anything other than very painful.

“I wish there was some way to get some extra protection. If it were tomorrow I would certainly put on some extra knickers!” Moaned Harry as she contemplated the forthcoming meeting.

It was Frances who said: “You can borrow mine if you want. In fact if the four of us each did so, then Harry would be much better off, and she was buying our supplies too.”

Both Dot and Sue agreed. In Sue’s case she was quite reluctant, fearing the consequences of what would happen if Harry had her skirt lifted and the deception was discovered, but eventually was persuaded when it was pointed out that no one could recall the Deputy caning on anything other than the standard straight grey uniform skirt that they all wore.

The final friend, Paula, looked very embarrassed as she muttered about not being able to help at the moment. None of the others made an issue of it. Secretly Paula was very relieved as the three others accompanied Harry to a girls’ toilets in the far corner of the building where in turn Fran, Sue and Dot slipped their pants off and passed them into the neighbouring cubicle for Harriet to put on over her own. A quick inspection at the end indicated to the girls that the skirt hung normally and only a single knicker line was visible when she bent over a sink. They were all confident Mrs Oakwood would be none the wiser as to what was under her skirt.

Soon after the bell went for afternoon registration, and ten minutes later the girls wished Harry luck as she made her way reluctantly to her appointment, while her friends went to the sixth form common room.

The four of them sat together in a corner as they waited for Harry to return. Unsurprisingly the quiet conversation revolved around their feelings at being bare under their skirts. Sue clearly felt vulnerable, while Fran and Dot both thought it rather liberating and a bit of a risk. There was a thrill to bring secretly naughty they felt. Paula was quiet enough, but made it clear that her sympathies definitely lay with Sue.

As time drifted on they wondered what was keeping Harry. Sue’s fears rose as the clock ticked on. Suddenly the sixth common room door opened and four teachers, two male and two female, walked in. They were followed by a group of ten, rather confused looking girl prefects.

Mr Westham started. “I would like all the boys to follow me along to the main assembly hall. Girls are to remain here.”

It was the Head Girl who asked the question. “What is going on Sir”

Mr Weston replied, “You’ll find out very soon!” and with that he followed the last of the boys out of the room. In the corridor Dot glimpsed a couple of the puzzled male prefects, who were clearly also ‘invited’ to the Main Hall.

Mrs Fleming was the first to speak, ordering them to line up against the wall with their hands by their sides.

She then told them that the Head had decided on a snap full uniform inspection for all sixth formers to remind them that the rules applies to all pupils, no matter how senior they were.

Sue was panic stricken, she was sure the real reason was related to Harriet. Dot grabbed her hand to reassure her and whispered for her to stand still as she fidgeted and muttered to herself.

However, the gentle clasp tightened as Miss Taylor, after inspecting the Head Girl’s (who was first in the line) immaculate uniform, asked her to take her red blazer off and turn round so she could make a check on her regulation underwear. Cathy made a mild complaint but reluctantly complied and allowed the teacher to unclip the back of her grey skirt, unzip it slightly, and, after raising the blouse tails sufficiently, note the red fabric underneath.

Mrs Fleming had started from the other end and the inspection proceeded fairly quickly. Most passed, with one or two mild admonishments. However, by the time Miss Taylor got to Sue three girls had been told to stand by the door. Two had been wearing non-regulation knickers, while the third had been noted to have eye shadow on, in addition to the top button of her blouse being unfastened.

A couple of other girls had got off with a warning on the top button issue, but clearly it was going to be an aggravating factor to the main ‘sin’ of wearing make up.

Sue was shaking as, after the initial checks, she shrugged off her blazer and turned round. She felt the clasp go and the zip slightly loosened. There was a brief, awful pause before Miss Taylor took the zip down completely to have a fuller look.

“I don’t believe it!” She exclaimed quietly as she zipped the skirt back up and clipped the top clasp.

“Go and stand by the door!” She ordered very firmly.

Sue found herself propelled there with a stinging slap to her rear.

Dorothy and Frances were soon with her, accompanied by exclamations of: “You too!” And: “Unbelievable!”

By the end two more girls were with them by the door, one more with makeup and one further non-regulation knickers. They clustered nervously together as Mrs Fleming told the rest of the girls to ensure they kept their uniform within the rules, before ordering the eight girls by the door to follow them. As they traipsed down the corridors Dot and Sue were right behind the two teachers.

Miss Taylor was clearly telling Mrs Fleming what the three girls had not been wearing. Her whispered comments and the scathing glance back that Mrs Fleming gave them did nothing to help their morale.

As expected they soon found themselves outside Mrs Oakwood’s office. Further along the corridor they could see around half a dozen boys waiting outside the Headmaster’s office. The boys had not been let off with a warning if their shirt top button had been undone, and while underpants were not checked (much to some girls’ irritation there were no rules for them), their socks had been.

The eight sixth form young ladies were, however, all more concerned with their own predicament to pay their male colleagues much attention as they were ushered directly into the Deputy Headmistress’ office.

There was a collective gasp, from both pupils and teachers at the sight of Harriet standing facing the far wall with her hands on her head. Her skirt and blazer were off, and she was standing in her stocking soles. However, the sight that really shocked was the fact that in addition to her own bright red uniform pants covering her bottom, clearly visible with her blouse tails tied out the way, there were three other pairs that had been neatly arranged down her legs. The first was covering a band around mid thigh, the second a band from just above the knee to just below, and the final one from mid calf to near the ankles.

Mrs Oakwood looked at the dawning realisation on Miss Taylor’s face. “I suspect you know which three girls gave Miss Larkin her extra layers?” She asked.

Miss Taylor pointed Sue, Fran and Dot out.

“Right, I will deal with you three after. For the moment take your blazers, shoes and skirts off and join your friend facing the wall.” Mrs Oakwood ordered.

“But…” Wailed Sue, whose face was rapidly turning the same colour as the school blazer.

“Now!” Interrupted the Deputy Head angrily.

Harriet was cringing as she heard her friends shrug off their red blazers and hang them on the back of the same chair in the corner where her blazer was placed. They then kicked off their shoes and slowly slipped off their grey skirts, and like her left the garment on the floor in front of them. All three were very careful to keep their bodies facing the wall as they joined her.

Harriet had been reliving in her mind, the sequence of events that had led to her standing in her present ignominious position. She had arrived nervously in the office on time and, as expected, endured a lecture on the reasons why leaving the school without permission was forbidden, even for those in the sixth form, followed by a second lecture on the evils of tobacco. She had not been surprised when Mrs Oakwood had awarded four strokes of the cane, and told her she was lucky it was not six.

What happened next had been awful, simply awful. Heart thumping she had hung up her blazer and then bent over in the middle of the office, as Mrs Oakwood retrieved a cane from her cupboard.

“Come on girl! Get right down! Grasp your ankles and get your legs straight!” had been the tetchy order.

It was as the teacher lined up the first stroke that her heart missed a beat.

“What are you wearing under that skirt?” she had asked loudly.

Harry realised that the extra stretch of her tightened skirt must be revealing more than she had expected, but she was of course committed now. “My, my knickers, Miss,” she had stammered.

Then she had felt the Deputy’s hand run lightly up over her left leg and left cheek of her bottom, pausing at the ruggle where knicker met leg.

“And what else?” She had mused, before saying: “Take your skirt off!”

Harry had begged briefly before accepting the inevitable.

Mrs Oakwood had been furious, terrifying as she had examined her underwear, and demanded to know where, from whom, the extra knickers had come from. She clearly had not believed her desperate denials that she could not remember. Eventually she had been ordered to face the wall, with her shoes off. The Deputy Head had pulled her extra layers of underwear down to leave them neatly at different positions around her legs, before leaving her to contemplate her situation.

There had been a final admonishment not to dare moving. So, sickly she had stood there facing the wall. She knew if she moved even slightly the various knickers on her legs would probably move too, so she had absolutely no option but to comply with her teacher’s order. She had wanted to cry, but for some reason could not. She knew that she was now going to be punished very severely, but had hoped her friends would not be dragged into it. As they now stood bare bottomed next to her, she knew that was now a very forlorn hope.

The five other girls had watched in a kind of sick horror as their colleagues’ buttocks were revealed, peeking out from under their blouses.

It was not until Mrs Oakwood spoke again that they took their eyes off the four young women facing the wall of the office and gave their unwilling attention to their deputy headmistress.

“So now you, I expect, know the real reason for the sudden uniform inspection.” She said, waving her arm towards the wall.

There, four wall facing ladies cringed. Not only were they now waiting for some dreadful punishment, but they would be regarded by their peers as at least part responsible for the punishments that these girls, and the boys in with the Headmaster, got too.

Meanwhile Mrs Oakwood had returned her attention to the five remaining girls. “Now, what have we here?”

It was Mrs Fleming who answered, pointing as she did so. “Wearing makeup, makeup and top button, and these three are all non-regulation underwear.”

“Thank you.” Replied the Deputy, before releasing the two teachers back to the staff room.

Pointing to the girl with make up on she took her name for the book and ordered her to put her non-writing hand out.

One crisp thwack with a short cane later, and a gasp from its victim, and Nicola was able to leave the office, hand clamped firmly under her armpit.

Tracy got two cuts, to her left hand. She managed not to cry out but also left with the hand clamped under her arm, silently cursing her luck, and of course Harriet and her clique for having inadvertently set her up.

For the three others Mrs Oakwood had a standard punishment for those who thought uniform did not include underwear.

After inspecting the non-regulation garment herself and ensuring that the blouse tails were tucked up out of the way of the target, each of the three girls had to bend over to receive a longer thicker cane than the two previous girls had experienced on their hands. Both Rachel and Sara got two blistering strokes each on their skirts for the plain white panties they were wearing underneath. However, Amy had chosen something altogether more adventurous, with multicoloured stripes. The two stripes of a very different kind that the irate Deputy Head added directly to her knickers left her gasping and promising herself never to wear the garment again as she miserably struggled to tuck her blouse back in to her skirt after she had retrieved it from around her ankles.

Dismissing her Mrs Oakwood was left with the four quivering skirtless girls who were still facing the wall.

“So what am I supposed to do with you three?” She asked rather rhetorically to the bare bottoms partially covered with their blouses and the fully exposed bare legs below. “Found with no underwear on, and helping another pupil attempt to evade a well-deserved punishment. And as for you Harriet Larkin, I find it shocking that a normally well-behaved sixth former like you should try to mitigate your punishment like this.”

None of the four dared move as Mrs Oakwood let the tension rise before continuing. “You should know I phoned the County Director of Education a short time ago, and confirmed with him what the rules were for caning girls. Apart from the fact that the punishment should be carried out by a female member of staff and should not exceed six strokes, there are none.” Another long pause. “In very serious cases I expect you know that Mr Thorne canes the boys with both their trousers and underpants down, I have never felt that really appropriate for a girl.” There was a final very pregnant pause from the deputy Headmistress before she said: “Until now!”

While Sue gave a small moan as the implications sank in, the other three merely wished the floor would open up and magically transport them away from this hell they were in.

Mrs Oakwood sealed their fates with a final statement. “I talked to the Headmaster earlier and he agrees, you will each receive six of the best on your bare backsides, and I hope I never have to do this again!”

With that she picked up her senior cane, the one she had used shortly before to whack the girls with non-regulation underwear, and moved around her table.

“So whose knickers are these around Miss Larkin’s ankles?”

Dot closed her eyes, took a breath and whispered. “Mine, Miss.”

“Very well, you are first. Come here, and stand facing my desk.”

Glad that her blouse was just long enough to protect her modesty if she hunched slightly forward, she dropped her hands and did as she was told.

“Name?” Demanded Mrs Oakwood, pen poised over the notebook that served to record punishments.

“Dot… Dorothy North.” Stammered the girl miserably, before watching her name being added to the book.

“Bend over, and grab your ankles.”

Being fairly tall, the blouse rode up of its own accord and soon she felt the cool rod briefly resting gently on her bottom.

Suddenly there was a swish and a thwack as the first blow cut into her flesh.

Dot bit her lip as the burning pain surged through her.

Suddenly the second blow landed and Dot gave an involuntary gasp.

The pain kept building until the third gave a further step change in the agony that was now demanding her attention.

The fourth was low and hard.

“Ohhh!” Moaned Dot quietly. She was desperately trying to be brave for her waiting friends, especially Sue, who she had noted had had silent tear tracks already on her face, and who would, she knew, be next.

The last two strokes were worse still. In particular the last one was both given diagonally and with all the force Mrs Oakwood could muster.

Dot could not hold it in, and gave a loud wail as the final impact burned into her.

After a brief wait the deputy ordered her to stand and then go over to Harriet and retrieve her own knickers.

As Harry remained motionless, she had to crouch and then unhook them from her friend’s ankles. She felt the pain in her bottom as the flesh stretched, and then another discomfort as the fabric rubbed against the newly formed weals on her rear. Finally she was able to put her shoes and skirt on. However, rather than being immediately dismissed she was returned to the line, hands on head, unable yet to probe the damage that was begging to be rubbed.

Mrs Oakwood meanwhile was demanding to know the owner of the next pair of knickers.

“They’re mine!” Said Sue mournfully, and turned to face her chastiser. The silent tears had restarted as she moved to the spot in the middle of the room and gave her name.

Being a little shorter she had to lift her blouse tails out of the way as she bent over to grab her ankles, and waited fearfully as Mrs Oakwood took the cane behind her.


Sue screamed immediately. She never believed anything could be so painful. She had thought that the few friends who’d had it in earlier years had made a terrible fuss over it, but now she knew why!


Unbelievably the second was worse! The scream was more of a sob as she nearly stood.

Mrs Oakwood noted the motion and warned her that if she did actually stand, then the rules did allow her to repeat the stroke. Sue desperately gripped tighter as the third blow increased her sobs.

The remaining three cuts were met with further screams, sobs and tears. However, Sue just managed to hold on to the end. Fortunately the Deputy was more lenient that she normally was, recognising a girl who had had a harsh first experience of the cane, and did not make an issue of her immediately standing after the sixth.

However, she did angrily order her to stop jumping around and rubbing her bottom and retrieve her pants from Harriet’s knees. Sobbing she knelt down next to her friend and did so, and with a few more groans managed to lever the garment over her own rear before finally getting her skirt and shoes on and joining Dot back in line.

Frances was next of course. She slowly turned, made her way to the position and grabbed her ankles. Having heard Mrs Oakwood’s instruction to Sue she pre-empted the order to tie her blouse out of the way.

However, she was not the most supple young woman and had difficulty getting her legs straight when ordered to do so by the Deputy.

Once in position she did not have long to wait for the first blow. Like Dot she was determined to try to take her caning bravely and she grit her teeth as it landed, turning a line briefly white then red.

As Mrs Oakwood worked down the target she gasped and grunted as the effects built up in her senses. She felt somewhat responsible for the canings having suggested the idea, and had thought about admitting that to the teacher, though fear and the lack of a clear opportunity to admit such guilt had effectively prevented her.

As the last blow whistled down she managed to hold her scream in, concentrating on exhaling slowly to cope with the dreadful pain Mrs Oakwood had inflicted.

Once permitted she slowly stood and slid her knickers down Harry’s legs. She felt them physically trembling as her friend awaited her turn with the Deputy Headmistress. Fran too was shaking as she gently eased the red fabric up and over the ridges on her rear; the adrenalin coursing through her was still strong.

Once back facing the wall Mrs Oakwood turned her attention to Harriet. Her first command was simple enough: “Right Miss Larkin, get your knickers off and that bottom of yours over here.”

Harriet’s trembles were almost uncontrollable as she dropped her pants and left them on the floor with her skirt, roughly where she had been standing. She had had plenty of time to consider her forthcoming caning and was feeling physically sick at the prospect as she crept to the dreaded spot on the carpet, hands clasped in front of her to protect her modesty, given that her blouse tails were already tied neatly round her waist.

However, before being able to assume the required position Mrs Oakwood grabbed her chin gently, and forced the girl to look unwillingly into her steely eyes.

“I can only hold you responsible for this idea to protect yourself. If it were up to me I would give you at least eight, but the rules are the rules. Rest assured first time or not I am going to make sure you remember this six of my very, very best, and if you dare move I will be more than happy to repeat the stroke, understood!?”

“Y… Yes Miss.” Harriet stammered as the Deputy released her chin and motioned her to get bent over.

Slowly she did so taking as firm a grip of her ankles as she could.

Mrs Oakwood briefly lined up the cane and lashed it down with a loud thwack. True to her word the blow was given as hard as she could: the sort she normally reserved for the final stroke of a severe punishment such as Fran, Dot and Sue had received.

Whatever the case it was too much for Harriet’s to that point unpunished behind. With an almighty scream she found herself standing as the shock sank in. Tears had immediately flooded into her eyes.

Mrs Oakwood was not sympathetic, immediately informing the poor girl she would get that again. She was, however, more patient in persuading her back over, with threats rather than the actual award of further strokes as Harry struggled to comply with the obligation to submit to her punishment.

Fran listened guiltily to the debate, wishing she had never suggested the exchange of underwear that had led to this nightmare, a particularly harsh nightmare for poor Harry!

The second (repeated first) stroke on Harriet’s bare bottom was delivered as venomously as the original. Once again Harry screamed, though this time she managed to hold on, as the sobs redoubled.

The third and fourth equally hard blows led to further loud wails punctuating her sobs. There was clearly absolutely no let up in intensity.

For poor Harriet the fifth was the lowest and she barely managed to keep a grip: only the knowledge that letting go would lead to more managed to give her enough resolve not to stand again.

For the sixth, unusually Mrs Oakwood took a slight step back and lashed yet another full whack that landed only on the nearer left buttock, the tip digging in painfully on that side.

Never had Harry felt anything like that and her ear splitting scream indicated how painful it was.

The final traditional (for Mrs Oakwood) diagonal cut was not perceptibly harder than any of the others, but still was among the worst delivered that day.

Harriet managed to remember to wait until told she could stand. Tears flowing everywhere she very slowly dressed and apologised to the Deputy again.

Finally released, the four girls staggered to the toilets to console themselves. The rest of the day was memorable only for its ghastliness as they struggled to sit, and were forced, by often unsympathetic ‘friends’, to relive the experience they all just wanted to forget.

All were glad to get home, to escape to the solace of their bedrooms. None ever again crossed their Deputy Head; it was certainly not worth the risk!

The End